Thursday, January 5, 2012

Medicaid as you know is dying

Medicaid as we knew it is slowing dying.  Bummer. 

I just received this morning the GOV of MO budget report for the upcoming fiscal year.  Missouri is facing a budget problem of 1/2 billion shortfall.  Much of it is due to not receiving our federal tax dollars from President Obama's give away of your federal tax dollars.  That pork is over and wasted federal dollars-your federal tax dollars which could have been better spent on our national infrastructure.  Too late. More federal dollars-your money flushed down the proverbial toilet.

Which is a shame so many dollars were wasted because the several states did not want to do the following:

a) Raise state taxes
b) Lay off state employees
c) Cut back on stupid and wasteful state programs
d) Lived and acted in denial of what is happening nationally, at the state and local level.

In summary, we are a brokeass nation.  Everyone knows it. Here in the United States and across the world. Problem is no one wants to pay to fix it.  Medicaid by analogy is like an old car-too expensive to keep pouring money into it.  So, we need to take Medicaid to the junkyard.  And sell it for scrap.

So, what is a person to do?  If you are the GOV of MO, you are in big trouble.  Ditto for my native Kansas and I would expect the same in Florida and all the other states in this nation of ours.  Health care as we know it, is dying. 

The only way these severals can avoid massive cutbacks including laying off state workers like they should have done in 2009, now comes to bear.  After wasting all our federal tax dollars causing a massive and skyrocketing national deficit that will take decades to pay for.  I would expect when these layoffs start occurring, then the economic situation gets even worse than it is today.  Unemployment at 10% by 2014 will sound like a great goal.

I would not be surprised if the national employment rate by the end of 2013 to be in double digits.  The second round of foreclosures is coming due.  Obama is starting to look a lot like when Hoover was President and everything Hoover did, or did not do, merely made the national worse.  So, where is FDR going to come from now?  Mitt Romney, you have to be kidding. 

At this point, it looks like the choice for President come November 2012 will leave us stuck with Obama some more.  Which based on his performance to date, is not a good thing.  Maybe if we are lucky, Ron Paul will be picked as the GOP candidate.  Let us hope so. 

So much for hope and all we are left with is a bunch of pocket change and no prospects going forward of any kind of national health insurance.  But do not fret.  The death of Medicaid will also have positive benefits as long as you are not sick or dying.  Without national health insurance, the effect will be rapid downward spiral in health care costs including prescriptions and in health insurance premiums.  Only the rich will be able to afford quality health care for quite a few years going forward.

The collapse of our national health delivery system will make the failures of the banking and auto industry look like chump change.  So, to get prepared for the slow and eventual demise of Medicaid as we know it, say a prayer.  Because certainly few of us will be able to afford health care.  Pray you have good health. 

Because as a nation, we cannot afford to pay much longer for everyone's health care in this nation.  National health insurance died last year. 

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