Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vulture Capitalist that likes to fire people wins NH-Guarantees Obama is re-elected

Bummer.  Vulture Capitalist win in both Iowa and NH ensure one thing-Lacking leader Obama will win the 2012 election not because of his failed leadership, but because there is no GOP candidate that can solidify the GOP party.  So, it appears the GOP might as well start focusing on 2016 because with Romney, the only person in America that is happy is Obama.

Obama will rip Romney apart. Wait and see.  Obama will merely fool all of us with his charisma while Romney will only appeal to the super-rich and make the rest of us detest him. The 2012 presidential race is over.

 What should the GOP learn from this?  Too many GOP candidates ensure no solidarity.  I would expect in 2016 the GOP does not repeat the debacle of the 2012 Presidential process of having so many candidates that attack each other. 

Newt had it right from the git-go about staying focused on winning the election by keeping narrowly focused on the failed Obama administration including the horrible state of the federal agencies he is in charge of.  Take Eric Holder, alleged US Attorney General, for example.  Or one of my most disliked people, elitest Kathleen Sebelius, former rotten GOV of Kansas-now head Obama cheerleader running ObamaCare. 

What have either Holder or Sebelius done lately for our nation.  What has any federal agency under Obama done for our nation?  Can't think of anything from Obama's federal agencies?  Me either. And now that Newt has flipped and shown all of us his nasty side and gone negative, he has caused his own self-destruction.

Romney will continue to be hammered by Ron Paul.  The reality with Ron Paul is more related to his age at 76.  Paul will gain steam as the primary continues. But Paul's chances are about as good as Romney's-zero probability of winning the Presidential election.  The socialst Comedy News Network, CNN will continue to split the GOP so their beloved socialist leader Obama steams ahead of the GOP candidate in the November 2012 election.  Who wins-the socialists being led by CNN-who loses, America.

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