Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why we a need a good President-not another Presidential Candidate

I am having to endure CNN Comedy News Channel's reporting about the SATU rhetoric last night. Where is my remote so I can turn this socialistic drivel off. Anyway, as promised, SATU Bingo was kind of fun last night. I had four corners with the word "fair". So, I got to shout out real early, Bingo.

Today, I now have to read the highlights, because I fell asleep after getting bingo last night; and from all the boredom watching this rhetorical lame-duck nonsense.

Would it not be a good thing if here in America during the difficult times we all face, for us to have a President that acts like one? Good luck with that happening.

Instead, all we have are a bunch of yahoos campaigning to be President, including the President. What we really could use right now is a President that knows how to be one.

All our nation is getting is a bunch of yahoo politicians. A politician is a person that merely focuses on getting re-elected. A statesman focuses on what needs to be done and how to accomplish that.

Obama is no statesman-he is merely another yahoo politician that should be focused on our nation and not on his re-election campaign. I think I should run a want ad in a local newspaper that goes like this:

Wanted. President of the United States, must have leadership skills and be a statesman. Politicians need not apply.

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