Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tea Party Angst-Too Much Government Hypocrisy

The angst of most of us Americans is all related to the hypocrisy of both the governments that govern, and those we are dumb enough to choose to represent us, yahoo politicians.

In this nation, we have too many laws and regulations, the governments pick and choose which laws and regulations they are going to act or not act upon.

Selective enforcement of the law and conversely, omissions and blind failure to uphold the laws or our nation, or even come close to following the United States Constitution.

To select and pick what laws a nation is going to care about, is called political power.
Those that win elections get the power to pick and choose what laws are going to be important and conversely, which laws are going to be ignored. This is called an amoral political agenda.

The best example of federal hypocrisy is the issue of unlawful immigration. Although even I admit, there are many other fine examples of government hypocrisy.

The battle over this issue pits the states rights against the federal government not wanting to do anything about immigration, lawful or unlawful. I call this hypocrisy and the effect on many of us is caled angst.

As a matter of fact, if you are an American patriot and want our immigration laws enforced, the Obama DOJ terrorists comes after you. Ask Sheriff Joe in Arizona, or Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, author of the Arizona Immigration Law for Arizona, and severawl other states, what happens when you believe a state has the sovereign right to concurrent regulatory duty to uphold immigrations laws in this country?

So if you, just like Governor Jan Brewer (AZ) have lost respect for those in charge of the federal government, I get it. The problem is so does the rest of America. Many are so disgusted with the hypocrisy, they truly and understandably want nothing to do with any government and merely try to make the best they can of their own lives, hoping they do not have to deal with a government, at all.

These people that distrust the governments are said to be cynics and in a state of apathy or indifference. To me, these are the smart people. To those of us involved in politics, we are the dummies. We are so dumb, we actually believe given the right circumstances, we can make this nation a better place, despite realizing in this nation, we have to endure so much government hypocrisy (after the election) and illusionary promises before the election.

For the most part, I have noticed American voters vote for whomever can spin the best fantasy before an election. Me, I am not that smart. I am too honest and refuse to spin a PollyAnna like vision of fantasy just to get a job representing you. If you want fantasy, illusion, smoke and mirrors, vote for the other person.

I am going to keep my integrity and morality intact, as I do my best to make this a better nation for all of us. This makes me pretty naive and to some, I am really stupid for believing I can do what I state-make our nation a better place.

Right now, the voters of Florida are deciding what they want for their GOP candidate for President. Are the voters going to pick fantasy and hypocrisy; or instead are the voters going to vote for someone that is going to make our nation better? And the choices before the voters are pretty slim-Mitt or Newt.

I for one do not want to see Mitt because he stands no chance in beating Obama in 2012. With Newt, I also do not see how he can beat Obama. But at least with Newt, the Presidential election will be far more interesting from an entertainment perspective.

Obama does not want to have to debate Newt. CNN does not want Newt to win which suggest to me we should vote for Newt then. Therefore, I suspect Florida will pick Newt over Romney.

But remember, this is Florida. Even God is uncertain who will win the Florida Presidential primary. Or, if God does know, he certainly is not telling me who is going to take this primary.

Have fun watching the debate tonight. Watch carefully for fireworks, smoke and mirrors and illusion. One thing you will not see, is a plan to make America a better nation.

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