Saturday, June 30, 2012

Admission: I was wrong about SCOTUS on both ObamaCare and Immigration Decisions, sadly

I erred sadly about how I thought SCOTUS would decide both ObamaCare and Arizona HB 1070 as being best left with each state sovereign. I have waited to read with the reaction by other pundits and bloggers like myself see going forward after SCOTUS wrapped up their cases this year.

The only thought on why most of the justices at SCOTUS did not rule in favor of the soverignity of the several states as promised by our US Constitution dismays me as much as many other Americans. 

All I can figure Chief Justice Roberts betrayed we the people; choosing instead to favor the federal government over being more important than the rights of individuals and the several states sovereignity and concurrent upholding and enforcement of the law.

I am pretty certain Roberts in casting his swing vote did what he thought was best, somehow; but clearly it was a stretch of the imagination; as well as a twisting distortion far outside the reach of our United States Constitution as intended by our founding fathers.

Roberts swing vote (betrayal) really surprised many of us. Now we have to deal with the aftermath of the federal government not enforcing unlawful immigration, nor can the states control unlawful immigration even within their state borders. Even worse then that, the federal government taxing us by taking over the health care and insurance industry. 

This decision seems to only take us further into forced socialized medicine. I am anticipating many entities such as corporations and small businesses will get rid of their health benefits as a cost saving measure forcing most of the people in this nation into a federally controlled and forced upon us, a socialized health care system.

I also see socialized medicine being a fix benefitting state goverments as well from their responsibillities to the citizens of the several states. In effect, Obamacare is good for governments and some corporations; contrasted to only being bad for many individuals-we the people.  It is a twisting of the Constitution in its worst form.

Who knows what we all are forced to buy next, or get taxes upon. With Obamacare now ok, will Obama go back and try to tax the air we breathe again as an indirect tax?

Nor will adding 50 million people to be taxed by being forced into socialized medicine be of any benefit most Americans.  It will lead to further increases in costs to all of us.  If you review whom benefits the most, it is the federal and state governments, the health care industry, and drug and insurance companies. 

But none of it will benefit most individuals.  It will leave us with a socialized and rationed health care system the federal government controls and forces upon us citizens. Naturally the upper class will be able to stay outside the bounds of socialized medicine for a while, until their wealth is gone also.

Neither decision was a good one for Americans.  It was only good for governments and corporate-entities.  Slowly, America is losing the purpose of our constitutional focus on the individual as being key to our nation.

To end this post being short, I am saddened at what is happening to our nation. 

And it appears I am not alone.  So, there is a positive side to these SCOTUS decisions.  We citizens are starting to unite and beginning to realize the real problem and major issue in our nation is not jobs this election cycle-the No. 1 issue we face together is the way we are governed.  We, the people have to unite on common ground realizing the real threat to our national security is big government and special interest groups including lobbyists for both corporations and the rich.

The class war merely continues and we the people have a duty to take control over control again over our own well-being and those institutions whose self-interest is contrary to the strengths of our nation that still resides with the individual starting now.

This is going to take all of us to unite and restructure how we are governed. It is going to take a while.  And it appears the mood will get worse before it gets better.  Sadly, it appears a major revolution is brewing out here among, we the people.

Which reminds me again of what are duty is, as clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence is, when any branch of our federal government betrays we, the people.  Our duty going forward is unify as the people and restore our individual rights and freedoms by replacing any failed branch of the federal government.

 It is our sacred duty to unite and proceed. It is merely a matter of time as we all are just waiting for a true leader to lead us, remembering what our founding fathers wrote long ago.  Even if that requires the drastic steps of a major revolution as anticipated might happen by our founding fathers.

I am endorsing Goss for Congress

Thursday, I sent an endorsement to Goss believing like most politicial insiders and some of the media he is the best candidate for Florida's 19th Congressional seat.  Having talked to Mr. Goss and to the other candidates, he seems the best of the bunch.

As a Floridian I too want the best candidate elected to be my congressman.  Some of the other candidates may have more money, or more spin, rhetoric and slogans; but only Goss stands above the rest in understanding the issues, the potential solutions and why many of these solutions are not being implemented in Washington due to partisian politics.

Some claim Goss is a Washington insider due to his father.  I see that as a positive and may explain why Goss understands the political realities we are going to have to deal with after the 2012 elections. I have also reviewed his financial disclosure report filed with the Clerk of the House.  I understand Goss is far from being poor-he is well off or rich. 

However, he listens well and seems to understand the problems of all and it is my hope if he is elected, he remembers all when it comes to legislation. Goss is soft spoken and concise during the events I have attended.  So, he is not a loose cannon by any means.

 I am pretty certain and remain optimistically confident he has the depth and understand of politics better than any of the other candidates. He does not engage in political rhetoric and is honest when discussing issues about what he believes.  Nor is Goss cynical, apathetic or a big complainer always staying grounded in a practical manner about what we need to do both as a nation and politically.

I did address with Goss's campaign manager the few parts of Goss that I do not agree with-such as ultra conservative cutbacks in entitlement programs that would deeply hurt the poor and the middle class by Paul Ryan.  I understand and have read Ryan's plans who Goss is associated and worked with.  Ryan's proposals are too draconian and lacking empathy and compassion for many in America. Goss' s campaign manager assures me Goss understands the reality of the poor and middle class also.  I even volunteered to help their campaign starting with this endorsement.

I also do not think Goss is one of those special interest candidates that will focus on behalf of a few special interest groups. Since being a candidate for so long, I always try to vet out the dirty hands kind of candidate campaigning based on a special interest group.  And there are always a few of these dirty candidates for some special interest group or industry every congressional campaign I have been in to date including this campaign here in the 19th District.

So overall, like some in the media and some of the other congressional candidates seem to believe Goss remains the best choice to be our next United States Congressman.

I concur. I will be voting for Goss. Equally, I have empathy for whomever is elected in November to be our next congressman.  It will not be an easy job and I am really glad it is not me.  I really did not want the job considering today's political climate. 

So, whomever is elected, I will remember they are a human being trying their best to do what is needed for the people of this nation including Florida and our congressional district.  Jobs remain the No. 1 priority in America and hopefully in Florida and this congressional district, we continue to develop job diversity to weather future economic cycles. 

In conclusion, I remain concerned about our country post-election.  We have so many problems, we need to be united and realistic in what one congressman can really get down, considering all three of our federal government branches seems about as divided as we, the people are on many political fronts. 

I too hope someday, we get a Presidential leader that can unite us as one nation.  I do not see that happening with either Obama or Romney, sadly.  Nor did I see any one presidential candidate or any incumbent politician that seems to have the right stuff to unite us as one nation again

Hold on.  2012-2016 is going to be very difficult times for our nation with few encouraging options available. But doing things as usual in Washington and elsewhere is no longer a viable option in the short or in the long term.  Change is coming and hopefully that change does not further divide as one people, and as one nation in some kind of internal class warfare and rioting as I fear.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blame for the rotten economy lies with the policies of the Federal Reserve

The policies of the Federal Reserve that include artificially low interest rates continue to cause the reported huge decline in most of our net worth.  Further, the artificially low interest rates are the major reason few can obtain financing from the too big to fail banks.  Moreover, by keeping interest rates artificially low benefits the federal government's own self-serving payments on the federal debt.

Since banks do not want to loan money to businesses and consumers, in turn there is not going to be a sustained economic recovery because of it.  When there is no capital in the form of loans for investment, there will be high rates of unemployment.  So, banks just hoard cash reluctant to loan any money until there is an increase in interest rates making loans more profitable for the banks.  And the economy including jobs continues to take huge hits because of it.

So federal reserve banking policies continue to be the drag on the economy due to their policies related to these artificially low interest rates.  Now if the Federal Reserve did, or when they do start to raise interest rates, then that will trigger more foreclosures in the housing market due to many sitting on adjustable rate mortgages.  It would appear had federal reserve policies raised interest rates too early, there would have been an even bigger housing disaster.

So we can anticipate the rationale of Federal Reserve policies announced yesterday. The Fed is going to continue to swap debt to ensure the federal government's interest payments are as low as possible on the federal debt for the next decade.  Then, there will be yet again more quantitative easing, part III soon enough. And then we have Congress playing their games with what is called the fiscal cliff.  This political posturing will force Congress to make some major changes to keep from going over this cliff towards the end of 2012. 

Congress will make some austerity cuts in entitlements as most of us expect; as well as make some small changes in federal tax policy before the end of 2012.  But do not expect Congress to really do that much, other than continue to do minimal change.  In other words, business in DC will merely continue as usual.

All this posturing still shows there is a day of reckoning ahead that will require sooner or later in the next few years of rising interest rates, more foreclosures, and due to the policies of the Federal Reserve, anticipated and prolonged periods of slow economic growth coupled with future high inflation rates.  In sum, let me welcome you to the 2nd Great Depression.

We the people are still having to pay the price for our federal government whether we like it or do not.  Basically, most of us have been and will continue to be raped and screwed by our own federal government including the Federal Reserve so too big to fail banks and other corporations will continue to control and dominate federal legislation, thanks to the United States Supreme Court decision in Citizens United making corporates kind of like a citizen.

In summation, not only are things looking bad in Europe, but also here in the United States for years. Welcome to a return of the dark ages of being in a major depression and do one's best to getting prepared for hyperinflation here domestically with further declines in many individuals net worth. Clearly, governments and corporations are, and will remain in charge of America until there is little left for them to take, from we the people.

Our federal government is now merely tools of the rich and the corporations. Until most begin to understand and realize the real enemy of the individual includes now, the federal government. And even when most understand that, it will be too late to do anything about it.

If we protest too loudly, out comes the police-state.  The federal, state and local governments will be ready to deal with all the civil protests and the anticipated, but not so civil riots.  Will you be ready?  They are.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We are dealing with both a divided nation and a divided federal government

Here we are as a divided nation on many issues at the polar extreme level.  Furthermore, the three branches of our federal government appear to be equally divided in political partisanship with both major parties refusing to compromise on much of anything other than agreeing on changing names of post offices being one fifth of the legislation passed in Congress.

The executive and legislative branch clearly are warring with each other.  And then we have the judicial branch not agreeing with the executive branch on several major issues like Obamacare and Immigration.

I considered this deep division in my congressional campaign and suggested applying sand box rules-take turns.  Until we can get our elected officials to play fair, we continue to move towards that fiscal cliff.  Seems to me we have to address what happens when the three branches of the federal government refuse to work together to unite our nation.

Fixing a divided federal government remains the root cause that needs to be addressed.  And no one in the federal government will compromise with their polar extreme.  So we remain a divided nation when what we really need is a united country and federal government.  And until those in the three branches of the federal government start doing what is best for our nation via turns or compromising, we remain getting closer to going way past the fiscal cliff into a deep abyss called major depression. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

An Uncivil Nation

Yesterday,  a reporter interrupted the President's policy announcement on policy changes on immigration policy.  Some today are writing about whether the polar political extremes are causing us including reporters to become uncivil.  When we look back, that is merely another tipping point as America has few options but to go through except  a long and gloomy period of austerity lacking an effective leader that can unite and lead us as a nation in the 2012 election.

Even Obama is showing the politician frustration and stress realizing even as POTUS, Obama cannot fix all the problems we face as a nation. As Obama walked back into the White House yesterday, I sensed his anger and frustration. I am pretty certain Obama at that moment would just like to quit being POTUS.

 Looking back, we as a nation failed to take the right steps for an economic recovery as I suggested right after Obama became President trying to reverse the damage caused by the Bush administration.

Regardless, federal tax dollars are, and were wasted on maintaining wars, as well as on maintaining the status quo in governments; while rescuing too big to fail industries all across the nation. All of which is now causing most of us huge financial pain and divisiveness as the citizens of this nation are the only hope to pay for any recovery

In retrospect, I am presuming generously that  both Bush and Obama tried the best they could trying to  lead our nation, given the circumstances they were facing. But, both clearly failed to unite and lead us as a nation. Naturally, governments will do whatever it takes to maintain their power structure as many in a nation talk about and want a complete revolution.  It seems there may be no leader that even exists, that can or will be able to save and unite us in 2012

Further, the more uncivil our nation becomes due to polar political extremism, the more likely our nation is moving and making plans to implement a police-state that will have to occur after a wave of civil unrest and protests leading to riots that can be anticipated-especially so when austerity measures are required and implemented.

Austerity measures will play out just as they are in the Middle East and in Europe.  We have to face some reality here-in America, and elsewhere as we are dealing with a dire post industrial economic depression and collapse not only in America, but other countries in the world just like us, most of us have had to endure. Much of our dismal outlook is due to decades of too much reliance by far too many on governments in our selfish self-interest leading to creeping socialism that has been going on for decades.

How can any of remain optimistic when so much as at stake and there remains so many problems politicians cannot fix-instead, all we have is this political blame game as each special interest tries to hang onto those things that are important to their group; in direct contradiction to what is best for all of us as a broke ass nation?

Polar political extremism is and will be nothing more than a redistribution of the remaining wealth that can be produced-Class warfare will accelerate leading to political upheaval, riots and the worst of all scenarios, revolution and a completely different means of government-rhetorically, where are we headed as a nation-a police-state as I fear, or a dictatorship?

It makes sense during the waning stages of the collapse of any industrial nation to see polar political extremism as the haves and the have-nots struggle to keep what they want in their own self-interest. Just as Karl Marx predicted would happen to a capitalist nation. So things look pretty bleak, and that is just the start of what we are going to have to deal with.  We have to remember to do the same things as they did during the Great Depression.

We will have, or already are returning to where we have to rely on each other .  Families will become more important again-divorces rare.  And when that does not work, all we have left is the hope of religion to guide and aid us as we try to survive what is soon going to be our dismal economic and political reality. I hope that I am just being a pessimist. I just do not see our nation uniting for quite a few years and 2012 does not look encouraging.

What seems like important political and social issues today, whether that be unlawful immigration or same sex marriages will become far  less important politically as many of us will be more focused as we struggle together  to merely survive the upcoming global depression and inflation; while concurrently having to endure civil unrest and incivility as national, state and local  governments attempt to maintain control and power as we melt into a police-state here in America and elsewhere.

Governments have and will always have the most power in a nation and the individual that does not like them, has few viable options in dealing with them independently. Our only hope is we as a nation of individuals are going to have to agree to accept options that are in the best interest of all of us.  And many do not like options like austerity and higher taxes.  Do we really have a choice here in America?  We have choices, none of which are going to unite us.  Divided we will stay as nation.

If you are anxious and worried right now about both are nation's future and your own, like many Americans, your sole consolation is that you are not alone. Sometimes, dire circumstances as we are facing as a nation of individuals divided, warrant such pessimism. If we cannot unite as a nation, the only option is the government powers will prevail and tell you what to do.  Which defines a police-state.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The real reason behind Obama Policy on Immigration Policy is a forthcoming SCOTUS decision

The only rational reason Obama came out today with his new policy on immigration has to be because the United States Supreme Court is going to rule favorable on the sovereign right of Arizona to control unlawful immigration within own borders here shortly.  Most are awaiting both that decision on AZ HB 1070 and on Obamacare.

I am predicting both are going to see SCOTUS favor the rights of the individuals states to control what happens within their own borders.  Clearly, states should have concurrent jurisdiction to control both unlawful immigration within their respective border, just as much as states should also have the same rights to the heatlth care within a state border. 

I suspect SCOTUS is and should side on the sovereign right of each state on both.  If I were the Supreme Court, I would feel a certain heads up on what to expect around Monday is why Obama took this sudden position on giving direction to DHS related to what the feds will be directed to do by Obama prior to the 2012 presidential election come November. 

Many consider Obama's play today to be more political than constitutional. 

In a few days, there will be no need for any further speculation.  SCOTUS's decisions and the aftermath should be out shortly.