Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scherer finally bites the bullet

OK.  It is official with this writing.  I finally am committed to a lady after being single for 25 years and, have officially bitten the bullet and got engaged.  Which should make the make the US Attorney(s), federal and state judges, Kansas Senator Tim Owens who sucks, and the rest of the yahoo politicians, federal agencies and President Obama happy.

I am now officially engaged to a wonderful lady named Nzael Queen Kyomo from Tanzania, Africa.  Stay tuned. As I digress and have lots of anxiety about being engaged to a wonderful person kind enough to say yes.

Bummer-Socialist Rahm is back in the Mayoral race for Chicago

Bummer for Chicago.

The Illinois Supreme Court stated socialist Rahn is bad in the race for Chicago mayor race again.

Sometimes, socialism continues despite what the citiizens of Chicago need.

But in grand perspective, no one cares about Rahm. He is a wuss as compared to Charlie Sheen, bad boy of Hollywood.  Most of us dudes respect Charlie Sheen and his careless disregard for what the rest of us think.  Charlie Sheen is a hero to most of us American dudes.

Rahm on the other had, sucks. Sheen is the iconic "Woody Harrison" of the 21st Century.  Keep being bad Charlie.  You represent the rest of us American dudes. 


More from What we worry Bernake and why inflation is already here

Here is a feed from Ann Coulter related to head economic guesser dude, Ben, "what me worry" Bernake. I agree with Coulter in the fact the Federal Reserve and the federal government are basically lying to all of us regarding denying we are not in a period of inflation. 

Considering the fact the Federal Reserve announced they are going to flood 600 billion more into the economy coupled with the SOTU address by Obama focusing on "investments" is not going to be inflationary?  Get real.

When the federal government keeps spending money like it is, we are obviously in a period of further erosion of our nation as we continue to watch the yahoo politicians spend our money and incur debt like a drunker sailor just returning to port. 


"Ben Bernanke's Inflation Deception --and What to Do About It

Dear Fellow Conservative, Prices are soaring. From milk to gasoline, the things you buy every day are skyrocketing. Yet when '60 Minutes' asked Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke what "degree of confidence" he had in his ability to prevent inflation from getting out of control, he responded with a jaw-dropping "100 percent"!

Even Diane Sawyer's expression changed, and that hasn't happened since the late 70's. Even Andy Rooney raised an eyebrow, and that's like lifting a Chevy. And Morley Safer nearly fell off his Rascal.

Got that? Not a merely boastful 90 percent. This was a third world election-style "100 percent."
Quick -- someone add Bernanke's statement to the Wikipedia list of "Famous Last Words" with a cross reference to "Colossal Hubris."

Bernanke exemplifies what the great free-market economist Friedrich Hayek called "The Fatal Conceit" (and I call, "the Carter years") -- the undying belief by central government planners that they can "manage" entire national economies, when experience proves they can't even handle timely delivery of the mail.

Maybe I'd share some of Bernanke's confidence in himself if he'd gotten a few things right in recent years.
But this is the guy who said:

"We've never had a decline in house prices on a nationwide basis. So, what I think what is more likely is that house prices will slow, maybe stabilize" (July 1, 2005).

"[T]he impact on the broader economy and financial markets of the problems in the subprime markets seems likely to be contained" (March 28, 2007). And:

[Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae] "will make it through the storm" [and are] "adequately capitalized" (July 16, 2008).

How confident was Bernanke about those predictions? This guy has been wrong more often than the weatherman.

Perhaps I'm being too hard on Gentle Ben. As Yogi Berra once said, "Prediction is hard, especially about the future." But Bernanke can't even get it right about the present.

Bernanke says current inflation is below 2 percent. Admittedly, Bernanke's not alone in touting this fiction; it's more or less official government policy, ever since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began excluding food and energy costs from its official "core inflation" measure. Yes, you read that right: The government's inflation index excludes food and energy. (This is the same model Al Gore uses to prove his diet is working.) So the price of your labor is holding steady. It's the price of the things you need to buy that's skyrocketing.

Here, then, are some inflation figures concurrent with his "60 Minutes" appearance that Bernanke could pretend were irrelevant to his "official" inflation measure:

Oil prices are up 21% in the last year
Corn is up 49% in the last year
Wheat is up 41% in the last year
Beef is up 28% in the last year
Sugar is up 32% in the last year
Coffee is up 40% in the last year

In other words, inflation is already raging. Pretending it isn't allows Bernanke to continue pumping free money into the Democrats' main constituency: Wall Street.

Fortunately, even if the average American isn't aware of these sleights of hand, economists are. And one, in particular, is uniquely capable of helping you protect and grow the value of your savings even as Ben Bernanke turns the U.S. dollar into the German Reichsmark circa 1923 (when Germans had to carry cash in a wheelbarrow instead of a wallet).

That one economist's name is Mark Skousen, a PhD in economics and monetary policy -- and, for my money, the smartest investment adviser working today. Example: While Bernanke was giving the "all clear" to the U.S. economy back in 2006, Dr. Skousen was warning subscribers to his investment newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, that "we clearly are headed for fiscal disaster" (and then showed them how to protect themselves).

Going further back, Skousen called every major market move for the past 30 years, including the Tech Bust of 2000, the Tech Boom of the mid-'90s, the Crash of '87, and (my favorite) the Reaganomics-fueled recovery of the early and middle '80s.

More recently, Skousen accurately read the economic signs of the times ("insane government policies") to steer his subscribers into inflation-sensitive commodities like gold, silver, and oil, along with other profitable investments.

As a result, according to MarketWatch columnist Peter Brimelow, "[Skousen's] recent results are probably the best of his career. Over the past 12 months, Forecasts & Strategies is up 25.77% by Hulbert Financial Digest count compared to 18.31% for the dividend-reinvested Wilshire 5000 Total Stock Market Index."

Bottom line: Government technocrats like Ben Bernanke are as capable of "managing" the U.S. economy as I am of managing the New York Yankees. . . .

Sincerely, Ann Coulter"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chicago wins-Rahm booted off the mayoral ballot

Well, good news for those folks in Chicago. Liberal Rahm is political history.

And all those  liberal Hollywood whackos  that kicked into his campaign for mayor . . . well, wasted money and that is gone also.  As is all the big corporates that wanted to "buy" Rahm with their bribes and corrupt dollars.

Chicago will be a lot better off without Rahm running the city.  Less corruption. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

China 1, US 0

China won the recent game played in DC.  The US scored zero.  Yuan to nothing.  China continues to refuse to peg their currency to any standard; while our President sucks up to China.  What a mistake. 

Communist China, our enemy is kicking our arse all over the place. China is developing its infrastrucure and industrializing; while the US infrastructure is crumbling and losing its industrial manufacturing capacity.

China is not politially divided into two polarized groups politically like the United States.  Even Jesus stated, "any country that divides itself into groups which fight each other will not last very long".

China's middle class is growing and prospering.  In the United States, the middle class is becoming the poverty class. And what we do in America to counter our enemy?

Obama extends his socialistic hand to help China win an economic trade war against us. 

This is complete lunacy.  So some might want to thank Comrade Obama for pandering to our known enemy China.  But not me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When is it time for us to come together politically?

This shooting in Arizona is a predictable event we referred to in prior posts of this blog related to when our federal government and its yahoo politicans fail to listen to we the people. As anticipated and written about, there will be more bloodshed in America including anticipated riots if the yahoo politicans in Washington and in other governments continue to ignore, we the people. 

When I filed for United States Congress, as a candidate, I too was duly concerned by doing so, of retribution and violence upon me as a candidate.  In fact, while campaigning one time, I was battered in public at a 4th of July celebration in the city of Merriam, Kansas.  Present and as a witness was the city manager of Merriam.  I asked the City of Merriam to prosecute.  They refused. 

So, I then informed the city of Merriam I was going to hire own personal bodyguards which I subsequently did and reported on my federal election campaign finance reports.  Now, as a student of former civil rights leaders that I admire like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Terersa and Ceasar Chavez, I too advocate change via non-violence.  However, I only control myself and have continuously advocated others to non-violence. 

The potential for violence is merely part of the package when anyone runs for elected office.  But like one of the few things I agree with FDR related to fear, the only thing we all have to fear, is fear itself.  We do not have to cower in fear in America.  When isolated incidents of violence occur, we deal with that in civilized manner.

For the city of Merriam to turn an incident of violence against me as a congressional candidate was entirely inappropriate omission by the city of Merriam.  To city officials, apparently their political motivation left me as a congressional candidate with no other options other than to protect myself in a lawful way. 

So, to the yahoo politicans, we can all come together nonviolently when you yahoos do we the people of this country see that you do as you promised getting you elected.  If your campaign rhetoric was merely that, do not be so surprised when some, not me take matters into their own hands. 

Then, if your rhetoric translates to real action as you yahoos promise to get elected, merely changes to business as usual, expect an appropriate reaction from we the people.  We the people are tired of political rhetoric broken post-election and instead, a return to government as usual is not good enough in today's political climate. 

To blame Tea Party patriots, Sarah Palin and others for this isolated incident in Arizona with Rep. Giffords is reprehensible and outright disgusting.  This incident in Arizona was horrible.  The blame belongs to the person that felt compelled to take matters into his hands violently.  And the system will deal with this person consistent with the rule of law in this nation.  And that is what we the people want and expect.  And so was in written in the United States Constitution. 

Now if we can only get most of our yahoo politicans to start complying that founding document, this incident in Arizona may not have happened in the first place.  Later.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

112th Congress Swears In Tomorrow-First Order-Reject Obamacare

Today, my new GOV Rick Scott gave his inaugural speech.  That is the good news. The bad news, his inaugural speech.  See below: Gov. Rick Scott's entire speech:

Thank you! Governor Crist, thank you for your graciousness. Mr.President, Mr. Speaker, Members of the Cabinet, Mr. Chief Justice and members of the Supreme Court.  Distinguished guests and my fellow Floridians. We gather today to talk about Florida's future. To assess where we are, to define where we want to go, and to plan how to get there. Clear goals and hard work can achieve amazing things.

Let's begin by facing squarely the challenge of our time-a stalled economy. This morning more than a million Floridians got out of bed and faced another day of unemployment. For months they've searched for work. They fill out applications. They beg for interviews. They face rejection after rejection. For ALL the unemployed, life without a paycheck is a desperate daily scramble to provide the basics.

I've been a child in a home like that. My father was often laid off... My mother took in ironing just so we could have food on the table... I have a very clear memory of their fear and uncertainty as they struggled to provide for five kids... So, for me, job creation is a MISSION. My personal memories fortify my commitment to this mission.

A lean and limited Government has a role to play in providing a safety net. But prosperity comes from the private sector. ONLY from the private sector. The only path to better days is paved with new private sector jobs. We have to remember that modern businesses can locate anywhere. If the conditions Florida offers aren't the best, businesses go elsewhere.

What does it take to create that favorable business climate? Florida has to offer the best chance for financial success. Not a guarantee -just the best chance. Three forces markedly reduce that chance for success, taxation, regulation, and litigation. Together those three form "The Axis of Unemployment".

Left unchecked, they choke off productive activity. Under my plan we'll eliminate the business tax and reduce the property tax. The State of Florida raises enough revenues to meet its needs. It should focus on spending those revenues smarter, setting better priorities and demanding more accountability. We'll also re-examine every regulation to make sure its benefits outweigh its costs.

Today, I will sign an Executive Order creating a state office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory reform to review all proposed and existing regulations to determine their impact on job creation. Every Floridian should have the right to access the court system for redress of harm.

But, we will not allow excessive lawsuits to strangle job creation. And we WILL NOT ALLOW a small group of predatory lawyers to stalk the business community in search of deep pockets. Private sector jobs grow in places where public sector spending is kept within bounds. All of us who are lucky enough to have a job working for the people of Florida have a duty to watch over state spending with great vigilance.

Let's make it easy to build and grow a business in Florida... So that new enterprises will compete with each other for space. Let's tell the world, "If you can dream it, it's EASY to make it HAPPEN in Florida". Why NOT? After all, we have always been the destination for dreamers. The place where someone with a big new idea could give it a try. Railroads into the wilderness, a magic kingdom, a trip to the moon, freedom from a foreign tyrant, better health, life without winter.  Large and small, dreams are the stuff that Florida is made of.

Floridians differ in their dreams for their children. Every child is unique, and every child can learn. We need an education system that offers the maximum amount of choice. A system focused entirely on what's best for individual student learning. We can't create a workforce for the future with an education model that's stuck in the past. To capture the world's best jobs, we'll need to offer the world's best-educated workforce.

First, we'll refuse to allow increased government intrusion in these areas. We'll put FLORIDIANS back in the driver's seat with increased use of free markets. Because when government does the buying, government chooses what services are available. The truth is...he who pays the piper calls the tune. We want EVERY Floridian to be in a position to call the tune. We'll also apply some of the key tools that private businesses use to create a culture of constant improvement. We'll measure everything... We'll implement changes based on what we learn from those measurements. And, most importantly... We’ll hold everyone accountable. No job - public or private ---should be immune from accountability.

This is the time we can do great things together... If we have the courage to act, our children and our grandchildren will someday thank us for it.  May God Bless the Great State of Florida. Let's get to work.


In other news, tomorrow the 112th Congress gets started in the right direction hopefully in rejecting Obamacare. Good.

I tried to call my new Florida Senator, Marco Rubio.  His phone has been disconnected.  Nor is there a phone number that I can find for my new Senator, or where his office is here in Florida; or Washington DC.  I can however find website references to his dreams of running for POTUS.  Good grief. 

He can't even get his Senate data published?  Is this a  failure?  Is this an indication of what to expect from Rubio?  I hope not.  Because I want to go to his Senate office here in Florida as soon as I can find where it is. 

In contrast, the guy I was running against, Kevin Yoder, I got his contact info and called his DC office and talked to his staff. I extended my congratulations to him, and to his staff. As well as empathy for what they must be faced with going forward.  So, Yoder gets an A for communication.  Rubio, gets an F.

Finally Filed That Appellate Brief on Behalf Of Kansas Homeowners

Ok, appellate brief is appearing soon at the Kansas Court of Appeals.  I mailed the brief and appendix by FEDEX this afternoon.

Briefly, I am challenging a real piece of garbage legislation called Substitute for HB 2018 that took away a homeowner's right to challege arbitrary, or frankly better stated, zany and insane county real estate appraisals. 

Now us tea party-like patriots, clearly understand that are way too many  kinds of governments including their beloved zany state and federal agencies.  There is good reason why so many of us are demanding less government reliance and less government agencies.  There are too many of them.  From the federal clear to the local municipal level.  Way too many. 

Seems to me the only expected growth in employment under the schemes of the progressive socialist yahoo politicans to to expect in 2011 is government jobs. Especially if Obama and the Progressive Socialists had their way with your tax dollars.  So my goal here is clear. 

I am going to fight for the Constitutional rights, both federal and state to limit this ever-expanding progressive government movement back to some sort of Constitutional priniciples as envisioned by our founding fathers at both the federal and state level of a very limited and specifically enumerated governing body, regardless of what level.

 In plain and simple terms, more government is the enemy of a free or fair market economy.  You cannot pull our nation out of recession by expanding governments at all levels by progressive socialism.  I have discussed this topic on this blog repeatedly. 

Reverting back to the vision of our founding fathers on a limited and narrow government, as being advocated by many of us, including recently Michelle Bachman is what we need in America to recover from all this nonsense caused by progressive socialism.  Progressive socialism sounds great in ideology but works out to be an insane economic, political and fiscal theory applied to reality.  And we are so far past that reality in the United States and in Kansas, we are now way past the Twilight Zone. 

Much of this progressive socialism has to be blamed on the current and past yahoo politicans too cowardly to raise necessary taxes to balance government budgets.  Does progressive socialist ideas get one re-elected?  Apparently so.  Worked for Obama and the rest of these political yahoos to the point of creating this huge recession with only one vision in sight.  Government bankruptcy.  Federal, state, county and local.

 Much of it caused by an undue reliance on residential real estate taxes. Specifically, mine and yours.  So the yahoo politicans in Kansas, instead of raising taxes at the state level, left it up to the counties to raise your real estate taxes, so the state legislative political yahoos could say, "hey, kept my promise-did not raise your income taxes at all, so re-elect me".  And people in their own self-interest keep getting suckered by the fantasy spin of these progressive social yahoo politicans. 

When the real estate collapse hit, well . . . that also causes the undue reliance by the yahoo politicans progressive socialist theories to collapse due to decling tax revenues from bogus real estate tax appraisals.  So briefly, welcome to America, Kansas and the dismal state of affairs we find ourselves in 2011.  So, I continue to do my part by filing this appellate brief on behalf of Kansas homeowers. 

Why?  Beats me.  Nothing else to do in sunny and this hot 75 degree weather here in sunny Florida.  It is simply too hot to go outside.  And now it is up the Kansas Court of Appeals for the moment to do their duty and restore Kansas homeowners their inviolate right to challenge bogus tax schemes employed by the various counties of Kansas governments to get more of your money, restored back to the local state  district court where they reside; prior to this garbage called Substitute for House Bill 2018.

Later from Florida.