Friday, September 30, 2011

Mackruption Based on Bucketed Dollars of Grease

We know from the prior blog, Mack has been greased in excess of 1.2 million to date.  Who did the greasing?  This is a post in progress as I compile the data, which is going to take awhile. So please be patient as I tabulate all these greasy bribes for special interest groups.

So far, the biggest greasers to date for the incumbent are the following special interest groups to which as this post progresses, I will consolidate by PAC type.  For example, a lot of these corporations like financial institutions, health care companies, tobacco and liquor companies, that are all too big to fail, always like to do a lot of greasing.  I am starting this list with most of those that gave 10k of hog fat to start compiling this data. So take these amounts and see why the things you want as an individual do not mean squat to Mackruption.

Greasing Mackruption for 10,000 or more include:

National Beer Wholesalers Association  PAC:         $41,000
AT&T Inc. Federal PAC                                  $32,000
OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC PAC                        $31,000
American Bankers Association PAC                        $25,500
Darden Restaurants Inc. Employees PAC                $20,000
American Medical Association PAC                        $19,000
Comcast Corp. PAC                                               $19,000
Honeywell Corporation PAC                                  $18,000
HSBC North America PAC                                    $15,500
Koch Industries PAC                                              $13,500
American Resort Dvlp. Association                         $13,000
Davita Inc. PAC                                                      $12,500

      Subtotal for  PACS Mackruption Calls Back: $260,000

Cheap PACS only bribing with chump change of 10,000

Americans for For a Republican Majority        $10,000
Republican Majority Fund                               $10,000

National Association of Realtors PAC             $10,000
Radiation Therapy Services, Inc. PAC            $10,000
Rely on Your Beliefs Fund                              $10,000

 Subtotal for cheap PACS that might get a X-Mas Card  $50,000

Cheap PACS that probably do not get that much from Mackruption

Arent Fox LLP (AFPAC)                                             $9,000
Automotive International Free Trade PAC                     $8,000
Home Depot, a measly                                                 $5,000
American College of Radiology Association PAC         $4,500

Stay tuned as I try to get all the greasers ranked by dollar amount
and industry type. Then, just for fun, we are really looking forward
to totaling the amount of pork called earmarks are given by the
alleged "far right fiscal conservative" and his MackPenny Plan.

Clearly, when it comes to grease, MackDollars is a more
correct term for this person who has to be held accountable
for our nation's 14 trillion in federal debt including FL 11.2%
rate of unemployed as reported.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mackruption: Greasy Mack Bribes from Special Interest Groups

Greasing the fat pig that feeds you back, with pork and special interest legislation. It is always interesting to see which special interest groups like to grease the pig by revealing their PAC contributions to the incumbent.  Which tends to explain why our national economy is in such a mess.

Here is the incumbent's bribes and contributions from special interest groups over the years.  See this site for a list of all his cronies right here at this link: For example, the American Banker's Association loves the incumbent.  Wait until you see how much they have greased the Mackruption.

The greasing for the 2012 election cycle is still pretty light to today's date for the incumbent.  Here are the totals below:

2011-2012:            $72,000
2009-2010:          $157, 230
2007-2008           $297, 700
2005-2006           $319,268
2003-2004           $439,498
Grand Total:                               $1,285,696.  

Then, as we continue this blog post, we will do our best to keep this data up to date as the money from corporations really starts rolling in due to the position of the United States Supreme Court.  It must be good to be the incumbent.  I am sure he looks forward to getting a lot of corporate money, in addition to all the bribes and greasing he already has received from his crony buddies, called PACS; or political action committees.

Furthermore, we are going to do an analysis of why these PACS gave the incumbent to date over a million dollars trying to find what legislation he sponsored. Based on this election cycle, the incumbent has introduced 12 sponsored bills-none of them have been approved by Congress.  So, why do they keep trying to bribe this guy?  He cannot seem to do much, even if you bribe him.  And with today's Florida rate of unemployment being ranked 44th in the nation at 11.2%, why should we thank, much less re-elect this yahoo back to being your congressman?  

Beats us.   Finally, at some point, we are going to also look at the incumbent's record on earmarks also, since Mack claims to be, and and is categorized as a far right fiscal conservative.  Is he?  

Voters of Florida need to know before November, 2012.  Today, his staff in Washington refused to give a residential address in the congressional district for the incumbent. 

We did find however find out today that it appears he owns a condominium at Gulf Harbour located at 15301 McGregor Blvd. Fort Myers, FL, zip code of 33908. The unit is unknown to date.  But, we will find it from Lee County Public Records. We don't really think he spends much time there, or in Florida at all.  We think he likes all his real estate held elsewhere, especially Palm Springs, CA.

We can also tell that he owns other real estate of well.  He owns some real estate in Colorado based on his financial disclosure report filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives; also available from the Florida Secretary of State web site.  

And we assume more than likely, he also owns with his second wife, some real property in Palm Springs, CA.  Or, maybe she owns the real estate in California because she certainly has a lot money than the incumbent does, as shown by all her royality income and investments in CA in stocks and bonds. Good luck in getting the incumbent to give a full and transparent disclosure.  However, there is always a paper trail. 

Sooner or later, we will access those county records, just like you can do here in Lee County, FL.  Instead of searching public records for Connie Mack IV, use his real name-Cornelius Harvey McGillicuddy. Keeping track of this trickster incumbent is pretty hard considering he does not like using his real legal name unless he has to, which is not very often.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2033-One Hundred Year War: The End of Progressive Socialism Era in the United Red States of America

Fairy Tale NO. 1:

2033-One Hundred Year War:
The End of Progressive Socialism Era in the United Red States of America

United we stand, divided we fall.

In a few short years, the progressive socialist movement in the United States of America caused a historic collapse of one of the greatest nations to have ever existed on the planet earth.  So fundamental, so basic, focused on the rights of the individual, with freedoms unlike any other nation before it.  And it was so sad; to watch the last 100 years of progressive socialism destroy what was once the greatest nation known to date.

How did this once great nation become a victim to leaving behind, the intent of its founding fathers and move farther and farther along the path of progressive socialism after doing quite well for a couple of hundred years? What was cause of this nation’s collapse allowing this great nation to merely become a slave nation controlled by foreigners?

It all started during a great economic depression that hit the country in 1929.  Shortly after the first President of the Country’s policies failed to end the great depression, the electorate voted for Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was elected.  (FDR hereafter).  FDR clearly believed the United States Constitution was a “progressive” document that was subject to changing times. 

Further, FDR to deal with the Great Depression and high rate of unemployed started a massive federal takeover of paying individuals to work.  The states lost and forfeited some of their most precious rights to keep the federal government limited to the narrow scope intended by the founding fathers. 

One of FDR’s major changes other than job entitlements through the WPA was the creation of the Social Security Administration System-which continued to grow and grow, taking up more and more federal revenue sources.  In the late 60’s, the SSA program continued to be expanded as more and more Americans became more reliant on their own selfish interests, as compared to merely relying on self, or the right of their state, county and local governments.

As time progressed, the various states, county and local governments also started relying on generous connections with the federal government’s progressive socialism and also demanded a fair share of federal tax revenues to run their varied governments.  And the people were not held accountable directly, for this huge expansion of all levels of government spending.  And due to this, progressive socialism administered by the federal government continued to grow unabated.  

The state, county and local governments concurrently also benefited and grew in their own respective size including doing their own progressive socialism plans to which the people of each governing body merely hoped someone else, but not they would have to pay for all this progressive socialism. 

During lean times since 1933, the federal government merely kept expanding the debt load of this once great nation. And politicians all across the nation merely kept opening their hands out expecting the national government to fund all kinds of projects.  So, the politicians did and they kept getting re-elected, sometimes for decades conditions on how much their electorate benefited, while minimizing federal, state, county and local taxes.  

During the early 21st century, after over 8 decades of progressive and expanding federal progressive socialism, the federal government no longer had the economic viability due to all the mounting trillions of dollars of debt.  So, slowly, there was a huge cutback in the early part of the 21st century that trickled down to state, county and local governments.  There was a massive deterioration of all those things to run the national economic engine. 

If the federal government was not paying for public infrastructure of this great nation, the entire national economy slowly started collapsing.  Jobs were scarce.  People were losing both their jobs and their homes.  Banks refused to loan but the most credit-worthy any financing.

By 2021, several of the states decided to withdraw from the federal government tentacles and form their own national government. Naturally, the national government opposed the formation of independent nation, within its own national borders.  So, there was an internal war fought among the people of the several states-a massive revolution that further caused more debt to be incurred by the massive federal government. 

After a lot of bloodshed, the revolution was put to an end by the declaration of marital law, capital executions, and imprisonment of many of the revolutionary leaders.  However, the entire infrastructure of the nation was in such a sad state, foreign powers took advantage of the dire situation and took over the national government.  

This ended the era of national progressive socialism and the way of life for all Americans including taking away their precious freedoms so many of their forefathers had given their lives for, and that many Americans had taken for granted so long.

United we stood in our own self-interest, and we still fell after 100 years of progressive socialism.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mack the Knife takes money from the sovereign nation of the Morogono Tribe

The Morongo Tribe is a sovereign nation and cannot lawfully be making individual political contributions to filed candidates for United States Congress.  But, that does not stop the incumbent, Connie Mack from taking their political contribution.

Now, the Morongo Tribe probably know they are not supposed to be giving unlawful foreign sovereign contributions to an incumbent congressman's 2012 campaign. So, why does Connie Mack not aware of this.

Further, why would this tribe located in California care about giving money to Mack, a supposed Floridian, even though he spends more time in California than he does in Washington DC or Texas?  Here is some data on the Morongo Tribe.  For data on this tribe, go to

Naturally federal campaign election laws allow a named individual, that is a resident of the United States to make a political contribution.  A foreign nation like the Morongo tribe is neither an individual nor a citizen of the United States and technically cannot lawfully bribe Connie Mack, like they are trying to do here.  And  what did Mack do for this tribe?  Makes one wonder.

Seems to me Connie Mack needs to return the contribution donation received from this Morongo Tribe and then somehow explain why Mack reports this tribal contribution from a foreign sovereign as an unnamed individual on his congressional report located at the Federal Election Commission web site.

See to the individual contributors for Connie Mack and verify an incumbent congressman usually found in California, somehow wants to be re-elected to be your congressman.

The bigger question is why? Maybe Mack the knife should run for either Congress in California, or for the tribal council of the Morongo nation since Mack spends so much of his time out there; instead of taking care of Floridians by doing something positive for our nation by working in Washington DC more often.

Makes sense though.  The Morongo Nation gives some money to one of their own.  Moron Connie Mack.   

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lessons from Kansas: Can we solve partisianship and political gridlock

Many Americans are very unhappy with both the President and both houses of Congress not doing much of anything, except blaming others for the difficult situation our nation's citizens have to continue to endure due to gridlock and partisanship politics.

While I lived in Kansas, we had a similar problem in the context of funding public education.  The state politicians in Kansas did not want to lose elections so they refused to raise to taxes necessary to fund public education. 

However, kind of hidden from the voting public, they did raise other taxes because all governments have this tendency to continue to feed the beast of government, at whatever level-local to national.  And naturally, this is one of the major issues of the Tea Party Movement-dysfunctional governments that continue to want to expand just like an expanding galaxy or spiral.

So, some parents concerned about the lack of courage of the state politicians sued the school district.  This gave a state district judge the authority to issue a court order to the Kansas legislature to properly fund what the cowardly politicians, only concerned about getting re-elected would not do-fund public education.

So maybe as a candidate for United States Congress, here in FL I too am looking for ways to effectively get our federal politicians including the President of the United States a method to break political gridlock and end political partisanship, in order to make citizens of the United States, happier-which is my role as a candidate for your United States Congress.

So in effect, applying lessons I learned from Kansas, someone or some entity needs to sue someone.  Then, a member of the judiciary will have the power to end gridlock, judicially.  So, I suggest either the President of the United States, or Congress sue the other to resolve all this political jockeying ruining our nation.

If these two branches of our federal government cannot reach a compromise, a civil approach is go to the judicial branch of government and sue someone.  Nothing wrong with letting a judge decide what our politicians should be doing for our nation, including us, the citizens of the United States of America. 

In the alternatively, when two parties cannot reach a compromised agreement, sometimes judges order parties to binding arbitration/mediation.  Why not the President of the United States and our current Congress go to arbitration or mediation?  Or alternatively, just sue each other and let a judge decide.

Why will they not do, what they want us citizens to do.  Resolve disputes and move forward.  Instead of staying stuck in political. gridlock causing the rest of us citizens of the United States to suffer.

There is always a solution to any given problem.  And until we, the citizens of the United States demand a solution be found, this is what I am proffering.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Federal Entitlements-A Hot Button Political Issue

It seems warranted to discuss a hot button topic on federal entitlements.  With some basics.  What is an entitlement and how many federal entitlements are there?  For starters.Part of my job as a a federal candidate for United States Congress is to provide information to the electors, voters, and non-voters of the 14th Congressional District for the great state of Florida.  And this explains where about two trillion of our tax dollars are spent each and every year.

The best source for federal entitlements that I found is located at this link:  If you access this web link, you should see a huge list of federal entitlement programs funded by the federal government.  There is a lot of data here on what your federal tax dollars are going under this word "entitlement".

Now my goal in running for US Congress in Florida is to be aware of what entitlements FL is eligible for, and then further determine if I should apply for that entitlement on behalf of the 14th Congressional District as a statesman focused on what is best for our nation, overall.  So to keep this blog posting short, I want to first give you the link. Second, define what a federal entitlement is.

And then list the highest funded entitlements in America.  Then and finally, listen to those that can give me input on what the people of my congressional district, the state of Florida and the people of the United States want to happen to entitlements that are federally funded presently and what you want to me to do as both a congressional candidate and congressman elect to do with your federal tax dollars.

To define what an entitlement is, as defined, just google the term on your computer.  There are plenty of topical discussions on what an entitlement is.  As well as plenty of links on the term including social engineering from many leading authorities discussing the word, entitlement, and what it means in the context of social engineering policy from FDR (progressive socialist)  to Karl Marx (who believed no individual owns property).

So to keep this post brief, but yet provide you with some relevant data from the source provided above in this post, I just want to aggregate or distill some of the federal entitlement programs costing us taxpayers the most money in billions of dollars so you can be more informed, or alternatively inform me of which entitlement programs you want the federal government to no longer fund because it is clearly not a function of the federal government to do such entitlements based on our United States Constitution, as written.

I reject progressive socialism as espoused by FDR during the Great Depression who theorized the US Constitution was "progressive".  I am a hard core Constitutionalist and believe our founding fathers were far wiser than FDR and his theories of progressive socialism. FDR believed our United States Constitution was an evolving or progressive document-A concept many of us in this nation reject.  I also have to reject progressive socialism as espoused by the current President of the United States.  I am a not a socialist, but I am an empathic and compassionate statesman politically.

Regardless of this lengthy introduction, below is a list of the largest federal entitlements that are worthy of mentioning explicitly in the billions of dollars.  Those below one billion are worth a discussion, but for the moment, I am going to limit this posting to those entitlements in excess of a billion dollars in no particular order at this early stage, subject to revision as I organize this data on entitlements:

No. 1: Several grants for Social Security, 490 billion.
No. 2: Medicare Entitlements under four programs roughly 306 billion
No. 3: Medical Assistance Program, 177 billion
No. 4: Veterans Housing and Guaranteed Loans, 52  billion.
 No. 5: Rural Electrification, 32 billion.
 No. 6: Various Grants to Native Americans, around 21 billion
 No. 7: Section 8 Housing, 3 grants totaling around 20 billion
 No. 8: Food Stamps, 19.6 billion
 No. 9 Special Education Grants, around 11 billion
No. 10: Small Business Loans, 10 billion.
 No. 11: Commodity Loans and Loan Deficiencies, 9.5 billion
 No. 12: Agriculture under many programs:  Crop Ins. and Farm Operating Loans, 7.6 billion
 No. 13:  Head Start, 6.7 billion
 No. 14: Federal Transit Capital Operating Grants 4.6 billion
No. 15: Single Familly Property Disposition, 4.5 billion
No. 16: Production Payments for Certain Contract Commodities, 4 billion.
No. 17: Milk Income Assistance Program, 4 billion
No. 18: Capitalization Grants for Clean and Drinking Water for the states, roughly 2 billion
No. 19: Child Support Enforcement, 4.3 billion
No. 20: Federal Transit Formula Grants, 3.8 billion
No. 21: Veteran Prescriptions, 3.6 billion.
No. 22: Improving Teacher Quality State Grants,  2.9 billion.
No. 23: Pensions for non-service connected disabled vets, 2.5 billion 
No. 24: Homeland Security Grants, 2.2 billion.
 No. 25: Public Housing Capital Fund, 2.1 billion
No. 26: Veterans Nursing Care, 2 billion

No. 27: Home Investment Partnership Program, 2 billion

No. 28: National Institute of Child Health, 1.8 billion

Those are just some of the entitlements costing us taxpayers close to two trillion dollars each year. I did not even include all of the entitlements costing more than a billion.   You are welcome to reach your own conclusions here about why our nation is going broke. My rough count on these 30 entitlement programs above are 1,208,100,000,000 out of the total 2 trillion in entitlements.  Or, written out which kind of looks cool since you are writing the check for this amount.

One trillion,two hundred eight billion, 100 million dollars and no cents (rounded).

I will revise this post as time allows because there is a lot of good data that is going to be contained in this blog post for you, to consider as a federal taxpayer having to choose who is going to be your next US Congressman. I will probably sort them from high to low when I get some more time to work on this little blog entry.  I highly suggest you look at the link and see where all your money is being spent.  I was and remain in a state of shock.  Just like you will be. 

450 billion disposable diapers are used every year worldwide

To put the Obama Job Bill request amount into some kind of context worthy of flushing this bill down the toilet, I goggled the search term "450 billion" and came up with this interesting piece of trivia from this source:

Every year on the planet earth, babies use each year around 450 billion disposable diapers causing 77 million tons of landfill material.  Now, to me that is a load of crap.  Just like the Obama Job Bill.  Both stink and it is estimated it will take around 500 years for both of these two things to decompose.

I also did some research on how many people in the United States are considered unemployed as determined by the Bureau of Labor.  Which first, I feel this need to explain how this data is derived and used by the federal government.  Now the Bureau of Labor takes all the people in the several states unemployment claims and totals this.  Their total is 14 million people are currently collecting unemployment benefits.

So when the federal government publishes their data and calculates the word "umemployed", this is where that data comes from.  Naturally, a lot more people are unemployed and under-employed than that.  Most sources I found estimate the number of unemployed out of a total labor force of 152 million Americans to be around 26 per cent.  Now that is roughly around 40 million people in our nation. 

Now, our federal government does not want to use that real number because it is too embarrassing. So instead, they use 9.1 per cent based on those collecting unemployment benefits based on Bureau of Labor statistics. Regardless, why not just give the 450 billion of your tax dollars to these 40 million people-If you agree with this theory, you most likely will vote for Obama in 2012.

Further, the US Census Department currently estimates our population to be around 312 million people and in the whole world, a rough estimate of the total population on the planet earth is 7 billion people.  Or, as I like to call them, human beings.

So taking Obama's job bill plans, we the taxpayers could take that 450 billion Obama wants to save his presidency chances for re-election and give everyone on the planet earth a check for 65 dollars.  That would help improve our foreign relations across the planet earth.  Naturally, someone also has to pay that 450 billion dollars back somehow.

Which  in our prior post, each citizen of the United States, employed or not, has to somehow pay for this  if this Obama Job Bill goes through, another 1500 in taxes just to cover this 450 billion stupid job bill.  Now that does not include the interest on the 450 billion which this current administration continues to keep real low, to keep the interest payments on the national debt as low as the federal government can.

And because the federal government including the politicians want to keep interest rates artificially low on purpose, that is why your bank will not loan you, or anyone else any money unless your credit score is around 800-basically perfect credit score. And the only people that have that kind of credit score are those that are already so deep in debt, theit credit cards and loans are maxed out.  Yet, they keep paying provided they have a job and are not unemployed and not wearing disposable diapers, yet.

So, I continue to believe our national economy is going to stay in the toilet until the federal government stops keeping interest rates artificially low.  Then, when interest rates start climbing, you as a citizen of this country can start borrowing money again because the banks start making bigger profits making America return to a period of prosperity.  Now some economists do not agree with this theory. But if we believed everything these Keyesian economists tell us, how come we are still in a major recession?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama Math Riddle NO. 2

Ok.  Obama did not want 470 billion.  He wants around 450 billion making the math a lot easier. So, Riddle No. 2 is how many people could the federal government hire with 450 billion dollars paying them 150,000 for one year?

So this riddle is a lot easier to calculate.  Naturally, 450,000,000,000 divided by 150,000 of federal debt for one year equals 3 million people hired.  And this is not even counting that famous Obama promise of jobs saved vs. jobs created.  Now jobs saved, Obama has never exactly told us what the criteria for this is.

Now based on the first 800 billion dollars blown to various governments, I am assuming most of the jobs Obama claimed to be created or saved really was jobs saved for those people working in the federal, state, county and local governments.

Now last night at the Tea Party Debate, CNN is really spending a lot of time attacking Merck's buddy,  Gardasil GOV Rick Perry's math of 800 billion divided by zero still equals zero.   But for the moment, let us all forget Rick Perry, or as Stephen Colbert refers to him Rick Parry.

So if we can create 3,000,000 jobs, first of all, why stop with only that amount.  Why not really put our nation into even more debt?  For 900 billion, Obama could create 6 million jobs, almost eliminating the unemployed.  Now let us assume we only want to get new jobs paying only 100,000 for the first year, until after the 2012 Presidential election.  Obama could hire 4.5 million people.

Or, at a measly 50,000 dollars per job, we could hire nine million people in America.  And even better, if we merely paid 18,000,000 people 25k per year for one year,  we could even help all the unlawful immigrants in America get a pay raise/better job.

Think about it.  For 450,000, 000,000 (in billions of dollars), per the Obama Job Plan, we can easily hire 18,000,000 people in America, lawful and unlawful paying them only 25 thousand for the first year.

Now that is thinking like President Obama.  I just suggest he should ask Congress for 900 billion instead of a paltry 450 billion and we could hire roughly 36 million Americans eliminating unemployment in the United States for about a year.  Then, thinking like Obama, just default right after the 2012 election.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Math Riddle: How Many People Can You Hire With 470 billon dollars?

OK-Today's Obama Job Bill Riddle: 

How many people can you hire to do nothing but play Farmville on Facebook all day with 470 billion dollars of  new debt owned by the people of the United States; assuming you are going to hire all the people currently living in the US, roughly knowing there are around 300 million of us?

So, 470,000,000,000 (in billions) divided by 300,000,000 (in millions) is the equation to put in your calculator.  I can't do the math on my calculator because my calculator does not like working with billions because it is is a cheap calculator.  Heck, too many zeros.

I need to simplify the equation by dropping some zeros-so to make this simpler, let us drop off 8 zeros from both huge numbers leaves me with 4700 divided by 3; just like most politicians do.  Now this is lot easier to work with.

So we roughly calculate a lot easier using that number 4,700 divided by the total population of the United States (3).   That gives me the number 1567 rounded off.

So roughly, instead of the United States trying somehow trying to  create jobs again, just like Obama tried two years ago wasting us taxpayers 800 billion, we could give every person in the United States 1, 567 dollars in some kind of tax refund to every citizen residing in the United States. Now to answer the riddle, we could pay every person in the United States 470 billion dollars in total, or 1, 567 dollars for everyone in America to play Farmville on Facebook.

And what is the cost to do that?  Everyone in the United States merely has to take on a  future debt of 470 billion plus interest to pay back over the next ten years.  And that is the answer to the Obama Job Riddle.
So let us check our math like I was taught in grade school.  Does 300,000,000 x 1,567 dollars equal 470 billion.  Yes, it does.

Now if this makes economic and political sense to you, you will vote for Obama to be elected President of the United States again, because basically, you are pretty damn stupid person to believe this kind of political nonsense, not once, but twice making you a fool.

In conclusion, how would this positively impact me on Farmville?  I would certainly have a lot bigger farm and 300 million new Farm buddies on Farmville so I could finally build a lot better hog pen for all them hogs I keep breeding. Anyway, time to go.  I have to harvest all my crops on my farm so I can feed all those darn pigs.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama Job Plan

Last night, I watched President Obama getting really mad on national TV for good reason-most Americans are tired of his brand of socialism and both his and Congress going around spending our money like a drunken sailor. And further, Obama now states he is going to travel all over-he might as well travel around trying to get re-elected, because-he is not going to get anything accomplished in his last 14 months in Washington DC. 

Now our President is very good at giving speeches full of rhetoric-just like last night.  I have always stated Obama is a good speech giver-just not that a good a politician. We have way too many elected officials in Washington that can give good speeches full of rhetoric, just like Obama.  But, when it comes to doing anything real . . . well, name a good politician, if you can think of any.  The only recent politician people can name is Ronald Reagan.  And that was a long time ago.

Now in regard to Florida and its citizens, another Florida politician during the 2010 election cycle talked about job bio-diversity for the people of FL.  Now I support that kind of thinking, coupled with action on that vision.  Florida needs better job bio-diversity to weather economic booms and recessions.  We need to ensure we provide some new industries and jobs are attracted to FL that boom regardless of the national or state economy. 

So, I am going to do like most people are, and ignore the Obama Job Plan costing all of us another 480 billion and solidly get behind helping the people of FL get job bio-diversity.  The best comment I read today about the Obama Job Plan compared Obama to Wimpie in Popeye.  Buy me a hamburger today, and I will gladly pay you back Tuesday, around 2083.  Now getting the economy rocking and rolling here in Florida by expanding job bio-diversity is part of my congressional campaign.  That is my job.

Ask some of the other candidates what they are going to do to bring jobs to FL?  And then ask the incumbent why he failed to do this over the last 10 years.

We need to let the incumbent know what it is like to be unemployed, watch your 401k plan and your life savings evaporate, on top of having your home stolen from you by a horrible court system from corrupt and incompetent banks out in California, or even worse, here in our native state of Florida.  The voters did not forget, nor will I.

Campaign Slogan No. 1-Get Rid of the MackPenny Plan-Send Mack Back to California Plan

One of my campaign slogans is Get Rid of the MackPenny Plan by sending the incumbent back to California.  I cannot find one person, other than Mack who wants him to be re-elected again to the United States Congress.

I recently checked for bills sponsored by the incumbent.  12 sponsored bills-none approved.  Thank the incumbent and tell him what you think about that.

Then, ask him what is the probability of his MackPenny Plan getting approved by Congress.  Anything more than zero is a high probability.

Then, I keep listening to my CD playing Mack, the Knife by Bobbie Darin.  Especially that line in the song about shark bait.  Which reminds me again of Mack and why we need to send him back to California. Mack has been stabbing in the back a long time ruining our nation financially to the benefit of his favored special interest groups-corporations and the super-rich.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scherer files for United States Congress-14th District Florida

Well, it is time to run for United States Congress, again.  This election cycle, I am going to file for the 14th Congressional District in Florida.  The current incumbent needs to go.  He is responsible for the mess we presently are in, as a nation.

Connie Mack needs to go back to his wife in California.  Everyone say good bye to Connie Mack.  He is going into retirement around November 2012.  That, I am certain.  I cannot even find a person that wants him to be re-elected here in SW Florida.  And for good reason.  His record of sponsored bills is horrible.  12 sponsored bills-none of them became law.  His MackPenny Plan is more of the same kind of political jockeying that we are used to of DC politicians.  

I have several groups that have already stated they will give me their votes.  So, time to start campaigning again and writing about it.  For good reason-for the people of our nation and for the people of the state of Florida-they deserve a better congressman.

And that is my job. So help me God.

Signed and dated this the 1st day of September, 2011.