Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First campaign pledges and promises if elected to the US Congress-14th District FL

Most of us including myself do not trust yahoo politicans including candidates like myself for US Congress.  The lack of trust, I get.  I do not trust politicians either.  So, as a stateman running for US Congress for the 14th District of Florida as a non-traditional non-lemming-like, unaffiliated candidate, including being as honest as humanly possible here is what I can promise I can do upon being duly elected to represent you. Basically, not much of anything.

Pledges and promises as stated below:

1.  I will do my very best to vote no as often as possible when in comes to spending your federal dollars on any project having no relation to the operation of the federal government.  In simple terms, no.  We as a nation are broke.

2.  Significant legislation I would introduce as a newly elected congressman:

     a) The Federal Government and Corporate Accountability Act, making it a felony for any federal agency or any large corporation in America to refuse to be accountable to you, the person that is funding these entities. See my prior blog post on this bill I would try to introduce upon duly being elected. Doubt if any of the other bought congressmen will sponsor or sign on to the legislation, but maybe a few of the tea party congressman elects might.

3. Self-imposed term limit of two years or less.  Heck, I don't even want this job considering the state of our nation.  Staying in Washington DC for two years is bad enough.   I like the weather and fishing in Florida better than fishing in the typically cold and polluted Potomac River any day.

4.  I promise not to spend most of my time in California like the incumbent, senator wanna-be. 

5. I promise to assemble the best staff I can, using the best technology I can afford to be the best congressman the 14th Congressional district of Florida has needed for far too long.

6.  I will try to get on the technology committee using my expertise in computers and automation hoping but probably failing due to bureaucracy and corporate powers to save the federal taxpayers billions of dollars.

7. I promise both my staff and myself will bitch a lot to worthless bureaucratic federal agencies that have failed us as a nation so much, I expect to be banned from direct contact with many of them. 

8.  If Obama is re-elected as President, I would join in with many people in asking Eric Holder Jr. resign at the United States Attorney General.  Ditto for elitist Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of HHS, one of my nemesesis from my Kansas past as being allowed to continue Obamacare, as we know it.

9. Just because you are a  citizen of the 14th District, and maybe you vote some of the time, does not mean I am going to patronize you for your vote.  I am a fighter-not an ass-kisser.  I am going to do my very best to return our nation the best I can to complying and respecting the United States Constitution.  You want someone that is going to pander to you, vote for someone else.  If you want someone that is a statesman,  and does what is best for our nation including Florida, you will not find a more qualified candidate than Scherer in the 14th Congressional race. 

10. I am pro-life and pro-family.  So at least Christians and Catholics will vote for me, like they did in Kansas. The heathen voters in Kansas regretfully chose the pro-choice, for unlawful immigration, abortion loving candidate in the 2010 primary election.

So sadly, I came in second place.  But hey, the campaign was a success in Kansas due to some of my efforts. Kansans' finally got rid of a worthless incumbent congressman.  Just like this campaign has done here in FL-aided in getting rid of Californian incumbent, the honorable silver spoon,wife cheater, Congressman Connie Mack.  If this yahoo is somehow elected, I will be all over this dude like flies flock to a pile of crap.

That is enough promises for today.  I can see this is going to be a huge list, considering the state we find our nation in.


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