Friday, August 31, 2012

Onward to the Dem Convention

Romney's tag line-we deserve better.  That, most of us agree.  However, many question whether Mitt is better.  He failed to convince most of us that last night.  What I find worth noting is how the GOP party appears to be using their convention to give high profile Gen X politicians plenty of exposure going forward.

Having been in both parties, I noted how the GOP party was far better at grooming candidates for the future.  The Dem Party consistently fails to groom future candidates.  For example, name a few rising high profile democrats and their suggestions related to making our nation better.  I cannot honestly think of any.  Maybe the Dem party spends most of their time focused on incumbents and trying to keep them in office.  Well, that kind of strategy is short term-not long term. 

Now it is the Dem Convention.  Hopefully, they will do what Romney and the GOP did not do-give us some kind of specific details on some kind of economic recovery plan.  But, being realistic, I suspect neither party machine really has any solutions they will implement other than austerity measures relatively soon.  It does not take a rocket scientist to understand our federal government is a huge and divided mess leaving us citizens uncertain about the next few years. 

After the Dem convention, maybe then the Presidential candidates will start laying out with some specificity exactly what they will do, post-election.  Some of us are wondering about what Obama will do on the VP pick-is he going to keep Biden in place?  Realistically, I doubt to see much more than a lot of rhetoric as both candidates have few solutions.  Since Obama will clearly do better in debates than Romney, as stated months ago, it really remains more likely Obama will be re-elected. 

Some of the recent economic indicators seem to make it appear QE3 will not happen until our nation needs it later.  There is some stuff that is going to happen in October and this delay related to the fiscal cliff is going to have to be addressed before the end of the year.  2013 continues to indicate to me, we are all going to take a hit of some kind in 2013.  So, kindly and humbly I suggest to get ready for austerity measures and some pretty quantum changes politically, national to the local level. 

Someone has to pay for this mess. I suspect all of us will be relatively soon.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What causes more anxiety-Isaac or GOP Convention?

Well, Isaac came a lot closer than I am to Tampa.  So, to me the answer is pretty clear.  Isaac.

I would write about my addressing my problems related to Isaac, but I just have a hard time spinning all the zany preparations I went through for my first close encounter with a hurricane-Isaac.  Tropical Storm Debbie recently was also my first.  So, heck that was nothing as compared my mind getting spun by Isaac.

I worked on my Isaac disaster plan from Wednesday until Sunday night when I secured my garage door getting ready for the 100 mph winds and the shaking glass in my home.  I had gas, an evacuation route, extra ice, packed bags, froze some ice in case I lost electric, etceteras.  I was certain with my creative and anxious mind, my home was going to get flooded.  Heck, end result-hardly any wind or rain.

I saw an author this morning on CBS that was talking about a book called Monkey Mind.  Now I feel relieved doing some background on this writer and his NY Times Bestseller.   The process he described is similar to mine.  He too understands doom and gloom mentality.

How one simple event like Isaac or the GOP convention can cause internal turmoil of epic and debilitation to one's monkey mind.  This presidential election is giving almost all of us monkey mind.  We have a presidential election with two yahoos neither of which inspire us with all their negativity. 

I have empathy with those in the Gulf states now having to deal with Isaac.  And further, lots of empathy with those that watch the GOP convention the next 3 days.  The horror of it all.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Drinking the Grapes of Wrath

The grapes of wrath are bountiful this season despite the drought conditions.  The fermented wine made from these bitter grapes should make a sour austerity kind of wine come 2013.  The dislike of the haves against the have-nots should ensure there is plenty of us to pay for it all.

Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath classic clearly predict the outcome of our political dilemma.  The working are tired of paying for those that do not.  And this is how we are divided as a nation. Therefore, this post is about getting prepared for a big glass of wine from the Grapes of Wrath.

I see so many in our nation that are divided standing on one or the other side of this long grapevine this election cycle wanting to harvest these grapes. So, I have been suggesting to many to get ready on both sides of this grapevine.  Neither side can estimate how bad it will be after the harvest as many things will happen after the grapes are turned into wine and we all get plenty to drink.

Many are going to die and suffer hangovers from this wine. Those that are alone will have to once again try to rely on each other just to survive the huge depression.  In a decade or so, many will look back and have plenty of hostility towards yahoo politicians, Wall Street and the greedy that sold us all these seeds of wrath. Fingers will be pointing in many directions, including inward.

Friday, August 17, 2012

What unites us politically?

Short intro: I listened to two buddies recently arguing politics. Borh are divided politically just like the rest of us.  They both did the typical form of argumentation that we all are so acclimated to.  Why their party leaders were better than theirs, the negative attacks, some witty comments and the typical stuff associated with their own values, morals and beliefs.

I then asked them simply, what do they both agree on.  They had no suggestions.  I then asked them about war in the Middle East.  Both agreed and did not like our national policies on war and the threat of harm to our armed services.  We reached something all three of us agreed upon.  Now I can use that in this post.  What exactly do most Americans want politically united?

First, this is not as simple as it might seem.  To find commonality instead of what we are divided upon is a tad bit harder.  It is easy to find what we disagree on.  It is also easy to criticize and go negative.  It is hard to get unity on what are the problems, much less the possible solutions.

I did some research on the Internet on what historically most of us believe in common including the way we want to be governed as one nation, undivided that love our country.  Here is a link that I found.

This link strongly suggests and explains what we Americans typically value when voting. Further, it further it explains our national political ideology-our values, virtues, morals and history as a nation; and as individuals.

Republicanism is a historical idea and a philosophy that we all have in common.  Has nothing to do with our two-party system by any sense of a rational mind.  In common, we love our country because if we did not, a rational person would leave or expatriate to somewhere else one sees or believes would be better for them.

To further drive home this point, there are more people internationally coming here, than us going to their country.  So as a united nation, most of us feel fortunate and proud to proclaim USA as our home; despite our varied problems and extreme difficulty in agreeing what is best for all of us on any given political issue, or solution to any present or future high priority national problem.

Now most of us experienced politicians have to be prepared to address many political issues including those that we are divided upon.  Hence, most politicians except stupid ones like myself, generally will be really ambiguous on hotly divided issues such as abortion, guns, marriage and such issues for a good reason-fear of voter alienation.  As a candidate, most politicians have a general rule of thumb to limit voter alienation to around 10% to really be able to win any election.  I know-sad.

This political reality of voter alienation is why usually, one cannot get a straight answer from many ambiguous and rhetorical yahoo politicians.  I tried to be the opposite and clearly would address any issue, risking voter alienation of almost everybody, preferring voters and non-voters knew and appreciated my own openess, honesty and integrity. 

Further, I already knew to win an election, I could not just simply go either negative; nor have no solutions to important and high priority issues that just keep changing year to year. 

For example, there were subtle changes from my campaign on voter issue priorities from 2006 to the present that required a slight modification to my own position.  I also did a good job as a candidate from understanding my own position contrasted to voter expectations.  I continuously was refining and getting better relatively as a candidate.  I was pretty happy getting 20% of the vote in 2010 during the primary election.

Furthermore, I also was a realistic and knew I would almost need a "miracle" to win the election.  I had solid reasons for why I decided to run for Congress as a statesman and my goal was really a good reason for all-to unite our nation-to help as many as possible.  That kind of goal I am still addressing even today. 

Finally, an attempt a  real short and concise statement of what I have learned that we have in common:

1. Most of us love our country and our founding documents such as the United States Constitution.     However, we are deeply divided by what I refer to as started by FDR-progressive politics that the     Constitution is an evolving document, which I personally totally disagree and consider it the reason    we are in such a tremendous mess based on monetary and fiscal policy.

2. Most of us believe in our founding fathers vision now and try our best hoping our politicians     follow it explicitly; despite changes like shifts from a rural nation to now being more urban. For      example, most of us support the constitutional Bill of Rights and the rest of the constitutional      amendments, and all laws and regulations derived from them.

3. Most of us want our many governments, from national to local limited narrowly to provide some basic services to which we will pay some nominal taxes we really dislike and try one's best to keep them as low as we can without compromise, corruption or pay of them to special interest groups.

4. There are really a long list of what we like and dislike about our nation including the federal      government.  Some of the top things we want in common from the federal government are really      basic and so taken for granted, but fundamentally important, most of us will agree in general:

We all want to protected from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We want our freedoms and liberties upheld and kept, while wanting those who infringe upon those precious items, held accountable for criminal conduct because of their bad decisions from poor values and morals. For example, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right of the individual and the dual sovereignty of a national and state government.

We all want quality education for our children.

We want a good economic climate now and in the future including jobs and a good business climate.

We want and expect our national government and the politicians that we elected, to be honest like us, and have some fiscal constraint on how they use our tax receipts both efficiency and effectively about like we do, having to live on a budget within what we can afford. (Fiscal and monetary constraint).

We want our nation to be respected and considered good and moral having good virtue both internationally and domestically preferring to feel positive and inspired by our  leaders. 

In closing, this writing really sux.  That is something I humbly can admit most will agree.  It is really pretty darn hard to simply write a blog post that is short and concise trying to capture what unites us as one people, one nation based on all these various factors including our religious beliefs and founding documents.

I am out of here.  I got some more important stuff to do right now on a personal level.  My dirty dishes are calling and it is almost lunch time.  The final piece to this puzzle is most of us dislike all the negatives and the lack of detail from most of these rhetorical and ambiguous politicians most of us do not trust.

Later, subject to editing later.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scary-Feds are getting ready for riots

The longer we as one nation continue to be divided, instead of united as one people in what we can all agree to, things continue to get scary. 

A friend told me about this early this morning after she heard it on conservative talk radio she relies upon. Apparently, federal agencies and I also presume state, county and local bureaucrats too, are getting ready ahead of time for riots and protests. This afternoon, I got this feed confirming what she stated earlier in the day:

See or click this warning including their source at

Now I have written the same scenario was going to happen several times over the last few years in various blog posts--predicting there is going to be blood in the streets.  It is little consolation however, if any of us get shot with a .357 hollow point bullet by the varied governments over some minor disagreement one, or many of us have with some of these zany bureaucrats and our yahoo politicians.

Things are getting serious. Typically, regular readers regardless of what country know I am not one of those alarmists.  But I am getting closer now.  These bureaucrats are getting their hollow points ready and wanting to take your 2nd Amendment rights away too, concurrently. But by clicking this link, there are also some clear clues ahead, regardless of who wins POTUS election. 

Social Security is getting lots of hollow point ammo?  Why? I know what that infers to me about next year.  Huge cutbacks to the poor who get vocal just to survive what is coming in 2013. With stuff like this, should a capitalist buy stock in companies that either sell ammo, or in fire truck manufacturers whom will be real busy selling a lot of equipment to fight fires from all the burning caused by the poor and shot rioters?  Or both?

In a simple prayer, can't we as a nation find some common ground to unite us and actually do something together that makes our nation better?  Apparently not-the governments are getting both desperate and ready to shoot. N

Naturally, they have more data than you and I. They might have bullets; but one thing they clearly do not have is leadership we trust, vision and a plan to implement it, hope and the direction and desire to making our lives and country better uniting and inspiring as one people, one nation, under God.

I have already recently written a no confidence vote in either presidential extremist candidate. As well as a recent post here on a grave futurist prediction millions will be dying related to some less than stellar leadership due to extreme right or left political social engineering in such areas as health care alone. Are we really going to have to wait until 2016 to get a centrist leader?  Appears so.

What are you going to do?  Get a bigger gun in some kind of zany spiral of anticipated civil war?  Die if you protest from one of their hollow points?  Be subjected to a police-state?  Riot and protest?  Even worse, succumb and give up and becoming slave labor to a huge central government?  Sounds bad now-and going forward things continue to get darker. 

Then just to cheer me up further, I get another feed dated Aug. 2nd on how the Federal Reserve is getting ready to release some more quantitative easing this fall by buying a half trillion in bonds including adding to the 2 trillion the Fed has bought recently in mortgage backed securities to insure the too big to fail banks from collapsing. Here is that link at

Just great.  Not.  Get ready-they certainly are.  All of these yahoos in DC including the Fed continue to refuse to raise interest rates from all this artificially low rates.  Which I have argued is a big problem preventing an sustainable economic recovery-zero to near zero artificially low interest rates. 

I mean, just think about the Federal Reserve-they announce it over and over-artificial-fake-close as you can get to zero.  They just fail to be transparent what exactly are "artificial" interest rates. Much less explain the rationale to the rest of us explaining clearly why a thing like artificial or zero interest rate is somehow justifiable in the national interest; while also explaining somehow that kind of nonsense is good for most of us.

Further, the evidence is clear and overwhelming Federal Reserve policy is not working.  Working at what is a better question.  Few jobs, the economy is in the tank, we are on a fiscal cliff punting away common sense monetary and fiscal policy.

Particularly so when most of us cannot get a thin dime loan for a cheap cup of coffee from our too big to fail banking system we the taxpayers had to bail out causing the value of our homes to collapse. But hey, there is good news-internationals can keep buying our domestic corporations, commercial and residential property and businesses still left, from the rest of us.

In satire, soon it will be McChina burgers and the China PowerMac i-phone at your work station to match all the clothing you wear with a clothing label stating "Made in China" you bought from your neighborhood China-Walmart.   

While in the meantime, that same banking system keeps gouging the few of us left that still have bank accounts, always coming up with new schemes charging us outrageous fees to just handle the small amount of money the few fortunate may have left.

Click that link thing above.  Things nationally are going from bad to gravely bad, time to  pray for God to help our nation.  We now need a lot of divine intervention. I really doubt if  God, Jesus or even the angels will even help now. 

They have to worry about getting shot too. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thank you primary candidates and election officials

I want to thank all those candidates for political office for all their efforts trying to make some geographic location better. 

I am grateful and appreciate the tremendous work effort of many.

That thank you also includes staff and our election officials.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Both POTUS candidates are extreme left or right in 2012.  We have no political center to pick from in 2012.  Romney's pick yesterday of Congressman Ryan as his VP made this obvious yesterday.  Romney's VP pick clearly puts his campaign to the far conservative right.

Romney clearly wants to gut entitlements which should make many of the senior block switch their votes to Obama.  Romney made this pick hoping to improve polling numbers.  His pick will backfire soon enough because it does not expand his base and in fact, alienates some of his voters like senior citizens.  Further, most of us realize the Presidential debates favor tax and spend Democratic Obama.

Ryan can certainly give a better speech than Romney. I liked what Ryan stated regarding how we as a nation have to see problems as merely opportunities to solve many issues we are divided upon.  All politicans should be clearly stating what solutions do they support; rather than merely echo what the problems are.  Anyone can make a huge list of problems we face as nation.

A leader and the person we want to elect to be President will, or should be demonstrating confidence that their offered solutions will demonstrate their understanding of what are the highest priority solutions we face as a nation. By doing so, they can unite, inspire and give us hope their proposed changes will give us hope they might work. This election cycle continues to show to date neither candidate is inspiring or uniting us.

Romney has his voodoo economic free market vision that favors the rich and corporations.  Obama's redistribution and raise taxes kind of theories really are not sustainable and to date, have done very little other than to scare most of us as we move closer to jumping off an economic fiscal cliff of sanity related to our national debit and balancing the federal budget.

When this happens, the voters will merely go to that second tier level and vote against the candidate a voter believes will cause less harm, instead of voting for them.  Or, the third tier, disgust with both and not vote at all in cynicism and apathy. I am considering moving to a new tier-I do not want to have to take responsibilty when voters ask me, who did I vote for in 2012 because I am not cynical or apathetic.  I am just not inspired by either candidate.

Therefore, since Obama certainly appears to have the 2012 election to his favor, I merely wonder what will happen the next four years politically.  Obama does not discuss his plans or solutions to high priorty issues over the next four years. 

So, it appears Obama is not adapting or changing his policies, we can merely expect more of the same Obama theories after the election.  More taxes and more spending in left wing social engineering hoping for more quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve. 

If we all really want to solve our national economic problems quicker, the Federal Reserve should merely raise interest rates. By raising interest rates, the economy will take off ensuring a quicker economic recovery.  The downside is more foreclosures and inflation. It seems the only reason the Federal Reserve is not raising interest rates to stimulate the economy is because by resorting to artificial interest rates benefit the national goverment, instead of benefiting we the people. 

The positives of raising interest rates is more than the negatives.  Until we get investment in the form of money and capital flowing again, the economy will remain stagnant; or applied to Obama, worse in national debt.  Clearly, Congress is not walking their talk either-there has been no major reduction in federal spending either.  As more and more of us in this nation move into poverty class dependent upon a central government entitlements. 

Since Obama will not have to pander the democratic base anymore, maybe he can switch his policies to do what is best for our nation, and all of us finally becoming a leader. There is a simple solution to our economy recovery.  Demand the Federal Reserve raise interest rates. 

It is impossible to have a sustainable economic recovery when only a select few have access to the capital markets. With these artificially low interest rates, those with capital, do not want to loan money to consumers.  Without consumption, there is no possibility of any sustainable economic recovery.

Or, expect this downward trending slope of economic things will continue to get worse and worse, the longer these rates remain artificially low.   This is merely my vision of a solution that will give us hope.    

Monday, August 6, 2012

H.R. 6169-The New GOP Regressive Federal Tax Scheme

I have now received two congressional updates by GOP congressmen on the new GOP regressive tax scheme.  Here is what I just received related to the same:

"Thursday, the United States House of Representatives approved H.R. 6169, the Pathway to Job Creation through a Simpler, Fairer Tax Code Act of 2012, by a vote of 232-189. H.R. 6169 would provide an expedited pathway to pro-growth tax reform in 2013. The bill would require the House of Representatives and United States Senate to consider tax reform legislation according to an expedited timeline. Under the bill, expedited procedures would be applied to a tax reform bill containing principles included in the last two House-passed budgets: (1) consolidation of the current individual income tax brackets into not more than two brackets and a top rate of not more than 25 percent; (2) reduction in the corporate tax rate to not more than 25 percent; (3) repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax; (4) broadening of the tax base to maintain revenue between 18 and 19 percent of the economy; and (5) change from a ‘‘worldwide’’ to a ‘‘territorial’’ system of taxation."

I tried to get some detail related to this new scheme that is clearly a regressive federal tax policy scheme that clearly benefits the rich and the corporates.  The details are lacking and I cannot find any explanation of what is a "territorial system of taxation."  Nor have I seen any democrats respond to this GOP sponsored tax scheme.

When I see a lack of detail like H.R. 6169, my hope is this kind of tax scheme is and should be rejected regardless of the name of the act.  Simple and Fairer. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sprinkle some fairy dust on that Chik-Fil-A dinner

Politics must be viewed with some humor.  Obama is talking about fairy dust now instead of cowpies; while the nation is divided based on a simple CEO statement at Chik-Fil-A.  Various media outlets are blowing the Chik-Fil-A situation way past the Twilight Zone. 

For example, if the Pope issues a decree, do all the non-Catholics go to the Vatican or the local Catholic Church to support or protest whatever was issued=Heck no.  Ditto applied here.  This is pure media hype and the CEO statement is politically nothing.

 Some of those I hear discussing this issue are confused about the First Amendment freedom of speech rights.  Other more informed writers address this issue in depth so I will not repeat arguments related to the same.

Once again, we remain a polarized and divided nation, lacking a good leader to unite us. As far as I am concerned, I am getting to the point where I no longer care about any of this kind of nonsense.

I just look forward to yawning a lot when it come to party conventions and the upcoming Presidential debates. Maybe there will be a famous line uttered.  While in the meantime, none of us really know what either Presidential candidate will do on most issues, post-election.  

The only thing most of us can agree on is we are screwed as a nation with either yahoo.  For me personally this election, I don't want either want of them.  I do not even know who I would go to the next layer of voting and state, I am voting for x, only because I detest candidate y. 

Which is kind of the way the Tea Party see the 2012 Presidential election.  We do not like Romney-we just detest Obama.  Which to me, means neither are very good leaders uniting as a nation when voters are picking the next President not for their leadership, but which of the two can one tolerate based on self-interest. 

Sad and pitiful.