Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barry Hoover Obama and the US Congress appear to be on vacation until November 2012

A good President, unlike Barry Hoover Obama, would keep working since he is getting paid to be our United States President. Instead, he is out campaigning like a politican for re-election. I do not ever recall a President of the United States spending his last year in office, to campaign to keep his job.

Hence, why many consider Obama does not have the prerequisite and necessary qualifications of a great leader. I could drone on and on about this.

In conclusion, Obama get back to work being our United States President. Be a statesman and a leader-not some yahoo politican only focused on getting re-elected traveling all over the nation pandering for votes. Today, you are hanging out in Las Vegas? Get back to DC and take care of our nation.

Your last year in office is not supposed to be a vacation or a junket for your re-election paid for, by us. We are paying you to do a job. Get back to work or we are going to mark you down as being awol. As the President of the United States, you could get more votes by being and acting Presidential.

Ditto for those in our United States Congress. During the hours before the SATU address, the tv commentor noted how many senators and congressmen wasted hours of time to get the end seats, just so they could be a national TV. So, to our US Senators and Congressmen, all get your asses back to work.

Signed, your employer, we the people.

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