Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yippee, Several Cases Concurrently

Good news.  I have several court cases concurrently.

First, I have that tax case for all Kansas homeowners to restore their rights to argue a tax assessment in the state district court de novo before a jury trial in the county that they reside. 

In addition, in that tax case, I am also arguing the real estate comparables nonsense method employed by the various counties in Kansas violates Kansas statutes, not to mention the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution equal protection clause.  For good reason.  The real estate comparables nonsense  violates the 14th Amendment. 

For example, this local option budget used in the assessment of real estate taxes creates some school districts where certain school districts and their schools are more equal than others.  This does not jibe with the 14th Amendment equal protection clause. 

Finally, the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals on the record, assured me an order would be forthcoming 90 days after oral argument.  Which was July 30.  Still, no order as of today. So I called them.  The order has been written by an attorney and has been to the Panel of Judges for their signature.  Why judges cannot write their own orders mystifies me.

 I am pretty certain this case will ultimately be my 10th case that I docket or attempt to docket with the United States Supreme Court soon enough.  For good reason-this tax case could have a huge impact across many states, not just Kansas.

Second, I received notification to appear before the judges of the Board of Veterans Appeals on October 25 in Washington DC.  Now part of this docketed case is to argue that United States veterans that receive a material change in a remand from the BVA are considered to be a prevaling party.  Now the United States Supreme Court has held that a prevailing party has the right to a recovery of attorney fees including court costs.

So applied to my situation in dealing with all this VA adjudication and bureaucracy, to date I have prevailed nine times.  When I prevail the 10th time, I am going to argue that veterans per SCOTUS have the right to a cost recovery of their expenses related to prevailing on a succesful remand.  And that should apply to all US veterans by effect.

ThirdI have some of my work product coming to fruition in helping the people of Florida related to the Florida Homestead Act.  I have a petition hearing docketed in September to argue why their obtuse process needs fixed; while concurrently arguing in Florida, some veterans are treated more equal than others.

Fourth, I have to object to a motion to dismiss my case at the United States Tax Court on or before September 14th.  This case is related to the IRS acknowledging they do have sufficient staff to process my federal home tax credit refund.  And I am assuming there are many people in this country similiarly situated. 

Furthermore, Senator Pat Roberts and his staff are supposed to be doing a Senate inquiry into this situation at my request.  But I am not holding breathe in any expectation that a politican named Senator Roberts and his staff will do much on behalf of those deprived their federal tax credit. 

I wonder what Yoder Odor and No MORE MOORE'S wife Stephene are doing to earn your vote. Probably just like you.  If you are getting depressed at the possibility of not getting a better United States Congressman named Scherer, do not fret too much.  I did just check both Yoder and Moore's web site.

Moore is refusing to debate Yoder as I predicted in a recent blog post.  Moore's wife merely claims she supports Social Security.  Gee, what a tough call, Steph--pandering to the senior citizens, but having no practical solutions.  More democrat nonsense.  And then the Moores are attacking Yoder as being a supporter of the stupid Fair Tax proposal.  Which is pretty good way to attack Yoder, but solve nothing in America.  Basically, these two yahoos are both cowards because both of them refused to debate me in the primary election.

So choose your coward wisely come this November in the General election.  I would still have to give the nod to Yoder as being the one to cause the least harm to our nation.

I still have your backside covered as I continue my goal of making America a better place for all of us; regardless of any primary election.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What does a congressional candidate do after losing the primary election?

Start a new blog and write a sci-fi novel.

Come on over to my new blog at http://averagewhitedude.blogspot.com/ that I just started today.  Now is your turn to vent, skewer and make fun of all the political yahoos.

Give it a shot.

Domination by several types of war

Wars are varied in type throughout history.

First, there is the traditional, but rather naive type of warfare using armed troops, guns and artillery, naval ships, missles and jets. This is what the typical American think is modern warfare. 

Then, there is the method of war known as defeating a country by economic warfare.  Like what China is doing to our United States undermining our nation's currency by buying up our Treasury bills. To which our President bows to Chinese leaders.

Sometimes economic wars lead to trade wars such as trade tariffs and boycotts.  Followed shortly thereafter by more traditional warfare methods using troops and guns.

Then, there is the Immigration Wars practiced by the Islamic nations.  Infilitrate and populate a nation by lawful migration installing religious institutions including mosques. Very similar to what the Europeans did in taking over this nation from the native Americans. 

Then, another way to win a war is flood a nation with unlawful drugs.  The drug wars. Drug wars are insidious.  Make the people of a nation focus on obtaining and using unlawful drugs losing focus on education and economic production.

Then, there is taking over a nation by buying up natural resources and industrial production domestically.  Like what Europe and Japan are doing.  Buying up and outperforming domestic industrial production.  Like Toyota and Honda taking over domestic automobile production.  Various foreign companies controling our electronics industry. And Americans sit by silently as companies such as Budwieser, the king of domestic beer production was bought recently by InBev.

All of this major loss of domestic industrial capacity and instead, undue reliance on the cheapest foreign labor anywhere in the world; while concurrently focusing on foreign production takes away the multiplier effect of a given dollar bill.  Instead of the multiplier of a dollar benefiting our nation domestically by a factor of 7 to 8 times, the multiplier effect is benefiting  countries outside of the United States. 

Then, there are wars of terrorism.  Where isolated fanatics infilitrate a nation by doing acts of terrorism undermining public confidence in one's personal safety. Creating a fear factor wasting lots of time, energy and money domestically. 

Finally, there is unlawful immigration undermining a nation by taking over labor. Like what is happening in the United States by Mexico, Central and South American troops. 

Therefore, America is under attack not by traditional warfare as we Americans typically define it

We Americans are being attacked by foreign enemies concurrently by insidious attacks by many foreign nations.  And the problem is most Americans in charge of our federal government are far too stupid to realize we are dealing with several attacks and acts of war, with no weapons from foreign nations.

The sad fact is we are losing control of our nation from all these varied acts of war from many foreign nations, concurrently.  The way I see our nation's future is we are slowly being destroyed as a nation from within by sloth.

Just like what happened to the Roman Empire.  More and more of us are relying on this vast and going-broke federal government to provide most of our basic needs. 

All of which will more than likely lead at some point to a major revolution dividing the nation by something called the Tea Party-the revolt of the middle class to job losses and a declining standard of living being destroyed by the rich and powerful special interests focused on their own self-interest and greed as these capitalists focus on what they call globalization; the exportation of jobs and labor to the cheapest source all over the world.

Get ready for the Second Revolution.  We are under attack by many foreign nations and our federal government will do everything they can to stop a domestic revolution by the people of the United States.  This include seting up domestic spying by federal govenment on its own citizens.  Which also includes the creation of fusion centers by the federal government.  All of which is being established and built in order to institute martial law if and when it is needed. 

The time for revolution is close at hand. It is getting closer and closer every day.  Get ready.  We are.  And sadly, so are the federal, state and local governments.


Monday, August 16, 2010


The book Changing Asylums is a compilation of writings including science fiction and topical essays to stimulate critical thinking related to building a more civil, moral, and humane society on this planet by wise application of science and technology.

The science fiction part addresses the changes in current events that are disturbing to the future prospects of our planet, such as cloning, the Human Genome Project, computer technology, war, and the ever-dangerous ideal of a new world order or globalization attempted by the United States built on republican-based hegemony.

In brief summation, the book starts out in stating cloning was the end of religious mysticism. There is a quad-war based on regional world conflict stemming from religious mysticism. Out of that conflict, the remaining population determines a New World order is a preferred solution.

A commonwealth or a New World order is created. In the creation of that new order, a machine (intelligent computer) is put in charge. There is a new form of governance called Machinism. However, the wisest of all humans is chosen by the machine to interact in governance of the New World order.

There are twelve wise, moral and virtuous world leaders chosen by the machine using a testing and selection process. However, the twelve leaders are anonymous to each other and only the machine named DOG knows their identity. Anonymity is mandatory to be one of the world leaders. The penalty for any disclosure is death and naturally, a replacement.

Now DOG stands for Digital Organizational Guidance system. A machine similar to HAL in the book 2001: Space Odyssey. However, DOG is much more advanced than man-made HAL or even the alien black monolith using neural networks and fuzzy logic to become rational.

DOG uses all known writings of intellectual thought ever produced by humanity. DOG is a compilation of all humanity's writings by scanning and analyzing all philology-the study of all written work. DOG then applies logic and rational thought (analysis by a compilation of artificial intelligence including neural networks (pattern recognition) and fuzzy logic (to weigh virtues and character) to arrive at orders/decrees to manage the New World Order superior to any collection of humans.

Therefore, DOG is superior in wisdom and intellect to any human leader or government. DOG solves the extreme contrasts of Huxley's Brave New World utopianism to the opposition of Orwell's anti-utopian book 1984. However, DOG is built to self-destruct within fifty years. The rationale is fifty years is sufficient time for the creation and development of a New World order.

DOG issues both proclamations and decrees to develop and advance the New World order, using Star Trek-like wisdom of the mythical Mr. Spock. Sure, there is isolated resistance to the favoring/slight weighting of all humanity's interests (New World Order) taking its toll on some loss of individuality. However, the loss in individual freedom is preferred to the destruction of the human species, which almost happens during the Quad-Wars.

In its final year of operation (hook), DOG determines the human species should be eliminated because some of the New World order is not working as planned. DOG destroys all humanity as being rational, but creates a hybrid new species via cloning. Similar in process to hybrid corn, except reproducible ensuring this new species is disease-resistant and a better yielding product.

The new species has no gender. Since cloning is possible, no reproduction is necessary. The book ends almost like the Bible begins "In the beginning . . . DOG created man.

Kind of. DOG picks the name ADEVE," combining Adam and Eve. Now ADEVE is an asexual hybrid clone from human reconstituted DNA. Therefore, the clone is infinitely a better product than any prior human ever manufactured by the antiquated, unnecessary and equally silly old process, called sexual reproduction.

Sex for short. Sex is merely too random a process to take such random risks in producing good quality, virtuous humans. So DOG wants to ensure a better, more reliable and quality product will be produced.

So, the hook implies rhetorically: Is DOG really man's best friend, or alternatively man's worst enemy. Fatalistically, as long as humans govern, there is no solution to the creation of a New World Order that could/would be more humane, moral, and wise. Naturally, during those fifty years of building the New World Order requires transition. So, there is plenty warranting a further read of the forthcoming book.

Furthermore, by writing this book as the author, I can elaborate within on some of my favorite contemporary subjects in areas such as philosophy, religion, science and technology, and governance of our different parts of society including social engineering of humanity, without being didactic or expository, by very much. Thereby, enlightening and entertaining the reader.

Whereas, you the reader, will never be able to look at your dog in the same light, ever again. Always wondering whether your dog is the chosen one set out to destroy all humanity.

Stay tuned. Lots more to follow. From an orginal abstract written in 2007.

Thomas E. Scherer,
Writer and Author of the copyright protected book, Changing Asylums

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It is time for me to write a book. Are you ready?

I personally think after publishing over 180 political essays and eight fables, I could have merely written a book instead. Not to mention my snarky blog at New Style Kansas Politics before that.  So, I think that is what I am going to focus on next as a goal. 

Naturally, most of my writing other than politics, has typically been in courts of law.  And that has been a good thing to me personally for several reasons.  By fighting for people's rights whenever I have standing, makes my time here on the planet Earth have a certain value to my mere existence.  But, I need not limit my writing professionally to merely courts of law. 

So, I think instead of writing about politics all the time, I am going to start publishing on this blog, a draft of a book I have been working on for several years now. 

The title of this book is called "Changing Asylums".  Now an asylum is a place where we all go for safety and refuge during times when our souls are troubled. 
So, I changed my asylum from Kansas to Florida. 

Anyway, stay tuned for the publishing of several chapters of this book I am going to have published, probably by self-publishing.  So those of you who come to this blog often, get to read the chapters of this book for free.  What a deal for loyal blog followers of this site.

The first sentence of the first chapter goes like this:

Cloning was the end of religious mystism. 

And that is merely Chapter 1.  Soon, I will publish the whole first chapter, when I feel like it. 


Friday, August 13, 2010

Scherer's rhetorical question pertaining to solving unlawful immigration

First, I want to pose a rhetorical question regarding unlawful immigration and perhaps suggest an easy solution costing us federal taxpayers zero or minimal dollars.  Sometimes, I forget what we Americans can lawfully do.

Since America is being invaded by foreign enemies (unlawful immigrant troops numbering 10 to 20 million), can't Congress merely declare war on unlawful immigrants? Thereby extending to us lawful citizens of the United States the right to shoot or merely hang unlawful law breakers based on a community's inherent right to merely seek compliance with all laws federal and state?  That thing called concurrent jurisdiction.

Second, since America is basically reverting back to the Wild West Days due to all this unlawful immigration invasion by foreign enemies, we need a judge all over America named Judge Roy Bean.  Sure, we will give you your constitutional rights and fair trial right after the hanging. 

Rhetorically, can't we just hang unlawful immigrants and save all of us the high cost of deporting them over and over again?  I think Judge Roy Bean would say we could. 

Therefore, if you find an unlawful immigrant enemy anywhere in America, just get some rope and hang  them.  Judge Roy Bean said it was ok. And if it was good enough for Judge Roy Bean, the hanging judge of justice, why can't we revert back to his legal theories regarding justice in America? 

Hang them first. Then, when we bury them. And finally at their wake, state now you have all the Constitutional rights you will ever need. Welcome to true American justice, Judge Roy Bean style. 

Right after the funeral, we will grant you amnesty.  And loudly and proudly shout, welcome to America, you foreign enemy of the American people,  We can merely call this plan for these foreign enemies invading our nation post-death constitutionally protected due process of law, Uniquely and purely American.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

It is smoking hot here in Florida

Boy, the dog days of August.  It is horrible here in Florida.  The temperature every day swelters up to about 90 degrees.  And merely repeat day after sunny day.  I wish I was in Kansas still where the temperature is hotter.  Plus in Kansas, there are no oceans to go fishing at.  Which is good for Kansans because fishing costs a lot of my money. 

Another thing that is hot in Florida is the unemployment rate.  State-wide, the rate is 11.5% unemployed contrasted to KS unemployment being at 6.5.  Regardless, some of the democrats including Obama seem to be a tad bit behind in creating or saving jobs.  So, they are going to have to get better at lying.  Now Stephene wants to continue the policies of her husband.  What a horrible idea. 

Yoder on the other hand has to pay back all those corrupt 800k that he was greased with.  So, if he wins the election, the only thing is going to be hot is you, as he screws middle class America, but bestows huge Reagan-like Voodoo Economic theories at you.  If the rich make more money, you as a middle class worker will somehow benefit from things like renewing insanely the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. 

So basically with either of these two yahoos, people in the 3rd District do not have much to look forward to post-election.  Way to go voters.  You could have Scherer and now you merely have to decide who will screw you the least-Yoder or No More Moore.  I pity the voters of the 3rd District. 

But as for me, thank God I can stop campaigning in Kansas and now focus on what I am going to run for here in Florida in the next election cycle.  Plus I can also focus on which entity here in FL I am going to file suit against.  I am leaning heavily at suing the GOV of FL who has done a really crappy job both being GOV and suddenly switching his Senate campaign to being an independent since Mario Rubio was kicking his arse.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I wonder what I should do about protecting KS homeowners post-election?

For today's post, I am wondering how much effort, both in time and money I should expend related to trying to protect Kansas homeowners post-election.

Now this case I have docketed with the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals, can and will cost me close to $40,000 to take it clear to SCOTUS-and would be my 10th case docketed or attempted to be docketed with SCOTUS.   

Maybe I should not fight for the rights of Kansas homeowers.  Maybe Yoder and Stephene will do so, since they are in the general election.  I merely wonder what I should do going forward on behalf of Kansans.  Including Kansas homeowers.  Sounds to me to be a test of my morality and my pocketbook. I can get a case all the way to SCOTUS for around $40,000 very real dollars.  Just like I have done in the past.

Maybe instead, my money would be further spent on helping the people of Florida.  Tough call.  I will have to make a decision soon.  As soon as this horrible COTA issues their final order, that was due on July 30th. 

What would you do if you were me?  Fight for the rights of Kansas homeowners risking my own personal funds and limited time?  Or not doing that.  I will advise.  This COTA case could have huge implications spread across many states related to how many states through their county governments take our money based on real estate comparables nonsense.  I am pretty certain the United States Supreme Court would really like a case like that. 

This is going to be a tough call.  I guess since I received 4,661 votes, I should not disappont those voters.  Furthermore, it is possible that this case will be the most important case I have ever docketed with the United States Supreme Court.

There seems to be this invisible hand that keeps gently guiding me on what I should do next.  Regardless, my goal including the reason I ran for Congress remains the same-to somehow make America a better place.

I hope fate and destiny are kind to me in ensuring my goal is accomplished some day. 

So help me God.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Time to set new priorities and methods of making America a Better Place

Having gotten my ahs out of Kansas, now is a good time to change the methods and priorities of making America a better nation.  Stay tuned.

Further, considering Yoder vs. Moore's wife, I am not impressed with either.  Both Yoder and Moore refused to engage me as a candidate in open debate.  So, both get an F when it comes to courage.

When it comes to willingness to communicate over the telephone, Yoder gets an F.  Stephene was more willing to communicate if you tried to call her or go and see here in person.

Regardless, when it comes to political experience, Yoder has it and Moore's wife does not.  Which is probably the more important consideration.  Therefore, if I were a voter regardless of any party affiliation, Yoder takes the election.  I could have beaten Yoder on several fronts.  He has no federal experience what-so-over in ever accomplishing anything at the federal or national level.  Further, he is a rookie candidate so he has to figure out what his job is, when he is elected. 

So meet your congressman, Kevin Yoder.  What he will do is unknown.  The Conservative GOP will not be happy with Yoder, but they will vote for him anyway when their only other option is not vote at all.  A plus for Yoder is his age.  Which is also his weakness. 

In two years, with Moore gone and Yoder not being able to get much accomplished, his chances of being a congressman probably will be limited to two years.  But, who knows.  None of know what Yoder is going to do as a moderate freshman OP candidate taking into consideration he used to be a democrat to boot.  Merely changing his party affilation because he is a blowing in the wind kind of candidate-a RINO. 

Two years from November, I would presume there will be considerable number of candidates challenging him in 2012.  But for now, coming November, Yoder by a large margin of victory over Moore. 


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thanks, and gratitude for your support this election cycle

Thanks to my staff and to the voters that supported my candidacy and what we represented. Especially that thing called the United States Constitution and something close to some kind of fiscal responsibility from these yahoos in Washington. I am a very fortunate person considering the fact I was able to run to be your United States Congressman.. 

Moving forward to the 2012 election cycle.  It is quickly approaching. And I remain dedicated to to completing my overall goal of making America a better place for all of us.

I just have to develop a new strategy on how I am going to make this nation a better place.  Soon. 

Time for a brief vacation.  Getting my Ahs out of Kansas.  Heading south to Florida.  Take care. 

And do not forget, I still have that case pending for all homeowners in Kansas.  Still no order from the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.  I will advise upon receipt of that order, provided they do finally do so.  Merely remember, in Kansas public schools, having some schools be more equal than other schools violates the equal protection clause of the  14th Amendment.  I do. 

Humbly yours,

Thomas E. Scherer, aka TDUS

Scherer's Voter Guide for today's Primary Election

I highly recommend the easiest way to determine whom to not vote for can easily be best be determined by those the KC Red Star endorses.  Basically be contrary.

Remember, per Derek Donovan, KC Star Alleged Reader Rep. the KC Red Star endorses candidates on the far left.  So, a wise voter that opposes progressive socialist engineers the Star favors would merely pick the other person on the ballot-the candidate the Red Star does not endorse deserves your vote.

We all have to merely remember the KC Red Star and the JOCO Sun are both liberal leaning for to the left progressive socialists that have to take accountability for their past endorsements.  And by their endorsements, these media sources are merely a big part of the problem that brought the worst recession since the Great Depression. 

So whatever you do today, do not vote for the person suggested by the KC Star or Johnson County Sun.  Their endorsements are related to their own selfish self-interest and contrary to your interest as an individual.  All these media care about are their  Gordon Gecko-like love of greed and getting your money. 

Later, time for the Scherer for Congress Committee to get some moore votes.  Today counts.  Make sure your vote counts.  Make sure those the Red Star endorses do not get the most votes.  It is your future prosperity that is on the line today.  Ensure with your vote, the progressive socialist movement shrivels up and goes away.

Today is merely another opportunity to remind the politicians and some of these far-left media outlets, we the people are in charge again. 

Merely inform them by clearly and loudly voting for fiscal conservatism and fiscal sanity.  No more moores.  And also be wary of the Yoder Odor in the GOP 3rd District Primary.  If it smells like bull manure, it probably is bull manure.

 Your vote today should loudly proclaim most of us Americans want our federal government to be fixed by returning to complying with the vision of our founding fathers that wanted to ensure the most important person in the United States of America is you-the individual

I almost forgot in my voter guide to make the following suggestion below:


Scherer, a fiscal conservative wants to  lead our nation back to fiscal responsiblity and bring about economic prosperity.

Scherer keeps his promises, unlike most of these other yahoos.

TDUS and the Scherer for Congress Committee by unamimous vote.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Unconstitutional Kansas Court of Tax Appeals misses a critical deadline

I called the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals today related to my efforts to restore to all Kansas homeowners, the right to a de novo trial in their own county courts before judges that reside in the same county.  A direct challenge to some horrible legislation transforming a state administrative agency called the Board of Tax Appeals to the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.

This horrible court cannot even comply with it's own procedures and has failed to issue a timely order within ninety days of oral argument.  Oral argument was April 30th. It is like this new court under the Executive branch of the Kansas Governor does whatever they like, regardless of our state statutes.  Which includes not issuing orders as required by Kansas Statutes within ninety days of oral argument, as provided in Kansas statutes explicitly, like Chapter  60. 

So, I was hoping to receive that order so I could all the voters and nonvoters a better reason why I should be earning your votes because I am doing real things-not giving political rhetoric like most of these political yahoos.

I honestly believe I have earned your vote simply, because I have done stuff in the past (like helped a Kansas Senator raise the homestead refund amount), filed court cases all over America, and then worked with state and federal elected officials in making changes to state and federal statutes. And I am going to continue to do stuff going forward, regardless of whom gets the most votes tomorrow.  What one has done in the past is a good indicator of what one will do if elected. 

So basically since this unconstitutional court has failed to issue a timely opinion, they effectively have mooted, or made worthless any forthcoming order that I wanted to appeal on several important legal and factual issues. Which includes a challenge to the local option budget being a violation of the 14th Amendment equal protection clause. 

Basically, due to this local option budget, some public schools in Kansas are more equal than others.  Just like it is written in the book, 1984.  Merely compare the JOCO public schools to the schools in WYCO.  Only a liar would state these two counties have equal educational opportunity. 

To date, I have had over 100 court cases all over America including several with the United States Supreme Court. But out of all those cases I have never had a court fail to issue a timely order, ever.  Until now. 

Which further demonstrates the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals was a bad idea from the git-go.  It was not ready for prime time play. It had no jury box to comply with the Kansas Constitution that states a jury trial is inviolate.  And I could go on and on how having a court of law under the direction of the governor is a horrible idea to the citizens and homeowers of Kansas. 

What a messed up court!  This court refused to answer a simple question of whether they were a court of law or not on April 30th.  And that was before a panel of three experienced administrative law judges.  This stupid Substitute Bill suddenly made them law judges instead of being merely administrative law judges.  All of this nonsense is based on the Substitute for House Bill 2018 (2008).

They are law judges. They just were not sure of how to answer a simple question on the record on whether they were a court of law or not.  This is unbelievable.

Only in Kansas could a fusion government be created by legislative tricks.  Since this bill modifying many Kansas statutes made them a court of law, you would think one of the three judges could have timely issued an order as required by statute.

All I can figure is they are waiting for the outcome of the election hoping I will not appeal.  And if that is what they are thinking, boy are they wrong.

Tomorrow is merely an election.  This court case transcends way past any primary election.  And that is why I am so qualified to be your best congressman.  And if tomorrow, I am not, I will continue my true goal of making America a better place for all of us.

That is my promise.


Thanks for your vote and support of confidence-One day to go

First, I want thank those that have or will vote.  For certainly, just like me, we all realize our federal government needs to be fixed by someone that is a fiscal conservative.  And merely because our federal government and its elected officials sometimes appear and are fiscally irresponsible, that can be fixed shortly after the November election.

Second, things like Obamacare will soon be rescinded.  Especially that part of health care that mandates everyone must have health insurance.  These yahoo politicians keep forgetting we, the people are in charge of the federal government-not Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid. 

We Americans want a limited government and certainly do not want the federal government taking over 1/6 of our national economy with socialized health care called "comparative medicine".

Effectively rationing health care services that only ensure that a) many people will be forced to get health insurance that will then ration what procedures and treatments a person will get, based on how important or how little their life is worth to the federal government, and b) Baby boomers will have to die quicker, and c) this comparative health care policy is almost comparable to genocide and finally d) the health, drug and medical care establishment will continue to rape most of us based on their economic greed. 

Finally,  remember no one in Obamacare, or his administration has ever mentioned a plan to lower health care costs. So that is a huge and intentional omission.  That applies to obtaining low-cost prescriptions.  That includes using Americans for testing new medications.  Obamacare is fubared. 

Under Obamacare, if you are part of the economic machine, you will get health care.  If you retired, or unabled to work or on Medicare, good luck with comparative health care.  The federal government will ensure you do not get what you need healthcare wisel because you are not good investment to the national economy.

 So, if you like the idea of "comparative medicine" and want to restrict access to health care, you would vote for Stephene.  Because she likes what her husband voted for.  And wants to continue his work to limit health care benefits to those whom may need it most.

With Scherer, Obamacare will be a short-lived and reversed.  Scherer does not support the federal government taking over the health care business on constitutional grounds.  In our United States Constitution promises all of us, even those that support comparative medicine, the right to life.  The right to life includes the right to health care.  There is simply no constitutional basis for the federal government to restrict and deny acccessible health care to Americans using a tricky and clever name called "comparative healthcare".

It simply defies logic and common sense that in a civil society, we do not kill the old, the infirm and the disabled, based on economic factors.  So, after November, those newly elected officials like Mr. Scherer will put Obamacare to its early demise.  As it should be.  And restore to all Americans a guarentee that there will be no forced health insurance by shoving in down under threat bo extortion of some huge penality. 

So, this is an important election come August 3rd.  And one of the major factors to use in deciding whom to vote for is health care and the respective positions of Scherer as compared to Stephene.  Scherer does not support Obamacare on constitutional grounds; while Stephene promises us she will continue to support her retiring husband's work, including being a lackey to both Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Reid.

Further, if you want to live in a nation that respects the individual as tanamount to the vision and ideals of our founding fathers, you will vote for Scherer,  If you want our nation to continue to self-destruct fiscally, you would vote for a progressive socialist engineer called Stephene.

On one hand, we choose Scherer to be the better and more obvious choice for United States Congress for good reason.  Scherer has been listening.  Scherer gets the consensus of the voters that clearly want to get rid of ObamaCare.  Scherer gets it. 

On the other hand, when Stephene talks, the moore votes Scherer gets. So keep asking Stephene to clarify her position on issues.  She is not prepared, nor has your earned your vote relative what Scherer continues to do for all Kansans.

Choose wisely.  No more Moores.  We have had moore than enough of that kind of failure, lack of vision and an absence of common sense and ineffective leadership.  Kansans deserve a better congressman.

Signed and dated this the 2nd day of August, 2010.

Thomas E. Scherer, the best candidate for United States Congess, aka tdus. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meet the Press-Alan Greenspan

Today, on Meet the Press Alan Greenspan clearly defined the problem in our economy is "the banking system is broken".  Amen.

We in America understand this.  What is the solution Alan?

How about raising interest rates so banks will start lending money to both companies and consumers?  Would that not work?

Maybe if we stop and get the Federal Reserve from being the "fourth" branch of government, then maybe, just maybe we would not be in the horrible position we are at, right now. 

We need to audit the Federal Reserve, ensure this "fourth branch" is subject to Congressional oversight, is transparent, and keep the Federal Reserve from interfering in a fair market economy causing huge cyclical swings concurrently in some zany redistribution scheme of our savings and investments.

There are solutions to the mess we are in.  And it is time we hold the Federal Reserve system not be this "fourth" but not transparent manipulator of our economic cycle.  Merely ask Ron Paul what he thinks we should do with the Federal Reserve system.  Is Mr. Paul not right?  As my friend and advisor Sharon likes to ask me:

Am I right or am I wrong?


KC Red Star finally admits it is far left politically and the Red Star likes to Censor comments

Finally, in Sunday's edition of the Kansas City (Red) Star, reader rep Derek Donovan admits that the Star is far left in its political coverage.  Gee, no duh!

Quoting Donovan, "I am often asked to name the most frequent concern I hear from readers and I usually reply . . . Critics of Congress and the President-Obama or Bush-think the (Red) Star doesn't hold their feet to the fire sufficiently".  Most of us fiscal conservatives have to finally agree with something written by the Red Star columnists.

Then, quoting Donovan, he continues to state: "Many say (and I agree) that there's an overall inbalance to the left in the variety of opinion pieces throughtout the paper."  

Really?  You think us fiscal conservatives have not noticed this extreme manipulation advocating the progressive social engineers agenda all these years making us resort to blog reporting to get the facts?  But wait, Derek is not done yet.  (Although he may be done come Monday for being so honest finally).

Derek then writes admitting that the Red Star engages in frequent censorship:  "In reaction, editors have recently decided to remove the ability to comment on certain stories all together."  So not only has Derek admitting to the (Red) Star's extreme left political bias, Donovan also admits the KC (Red) Star likes censorship contrary to their own editors.

Then above this article by these liberal far left newsprint, recommends voters reject Prop C in MO.  More liberal nonsense. MO voters should say yes on Prop C.  Fight for your right to the sovereignity of the state of MO, from infringement on your statehood by the federal government forcing everyone to get health insurance, or face a huge penalty.  MO voters, vote yes on Prop C.  Ignore what the KC Star editorial states.

Finally, to top off all this left of center writing by the Red Star, we have Steve Kraske's piece about how great Yoder is in his 12-year old son's mind; that his son runs around the house proclaiming he is a "Yoder voter"; while most of us here in Kansas in reality like the saying Yoder Odor or my favorite, Yodeling Yoder.  Because the fiscally conservatives, do not like the blowing in the wind attitude of Yoder Odor.

Something stinks when you have a candidate for US Congress, that has not invested one nickel in his own campaign.  If I were Yodor Odor, I would not invest my money in Kevin either.  We are pretty certain the odor is going to get more foul the closer we get to November.

Now that the Red Star admits to promoting a leftist agenda, if Steve Rose over at the JOCO Sun would make the same admission, then maybe, just maybe we might get a little more balance including some admissions about fiscally conservatives candidates like Mr. Scherer getting fair and balanced coverage.

That, and if we could only get some of the local TV and Radio Stations to make the same admission, we finally might start getting better politicans elected. Instead of how over the last 12 years, there is far too many liberal media outlets here in Kansas City, biasing the voters to support progressive socialist agenda.  To which most voters know and disapprove what is happening at the federal level; despite the local pro-socialist media here in Kansas City.

And all of us have to pay the price for this leftist, progressive socialist engineering done by the local media outlets.  And we seen how that has turned into one of the worst recessions are nation has ever faced since the Great Depression.

In conclusion, we agree with what the reader rep,  Derek Donovan has finally admitted.  The KC Red Star is far left of political center and engages in censoring comments, finally. 

And we prefer "Yoder Odor" to "Yoder voter".  By November, Yodeling Yoder might be in big trouble with the fiscally conservative voter base.  Especially if he has to and should be required to do by the voters,  run against Thomas E. Scherer, a true fiscal conservative.

Well, better go.  Time to start further developing campaign strategy for the general election.  I am pretty certain I have done enough to take the primary election away from no more Moores.  But, I will keep adding votes today, by going to the JOCO Fair event.  So, hopefully, you will agree that Mr. Scherer is the best and most experienced candidate there is.