Monday, January 23, 2012

Internet Land-A new world order

Finally, it is becoming clear that a new world order exists. A country without borders called Internet Land. There are no kings, no taxes and no need for much of anything, other than paying outrageous amounts of money to your ISP every month to belong to this new world order.

The good thing about Internet Land is the ability to communicate with most of humanity, no matter what region or country one lives in. Anarchy and free speech are the rules of Internet Land-and you better not try to stop the residents of Internet Land with censureship.

Entire countries have gotten rid of their government leaders via revolution for doing nonsense like censureship of one's access to Internet Land.

Internet Land is the new world order. No one is in charge. Finally, a form of organization that connects all of us to each other. No borders, no government bureaucracy, no wars to fight for and no censureship, too.

Quoting John Lennon, "imagine".

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