Monday, January 23, 2012

Ok, who is really running for US Congress so far, in Florida's 14th District

Per the Federal Election Commission, the place you register to run for United States Congress, the following candidates are listed as shown below:

List 1:

Gary Aubuchon, Dan Benton, Joseph Asher Davidow, Bryon Donalds, Chauncey Porter Goss II, Tamara A. Hall, Brian Owens, James Lloyd Roach, John W. Sawyer III, and me, Thomas E. Scherer.

All are GOP except Roach is running as a democrat and Scherer is running as other. Count, eight GOP, one Dem and one other, Thomas E. Scherer.

Now, if one goes to the Florida Divison of Elections, here is who is reported on their web site as shown below:

List 2:

Gary Aubuchon, Joseph Asher Davidow, Chauncery Porter Goss III, James Lloyd Roach, Timothy John Rossano, Christopher Key Sandy, John W Sawyer III, and Lee James Titworth.

So what gives here and why can't the local media accurately report whom is filed and is not filed. Much less for the local media outlets to tell us their factual source.

Beats me. I do not trust the media to be factual or accurate. A recent story in the Ft. Myers NewsPress and other media sources state Trey Tredel is running. Really, where did he file?

Anyway, if we compare the two lists, how many people are alleging to be running either state or federal, or anywhere in the universe eliminating dupes and omitting rumored candidates.

That is 13 candidates filed with some office for United States Congress, the 14th District of Florida anywhere in the known universe. Expect more to be announcing their running and I suggest some people put up their pet dog Rover to run for US Congress.

Your dog could always vote by barking on a bill about as good as some of those yahoos in DC are doing. So I suggest considering registering your dog somewhere as a candidate. I would not register a cat or some other critter, although a lot of people think some of the people in Congress are really not people, but snakes. Regardless . . .

Compare the FEC list to the Division of Elections list. What a mess. Anyone that is running and has not filed with the FEC is a rookie and should be immediately eliminated as a serious candidate.

If you do not even know how to register and file properly for United States Congress, why would anyone vote for you. So I would eliminate from serious consideration those filed in the state and not with the FEC commission.

As soon as I get time, I am going to check financial data on some of these candidates registered with the state-if they are reporting over $5000 in money, they are violation of Title II of the United States Code. And if they already are violating federal laws of our nation, those that think being a crook make good qualifications for a US Congressman, they would have someone to vote for.

So maybe the local media will figure out who is really running some day. At least that is what the executive assistant to Mia Mia Chang told me a few minutes ago. The assistant stated they did a correction that I cannot find. I cannot find my name mentioned at all in this alleged news source on their web site I was referred to.

Go to and verify by searching for anything on Thomas Scherer. Nothing.

And Jeff Lytel, at the Naples New Press refuses to return my phone calls related to the same. Naturally, the Naples News Press will only report some rich person they like in their rag. Finally, I got a news article some doctor in Punta Gorda is also running. Maybe he should file somewhere in the known universe.

Expect many more inaccurate stories in the newsprint and on TV. Guess facts no longer matter to the local media, hence why they omit their sources. Maybe if someone calls Stephen Colbert, maybe he would run for United States Congressional President of the 14th District of Florida.

Sometimes, election coverage makes great fodder on late night TV and in the local media outlets.

The word.

Thomas E. Scherer, filed candidate, United States Congress, 14th District, the other party.

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