Friday, January 27, 2012

Who is the top level executive in charge of US federal agencies-the Presidential Candidate President Hoover Obama

If you are like me, and I know many of you out there in America are, do you wonder why our federal agencies are failing to do much of anything worth their cost? I am.

There are so many federal agencies out there failing to do their jobs for good reason. The top level executive in charge of them is too busy campaigning for re-election, he does not have the time to oversee and manage the federal agencies he is responsible for.

Take the US Attorney General for example. You take him. I do not want him. For that matter, take any federal agency and ask a simple question:

What federal agency has performed well since Barry became President, or excuse me, candidate for US President?

The cruise ship left port a long time ago.
However, the ship ran aground because the captain of the federal agencies decided to leave town to campaign for his re-election. The ocean liner called the United States national government sank a lot time ago.

In my own personal experiences, I have to endure dealing with the US DOJ, the federal judiciary system, the Federal Election "we like corruption" Commission, the VA, the IRS, and several other federal agencies, all concurrently.

And do not get me started on those things called SuperPacs-entities that have freedom of speech rights per SCOTUS because entities are somehow kind of like a person.

So, from my dealings with these yahoo agencies, abandon ship. The US federal agencies left port without the captain. The captain of this capsized ocean liner is too busy to take care of his passengers and the ship is sinking. A clear dereliction of duty owned, to we, the people of the United States of America-his passengers. Women and children get to board the life boats first.

Seems fair. Or at least that was the favorite word in Hoover Obama's SATA address. To which I shouted bingo real early. Now I am shouting abandon ship wondering where is the captain.

The captain of the ship was last spotted campaigning for re-election in Las Vegas. The captain needs to return to the ocean liner in Washington-not campaign for re-election.

So Barry, get back to work and stop all this campaigning nonsense. You have work to do including taking care of all these horrible federal agencies you are in charge of. If they are failing, you as the captain are responsible.

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