Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vulture Capitalist vs. Unethical Wife Cheater vs. Constitutionalist vs. Traditional Family Rookie

First, I want to give this disclosure. Whomever I usually think would make our best President, usually is not elected to become the President of the United States. So, for 2012 I naturally would pick a person that likes the United States Constitution, unlike CNN Comedy Channel.

I do not want a super-rich venture capitalist with former off-shore bank accounts to be my President anymore than most of America. Like Warren Buffet stated, the super-rich are not paying their fair share. These rich vulture capitalist, like most of those with high net worth, take advantage of every tax loop hole they can as rational people.

Hence, why Mitt pays less of his income on a pecentage basis than a hard-working middle class person. The effect of this net worth inequality is called middle class warfare by the super-rich, to which most of us prefer to have a major "tea party".

Mitt's tax return merely demonstrates once again, we need to start a new federal tax system based on net worth-not wages/income. Naturally, most elected yahoo politicians are rich and would never let tax equality based on net worth to happen, regardless this just makes fundamental and commmon sense to most of us; but not rich yahoo politicians.

The more net worth a person has, the fairer it would be for that person to pay more taxes for many reasons. The American taxpayer does not want a super-rich person to be the President of their national government so Mitt stands about a zero probability of beating the head of the welfare nation, Barry "Herbert Hoover" Obama.

Now in regard to this Newt dude, if he was so qualified to be elected our president, how come our nation is in the mess it is in. Was'nt the former Speaker of the House responsible?

I think he is, and all we would get is more of what we have been getting. I do think Obama and CNN are more afraid of Newt because Newt is very good debater. So expect CNN to dig up all kinds of trash because CNN, the socialist comedy channel does not like Newt. Therefore, many in America do.

Then, we have Ron Paul, a hard line constitutionalist that rejects properly progressive socialism. The way America works, if you like and want to return to the United States Constitution . . . well Socialism does not like our United States Constitution as written because it messes up the welfare state. Want proof-just watch CNN.

Therefore, I like Ron Paul. Which means he will never be elected. We the people of this nation need to prepare for things in this nation to get a lot worse after the 2012 Presidential election. The way things are shaping up politically is that Herbert Hoover has been reincarated in the form of Barry Obama. Hoover lives once again and it clearly shows as our national ecomomy and our nation continue to being flushed down the toilet some more.

In regard to Santorum, his call for a return to the historically traditional American family structure, based on religion, I have to support. Now if Santorum could just give a good speech.

Maybe in 2016, the 2nd Great Depression will see us return to being a prosperous and more moral nation; with a return to a more traditional family structure as hopefully this nation learns once again, in order to prosper, we must learn to reject things and start loving each other again in support of family values based on what Jesus taught us was important a long time ago.

Maybe in 2016, Rick Santoruum, a relative rookie to being a candidate for President can continue to gather steam as a lot of what he states, takes time for most of us to understand. If Santorium takes what Ron Paul is stating, a love of our United States Constitution as part of his next campaign, Rick states a good chance in 2016 of being able to fix what Hoover Obama cannot.

Finally, it is shame our tax system is not based on net worth-and the rich and powerful will make certain a fair tax system based on equality will never happen.

Can any candidate for President say Amen?

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