Friday, January 20, 2012

If Jesus were alive, how would he be treated by the Obama Administration?

If Jesus was alive and living in Florida, how would the Obama administration treat him? First, the Obama administration would probably get DHS to classify Jesus as a domestic terrorist and a threat to the stability of our nation. CNN, the Comedy News Channel would label him an ultra-liberal hippie.

The IRS would have to audit Jesus since he has no reportable taxable income. The Department of Defense would try to get Jesus to register with the Selective Service at the age of 18, just in case the draft was re-instituted and the military might need to fight again, another war in some foreign nation.

The Department of Education would force Jesus to attend remedial classes in the local school to ensure the school Jesus would be forced to attend, would not leave Jesus behind the rest of the students. Remember, no child including Jesus is to be left behind.

The United States Department of Justice would direct the FBI to collect massive data on Jesus since he would be classified a possible domestic terrorist by Homeland Security.

Finally, Jesus would also be carefully watched because more than likely, he would contribute and want Thomas E. Scherer to be his United States Congressman; especially as compared to the outgoing incumbent, a heathen wife cheater.

Compared to the Californian incumbent, Scherer would look like a saint by comparison. Finally,most of us know Jesus would never vote for an attorney to be the next congressman for the 14th district. Wisely, both Scherer and Jesus dislike attorneys and would never want one to represent them.

And that is merely some of the things Jesus would have to deal with. Then, there is the state of Florida Jesus would have to deal with. Including having to deal with Lee County sheriff Mike Scott and all his stupid common sense "public service" commercials. Jesus wants a new new sheriff come election time in Lee County.

The bottom line what Jesus would do, if he were living here in SW Florida is call God and state it is time for Armegeddon. Send the angels, asap.

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