Monday, January 23, 2012

God is testing me, again

I am certain God and Jesus love me because I do their work.

So, I am pretty certain if you are a good person too, we can all hang out together in heaven for eternity. This will be very cool. For good reason-at least God sends scumbag lawyers straight to hell. On a sidenote, the only difference between hell and a courtroom is Satan does not need a court reporter.

Now God keeps testing me to assure Jesus and the rest of the crew in heaven I really should be admitted. I am pretty certain I am close to the top of that stairway to heaven. Time is short. Jesus is going to be my last judge and even I know in heaven, there are no appellate courts clear to God.

God is testing me
by having attorneys, real estate developer scum, the Federal Election Commission, the Social Security Administration, the Veteran's Administration, the local media, etcereas bug me. Even my finance is bugging me.

But hey, things are looking pretty good from where I sit.
I am going to heaven and Todd Allen, scumbag lawyer is going straight to hell. God, would you also send my real estate developer in Indiania to hell as well? I have several people and complete entities that should have to endure eternal damnation.

So today God, I have a simple and humble prayer. When I call some federal agency or some organization and they have a voice response system, please give me the power to send them straight to hell. They have earned it.

I am doing what you suggested I do. Love humanity and today, it is pretty hard to do, as often as you want me to.

I am trying God. I am just no saint out here, as you built me. You are God. You know that. So God, I hope I am passing all these tests you keep bringing me.

Finally God, I had fun at church yesterday. Thanks for the laughter when I was feeling depressed. Why I did not catch any fish yesterday, I am not sure what your message was on that one. And finally, straighten out my finance. Sne needs some divine intervention. So, give her some suggestions.

So in ending God, cut me some slack. I am doing the best I can, regardless of that heathen, Todd Allen.

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