Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grapes of Wrath-The Eighth Fable

Once upon a time, a very long time ago (begining of the 21st Century), in a wonderful country, named Kansas stood the large magnificent oak tree.  It was the tallest, the  strongest and stood alone in a thick forrest of abundance and bounty. As a matter of fact, this was the largest, strongest and most mighty oak tree in the entire world.  And naturally, every fall, its golden leaves of gold would shine its natural beauty for all that came and saw this wonder of the world.

One of the visitors to this magnificent oak tree included a "progressive socialist" named FDR.  Now FDR had this grand scheme he wanted to implement using this wonderful, but powerful oak tree that had stood majestically for centuries.  The oak tree had started out simply enough as a sapling.  From one lone seed, this oak tree became the very best tree of all the trees in the forrest, anywhere.

So, FDR decided he would make use of this magnificent oak tree to grow some grapes.  So, every year he planted grape vines at the base of this tree.  And no one seemed to notice or care as the grape vines progressed up with this oak tree.  The grape vines grew faster than the oak tree itself. 

The citizens of Kansas simply did not care about this progressive socialist named FDR's evil plan because they were apathetic and indifferent.  Most of the native Kansans stated, "why should we interfere in an individuals freedoms and liberty".  So nobody interfered in FDR growing a few grapes.

Some Kansans were even happy because FDR would give them some of those grapes as they grew.  So basically, Kansans were indifferent and even skeptical about whether a grape vine would cause any harm to this mighty oak tree.

As the decades passed, each grape seed planted around the oak tree would spread to each limb and branch of the mighty oak tree.  And as most of now know, the grape vine soon replaced the golden leaves of this oak tree.  And due to the branches being covered by this progressive socialist, soon this wonderous oak tree no longer produced anymore, its wonderous golden oak leaves for all to view.

And soon the giant oak tree died.  And all over the state of Kansas, people wondered what happened.  So they asked FDR, the progressive socialist, why had he caused the death of this giant oak tree.

FDR merely stated, "you have all enjoyed these grapes all these years that I given to you freely, and now you want to complain?" FDR merely stated "it is too late to do anything." And all the people of Kansas then asked him what kind of grapes were these.

And FDR simply stated the grape seeds were the grapes of wrath variety.  And the Kansans all weeped at losing this wonderful and magnificent mighty oak tree of their wonderful country, forever.

The end.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Seventh Fable-The Horrors of Progressive Socialism

Once upon a time,a very long, long time ago, there was a wonderful country called naturally, Kansas.

Now Kansas was a country of a whole bunch of farmers divided into several states. Now these farmers did not like how they were governed by the tryrant king, King Sam Brokeback. So, these farmers gathered together to oppose the tyranny of the king.

The farmers sent a bunch of their wisest leaders to a secret meeting.  At that meeting, the farmers decided they needed to unite and form a new type of government. And wisely, after a lot of argumentation and careful deliberation, they chose a representative form of government called a republic. Naturally, this did not make the tyrant king happy. 

Now these farmers put their lives at risk in defying the tyrant king, King Brokeback.  These farmers wanted a form of governance that focused on the liberties and rights of the individualas being fundamental and the most critical part to the formation of this new Kansas republic. 

So despite the king, the farmers defeated any troops the king sent from far away.  Now since the individual was the most important consideration, the farmers gave the citizens of this new nation lots of rights, privlidges and personal liberty. 

These farmers of Kansas wanted a very small federal government and only do small things.  So, the farmers enumerated the small things they expected this federal republic to do, in explicit detail.

States in this country of Kansas had to decide whether they wanted to join this new nation called a republic. So each state voted to join this new form of governace.  Most did.  So they united themselves by agreeing to have both a republican form of government while still maintaining the state governments that were used to having.

Soon, the horrible tyrant king Brokeback gave up and sent no more troops.  And for many generations, this plan of a republic worked.  Then, one day, there was a horrible economic disaster.  The people all wanted the head guy to do something about bank failures, bankruptcies, no jobs, declining property values, and lots of poverty. 

So, the people became more reliant on this republican form of governance.   Now their leader called this movement to help everyone in each state of this country progressive socialism. 

For decades, the people were pretty happy because the progressive socialists running the republic kept giving the people of Kansas whatever they wanted.

First, it was retirement security. Then, there were jobs a plenty.  Then, it was health care, free for all.  Pretty soon, the republic was giving all the citizens everything they asked for.  For a while. And after several decades, the government was basically in charge of everything.

Once everyone because dependent on this republican form of government, they started losing their individual rights and liberties.  And after several decades of progressive socialism, the republic ordered martial law over the entire country of Kansas.  Troops were sent to every corner of this nation. 

The Republic then told the people they must do what the progressive socialists stated, or they would be arrested and/or shot. 

So the people cowered in fear of this huge central government.  Some were more fortunate and able to move to another country.  But for the most part, now that the central government had grown to gigantic size because the people kept asking for things all the time. And even worse, after a while no one worked. Because the progressive socialists would give them what they needed.  Soon after no one would work at all, so the republic had to fix things.

So, by putting martial law into effect, the republic forced people to work, whether they wanted to, or not.  The people cried out, "this is slavery!" To which the republic merely stated: "shut up, get back to work or die." 

The government is for the government.  And all you individuals must do what is necessary to keep the government in control!

And all the people wondered, "how did this happen?"

 And almost  no one remembered how they had lost their individual freedom and liberties. However, there were still a few wise people left.  They stated it was the day "we all agreed and demanded progressive socialism."  Only the wise remembered that progressive socialism ultimately leds to a slavery.

Most did not remember how this happened.   However, they all remembered that they were indentured slaves of the republic. Those who remembered, wistfully longed for a return to better days long ago, where the individual was the most important part of the country of Kansas. 

Almost universally, the people of  Kansas regretted the fact no one stood up decades ago and stated to the republican government, "we do not want you to take care of us, the individuals.  You work for us."

To which the leaders of this Republic merely laughed at such a ridiculus and outdated idea like that.  And the leaders merely stated again, "Shut up and get back to work slave. Remember our new national slogan":

Government is for the government, whether you like it or not."

The horrible end to what happened to the country of Kansas-the horrors of progressive socialism. Followed shortly afterwards by the next state--martial law. And naturally after some still resisted, all where forced into labor camps and there was no escaping the slavery imposed to keep the government working.

And only a few were able to leave forseeing what was happening. And they were fortunate to leave this country of Kansas before it was too late.

Speaking of late, later.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Victory or alternatively, a congratulatory speech

One of my advisors, both personal and related to my congressional campaign, say . . . named Sharon highly suggest I prepare ahead of time a victory or congratulatory speech. I use the name Sharon because that is her real name. 

Regardless,to follow next, are two posts covering whatever the electors choose come this  primary election results this Tuesday.  So apply whichever speech is the most relevant and at the most appropriate time. So hats off to the person that gets the most votes and becames the general election candidate. 

Before I post both of those statements, first I want to state that anyone that has the courage to run as a candidate for United States Congress belongs to a very special and select club.  For those that do run suddenly have to develop a plan for what they  will do if they actually win the congressional seat.  Having campaigned since October of 2004 as a candidate, I came to the realization that running as a congressional candidate has taught me many things.

First, it has taught me that if elected as a congressman, it would be a very difficult and arduous task to take care of those within your congressional district.

 For example, in the 3rd District Congressman is responsible for roughly 700,000 people.  Some of whom are registered to vote, do vote and are called the electors.  And then, there are those that do not vote, but regardless may need and have to depend on legislation you would vote upon as a congressman.

Second, the very idea of having to be the interface for 700,000 people is a daunting one.  So sometimes as posted on that video U-tube, you wonder about what made anyone want to take on the responsibilty of being the interface go-between for roughly 700,000 people.  ,

Third, what a person chooses and does as a United States Congressman may and will have impact on the residents of the entire state of Kansas.  As well as some of the time, a vote in Congress could affect every person residing in the United States.  Not to mention what the United States Congress members do or omit, may have tremendous impact on the entire population of the world.  So this is no easy job.

 It is not easy being a congressional candidate. And most certainly, being a congressman is far harder.  As a candidate, you have to  somehow convey your understanding of what the consensus of the voters and non-voters want and expect to be done to make their lives better somehow. And on top of that, raise funds and get ready to tell the electors why they should choose y9uw]

This running as a candidate is a very heavy burden.  Those whom do choose to run for United States Congress, whether that be merely to help others (noble), or run for one's narcissistic ego, or finally be a sponsored special interest candidate (for some special interest), certainly has a tremendous burden on their shoulders merely as a candidate. 

So in conclusion, to those that did run this election cycle, however brief, have learned some of these things just like I have.  This is not an easy job folks.  There are those that will oppose every idea you put forth, regardless of whether the idea is a solid or bad one. First, people ignore you.  Then, they insult you.  Then, they heap ridiculus words upon on you.  Finally, they vote and elect you. 

Then, there are those that are cynical and apathetic and do not trust politicians and do not vote at all.  Then finally, there are the children and others that do not even get to pick their congressional candidate. 

So at this juncture, after campaigning for six years,  I have grown to admire those whom have the courage to at least be confident in themselves, that they might get the opportunity to be a United States Congressman.   So if you did file with introspection, if you are like me, often wonder what the heck was I thinking?  I can barely keep my own affairs managable.  How on earth would I be able to adequately and completely represent what the consensus of the voters wanted?  None of us congressional candidates will accomplish everything we want to do for the American public.  We merely can do our best as human beings.  We are not special.  We really are just like you.  We have our good and bad days. Sometimes, we have a good idea or two related to making something in this country better.

And to me, merely having the opportunity and the ambition to make your lives better somehow as a United States Representative, would certainly be a priviledge--to be a public servant for many.  Therefore, regardless of the election outcome, I am addicted to helping as many individuals as I can.  And to do this noble effort, does not mean ihave to win any election, much less, a hotly contested congressioinal race.  Finally, since my goal is to help make America, and this world,  a better place, my logic was quite simple-that I Thomas E. Scherer could do in faster by being your United States Congressman. I would merely be in a position where I could help many, quicker. 

But I have no regrets one way or the other.  I have done and given my very best thoughts, some of it innovative on my perceptions of what is possible. Regardless, I do not have to be a congressman to continue my real purpose in making America a better place somehow.  I can continue to do that, without a title of United States Congressman.  And so with a mindset like that, I cannot lose any election.  If I do not get enough votes, then that is all the election means.  It does not mean I suddenly stop doing what I can as an advocate. 

That is my promise.  I will do whatever I can, regardless of title, to make this nation and our joint home, this planet called Earth a better place for as long as I can.

So help me God.

Update on the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals case impacting Kansas homeowers

July 30 is the last day before the  Kansas Court of Tax Appeals has to issue the order where I am challenging the tax appeal process trying my best to return to all Kansas homeowers, their constitutional right to challenge real estate tax assessments in their own county courts before their county judges in a trial de novo.

This is an important tax case for all Kansans. Scherer is trying to have the Substitute for  HB 2018 that created this court under the executive branch (Governor of Kansas) declared unconstitutional. In Kansas, some school districts should not be more equal than other school districts based on the local option budget. 

What other congressional candidate can state they have done more for the people of Kansas than Scherer has?

Now compare these other candidates for United States Congress. What are they doing right now for you to warrant your vote necessary for them to get  elected to be your representative? 

What are they doing prior to, and during the primary election to earn your vote?  Most of the current batch of congressional candidates have not stated much of what they are doing to earn your vote. 

And why the Kansas City Star and Johnson County Sun only focus on how much corruption and bribes in their campaign, mystifies me as to why the candidate with the most funds, should be the person elected. A position I reject.  The candidate with the most funds is the most corrupt candidate 

This congressional race is not a popularity contest.  This is who is the most qualified person to represent you in your affairs related to the federal government based on their past experiences,  their vision and consensus of what you want done, related to the operation of the federal government.  And merely remember, you are the employer-the congressman is merely your employee and humble public servant.

Most of these rookie candidates are merely giving vague and ambiguous statements related to how things will somehow be better, only if you only elect them--the typical political rhetoric.

 "Vote for me" they all claim. "I [yahoo politican] will magically create jobs, reform the tax code, ensure quality education and ensure our nation is safe and secure", they all state; although they do not have any plans to implement on how they magically will do all these things after being elected.  To which I ask rhetorically, why are they not doing those things before the primary election like Scherer is?

Take both Stephene and Kevin Yoder.  Have they really earned your vote?  Have they offered solutions and a congressional plan that includes core values like Scherer has.  Or instead, do they give rhetoric about federal problems, yet no solutions are offered. 

Scherer is an experienced congressional candidate.  Maybe Scherer is unique in his strategy of doing stuff during the primary election concurrently.  As well in the past.  What one does in the past tends to indicate future action.  So clearly if Scherer is doing things now and in the  past, why would that change after being elected?

Clearly, Scherer is the only candidate that has done things for many, concurrently with continuing to campaign throughout the election.  This is called multi-tasking.  Doesn't Scherer's past and current efforts deserve some consideration when it comes to vote?

We believe it does.  So, before casting that vote on  Tuesday, merely ask what kind of person do you want for your next congressman.  Do you want someone that communicates or someone that gives a bunch of political rhetoric?  Do you want someone merely because they have been corrupted by special interests like Stephane and Yoder and their qualifications appear to be their campaign war chest?  Or do you prefer someone that has no connections to any particular special interest group or individual?

Scherer has no ties to any special interest groups.  Yet, there are certain individuals that should favor Scherer based on his past and current work efforts.

A brief summary of those individuals include:

Senior citizens that are concerned about real estate taxes-Scherer is addressing that issue now-not after the election.

Homeowners that want the right to challenge their real estate tax assessments and ensure across the state of Kansas, there is equal treatment related to tax assessments ask promised by both the United States and Kansas Constitutions?

Individual veterans should support, prefer and vote for Scherer over all the other leading candidates because they are not United States veterans.  With the exception of Dan Gilyeat.  Both Scherer and Gilyeat are United States veterans.  Later this year, Scherer has a case docketed with the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington arguing why based on the United States Supreme Court, veterans are entitled to a cost recovery upon a successful remand.  Now, how can either non-vets like Yoder or Moore understand what veterans have endured?

Those that oppose infringement on other nation's sovereignity like Scherer has done for years, would choose Scherer over these other candidates.  Scherer has openly opposed both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Unlike Yoder and Moore.

Maybe it is those parents with children, whom want a better public education for their children;  instead of a 50% drop-out rate nationwide.  Maybe it is those parents who have asked Scherer for help related to the state taking away their children. So parents should understand Scherer understands their situation and has actively advocated for the right of parents over both the state and federal government. 

Children are the responsibility of the parents--not the federal or state government.  Our children are not something that is to be used like a cog for the economic engine of the nation as best serves the purposes of a big federal or state government.

Both parents and our children deserve the freedom of choice when it comes to their children's education.  Without choice, there is no freedom in public education.  To have freedom, one must have choices.

There are those that should support a candidate like Scherer whom believe having a broad-based education and extensive work history should favor Scherer for a couple of reasons-depth and scope that combines together to give Scherer practical and proven experiences in dealing with real problems requiring innovative and creative solutions.

What other candidate is and has been actively listening and obtaining the consensus of voters to be a true representative of the people of both Kansas and the 3rd District, not for months, but years? What other candidate understands poverty and overcoming barriers and obstacles tenaciously like Scherer has? 

What candidate on one hand has published extensively both a congressional web site and a blog like Scherer?   As compared to the static and boring rhetoric of the other leading candidates? 

Does the web site of the other candidates state anything; or proffer vision and solutions? Or instead, are they merely focused on stating what the problems are, applying lots of ambiguity and political rheotic only in a thinly veiled web site merely asking you to give them money for their campaign?

What candidate favors a smaller federal government, that is less intrusive on the inherent liberties and rights of individuals, than Scherer is?

Most of you probably have additional reasons for why you support and will vote for Scherer.  Maybe it will be those that understand what Scherer has been doing as a disability and civil rights activist since 1994.  So basically, all individuals that love our country, but are not real happy with the federal government as it stands today, would favor Scherer.

The only people that should favor Yoder are those who have invested heavily to his war chest.  Corporations and their attorneys.

 In regard to Stephane, we cannot think of hardly anyone that would vote for someone whose congressional committee is called "Friends of Stephene Moore".  Unless of course she really is your friend for some unknown reason.

She clearly states she intends to continue the work of her husband-the work that has brought about the worst recession our nation has ever faced, since the Great Depression.  So, by logical extension, she is promising to not improve our federal government, but merely to continue to vote like her husband did.  The same husband that claims "it is time for a new generation of leadership."  And I would assume she would do as she states.  More progressive socialism redistributing more of your limited income.

Finally, it would appear and seem to be obvious to most, that Scherer is the logical choice at this late stage of the game.  Scherer is doing stuff for you now before the election and he will continue stuff for many after the election.  The choice is simple and obvious.  So wake up 3rd Congressional district voters and non-voters.  Do you want moore of the same?  We do not. 

Scherer has earned your vote, quite unlike these other yahoos. Scherer is true fiscal conservative that wants a smaller and less intrusive federal government, that respects and understands the wisdom of of our founding fathers in what they wrote in the United States Constitution.  Scherer clearly wants us to return to the vision and wisdom of our founding fathers.  If elected to United States Congress, Scherer will keep his promise to do so.

So help me God.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adapting to life's circumstances

Oh yes.  How we have to adapt to the circumstances life deals us. 

Yesterday, my campaign car, my 81 Corvette died.  Leaving me stranded partially, some of the time.  My Vet blew it's head gasket which to me, means it died.  So, it is time to deal with this circumstance and overcome misfortune. 

With the primary next Tuesday, this requires me to adapt my methods of campaigning.  I had to cancel a couple of key events that are important to the campaign.

 This included not being able to attend the WYCO Fair rhis past weekend.  I merely hope the people of WYCO understand that I care about WYCO residents a lot.  And I might have to make alternate plans related to some of these campaign events prior to the primary election Tuesday.

But, I have learned anything about life, I have learned what fate deals out, is merely an opportunity to be spun in a positive direction.  So, I will take that opportunity and continue to campaign for your United States Congress the best that I can.

Today, out of no where, I received an email from one of my son's old neighborhood friends.  I had not heard what happened to this individual for over 12 years.  He thanked me for teaching him about computers.  And now he is a computer person.  So that was one of the nicest emails I have ever received.

The reason it was one of the nicest emails is simple.  He stated that both my son and I had made a difference in his life-that his time hanging around the Scherer household had a positive impact on who he became.  So, there is a moral here. 

We all have an impact on people we run into.  And hopefully, those we meet in life will be better off because of that experience.  So in ending, I am dealing with these circumstances eagerly, making the best of what I have been dealt.  And sadly, I have to attend to seeing that my 81 Corvette receives an appropriate funeral service because it died yesterday.

Bummer.  Moving on despite what life and fate has dealt.  Making an unfortunate circumstance be a good thing and turn what we are dealt, into a positive experience maintaining a positive attitude regardless of those circumstances.ealt me.

Being tenacious, I merely see this circumstance as part of my fate and destiny requiring me to continue to do what I can to help many, regardless of the circumstances I am dealt by life on a daily basis. 

I eagerly look forward to the primary election Tuesday.   I am pretty certain that I have done the very best work I could, for as many people as possible.  And that is a reward worth all all the hard work it has taken to run and do what I could to be your best candidate for United States Congress.

I consider myself to be a very fortunate person having overcome adversity many times.  So, it is time to bury my Corvette and move forward with this unfortunate circumstance. 

I know I am the underdog in the primary election.  Good. 

The world loves an underdog.  And merely remember, I am kind of like the proverbial  David taking on Goliath come this Tuesday in the primary election.  I am certain regardless of that election, I will continue to do what I can to make this world a better place for as many people as possible.

And that is my promise to the voters and non-voters in the 3rd Congressional District.

Humbly yours,


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hooray, finally a newspaper that is balanced!

Hats off to the Lawrence Journal World for being fair and balanced, unlike the KC Red Star and JOCO Sun newspapers.  Here is the link to what this paper wrote about the Democratic Primary.

There are a few errors related to me in this article.  First, unlike Mrs. Moore, I am a native Kansan having spent the first 18 years of my life living  in Atchison, Kansas. (1st Congressional Distruct). Mrs. Moore is not even a native Kansan.  She does not tell us where she was born for good reason.  It was not Kansas.

Second, I have lived in the 3rd Congressional District for at least 21 years.  I have lived in Merriam, Kansas for 18 years and prior to that, 3 years in Shawnee, both in the 3rd Congressional District roughly from 1987 to 2009. I finished my graduate degree in 1994 in Computer Resources Management;  while concurrently working for GE Capital as a fraud investigator.

While in the United States Navy, I spent 6 months in boot camp and electronics training in San Diego, CA.  I then spent 3 1/2 years living in Groton Ct, or, in the submarine I was stationed on.  The USS Archerfish, SSN 678, including spending quite a bit of time overseas.  For which I was honorably discharged and service decorated.  (Navy Expeditionary Medal). (1972-1975).

 I then lived briefly in Kansas City MO after discharge for nine months in 1976.  I moved back to Atchison, Kansas from 1976 to 1979 until I finished junior college.  I was a union employee from 1976 to 1978 while working my way through college.  From 1979-1986, I lived in Kansas City (6 years) and then Parkville, MO for one year while finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management; while concurrently working..  So mainly, I have been in Kansas most of my life.

I spent one year in Topeka, Kansas while attending Washburn Law School. While in law school I was a Kansas Young Democrat, a Kansas Young Democrat Delegate and a legislativie intern.

Recently, I spent the first four months in Florida from January to April 2010 on a special project for migrant farm worker on behalf of the state of  Florida ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator), who reports directly to the Governor of Florida, Charlie Christ. This is related to labor abuses and poverty conditions in the southern central portion of Florida.  I have previously reported on this blog about that project.

In regard to what Mrs. Moore has stated in the article, she clearly states she wants to continue the work started by her husband, the incumbent and retiring congressman.  So essentially, she wants to continue leading the country using his failed policies and votes that brought our nation to the worst recession since the Great Depression.  Clearly, she does not understand her husband played a substantial part in this huge recession we find ourselves in.

And she wants to continue what he did?  Give me a break.  We do not need moore of this out of control federal spending via deficit spending.  Both the Bush and now the Obama administrations have been spending and creating huge federal deficits of enormous proportions. We need to stop all this federal spending. 

So unlike Mrs. Moore who wants to continue what her husband did (fiscal irresponsibility), Mr. Scherer wants to reduce the federal deficit by reducing the federal budget. 

Hence, why Scherer is a fiscal conservative and Mrs. Moore is not.  Scherer is in tune with the consensus of the voters.  Mrs. Moore wants to do the opposite of the consensue and continue the same agenda as her husband which made him voluntarily retire. 

Maybe Mrs. Moore has not been listening to the voters and non-voters consensus that wants our nation to return from extreme fiscal waste and spending.  She states she wants to continue these policies as started by her husband.  Even her husband stated, it was "time for a new generation of leadership" in November 2009.  Maybe his wife forgot what her husband stated.

Remember, Mr. Moore wants to spend time with his family, his children and grandchildren.  So, his wife want to do-get the heck out of Kansas.  That is what we call irony. 

 I also call this desperation by Larry Gates because he could find any Democrats that wanted to run for United States Congress.  So he conned Mrs. Moore in April 2010 when no democrat would file for United States Congress.  Back in March, when the rumors started circulating, I wrote on this blog if the Dem Party put Moore's wife up as the sacrifical political lamb, I would run on the Democratic ticket, right?

So I kept my word.  Now most of what we are hearing about Mrs. Moore, who refuses to appear with me in a forum of any kind, has a good reason to avoid me when it comes to discussing the issues.  Her good reason is she has no solutions to offer the voters.  She talks in vague ambiguities because she in inexperienced and has no substance beyond the common campaign rheotoric.

Her position is we need jobs, lower taxes and better education.  Now this is common political rhetoric,  Rhetorically, has anyone every campaigned and promised I guarantee if elected, there will be fewer jobs in America, I am going to raise your taxes and ensure the dropout rate of high school students is worse after I am elected.

Further, she gives the rhetorical ambiguity, but no details or specifics on how she is going to get more jobs, lower the taxes or ensure there is improvement in public education.  So, what are your solutions, Mrs. Moore?

To which she clearly states in the Lawrence Journal World article, she is going to continue what her husband started, but did not finish.  So, if you want moore of the same, vote for her.  Then, you too will get fewer jobs, higher taxes and public education will continue to experience a drop-out rate of more than 50% all across America.

The differences between Scherer and Mrs. Moore are huge.  She is Pro-Choice, is anti-union and she is certainly not a United States veteran.  She has been involved in politics other than marrying a bad politican-his third marriage.

 She has not been involved in any political organization like Scherer has been.  She has no specialized education related to running a federal government.  She claims her experience of being a nurse and being involved with local charities are enough to make her qualifed to be a United States Congressman. 

We totally disagree with this kind of logic.

Mrs. Moore, just like her husband, only ensures us all of one and only one thing--





Friday, July 23, 2010

Yippee-The Moore Carnival is back at the Douglas County Fair; whereas the boring and depressing Moore circus will be on the Aug. 3rd democratic primary ballot

This is one of those rare events I always look forward to each year.  Both the  Moore Carnival and the Moore Circus are appearing in the 3rd District again this year.  Although I note that the Moore's Greater Shows Carnival is the preferred event appearing in Douglas County August 5. 

Whereas the Moore circus is apppearing in all three counties on Aug. 3 at your nearby voting booth.  This is because once again there is a big clown campaigning in the Democratic primary named Moore. However, the one appearing at the Douglas County Fair is a far better show.

See for the details. 

I intend to be at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, but on a different date missing the Moore carnival.  Probably on Sunday, August 1st.  I am still listening to all the voters and non-voters in all three counties.

I think I am the only candidate that realizes that there are three counties in the 3rd District, unlike most of these other clowns.  I intend to get the most votes in Douglas and Wyandotte county, just like I did in 2006. 

I do dislike having to miss the Moore Carnival this year, but I certainly will not miss the August 3rd primary when a couple of Moore clowns try to ruin the 3rd Congressional Democratic primary again this year. 

Both Moores are dancing their out-of-tune liberal progressive socialism and big brother attitude, following in a lockstep duet to the horrible noise coming from the Pelosi-Reid brand of horrendeous leadership. 

Same as the last ten years.  It is time for this Moore circus to get out of the 3rd district permanently by electing a better candidate for United States Congress. 

Try that Scherer dude.  What's his face.  Scherer is not clowning around this election cycle.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tidbits for today from Scherer

There are several tidbits I just want to clump into one post.  So here we go.

Naturally, the Red Star states "Moore's wife is the obvious choice". Obvious choice for what reason?  Their absurd argument is since Moore's wife is a nurse, she is well positioned to solve the health care crisis in America.  Give me a break. 

Who wrote that article?  Dennis Moore, or a third grader.  The logic is lacking.  First of all, I worked in health care industry for seven years.  But the Red Star omits that fact.  Second, I guess since I worked both in health care and also for federal agencies, by their logic I should have filed for United States Senator instead of merely United States Congressman.

The Red Star is also making a big deal that I bought a condo in Florida.  For good reason.  A federal tax credit of $6,500 in a very nice condo only 3 miles from the ocean at a greatly reduced price.  I have to pay no real estate taxes on and the sales tax rate in Florida is 6%.  That's right.  6%.  As compared to Kansans now having to pay high real estate taxes on top of a sales tax rate around here of 8.75%, courtesy of the outgoing GOV, Mark Parkingson.  Thanks GOV.

 So yes, I own a home in three states, FL, KS and MO.  So technically, I became on December 15, 2009, at the age of 56, an official snowbird.  For good reason.  Florida taxes are lot cheaper than here in Kansas.

Plus, the Red Star omits the fact that I am on a special project helping immigrant farm workers being exploited by crop and orchard owners in Florida,  by delegation of the Flordia Governor and the Florida ADA coordinator.

 So by comparision, how is it that the Red Star finds Moore's wife is somehow more qualified than I am.  I do not buy their liberal socialist argument, nor should you the voters of the 3rd District.  I am more qualified than Moore's wife by a wide magnitude, regardless of the drivel put out by the liberal KC Red Star.   

Finally, I want to reflect an article that was written in the Red Star front page about the 8th renewal of unemployment benefits for 2.5 million Americans, that all the rest of us pay for.  Now unemployment benefits is an insurance program run by the several states.  So why on earth are the progressive socialists in the federal government extending to the states, another 33 billion by extending unemployment with our federal tax dollars?

Why now is no one screaming infringment in violation of the 10th Amend. to the United States Constitution.  Umemployment insurance is a function properly addressed at the state level-so why has Congress found it somehow to be a federal function having wasted 120 billion dollars paying for the eigth extension of giving our federal tax dollars to the various states unemployment funds.  That is our money.

This must be the promise of the Obama administration to do an economic redistribution taking your federal money and redistributing it because the Obama administration has failed to create or save 4 million jobs.  To the employed, you pay for unemployment insurance.  And that is what is.  Insurance.  So why is the federal government now funding a state unemployment insurance program?  Beats me.  This is not a function of the federal government to rescue states in the payments owned to those who are unemployed.  To me, this is a further infringement on the sovereignity of Kansas.

I recently read Neal's positional paper again.  In his white paper, he states that 60% of the population of the United States gets more back from the federal government than they pay.  Sixty percent. This is the rich and the poor.  

The other 40% are now what most of us call the Tea Party people.  Those people, that day in-day out go to work and earn a living.  Now I have empathy with those that cannot find jobs for certainly the economy is a big mess.

The cause of this big mess was in February 2009, instead of investing in our nation's infrastructure, which would have created jobs for Americans, Obama caved in to all the whiny governors of the several states and gave them a bunch of federal money reducing the amount of money going to the national infrastructure. 

The whiny governors were worried about the decline in real estate property values caused by the recession.  So, Obama gives all the states a bunch of money-a short term solution so the states did not have to cut back on state programs.  This was a huge blunder that is now bearing it's rotten fruit.  The federal goverment wasted two trillion dollars and now our federal deficit, federal budget and our national economy remains in a horrible position.  Obama's ideas and plans have clearly failed.  And most of his promises before the election, he has not kept.  Gee, what a surprise. 

Now on the postive side of the equation, Obama kept one of his promises-he promised there would be change-changing your money to someone else's pocket.  Just as he hoped would happen since he has to be called a progressive socialist.   

So, we have a federal government that is nothing more than a huge progressive federal government doing this massive economic redistribution plan to taking your money and giving it to people that are unemployed.  The total extension to date after eight consecutive extensions totals 120 billion dollars of your money. 

Finally, our entire domestic national economy is only 14.6 trillion, along with a federal deficit of 13 trillion), coupled with an equally horrible federal fiscal  budget of 3.7 trillion equals no jobs for the unemployed (9.5% of the working population).  Which means in a few months, there will be a need for another extension because the federal government has failed to create or save any jobs. 

And we have to deal with this Obama nightmare administration another two and one half years?  Can we afford two and half more years of economic redistribution, with a huge federal government not creating any jobs or stimulating the economy successfully?  Are we in trouble?  You betcha.

So, with the congressional primary now down to 13 days, there is a solution to this scheme called economic redistribution plan by a zany Obama administration.  The solution is vote and throw out some of these yahoos, including their leaders that are intent on turning America into some kind of huge socialist progressive movement.  So we can get to the solution-forcing Obama in his last two years to a status of lame duck.  That is the solution.  I only wish today was November. 

Soon enough.  And finally, Scherer is part of that solution.  Scherer does not buy into this "economic redistribution" theory or into "trickle-down voodoo economics".  We need to hit middle ground, reduce our federal deficit and debt and come back from Fantasy Island and return our federal government to complying with the United States Constitution.  Our founding fathers would never have interferred in a state's unemployment insurance program--much less funded it with federal tax dollars. 

Most of us true Americans love our nation.  But boy, do we have one messed up federal government wasting trillions of dollars that will take a real long time for us to recover from.  We better get some creative, innovative and original leaders to take charge of the federal government that listens to the American public.  And I do not think a nurse is a qualified candidate that  will be able to put enough bandages on our national economy.  Once again, we are in charge of the federal government.   And we need to fix it.  Soon.

 And get ready for the next stage of the Obama nightmare next week-renewed focus on the failed idea called "cap and trade."  What Obama has now established is give a little, and then tax a lot more. The stage is set.  Load the stuff into the fan.  Brew some more tea for the tea party patriots as they become unglued shortly thereafter. 


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Second Part of Analysis-PAC and SIG contributions attempting to buy Stephene when the odds are slim and none she will be elected

Essay 171 (not counting the six fables to date).  I feel this urgent need to write another fable real soon.

But, now is the time to do the second part of the analysis of novice candidate Stephene, who has absolutely no political experience, ever.  But yet some of the media pundits are predicting she will easily win the primary.  They do not state why this is so, since the primary election is still two weeks away.  But most of the media does not rely on facts anymore.

Now her Friends of Stephene Moore Committee shows total contributions on her FEC report of $352,185.  Of which she reports $128,133.00 in bribes from PACS and Special Interest Groups.  One point that is worth noting right away is how much did Stephene invest in her own campaign?  Can anyone spell zero?  That is right. 

Stephene refuses to invest any of her own money in the campaign.  I cannot blame her.  Why waste her and Dennis's money when no one expects her to go very far.  Even Steve Rose ( my nemesis) states Stephene is going to lose big time against Yoder.  And that is based on her beating me in the primary somehow despite my own considerable experience and education relative to hers. So rhetorically, why waste your money and your vote on Stephene when she has zero confidence in winning the general election. 

Scherer believes he can beat Yodeder in the general election,  regardless of how many campaign signs Yoder puts up in JOCO.  Remember, Yoder merely has big signs.  Scherer has big ones. 

Most of us realize in the general election, most of the conservative GOP do not like the liberal former Democrat, Yoder. So most of the GOP conservative vote will go to Lightner.  Although I personally recommend GOP people strongly support Dan Gilyeat.  For good reason-Gilyeat is running for the rights of individuals-the rest of these yahoos are running for their narcissistic egos.   

Campaign bribes from PACS (political action committees) and SIG's (Special Interest Groups) will   be analyzed next and updated in this post.  There are some interesting bribes from 22 PACS wasting $94, 850 of their money:

1. New Democratic Coalition Political Action Committee, $20,000, of which $10,000 is for the Primary and $10,000 for the general election. This PAC describes as "The New Democrat Coalition is a Congressional Member Organization within the United States Congress made up of Democrats who support an agenda that the organization describes as moderate and pro-growth. A July 2009 Press release described the organization as "the largest moderate coalition in the U.S. House of Representatives", announced the election of Representative Joseph Crowley (New York) as the Coalition's Chair and counted 68 Members in the House of Representatives.[1] In January 2009, at the end of the 110th Congress, there were 59 members listed." Sounds like those democrats that do not want to be associated with the Blue or Yellow Dog Democrats.

2. Act Blue a conduit organization located in Cambridge, MA, who curiously Stephene also gave them money in her expenditures, total primary contribution, $17, 850.

Now here is what Act Blue is: Per Wilkipedia, "ActBlue is a United States political committee established in June 2004 that enables anyone to fundraise on the Internet for the Democratic Party candidates of their choice. ActBlue has grown quickly to become a major fundraising tool for Democrats, particularly favored by the netroots and left-leaning bloggers.[1] As of February 2010, ActBlue had raised more than $120 million USD for Democratic candidates at various levels of politics, making it the largest single source of funds for Democrats. The organization is open to all registered Democratic campaigns and candidates, and it does not take a cut.[2]"

3. Blue Dog Political Action PAC, $10,000. This is a PAC out of Washington DC that claimed they were fiscal conservatives. Basically, this was a weak group of democratic congressman when the Dems were the minority party. After they became the majority party, forget calling blue dogs, fiscal conservatives. The members of this group including Moore brought you all this fiscal irresponsibility spending your tax dollars like around 2 trillion dollars. I refer to them as yellow dog democrats. Most of these yellow dog democrats are either retiring, or, are some of the democrats that are being voted out of office this election cycle. Like Dennis Moore, a blue dog. And now we have his wife, who is getting greased by the remaining "yellow dog democrats".

4. Moore for Congress, $8,000. $4000 for the primary and another $4000 for the general election. What can I say? No more Moore, YAY. Regardless, most expect Dennis to shift his congressional committee money over to his wife anyway he can.

5. American Association for Justice Political Action Commitee, $5, 000.  Now this is a group that states on their web site as supporting the following: "Trial lawyer organization that supports its members in lawsuits against American businesses. Member organization of Working for Us, which seeks to keep conservative and moderate Democrats in check. Oversees a political action committee that chiefly funds Democratic political candidates.  Member organization of America Votes." Source, American Association for Justice web site.

6. American Federation of Goverment Employees PAC, $1,500. This group per their web site is The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union representing 600,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas. Workers in virtually all functions of government at every federal agency depend upon AFGE for legal representation, legislative advocacy, technical expertise and informational services. AFGE believes that all unions should belong to the house of labor and has been nationally affiliated with the AFL-CIO since AFGE was founded in 1932.

Now this is one of several unions that contributed money to Stephene, despite her husband stabbing the unions in the back with his votes supporting NAFTA, CAFTA and Card Check legislation. So clearly, both Moores hate unions, but still insanely, this and other unions still give the Moore candidates contributions.

7. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, $5,000. This organization is expecting Stephene to distribute a lot of pork so these people can keep their jobs in all these 85,000 governments in America. Like many are pointing out, governments do not create jobs. They take money out of the economy and produce nothing for our national economy.

8. American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO Committee, $5000. This is those teachers that have achieved a 50% dropout rate in public education across America and are always whining about being held accountable and NCLB. They merely want to ensure they grease politicans so Congress does not in fact, have unrealistic expectations of holding them accountable. Hence, why we have a 50% dropout rate of high school students.  Can public education in America get any worse?  As the democrats liked to state before the Presidential election, yes it can. 

To which we suggest time to end this tenure nonsense and hold teachers accountable, plus make them work all year long. No more summer vacations. Instead, during the summer, they still go to work and help ensure our public schools help underperforming students, like those that drop out due to the horrible state of public education in America.

9. Building Relationships in Diverse Environments, $5,000. I have no clue who this PAC is, or what they stand for.

10. CWA-Cope Political Contributions Committee, $5,000. This is another union-the Communication Workers Union of America. They describe themselves as "Organizing in our workplaces must also lead to increased organizing in our communities. Our fundamental goals – job security, an improving standard of living for our families, and real protection for the right to organize – require increased political power as well as more workplace organizing.

Improving our chances of electing candidates who share our vision means that we must align ourselves with family members, members of other unions, and unorganized workers who support our goals. We also increase our political power by building coalitions for better legislation with other labor organizations and also with community-based groups who share a similar outlook.

Why they are giving money to the anti-union Stephene is beyond me.  And since these unions are not supporting me, a fellow union person, I will remember this after I am elected.  So do not come calling to me whining about card check and how you are getting screwed by the GOP after the election.

11. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), $5,000. Union PAC

12. International Union of Operating Engineers, (Local), $5,000. Union PAC

13. New York Jobs PAC, $2,000. Beats me what this PAC is. And even better, why are they giving PAC money to Stephene? Maybe she promised them jobs in New York!

14. Badger PAC, $2,000, This is a PAC out of Washington DC that funds "special"Democratic Candidates so they can badger GOP people.  Hence, the term of someone getting funds from this PAC, it is appropriate to called them a badgerer.

15. International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, $2,000. Union PAC

16. Jobs, Opportunities and Education PAC, (JOE-PAC). $2,000. This PAC describes itself as "The Jobs, Opportunity and Education Political Action Committee (JOE-PAC) was founded in 2001 by its Honorary Chair, Joseph Crowley. JOE-PAC is committed to electing and reelecting Democratic candidates who are focused on providing their constituents with a better life and future for their families. JOE-PAC-endorsed candidates support policies that will create new jobs and new economic and educational opportunities for all Americans."  Especially democratic Americans most of whom are too lazy to work and depend on federal entitlements.

17. CAP PAC.  $1,500.  This is a physican group that describes itself as "CAP is an organization that equips its members with the best tools to help meet the business challenges related to running a medical practice. As part of that commitment, we strive to ensure that our voice is represented on the public policy issues that affect our company, our industry, our employees and the communities we serve. One of the tools we have to show support for legislators who share our views is our political action committees, which is supported through member contributions."

Basically, this is one of those groups that does not want to be held liable when they harm, injure and kill patients negligently.  They want tort reform related to medical malpractice.

18. Democrats Win Seats (DWS PAC), $1,500.  This PAC is "Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) currently serves as a Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) where she works to ensure we maintain a strong Democratic majority in Congress. She is committed to supporting our Democratic agenda of expanding opportunity for every American. It is an agenda that emphasizes strong economic growth, affordable health care for all Americans, an open, honest and accountable government, and securing our nation while protecting our civil rights and liberties."  I agree that sometimes, a democrat actually does somehow get elected.  Until the GOP candidate replaces them. 
19. EDPAC, $1,000. This is a Washington DC PAC that I cannot find any data on.  I guess it is a PAC by some dude named Ed. 

20. Leadership 21, $1,000, Out of McClean, VA.  Not certain what this PAC is.  This could be the 21 richest people in the world that are intent on starting the New World Order. 

21. Leadership Empowerment and Development Political Action Committee, $1,000, This PAC describes itself as "Members of Congress and other political leaders often establish nonconnected committees, general known as "leadership PACs," to support candidates for various federal and nonfederal offices. A leadership PAC is defined as a political committee that is directly or indirectly established, financed, maintained or controlled by a candidate or an individual holding federal office, but is not an authorized committee of the candidate or officeholder and is not affiliated with an authorized committee of a candidate or officeholder."

There are moore of these PACS to be listed that gave a pitiful amount of only $1,000 or less.  So, I am omitting their bribes.  So the total amount of Stephene PAC and SIG bribes equals $128,133.   

Then, there are a bunch of other individuals, incumbents and fellow candidates wasting another $224, 052.  Here a few of the special ones worth noting:

1.  Bob Ethridge for Congress Committee
2. Swiss Re America Holding Corp.,  four attorneys whom collectively gave $1,350.  I never trust any candidate that attorneys give money to. 
3. DINO Mark Parkingson, GOV of KS, who gave $2,400 for the primary election.
4. Stacey Parkingson, who gave $2,400 for the primary election
5. Several others that I will be adding later.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Analysis of Stephene "No More" Moore's FEC Report

Just for fun, I decided I would do an analysis of Stephene's first FEC Report since she is a rookie candidate.  The easy part is her disbursements, sometimes referred to politically as her burn rate comparing total cash to total cash spent.  So let us start with her strategy related to her disbursements. So in three months, this lady has already spent $81, 994.00 of the $352,185 in contributions received.

So let us see how wisely this lady manages her campaign funds now because that will indicate how she will spend your federal tax dollars, after being elected, if in fact, despite that being highly unlikely.

Stephene already has four people on the payroll costing her committee salaries totaling $18,083, plus payroll taxes of $8,279.20, and Kansas witholding  taxes of $658.00.  So her biggest expenditure is for salaried staff spending $27,020.60.  And that is barely for the first three months of her campaign.  (April to June 30).  Why Stephene needs to pay someone to do her work for her is a mystery.

Then, her third biggest expenditure is for software totaling $4,959.56.

Then, one of the more interesting expenditures is to her husband, who was also her divorce attorney, for buying donor, email lists and office furniture from Moore for Congress Committee totaling a reported $539.75.  This donor and email list that I am certain cost far more than is reported.  So, clearly, this campaign is No Moore & Moore Inc. 

To which most of us are stating that is moore than enough of the Moore's. So if you ever sent Congressman Moore an email while he was our congressman, expect your email, name and donor amount is now being sold to be used in Stephene's campaign . 

Now some of us may wonder whether Dennis can do this legally.  It certainly raises questions in my mind about whether this is legal.  So, that clearly tells us right from the start, both of these two could care less about the law, ethics or morality.  Winning to the Moore's is all that matters.

The Moores clearly want to get another lifetime pension at taxpayer expense of 175, 000 for life for Stephene to go along with the 175,000 Dennis gets.  They are trying to double up on the congressional pension scheme they cooked up.

Next, as time permits, I am going to go through her many PAC and individual contributions.  Whom is wasting their money trying to bribe Stephene. I state waste because most of know Stephene cannot beat the GOP candidate, which will probably be Yodeling Yoder. 
So this is partial analysis and will be changing as I continue to do a more detailed analysis as time permits.  I have to go work on filing a motion for reconsideration on the first order of that tax case docketed with the United States Tax Court, Docket No. 14885-10. 

The purpose of this case is related to the unexplainable delays by the IRS in not giving federal tax refunds to those whom were eligible for the Homebuyer Tax Credit. I have standing to do this. ($8000 credit for first time homebuyers and $6,500 for the others).

Which makes me wonder what Stephene is doing to earn your vote?  I do not see, nor have I ever heard anything this lady has done to earn your vote.  Other than being married to a retiring congressman, who marries his client in 1990 after Dennis helped Stephene get divorced. You can verify this yourself by mererly searching marriage records on the JOCO gov court web site. 

Now Stephene has hardly done anything for her to get your vote.  Unless one thinks who is elected to United States Congress has nothing to do with qualifications.  Instead, some must think it is a popularity contest. Or as the media keeps writing winning elections has nothing to do with one's qualifications.  It is merely who gets bribed the most should win per Steve Rose over at the JOCO Sun. 

The bigger the con, the greater the chances of winning a congressional seat Depth on issues or having solutions to those issues does not matter to the media.  Getting the most bribes is what wins elections.  Although I find if that is what it takes to win a congressional seat, will that means Yoder should win because he has been bribed the most by special interests and PACS.

Only Larry Gates could create a dumb scheme like this trying for the first time in history, to have a aspouse, Stephene replace her husband.  Hence, why I keep saying Larry should be fired as the executive director of the Kansas Democratic Party.  And I am sure after November, Larry will be retiring suddenly, if he is outright not fired.  Good. Then maybe the Kansas Democratic Party can finally get a good executive director.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scherer's bio and qualifications to be your better Congressman

Below cut from is my political biography and other related items that anyone can see makes me more qualified than  Yioder or Moore to be your next and best congressman.

Political Biography of Thomas E. Scherer, Candidate, United States Congress, 3rd Congressional District (2010)

Personal information: Mr. Scherer is a native Kansan born in Atchison Kansas Oct 2, 1953 (Current age-56). Mr. Scherer is a single parent having actively raised one son, Jacob. Scherer has resided at 7916 West 60th St., Merriam (Johnson County), Kansas for the past 18 years and now resides at 7760 Fontana, Prairie Village, Kansas.  Mr. Scherer's campaign HQ is located at 5935 Merriam Lane, Merriam, Kansas. Mr. Scherer’s personal telephone number is (913) 403-8584. His current email address is

Mr. Scherer also maintains an interactive blog at (This blog).  Scherer encourages those whom reside in the 3rd Congressional District (Johnson, Wyandotte and Douglas counties) to participate and communicate to help him better understand what a consensus of the voters and non-voters want from their elected congressman.

Mr. Scherer seeks that consensus rather than merely express his personal beliefs. Unlike most political candidates, Scherer represents no special interests, groups or organizations. His candidacy is based on what is best for our nation and for the individuals that live in the United States.

Unlike some of the current batch of candidates, Mr. Scherer does not, nor has he sought PAC or Special Interest Group funds for his campaign.  Mr. Scherer believes this is one of the reasons there is so much corruption and catering to Special Interest Groups and PACS.  Mr. Scherer believes that contributions from these organizations put tremendous pressure on political candidates to dole out favorable legislation that is contrary to the public interest. 

Mr. Scherer favors major campaign finance reform and a reversal of the recent decision by the United States Supreme Court allowing major contributions from major corporate entities.  Mr. Scherer is not for sale.  Nor will he accept any contributions that are based on quid pro quo-this for that kind of corruption.  Mr. Scherer hopes the voters understand the candidates with the most funds are typical the most corrupt candidates of all. 

Mr. Scherer is a statesman politically; instead of merely another rhetorical politician. There is a big and fundamental difference between being a statesman and being merely another politican.

Mr. Scherer has and will continue to advocate as a congressman, or as an advocate for those issues that benefit the individual first, followed by the nation including both non-profit and profit institutions. Mr. Scherer has been in both the GOP and Democratic Party.  He is also worked with those in the Libertarian and Reform Party leaders.  From all parties, Mr. Scherer takes the best from all of these party leaders, as well as the best of ideas from individuals.

Finally, Mr. Scherer was a charter member of United We Stand in 1994-The original tea party movement. Mr. Scherer has been "tea partying" for quite some time on what will make our nation a better or more perfect union for all of us.

Mr. Scherer in making decisions broadly supports the public, national, state and local interest before considering party platform. Mr. Scherer has been in both the GOP and Democratic party as a congressional candidate. Mr. Scherer as a statesman or as a hybrid politican spans and crosses party lines.  Because of Mr. Scherer's leadership and vision, he alone puts the nation's interest before party affilation. Hence, this explains why Scherer, unlike any other congressional candidate, has broad-based support across party lines to all political parties including independents; instead of merely being merely another run-of the mill politician following a particular party platform. Mr. Scherer supports the best political thought regardless of party affiliation.

Mr. Scherer has advocated since 1994 at the national, state and local level on behalf of the public interest. This effort has given Mr. Scherer experience in working with various federal, state and local agencies of government. As well as work with national, state and local institutions; both non-profit and for profit. Mr. Scherer started working on behalf of the public interest actively in 1994 locally, state and at the national level as a disability rights activist. Around 2002, Mr. Scherer then extended advocacy into civil rights work. In 2004, Mr. Scherer then entered the congressional race having filed with the Federal Election Commission. Mr. Scherer’s goal and motivation is centered on a simple fundamental belief—that one person can still make the United States a better place for many.

Political Goals:

a) To ensure the federal government reduces its scope and size. As well as stops expanding the current administration's efforts to move our country further into democratic-led socialism.

b) As a fiscal conservative, ensure tax and earmark reform; as well as preserving Kansas sovereignty and ensuring there is no purpose in any further federal interference in Kansas’s state sovereignty.

c) I support the individual as the basis for what made America a great nation. In our nation, the individual comes first. I support a free market economy and the idea that the less the federal government gets involved in our individual affairs, the better and more prosperous our nation Kansas and our congressional district will be--whether that be in business, health care, education or in our homes.

d) To unite our nation by keeping focused on our domestic agenda, ending the infringement on other nation's sovereignity.  To be specific, reduce defense spending so we can rebuild our national infrastructure such as roads and bridges; while concurrently advocating for:

1) a cleaner power grid using hydro, solar, wind and nuclear for the generation of electricity for our electric grid,, moving ahead from pollution of coal-burning power plants, and

2) In automobile transportation, support of electric and hybrid vehicles, and

3) Advocating for private railroad industry to design, development and build a high speed rail transport system (bullet trains) all across America, Just like China, India, France and other countries are doing.  This plan for high speed rail similar to what Dwight Eisenhowser did in the late 1950's. This kind of vision and leadership will ensure jobs by maintaining a united and narrow focus ensuring our national transportation system includes low polluting, high speed transport of people and goods in the most efficient method possible.  Which in turn, will interconnect with light rail systems in various metropolitan and rural communities.

e) Mr. Scherer supports and wants enforced our federal immigration laws.  Mr. Scherer supports the efforts of the state of Arizona for taking the lead role in upholding and enforcing federal immigration laws under concurrent jurisdiction due to the failure of the federal government to control unlawful immigration.

f) Mr. Scherer opposes the earmark process.  Particularily pork legislation that has no federal nexus at all.  Mr. Scherer will not ask federal agency agencies for earmarks or pork legislation, unless clearly that earmark has a very clear constitutional basis and that there is a clear federal nexus.  In plain language, any earmarks by Scherer will only be due to an emergency situation.  So there will be no further earmarks to local municipalities, county goverments or to the state of Kansas.  There will be no exceptions.  Mr. Scherer believes earmarks are used mainly as payback and are used by politicans to get votes.  Mr. Scherer further believes earmarks are the gateway to corruption.

g) Ending congressional gridlock, gamesmanship and partisianship by introducing legislation based on what Mr. Scherer calls the "Sandbox Rules"-the rules most of us learned in kindergarten or grade school.  Be fair, pick up after yourself and take turns.  Therefore, the majority party gets to go first in introducing their most important piece of legislation without obstruction from the minority party.  Then, the minority party gets to do the same thing.  Merely repeat the process as often as necessary. 

Further, the United States Senators do not publish their earmark requests like the United States Congress does.  The United States Senate hates transparency related to their earmarks. This is fundamentally unfair to us, we the people of the United States. 

We, the people need to demand that United States Senators publish and explain the constitutional basis for their earmarks as well. 

Some basic reasons why Scherer has earned your vote:

Mr. Scherer is an experienced candidate for having campaigned continuously since 2004 to better represent the 3rd Congressional District of Kansas. Mr. Scherer has been a Kansas Young Democrat delegate (2002), a Kansas legislative intern (2003) and was the Kansas Democratic Disability Caucus Parlimentarian.

Current works in process related to the public interest include (2010):

1. Advocating for modifications to the state and county method of real estate tax appraisals using comparables forcing residents out of their homes. I support Prop K as proposed, subject to minor revisions as a better method of determining real estate property taxes in Kansas. Mr. Scherer expects an order on/before July 30th from the unconstitutional Kansas Court of Tax Appeals challenging the method of assessing real estate taxes in Kansas makes some school districts more equal than others.

For example, consider and contrast the Johnson and Douglas County schools to Wyandotte County schools.  All three counties are in the 3rd District. Yet, like in the book "1984", due to the local option budget, some schools in Kansas's 105 counties are more equal than others in relation to property tax assessments and the funding of public education.  The richer school districts have the best schools due to the local option budget, while the poorer school districts require higher taxes to maintain inferior public education. 

2. Advocating for changes to the methods employed by the Veteran's Administration to ensure veterans claim processes are improved; as well as seeing that veterans are entitled to a cost recovery for expenses incurred in claim processing. This issue will be argued before the Board of Veterans Appeals judges in Washington DC in either late 2010 or early 2011.
3. Advocate for our troops and National Guard members to return home from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan ASAP. I also support those troops who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan to have federal statutory protection to ensure they have the right to return to their employment they held prior to being deployed.

4. Inquiring into the delays of the Internal Revenue Service has, for not timely processing 2009 federal home owner tax credits promptly.  Mr. Scherer currently has a new case just docketed with the U.S. Court of Tax Appeals. 

5. Consolidation and simplification of the federal taxes including the federal income tax system.  Mr. Scherer has joined a pact of other candidates for United States Congress that are advocating a new form of federal taxation that is greatly simplified.

Organizations I support or have had some affiliation with include:

Public Citizen, Center for Equal Opportunity, AARP, DAV, DRC, ADAPT, Federal, state and local government entities including FDA, VA, HHS, DOJ; Supreme Court of the United States and lower federal courts. The Kansas Supreme Court and its lower courts.

Honors and Memberships: CLEO Associate, Thurgood Marshall, sponsored by the American Bar Association (2002). Applied for and was accepted to attend Oxford University, Oxford, England while in undergraduate school (1986). Invited to attend Harvard University, J.F.K. Graduate School of Policy. (2006). Mr. Scherer has also has received awards in his employment including an award for innovation with a major Fortune 50 company. (1994).

Scherer is listed in Who’s Who in Science and Technology (1996), Politics (2006) and in Writing (2009).Kansas Authors Club 2006). Kansas Young Democrat Delegate (2002). Kansas Legislative Intern (2003). Founding Member, United We Stand (1994). Member, International Association of Credit Card Investigators, (1993) Vice President, Merriam Kansas Jaycees (1989). Certified Biomedical Technician (1985). AFL-CIO Union Member (1976-78).

Completed one year of law school, Washburn University (2003). Completed a Master of Arts Degree, Computer Resources and Information Management, Webster University, (1997). Completed a Bachelors of Science Degree, Park University (1986). Completed an Associate of Arts Degree, Highland Junior Community College (1979). Completed Maur Hill Prepatory High School, Atchison, Kansas (1971).

Work Experience: Civil rights activist, writer and statesman (1994-Present).
1996-1998, Fortune 50 Consultant specializing in database applications.
1989-1994, National Credit Fraud Investigator, Fortune 50 company
1987-1989, Federal Civil Service, Tax Examiner, Internal Revenue Service
1987 Federal Civil Service, Management Analyst, Environmental Protection Agency, Region VII
Prior to 1987-Positions in a wide range of industries that included business management, health care and electronics that combine to give me a broad and wide perspective in many industries.

Military Experience: Honorably Discharged and Decorated Viet Nam Era Veteran, U.S. Navy, Submarine qualified, (1972-76).

Having published our plank issues at, it is equally important as your next better congressman, to lay out my core values on why you want to vote and elect me to United States Congress. Therefore, below are my congressional values that I have determined by listening to you, my employer that are important to you and are your minimum expectations from your better congressman.

1. Be moral and have strength of character. Be open and have no fear.

2. Be as positive as much as possible.

3. Do not be a complainer-have solutions and implement those solutions in cooperation with other congressman

4. Be respectful to all. And when facing bureaucracy, do not waiver. Be steadfast and tenacious in doing what I can as your elected congressman

5. Fight to ensure your individual rights are not infringed upon by the federal government

6. Stop the progression of the federal government into socialism

7. Be supportive of small business and domestic corporations as vital to our national economy; while concurrently ensuring some corporations like the drug, health and insurance companies do not gouge you related to health care

8. Be supportive of fair trade; not free trade

9. Be transparent as much as possible by using technology and other resources to communicate with you, my employer

10. Be transparent about what a congressman can and cannot do.

11. Reduce the size of the federal government as much as possible.

12. Be consistent and transparent so the voters clearly will know now how I will vote after being elected to the United States Congress

13. Do my best to let the voters understand that to arrive at a smaller federal government, we all accept some kind of personal responsibility to ensure there is that reduction in the federal government.

14. To ensure to the best of my ability the laws of this nation are upheld and enforced by federal agencies

15. For both myself and my staff to act as your interface when dealing with federal agencies

16. To have sufficient and a diverse staff (Constituent Services) that responds and communicates with you, based on my delegation to take care of your needs-to have the best Constituent Services using and maximizing technology to allow those in Kansas the ability to communicate and engage in a process called participatory democracy. 

Our congressional goal is to determine what the consensus of the people of the 3rd District are.  I do note that the founding fathers wisdom was that United States Congress was to be slow and deliberative.  The idea was to ensure waves of populism did not set public policy.  Both the short term and long term policy decisions have to do the very best to guard against unintended consequences after passing a piece of legislation. 

17. When making and casting votes, merely ask and apply an analytical framework applying these core values including asking myself, what would Jesus do, if he were a United States Congressman.

Posted by Thomas Scherer, Congressional Candidate at 12:10 PM

Friday, July 16, 2010

The moore Stephane talks, the moore votes Scherer gets

I remember when Moore announced his retirement from Congress November 23, 2009.  Dennis Moore stated "[it is a] time for a new generation of leadership."  So rhetorically, does that new generation of leadership mean his wife?  Is she a different generation? 

We think Stephene is not part of any "new generation of leaders" Moore insisted this was needed.   Scherer is exactly that new generation of leader Moore was referring to.

Furthermore, there are many wedge issues dividing Scherer from No more Moore's wife.  For example:

Will Stephene support the Pelosi-Reid as her leader?  Yes, she will, but Scherer will not.

Will Stephene support amnesty for illegal aliens?  Yes, but Scherer will not.

Will Stephene support Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State  United Nations treaties that Obama is behind to take away your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms?  Yes, she hates the NRA and guns, while Scherer will not.

Will Stephene be like her husband and be in favor of abortions?  Yes, she is pro-abortion.   Scherer will not.

Will Stephene support crap and trap (cap and trade, a huge tax increase on all Americans utility bills) being introduced by the Dem majority around July 28, which is a gigantic tax increase not only on all Americans, but America's businesses in the middle of huge recession?  Yes, she will. Scherer will not.

Will Stephene support the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?  Yes, she will continue to talk about this illusion related to terrorism to keep our troops in both countries dying for fabricated reasons.   Scherer will not.

Will Stephene agree to a forum with the KC Star prior to the primary election?  No, but Scherer will.

Has Stephene published her congressional plan of what she will do after the election?  Why?  No one really believes she can get more votes thn either Scherer or Yoder.  However, Scherer has published his five-year plan on this very blog that will lead America back to jobs domestically leading to an economic recovery.

Has Stephene published a list of her core values used in making decisions and being a leader? No, but Scherer has.  See

Has Stephene stated what kind of analytical framework she will use when voting? NO, but Scherer has stated he will apply Judeo-Christian framework.

Has Stephene ever been a United States veteran or ever worked for the United States Civil Service? NO, but Scherer has.

Does Stephene have an advanced educational background including some law school training?  No, but Scherer has.

Has Stephene published a list of her core values that will guide her in voting?  Scherer has.  See

Does Stephene have a visionary plan to implement after the election that will help our economy and create jobs for Americans?  No, Stephene has no vision what to do after the election, because she is a lemming and a proxy for her husband Dennis; while Scherer is a visionary leader that has  suggested private industry design, develop and build high speed rail systems to take our nation out of this economic recession and lead us to being a better nation.  (Bullet trains).

If you vote for Stephene, is that really a proxy  vote for Dennis Moore?  You betcha. 

Has Stephene ever belonged to a union, gone on strike or walked the picket line?  No, but Scherer has.

Will Stephene support union brothers and sisters, or instead will she will just stab them in the back like her  husband did with his votes for both NAFTA and CAFTA?  She will stab the unions in the back, just like her husband.  Scherer however is Pro-Labor. 

Did Client Stephene marry her divorce attorney, Dennis Moore; despite the Model Rules of Professional Conduct for attorney conduct stating to not date or marry your clients?  You betcha

Can Stephene beat Yoder in the general election?  NO. But  Scherer can.

When did Stephene decide to run for Congress? April, 2010 after Larry Gates could not find any other Democrat stupid enough to run.

Was Stephene acting impulsively when she decided she ought to run for United States Congress, despite having very little to gain voter support, other than her husband's name?  Yes, she acted impulsively, without a plan.  Which is probably what she would do if elected to United States Congress.

Does Stephene by being quoted in the media help Scherer get more votes?  Yes.  Yes. Yes. Yes, Oh heck Yes.  Keep being quoted Stephene so all the voters will know that Scherer is way more qualified to be the next better Congressman.

Has Stephene been actively campaigning for a long time; or instead, is she a rookie congressional candidate that has done very little to earn your vote?  She is a rookie politican and has done nothing to earn your vote.  Scherer on the other hand is fighting for Kansans and all Americans in two major tax cases, concurrently while running for Congress.

Final question:  Should anyone vote for Stephene for United States Congress?

HECK NO.  Scherer is the most qualified candidate with a five-year plan having earned your vote. 

Stephene merely married a congressman and has not earned any of your support.

This August, vote for Scherer. 

Scherer is more qualified, has earned your vote, and will make America a better nation.

Signed this the 17th day of July by a unanimous, clear, and certain vote.

Scherer for Congress Committee members. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Change in the TV Broadcast For Channel 6, Lawrence, Kansas

I recieved a call today from Ch. 6 in Lawrence.  Instead of broadcasting the video this TV station took, and Moore's wive originally refused to be taped, now the dynamics have changed.  It would appear Moore's wife has finally figured out maybe she should do some campaigning.  Because her cowardice and not talking to the media is costing her a lot of votes to me.

So, Ch. 6 advised me they were broadcasting both the piece on me, as well as Stephene finally figuring out maybe she should  some campaigning.  Really Steph? Did you think the voters were going to shout vote for Stephanie!  Why? Well she was married to a congressman.  Big deal.  I fail to see how this qualifies her to be much of anything except a registered nurse. 

So instead of the broadcast being on Wednesday, it will now be on Ch. 6 on Friday including video and our responses.  I am pretty certain my depth on issues will be apparent.  Meanwhile, Stephanie will have simple sound bites typical of a politican. 

"We must have lower taxes, great national security, mandated health insurance, better education, jobs for all, economic redistribution, and wewe must keep our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  So elect me, Stephanie, because I am a registered nurse married to a congressman.  So, surely that is what they American votes have told me they wanted since I filed in April, over two months ago. Like my husband, I have no vision or leadership skills.  But who cares?  I am Moore's wife and that should be good enough."

To which I ask, is that what you voters want.  More Rhetoric.  Or instead, do you want no more Moores, at all. 

I prefer No More Moores.  Period.  For good reason.  I am more qualified than Moore's wife will ever be.  I can beat Yoder in the general election.  Stephanie cannot. 

Later.  I will do my next essay tomorrow on why I am a leader and have to tell you voters what I have been doing for many, since 1994.  And I am continue to do what I can to make America a better place.

So help me God.


Fiscal Conservatism is very relative-Moran vs. that Todd dude

Fiscal  Conservatism is a relative thing.  Everyone this election cyle is claiming they represent fiscal conservatism.  Which is ludicrous for those yahoo politicans that have spent our federal tax dollars on all kinds of ridiculus projects such as bailing out banks, auto industry, the home mortage companies like Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac (GSE's), insurance companies like AIG, and every state government in America that the federal government states are "too big to fail". 

Most of these yahoo politicans that helped cause this huge economic recession, during their re-election campaign claim suddenly, they alone are fiscally conservative this election cycle.  However, this claim  by these same yahoo politicans only happens during their campaign rhetoric, but  once again after being elected forget they promised to be a  fiscal conservative.  To those voters, do not be fooled by some of these campaign ads, or their silly web sites that are so vague, a third grader could have done a better job.

For example, I claim to be a fiscal conservative just like Brownback, Moran and that Todd dude.  To me, fiscal conservatism is running for United States Congress without bugging people for a campaign contributions.  I would rather run on zero dollars than have to pander and promise to return favors after the election like Yoder is doing with all these special interest groups and lobbyists. Yoder has let money corrupt dollars him and has campgain-quid pro quo-this vote for that contribution. 

Yoder is part of the scheme most Americans detest.  Yoder is just like the rest of the corrupt special interest politicians having sold their soul based on bribes, err I mean contributions before the election.  Clearly, most can see no special interests are lobbyists have not bought Scherer with their corruption.  Scherer refuses to ask for or take corruption dollars from special interests, unlike Yoder.

Further, Yoder must be claiming to be a fiscal  conservative so much, he is borrowing other people's children and pets.  That is not being a fiscal conservative-that is using children and other people's dog in a cheap political trick in a phoney way, all merely  to achieve some kind of fantasy ad all based on one's own selfish pursuits.  Stated another way, Yoder is one cheap person.  Being cheap is not fiscal conservatism.

Now let us look at Jerry Moran vs. that Todd dude's race for United States Senate.  Both are claiming to be fiscal conservatives.  Despite the fact both of these two were United States Congressman causing one of the worst recessions, if not a depression since the Great Depression.  So these two despite the lack of fact, both are now suddenly claiming they are more fiscally conservative than each other.  Give me a break.   

Now I ran a series called Porkball on earmarks last year.  Todd clearly gave away more of your tax dollars to private corporations in pure pork.  While Jerry's earmarks  were at least a lot cleaner having a federal nexus to the operation of the federal government. 

So, based on the ability to give away your tax dollars to private corporations having no federal nexus like Todd did, I have to suggest voters pick Jerry Moran as the lesser of two evils.  While realizing neither has done that great a job in the past with your tax dollars.

I support or endorse Moran over that Todd dude for United States Senator. I also like the fact Lynn Jenkins kept her promises to make at least most of her earmarks being tied to some part of the federal government operation.  So, I suggest Lynn Jenkins deserves to be re-elected for another term.

Jerry Moran as compared to this Todd dude is relatively closer to looking like he is being a fiscal conservative.  But, neither of these two can understand what fiscal conservatism really is like, as  Scherer can.  Scherer knows about poverty.  Scherer has lived in poverty throughout his youth; as well as part of the time as an adult.

Scherer knows what it is like to be poor.  Having been poor, I found as long as I had the right attitude about it, being poor does not impact one's personal happiness.  Now being poor and having no hope however, if a horrible situation.  I understand that also.

Scherer has noticed how during this recession, many of us were required us had to be both be humble and have some humility. And maybe had to depend on, and ask for help of some generous and kind friends. Or even better, some of those friends of yours helped some of the poor without them even asking.

Take the situation in Haiti for example.  Many Americans donated money to help the people of Haiti.  Just like many helped the people of Katrina when the federal government would not.  As a nation, in times of need, Amerians love and freely give that love to many during their time of need.  A good word for helping others is called being magnanimous.  Or stated simplier, being a generous and helping human being.

Now  Mr. Scherer is both humble and has humility.  When I was poor both as a youth, I learned the generosity of people whom came out of no where to help our family.  Personally, I have been poor some of the time as an adult also.  I did not have to ask for help.

Others offered help when I was too humble to ask for it.  When others helped me,  I was very humble; while being both extremely grateful for their generous offers of help.  Many gave freely to both our family, and again to me when I needed some help

Hence, not being a silver-spooned politican probably explains why I am a very compassionate and giving person helping as many as I can do, simply because I am a human being having been helped by others, when I needed a helping hand.  So in turn, by helping others now. I am just giving back to others to repay those that helped me along this journey we call life.

When I am elected to Congress this year hopefully, I assure you I am going to be listening to people that are poor and doing whatever it is I can to help them.  One of the biggest promises I am going to try to do as your congressman is get jobs as much as possible.  Especially in the east end of WYCO. 

However, I am not going to grant any earmark requests to state, county or local governments.  I am merely going to convince private corporations why WYCO is a great place to establish labor-intensive industries.  Especially those related to developing, designing and building the high speed bullet trains system all over America.

The eastern portion WYCO needs some congressional assistance in having a big employer and better schools.  And I will be focusing a lot of my time and attention  in helping the people of WYCO become the next JOCO.  By doing so, our entire metropolitan region will be more prosperous. When in comes to fisal conservatism, the people of WYCO appreciate a little bit of help.  And I intend to ensure that help happens.  Jobs, better schools and a more realistic method of assessing real estate taxes fairly for WYCO residents.

The next essay I think I will write is why I deserve to be a congressman based on what I have done in the past.  Based on past history, one can predict what one will do going forward by repetition.

 I am reallly a rather humble person and do not like having to say why I have become a crusader and fighter for many people.  I guess it is time to set aside being humble and inform the voters of this district what I have done for so many, that is merely indicative of what I will do relatively (as compared to these other yahoos) as your next best congressman. 

There will no bragging or bravado.  I merely want to explain factually, to as many people as possible, some of the things I have been doing since 1994 all across America campaigning as a disability and civil rights activist on issues that did or should have made our nation a little better or more civil nation..