Friday, October 29, 2010

The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself; that and progressive socialism.

In  his 1934 Presidential inauguration speech by FDR, he stated clearly "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself". 

To which I merely add, that and progressive socialism started by FDR. 

Like what FDR started in 1934, progressive socialism that keeps growing more and more with each new batch of yahoo politicans.  There has never been any abatement of progressive socialism since 1934.  In this speech (which I previously posted on this blog), FDR also threw out adherence to the United States Constitution. Hence, creating the term progressive implying our United States Constitution should change with the passage of time. Which was a horrible idea. 

We have been dealing with this progressive socialist expansion ever since.  Until we are where we are today--one brokeass federal government and our national economy is not looking that great either because of all this progressive socialism. Which is in direct contradiction to the limited purposes of a federal government.

Now we do not have to fear terrorists from Yemen.  Like this situation dealing with cargo planes being searched.  We Americans do not live in fear.  We deal with those that try to terrorize us.  And we will deal with this new round of testing cargo planes and other form of terrorism by any enemy of we the people, foreign or domestic.

In regard to something more dangerous, we have to worry and deal with some of the domestic progressive terrrorists, aka democrats  . . . well  we Tea Party patriots are taking care of some of those socialists Tuesday at the election.  So, they are the ones that should have fear. 

While I was in DC this week, I took the Metro Rail system.  The same one some crazy terrorist made details photographs of.  So some other nutjob could plant a bomb.  I took the Metro including the one at Pentagon City since I stayed in Arlington VA during my trip. 

When I got on the metro rail, I thought to myself, this would be a good place for a terrorist.  And when I got back to FL Wednesday, the news stations were broadcasting about this dude being arrested for giving plans to a terrorist organization that included bombing the rail station at Pentagon City.

Who cares?  I am not going to live my life in fear.

 I am not in charge of my fate and destiny anyway. So why should any of us including myself worry about any crazy terrorists.  The only thing we might consider having fear of this election cycle is that we do not get rid of all the progressive socialist yahoo politicians in 2010. 

But do not have any fear about it.  We will get rid of the rest of those yahoo progressive socialists in the 2012 election cycle.

In closing, progressive socialism is dead and our United States Constitution endures.

Just like our founding fathers intended.

Endnote: Since Halloween starts tonight, it is ok to pretend to be afraid of ghosts, vampires, old girlfriends, mother-in-laws, ex-wifes and Nancy Pelosi  dressed up in hideous costumes for Halloween.

But the reality is we courageous Americans do not have fear.  We deal with those who try to scare us.  Including addressing scary progressive socialists at Tuesdays' election.  So have a Happy Fearless Halloween.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to Boycott CNN: Why CNN needs a new CEO

Obama's CNN is really getting on my nerves. 

No wonder so many are learning to ignore their media drivel.  What used to be unbiased source of news has slowly and gradually become the enemy of we, the people. 

Why is CNN advocating so hard for progressive socialism? 

What can we expect next from CNN?  Hiring Whoopie and Joy Behar from the View as co-anchors?

Can CNN get any worse?  Like Obama supporters like to state, yes it can

Maybe it just might be the right time to switch the channel until CNN gets a new CEO that is conservative, likes Edward Morrow and returns to merely reporting the news; instead of spinning the news it wishes was.

We should all boycott CNN until it returns to being a reliable and unbiased source of news.

Another example of what is wrong in America-Laura McConwell, Mayor Mission Kansas

I just tried to call the part time mayor of Mission Kansas, Laura McConnell.  One of the hazards of running for US Congress is law enforcement officials that do not want a fiscal conservative like me to get elected because my promises related to their city not getting any earmarks from a candidate like myself.

So, this is one of the inherent risks of running for United States Congress.  Retaliation by local enforcement officials like that of Mayor Laura McConnell and her horrible Court Clerk.  Here is what Laura, mayor of Mission Kansas just wrote to me related to my being harrassed during the 2010 election cycle.

"Mr. Scherer - You need to communicate with the prosecutor regarding any negotiation you made, and your concern that it's not been followed. Thanks, Mayor McConwell"

I merely asked Laura to give me this prosecutor's phone number.  Which Laura refuses to provide completing the Catch 22.  Now this is a perfect example of some local official doing what is called a "burden shift." Shift the responsbility from their shoulders to someone else without giving sufficient information on how to accomplish what is suggested.

Here I am in Florida trying to get this harassment by the City of Mission Kansas resolved.  So naturally, first I go to the city manager of Mission Kansas, Mike Scanlon, my old nemesis when I first ran for city council back in 1998 against him in the city I used to live in-Merriam, Kansas.

Now Scanlon being the weasel he was and remains refuses to call me, or pick up the phone when I call him.  So, I send an email to his boss, the mayor, Laura McConwell.  To which she tells me to call someone else-the city prosecutor but refuses to give the attorney's phone number in several emails.

So, I want make this kind of bureaucratic nonsense made public.  Send Laura an email.

Here is her email address.  Tell her to stop being a bureaucrat because that is one of the many problems we all have to deal with far too often. 

Send her an email to: Laura McConwell, C/O City of Mission Kansas.  For Laura only comes to work some of the time.  Next on the bureaucrat list, Quinn Bennion, City Administrator, City of Prairie Village, Kansas.  For him and Laura must belong to the same club.  The Bureaucrat Club. 

Multiply this kind of bureaucracy all over America with every municipal government being exactly the same-messed up and bureaucratic-until it comes time for re-election. While the rest of us merely shout Tea Party Time.    

Obama and Scherer were at the White House Yesterday

Both President Obama and I were at the White House yesterday.  The President was relaxing upstairs; while I was trying to make America a better place downstairs.  The President certainly has some nice plants, some cool art and nifty furniture at his White House.  However, the President and I did not get to meet and talk to each other.  Which is unfortunate.

I merely wanted to tell the President to stop spending your money.  As well as tell him to get the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to give me my federal tax credit the IRS owes me.  In fact, I tried to go inside the Treasury Building right next to the White House to ask Treasury Tim where is my money owed to me.

The Secret Service would not let me go talk to Treasury Tim which is also unfortunate.  And had I had that opportunity, I would have told both him and Obama to raise interest rates to get the national economy back on the right track of economic prosperity.  It is so fundamental.

Raise interest rates, banks will stop hoarding cash and loan businesss money again, requiring labor to be hired to rebuild our national infrastructure. A third grader could understand that.  Until interest rates are raised, our national economy is going to be a zero sum game of no economic prosperity, no jobs and more stagnation and deflation.

Frankly, there is huge list of  things I could have offered solutions to the President had he come downstairs and talked with me.  He did not.  So our federal governent  continues to be in the horrible mess it finds itself in. Naturally, this is due to the lack of statemen and way too many yahoo politicans. 

A statesman focuses on his nation, it's future economic prosperity and listens to the will of the people.  A politican merely focuses on elections.  So, maybe President Obama should have someone tell him this and instead of trying to get Dems that ruined our national economy re-elected, President Obama should stay at the White House and focus on fixing our federal government. 

Why he is spending so much time focused on the Novemember election is a complete waste of his time and merely indicates he is merely another politican and not a stateman. 

Obama misssed his chance to consult with me yesterday while I was at his White House.  If he wants to communicate with me on solutions for our federal government, he is going to have to fly to my house down here in Estero, FL.

I went to his house and he does not even come downstairs to say hi.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Hell-Washington DC

Here am I in this hellhole, Washington DC.  Later today, I go to the White House.

I finished arguing with the Board of Veterans Appeals a case yestereday why it is my belief veterans that are successfiul on a remand are entitled to a reimbursement of costs based on the holding of the United States Supreme Court. (Both in Buchannon (2002) and reaffirming in Hardt (2007) that any party that prevails in implementing a material change in a legal relationship they have with a federal agency is entitled to a cost recovery and attorneys fees, when applicable. 

Since I did not use an attorney, that argument in my case about recovering attorney fees before the BVA is moot. The issue related to my real out of pocket costs is not moot and now is close to $20,000.

Naturally, if the BVA Judge Copeland rules adverse to my argument, then I take an appeal to the COVA, the Federal Circuit, and then once again try to docket a case with SCOTUS.  The last time I tried to docket with SCOTUS on a VA case was over what one word meant. 

The VA has a word called "expeditious".  Now my claim before the VA has been afforded this alleged "expeditious" treatment since 1998.  So what does that word mean to the VA regional offices that initially handle claims for benefits?

Basically, the word "expeditious" means to a VA regional office that a claims folder gets generous use of highlighter.  Does it mean claims get processed any faster?  No.  Which is ludicrious.  So, to have your claim marked expeditious means very little.  Sounds good but by effect, not much happens. 

Now my case was supposed to be the second on the morning docket.  So, I had to sit there waiting for over 3 hours.  Then, since the afternoon docket was supposed to be in only an hour, I was only afforded a grand total of one hour why vets are entitled to a cost recovery upon being successful upon a remand by the BVA of a claim remanded back to the VA regional offices. 

The only problem in my VA case is that I have been remanded nine times resulting in me prevailing, but never obtaining a cost recovery.  And now after yesterday, I am certain I am going to be remanded a 10th time.  Which is one reason the VA adjudication process is fubared.  Not only is this VA adudication process fubared, it costs the American taxpayers billions of dollars in redundant and repetitious claims that never seem to reach a final adjudication. 

Now when I was running for United State Congress, I polled a lot of people related to this horrible and long VA adjudication process.  I have been processing a claim with the VA since 1976.  Continuously without interuption since 1995.  Now the VA adjudication system is unlike the Social Security system that gives a person a scant three years to a final adjudication.  And if that does not happen, then an SSA application has the right to file a federal case. 

The VA system is  unlike the SSA system and can take a lifetime without ever getting a final adjudication.  Which is not only costly to the taxpayers, but absurd on its face.  The point is why? 

Now interested Vet support groups like the PVA, the DAV, the VFW, and the American Legion prefer this lifetime system of adjudicating VA claims.  Hence, this causes a huge backlog that each new VA Secretary promises to fix.  But these VA Secretaries come and go with each new VA Secretary who merely repeates the same rheotoric about somehow how they uniquely are going to fix the backlog of VA claims.  And they never do.

So, what I am asking the American taxpayer that pays for this outrageous claims process, if they understood how much this VA adjudication is costing them in their federal tax dollars would really be po if they found out how fubared and costly this system is.  The VA adjudication process is obtuse, broken and needs a major overhaul.  The only problem is that vet groups are going to ensure this system remains fubared and that there is never a final adjudication.

And the American taxpayers sit by silently.  They should not be so passive considering it is their money being spent.  And it is billions of dollars.  As a statesmen and as a congressional candidate, this system needs a major overhaul and the VA claims system needs a permanent fix.  There has to be an end to this never-ending VA adjudication process.  Modeled after the Social Security System.   And the net result would be a huge savings to the American taxpayers.

And is that not the function of a stateman?  To figure out what is best for all Americans regardless of any particular election.  A statemen focuses on many generations; whereas a politician only focuses on getting re-elected, now matter how much in costs we the people and our nation.  And too bad in America, we have way too many politicians and only a rare few statesman. 

It is incumbent that we ensure our focus, and the focus of the tea party patriots is that we continue to focus not on our own self-interest, but what is best for our nation and those generations that come after us-our future prosperty.

Speaking of our future prosperity, I go to the White House today.  Maybe I might get the chance to remind Obama and his staff they clearly forget our future prosperity is supposed to be his job as President of the United States.  And what I want to know, is why the current administration in the White House refuses to be statesmen and instead, keep acting like politicians.

The only good news I have, other than going to the White House, is I get to leave this hellhole called DC and return to FL later today.  Amen.  Thank you Jesus. 


Friday, October 22, 2010

New Game-How to screw we the people some more!

I decided just for fun to pretend that I am some yahoo Democratic politican and my goal is to figure out how to raise money or reduce expenses for some federal, state, county or local government by any means necessary until progressive socialism has become the mindset of the public. 

So, being almost as creative as the Dem plans to take over 1/6th of the economy with Obamacare, crap and trap trying to tax or utilities for the air we breathe, and then giving our money to companies too big to fail (sallie, freddie, mortgage companies, banks and Wall St., How can I top this?

Anyway, my top ten creative plan to screw you, or better stated, we the people some more, here is my best at being even more ridiculus then the Democrats:.

No. 10-Charge everyone a tax of one cent every time they log into a social media company like Facebook or MySpace.

No. 9 Create a tax and give it a clever name like Saving America Tax or the Fair Tax (for the mortgage and banking industry) and only make it be on the poorest and middle class America as a sales tax on every purchase and service in America; but not the rich because even the Socialist Democrats do not want to mess with thier benefactors and crony contributors.

No. 8 Make anyone claiming any entitlements ever, to pay a 500% tax on any amount received including making it apply retroactive to the founding of our nation.

No. 7 Create a health care rationing plan called comparative medicine that operates on the principle if you are not working and are getting any federal entitlements, you get charged 20 times the normal rate. And if you are dying, 6900 times the normal rate.  We in the government do not want to pay for your lazy arse and would rather you die to get you off the public rolls.

No.6 Mandate for the insurance lobbyists, everyone including your pets must have a public health insurance policy or else you, your spouse, your children and your dog Spike will  be executed without notice.

No. 3 Raise Social Security retirement age to 150 and modify as necessary until no one is getting any.

No. 2.  Raise Medicare eligibility age to 700, just to be on the safe side.

No. 1 Tax taxes and install tolls booths at your home requiring you to pay tolls for every block driven as determined by government GPS tracking systems.

The next five willl be posted as soon as I can figure out a better progressive socialist con scheme ever considered in the entire history of mankind until everyone is a member of the Communist Party, comrade. Or merely wait until Nancy Pelosi calls me back with her new schemes to screw us all.

 I must think like a Democrat.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scherer for Congress-2012-Florida's 14th Congressional Seat

I really had not intended to run for Congress again. 

Now, there are some folks in Florida that want me to change my mind and run in 2012 against Connie Mack, the congressman that married Sonny Bono's wife.  Naturally, I can understand why a lot of people want to get rid of Connie Mack since he lives most of the time in CA. So if I win this seat, my new campaign theme song will be "I got you babe." That way, this worthless Connie Mack can stay in CA all the time.  And stay out of FL and DC. 

Maybe he should spend more time taking care of people's business in Florida.  The current election cycle he ran unopposed in the primary and faces a dem candidate that has no chance whatsoever of winning any congressional seat.  I hesitate; but might as well file. 

Why?  To tick off a bunch of GOP loyalst emmings here in southern Florida.  Besides, what else do I have to keep me occupied?  Other than that case I am arguing in the hellhole of Washington Monday and the case I am arguing on behalf of Kansas homeowers that was just docketed with the Kansas Court of Appeals.  Or my challenging a FL statute that gives preferential and unequal treatment of some vets in FL.  Or a few other things. 

Now that I think of it, I am one busy dude.  But not that busy.  After I return from Hell (DC), expect me to file for the 2012 election cycle.  Why not is a better question.

This will probably be my last post for a few days.  I am going to be getting prepped for oral argument before the BVA.   Then, when I get back, onward to the KS Court of Appeals where hopefully I prevail in restoring Kansas homeowers rights to a de novo trial, including a jury of one's peers in their local state district court in the county in which they reside. 

I told many here I was the best candidate for US Congress.  It is real shame you are now stuck with Yodeling Yoder and the citizens of FL stand to gain the most. 

Later, tdus

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Follies and Horror down at Farmville

Howdy fellow farmers.  It would appear our landlord the evil conspirators at Facebook have sold our personal data for data mining to others for their sole economic self-interest.  Reminds me of greedy capitalists that do the same thing.  You know, like the phone and credit card companies that sell our private data.

Naturally, if you are a farmer on Farmville just like me, and just happen to need some cabbage, corn or other crop, contact me at my farm in Farmville.  Go ahead.  Mine my data and violate my privacy. 

I am merely waiting for someone else to file the class action lawsuit so I can take my turn in getting real cash from my farm property and Facebook for using me like a cheap piece of meat.

Speaking of meat naturally reminds me of Lady Gaga. Maybe I can get her to wear her meat dress to a local court for filing a class action on our behalf. Or even better, maybe I can get Katy Perry to represent me since her dress was too provoactive for those muppets down on Sesame Street. Hey Katy, I like your dress.  Hell with all those muppets.  Come on over to my farm located in Farmville.  Bring Lady Gaga with you.

Well, gotta go. But first, I have to post this via Facebook and Google Chrome.  I wonder.  Is Google Chrome mining my data also?  Regardless, if you are one of the 65 million farmers addicted to your farm, go see the doctor at

Awake at 2 AM-Good time to blog

Drats.  Awake again and it is only 2 AM.  WTF?  Cannot sleep.  So, at times like this with the entire country in the crapper, blogging sounds like a good time to ramble and rant about anything.  So here goes anything.  And yes Virginia, the beach scene Saturday at Ft. Myers was awesome. 

Now one thing really cool about Florida is the suntan I am getting.  Which is a lot better than having virgin white Kansas skin color.  Ditto for all the babes tans at Ft. Myers Beach.  Now the ladies in Florida are not like Kansan women.  You know the Kansas type.  Coy, demanding, having unrealistic expectations-and that is before they will even say hi to you. 

Florida ladies are not like Kansas women.  Florida women actually like to leave the house.   And Saturday night in Fl is not like Kansas.  In Kansas, Saturday night good times is a trip to a local Blockbuster to rent another crappy movie.  Which might be a good thing if you are stuck in Kansas.  Thank God I am not.

I mean in Kansas, you are going to be stuck with Senator Sam Brokeback for your GOV.  Could it get much worse in Kansas then that?  Yes Virginia, it is going to get worse for Kansans. 

Brokeback is crazy, he hates people and loves corporations and the cronies that run them.  Now I cannot think of any good reason any Kansan in their right mind would be happy having this yahoo be the GOV.  Brownback screwed up America and now he is going to mess up Kansas.  Good luck with this yahoo running the government of Kansas.  Not to mention those in the 3rd District are going to have Yodeling Yoder be your next congressman. 

Remember, Yoder hates to communicate.  So good luck with him being your next congressman.  But hey, you have the 2012 election cycle to get rid of Yoder after he disappoints all but the corrupt rich who paid for his ticket to DC.  Remember, Yoder only invested 12 bucks to be your congressman.  So, if you wanted a cheap jerk, you get it with Yoder.  But even I have to admit, Yoder has to be a better choice than one of Moore's wives becoming your congressman.  Blame Larry Gates for this stupid pick.  No wonder there are hardly any democrat politicians even left in Kansas. 

Now down here in southern Florida, we also have a rotten GOV named Charlie Christ. He has a better hairstyle than Brownback plus he actually has some character-unlike Brownback.  But that is about it.  This FL Gov only cared about getting his next job-being a Senator from Florida.  Which hopefully does not happen either.

Charlie Christ seems to me, to be a really rotten GOV.  Many of the state agencies here in FL suck. Just like Kansas.  And Charlie Christ has to be held responsible for the rotten state of FL state agencies since he is supposed to be in charge of them.  But Charlie really is not.  He does not care about FL state agencies.  Charlie only cares about his next job and that shows in the operation of FL state agencies.

So, why would I want Charlie Christ to be my next Senator?  I voted for Rubio solely because he is not named Charlie Christ.  Plus, some here in FL are talking with me about our crappy local silver spoon politican, Congressman, Connie Mack. Now I might run against this yahoo in 2012, but I doubt it.  I know a lot about Kansas.  But when it comes to FL . . . well, I am a newbie.

I do know I am not going to just lie around here in Southern Florida, tanning, fishing, dancing, dating, and doing all the really cool stuff there is to do in FL. I should.  But that is not my character.  I am still searching for a cause worth the fight.  So, given enough time, I am certain I will be doing something here in FL that is worth my time, effort and spending some of my funds fighting for others.

I am supposed to be writing some stuff for a paper out of Miami, or for the local Tea Party.  Ho-Hum.  Already done that stuff.  I want to do something new and different  So, I am not exactly like the character Bill Murray played in the movie, Lost in Translation; but kind of like it. 

I am just a lot happier than Bill Murray was.  So, instead of being lost in translation, I am happy in transistion.  I am just not certain what the transistion or transformation I am going to be making. When I figure it out, I will let you know soon enough.

I am still pretty certain it will remain making our nation a better place despite yahoos like Sam Brownback, Charlie Christ, Connie Mack and Kevin Yder.  And why voters would ever want to elect these kind of yahoo politicians continues to make me wonder, what the heck is wrong with people in wanting to elect these kind of people to anything other than a post in some retirement home. 

Later.  It is now almost 3:00AM.  Time to go be productive. 


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Next Sunday, it is off to Hell-Washington

Next Sunday, I get my arse on da plane and fly to the hellhole of DC.  Naturally, to argue a case before the Board of Veterans Appeals on why vets should get a cost reimbursement when they are the prevailing party.  Just like SCOTUS keeps stating. 

I find it a tad bit ironic attorneys representing vets get a cost reimbursement; while vets incurring costs do not get squat.  In direct contradiction to SCOTUS.  Now the VA likes to argue since the  VA adjudication is not an adversarial  one, vets do not get any cost reimbursement. 

Now this is costing me over 800 bucks.  And since I am dropping a lot of dimes here, I might as well stay in this hellhole a few extra days and go to the SCOTUS, Congress and just for fun, the Kennedy Performing Arts Center.  So thanks, we the people for paying  for this entertainment center so the DC yahoo politicans have somewhere to go in hell.

Further, I filed an appeal with the Kansas Court of Appeals from a final order from the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals that hates the inviolate constitutional right to a de novo trial in state district court on really absurb real estate tax assessment.  Including the right to demand a jury trial related to the same. 

Which thanks to Kate Gillegan Sebelius, she wanted to become despot and create her very own court under her dictatorship so she alone would get to control real estate tax asssessment so she could fund people like Tiller the Killer.  Thank Jesus and God she got on her broom and flew out of Kansas making both DEMS and GOP people happy and united for once.

Finally, I have some other crap I am working on here in Florida.  Do I miss Kansas?  Get real.  I live in Florida 3 miles from the beach.  Which certainly is better than living 5 miles from the Kansas River.  What do you think?  Speaking of the beach, heck with blogging. I am going to go to Ft. Myers Beach and hang out.  Why not?

Friday, October 15, 2010

What would Jesus do about the Federal Reserve?


Most of us know Jesus was no fan of the moneychangers.  Like the Federal Reserve.  If Jesus were here, he would throw Ben Bernake and his cohorts out of the temple.  For good reason. 

The Federal Reserve, this unlawful fourth branch of the federal government loves to manipulate the economy and cause huge economic cycles.

The reasons behind the Federal Reserve causing these huge economic cycles is several. One of the worst reasons is to allow money managers too big to fail to get your life savings. For example, this mortgage crisis stealing your home equity. 

Now these yahoos at the Federal Reserve are no dummies.  The way Bernake sees it, by keeping interest rates articificially low, we the people have to ask who benefits by the Federal Reserve monetary policy?  Clearly, it is not us, the people.

Second, since the federal government's interest payments on the federal debt are kept artificially low, the federal government at your expense, can keep interest payments low on this huge debt.  So, clearly the federal government benefits by these phoney-baloney interest rates.

Third, the rich benefit from artificially low interest rates.  As well as take advantage of huge economic swings in the economy.  The rich love the huge swings as merely another opportunity for them to screw us, we the people. 

Hence, I am pretty certain Jesus would ask his dad, God to send the Federal Reserve Chairman Bernake and Treasury Secretary Tim straight to hell.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Have another worthless federal holiday_Happy Columbus Day, invade Indian terrorities

Monday is merely another of the 13 federal holidays.  Columbus Day.  A good day to attack and take land away from native Americans.  Especially for unlawful immigrants.  So, party on Monday as the federal government, particularily the Obama administration remains clueless on how to get the national economy working.

Get that crappy Federal Reserve to raise interest rates so my crummy Bank of America will start loaning money again.  Despite BAC's inability to properly figure out how to do foreclosures.  In retrospect, we should have let these too big to fail banks fail because they are certainly failing us.

So maybe Monday when you cannot get any money out of your bank because of Columbus Day, go to an Indian casino.  What else is there to do on Columbus Day.  Other than demand the federal government to get rid of some of these bogus holidays they take. 


Colbert kicks Stewart around the block

Pseudo-coservative Colbert rules and is cool.  Ultra socialist dem Stewart sucks.

You have to admit.  Being a diehard ultral liberal socialist like Comedy Central's Jon Stewart has to suck right now.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Miscellaneous Crap

This is just a brief crapola update on what is happening.  I am going to Washington DC in late October to argue a case on why veterans should be entitled to a cost recovery on obtaining a remand from the BVA. 

Based on the United States Supreme Court that clearly and consistently provides that a prevailing party should and has the right to obtain a cost recovery when a federal administrative action causes a material and favorable relation a person brings about in some court or administrative agency action.  So, vets, this one is for you.

Second, I have to perfect the filing with the KS Court of Appeals my battle to restore to Kansas homeowers their constitutional right to a de novo trial in their state district court related to real estate tax assessments.  Further, I am doing everything I can at a substantial cost to me, without any expectation of cost reimbursement related to the same.

The horrible Substitute for SB 2018 written by a horrible and pompous  Kansas Senator named Tim Owens needs to be declared unconstitution for good reason.  It was.  Finally, their is unequal assessments of real estate taxes across all 105 counties in KS, specifically in the context of public education.

Finally, I will soon be writing a column for the Miami Examiner soon as a continue making a slow transformation from living in Kansas to being more happy for good reason living in Florida.