Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Play Obama SATU Bingo: What do I want to hear at the SATU rhetoric

There are several things I would like Barry Hoover Obama to say tonight.

I am sorry.

I erred and now reject all this socialism I have caused.

I quit.

America is one broke-ass nation. We the federal government ran out of money.

The United States of America is taking federal bankruptcy protection so we do not have to pay China anymore.

I doubt he will say so, but I wish he would state "we the people in order to form a perfect union . . . .". If Barry even comes close to stating this, we all win Obama SATU bingo.

Mitt Romney needs to pay federal taxes on his net worth.

Newt Gingrich should have honored his wedding vows.

I like what Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are saying-family values and our United States Constitution are good things.

For fun, google Obama SATU bingo. Makes enduring his SATU rhetoric a lot more fun, as you have to endure-Obama Bingo-Truly American.

Here is Obama SATA Bingo from 2010 if you choose to drink alcohol excessively. (From those zany folks from the Huffington Post) if you cannot find one yourself.

Just click this thing if you cannot find your own Obama SATU bingo card. We suggest regardless of all the despair and change, everyone still drink responsibly. Can it get worse. Like Barry fans like to state, yes it can. Just hope not much worse.


I think the reason we love America, the nation; but not our national government and all these yahoo politicians, is that is our method of coping with a truly huge economic mess. So, tonight, do not despair. Instead, laugh a lot by playing some Obama SATU bingo.

Also consider playing that song by Bobby McFarrin, Don't worry, be happy, over and over. Sooner or later, Barry will not be our United States President.

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