Thursday, January 12, 2012

WWJV4?-Official Campaign Slogan: Scherer for Congress

Howdy.  I have been testing my 2012 campaign slogan with people here in SW FL.  So far the response has been favorable, praise Jesus. So, our campaign slogan is short and concise-WWJV4?  Say what?  What kind of slogan is that?

Who would Jesus vote for in Florida's 14th congressional district race? Or any other federal election. 

We think the answer to that question is obvious for several reasons.  One, Scherer is not a Muslim, or heathen.  He regularly attends services at an international church here in Fort Myers, FL.  Second, when it comes to making political decision or casting votes on legislation, Scherer has an analytical framework simply asking how would Jesus vote if he was a United States Congressman. 

Our nation including our founding fathers and Scherer believe our nation was founded based on Judeo-Christian philosophies including the golden rule-do one's best to treat others as you want to be treated. 

I admit I have not mastered this fundamental philosophy, yet.  Nor, have I attained enlightenment. I am human just like the rest of you and sometimes have to ask for forgiveness.  I am doing my very best to follow the wisdom and guidance of Jesus.  I believe love remains the key to our happiness; just like Jesus stated long ago as the most fundamental element of our own passions

For the last 17 years, I have been fighting and clawing for our nation in many forums usually as a writer trying to get our nation;to return to the fundamental concepts as laid out with long and lenghty deliberation, as laid before our us by our founding fathers.  Most of our foundings fathers including George Washington were very religious in their private and public affairs. 

Today, far too many of our congressional and senate leaders are more akin to Satan than they are to Judeo-Christian beliefs.  We continue to see a fundamental loss in our nation of our heritage, our lack of national morality, high rates of divorce, homosexuality and destruction of the nuclear family we once knew.  Not to mention the destruction caused by global outsourcing of jobs to the lowest paying countries in the world.  No wonder our nation is headed down the path of self-destruction.

As a nation, we are too war-like infringing on the sovereign rights of many nations concurrently. Our nation has wasted our federal tax dollars fighting too many wars concurrently; while ignoring our own nation including a narrow and purposeful worthy focus on own building and improving our own infrastructure, for far too long in some zealous insanity of global power. 

Many in our nation are cynical, apathetic and in despair as we see our national elected officials refuse to acknowledge by their actions, any strong belief in a higher power-much less adherring to our United States Constitution as written. The will of the American people is ignored by elected in Washington, for far too long resulting in our current pathetic national state of affairs.

We are going in the wrong direction in this nation and if we do not return from being an amoral nation, surely then our nation shall not prosper, nor endure.  Merely look to past civilizations and to their self-destruction in thne past to get to the root cause of the failure of their nations. 

Take the Roman empire for example.  The Romans got lazy, relied on immigrant labor and then to top it off, crucified Jesus and look what happened to their empire. Or alternatively, look at the problems facing European nations as they collapse due to their dependency on a central government and undue reliance for the national goverment to provide whatever that nation can afford-socialism. Or finally, reflect on what happened to the USSR in more recent times.

If you have any doubts, ask Jesus.  While you are praying, ask Jesus who he would vote for in Florida's 14th congressional district race.  We are pretty certain for many reasons Jesus would vote for Thomas E. Scherer to be your next congressman. Ask him. I did. 

Jesus wants me to be your congressman; although I am not so certain I even want the job. But if you are like me, I am not going to ignore the destiny laid before me, by Jesus.  And if you ignore Jesus, stand by for eternal damnation.

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