Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ok, another rant about our next POTUS

Ok, fans of Scherer for Congress and my other viral blog, scumbag lawyers of, this is going to be one of my last rants about the POTUS election thing. I have to have major neurosurgery on Wednesday so there be some delays in this and that other blog, due to a major loss of my ability to function.

So, having endured and survived yet again, another one of those candidate debates here in Florida, if you are like me, are you starting to think Rick Santorum actually might be a good candidate for US Congress? Now we can forget the Iowa debacle which Santorum finally actually won. I mean come on, it was Iowa.

Now most of us are either entertained or disgusted with both Mitt and Newt. Ron makes sense, but clearly understands the US Constitution too well, for the major powers in America to let him be elected. All that leaves the GOP people out there, is Santorum. All of us know if Mitt or Newt actually win the nomination, Hoover Obama will be re-elected.

Therefore, can the GOP win the Presidency with Santorum. Maybe-long shot. Here is a suggestion no egocentric, narcissistic presidential yahoo candidate will, or has ever done-do like they do in wresting and have a tag team Presidential candidacy.

Newt, team up with Santorum. Flip a coin to see who gets to be President. So, by twisted logic, a tag team might help the GOP win the election in 2012. Think about it-tag team of Newt and Santorum vs. Barry Hoover and Hilliary (shudder) Clinton. Sounds horrible with either tag team.

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