Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Connie Mack:"I am only a technical failure."

Californian Connie Mack can't make his mind up about retiring from being a career politician. When it comes to the failures of Mack, sometimes, I like to call him using his real name, Cornelius McGillicuddy IV.

McDaddy cannot explain many things including factually how he cheated on his wife, why he is too embarressed to use his real name, or how he introduced 12 bills, none of which were passed.  You know-simple things called facts. I can explain Connie Mack's failures to the people of this country including Florida and the 14th Congressional district.  Here is one definition of a "technical failure" like Mackdaddy spending most of his time in California:

Failure in general refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. It may be viewed as the opposite of success.

Mack or McGillicuddy is a huge "technical failure". Mack abandoned the ship a long time ago-a cruise liner called the state of Florida.  Just like the captain reports after he abandoned his duties to his passengers on that collapsed Italian cruise liner. 

The Italian captain and Connie Mack are just alike.  Both abandoned their responsibilities to their "passengers"-a clear dereliction of their official duties owned.  Just like Connie Mack abandoned the 14th Congressional district of Florida.

Heck, the Italian ship captain reports, "got this huge rock stuck in the side of my ship causing the ship to turn over with all these passengers I left behind.   But hey, it is not my fault-this is merely a technical failure?

Excuse me-this captain just like Mackgillicudy wanting to be a Florida senator, tells us things like this, then on this earth things are getting to be a tad bit crazy. When you live in CA most of the time, what would Connie Mack call that? Ah, that is merely a technical failure.

Get Mack off the government payroll. He has failed the people of Florida in the 14th, as well the voters of this nation. If we send a career politician that has failed so miserably to take care of his nation, his former state, or his alleged congressional district, then if the voters send a yahoo like him to the United States Senate, aptly, that would be called an insane technical failure.

Get ready to abandon the political cruise liner called the state of Florida because the captain Connie Mack left the ship and can be found on a new cruise liner called the state of California.

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