Monday, August 24, 2009

Campaigning goes very active in October

I will be traveling most of September on personal business. When I return, the congressional campaign goes from active to very active. Generally, I respond to all phone calls (913) 403-8584 and emails sent to my attention at I want your input, your solutions and voices to be heard this political cycle.

As the most experienced congressional candidate in the 3rd district, I listen to the voices of the voters in trying to arrive at consensus of what the voters and non-voters want from their next congressman.

The incumbent wants to hide when it comes to reforming health care. I cannot blame him for hiding. He has had 10 years as the incumbent to having been responsible for turning health care and the economy into a complete fiscal, moral and ethical disaster.

But he certainly made the drug and health insurance companies happy. If you review his filings with the Federal Election Commission, you can see how happy lobbyists and special interests are in making hefty campaign contributions. Also note how lawyers, financial industry, and real estate executives like to pay the incumbent for all the favorable legislation that benefited their special interests; that you have to pay for.

My goal this congressional campaign is focus ande inform the people on why I will be a better choice for individuals; not special interests. The incumbent has made so many errors, I no longer need to point out why he does not deserve to be anyone's congressman. The tijme to end special interests from shaping the political agenda in Washington is coming to stop with this political candidate.

The incumbent should stop hiding and merely retire so the 3rd District can finally get a congressman that spends more time in DC representing us, instead of constantly flying home every week so he can continously campaign. Help the incumbent retire.

The DC lobbyists and special interests will miss all his political favoritism. But the individual voter having to pay for all this political nonsense and irrational fiscal irresponsibility, is coming to an end. It is time.

He knows it. I know it. And so do the voters and non-voters of the 3rd Congressional district. Is there anyone left that wants the incumbent to stay in office any longer; except for Steve Rose at the Johnson County Sun and the KC Star editors?

I don't think there is. Almost everyone I ask, wants better representation. The incumbent is running out of excuses and deniability for what he and many others in Congress has done over the last 10 years. As a fiscal conservative, wanting less federal government intrusion into the soverignity of the state of Kansas, that is my promise to you.

The time for excuses are over. Accountability and responsibility is no one but his-instead, we only get repeated deniability and blame someone else, election after election. The incumbent can't even claim to be a fiscal conservative blue dog democrat anymore.

And the Democratic solution, more taxes to pay for their socialistic programs that even the Office of Manangement and Budget (OMB) states will not work.

What will work is getting these yahoos that have created this federal government mess out of Washington. If not in 2010, when? So in ending, in 2010, vote for a fiscal conservative tired of politicans in Washington trying to tell us individuals what we need. What we need now in America is less federal government-not more democratic socialism.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Working together to obtain better congressional representation

It appears there are going to be several GOP candidates filing soon with the Federal Election Commission for the 3rd Congressional District which I welcome. Patrica Lightner now has an exploratory committee intending to file with the Federal Election Commission as soon as her campaign reaches the $5,000 limit in contributions or expenditures triggering that required filing. John Sevaly also has announced intentions to also campaign for the primary election and hopefully he will also soon meet the FEC threshold. To date, the only candidates meeting the threshold for filing with the FEC are the incumbent and myself. See

One of my goals as an experienced congressional candidate is to ensure all GOP congressional candidates remain focused on our common goal of finally getting a better congressman for the 3rd District than the current incumbent who refuses to even meet with those he represents related to health care reform. The current incumbent claimed he was a Blue Dog (Fiscally Conservative) Democrat. From what I have observed, he only alleged to be a fiscally conservative when the Democrats were the minority party. Now that the democrats are in the majority, I guess the incumbent changed his mind about being able to allege he was a fiscal conservative. After being in office for 10 years, does anyone really believe the incumbent's claim to be a fiscal conservative?

We don't.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adding Funds to the Campaign

The most recent quarterly filing for the campaign filed with the Federal Election Commission now includes $40, 000. In addition, campaign contributions are now starting to come in. Soliciting campaign contributions to me are one of the worst, but necessary parts of being a politican. Thanks to those who have contributed in the past and who continue to support the campaign. I estimate that it is going to take close to two million dollars to beat the incumbent in 2010. So more than likely, to reach that threshold, I may have to ask for contributions from individuals.

Our campaign does not want PAC or special interest money like the bought incumbent. My goal is not to be influenced or bought by special interests. I am running to support the individual-not special interest groups.

He has been bought so many times, he should set up his campaign HQ in an antique store. Remember, this joker brought you the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. As well as sent National Guard members to fight in foreign nations. Not to mention he is responsible for the worst financial mess since the Great Depression. So, if you want things to keep getting worse, keep voting for the current batch of incumbents.

We are not.