Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are cats like women, or instead, are women like cats? Beats me. Or in the alternative, what came first, women or cats

I have been pondering women most of my life, usually leaving me mystified about them in total confusion. As I get more stupid with age, instead of wiser with education, work and life experiences, I now find myself at this point in life, wondering about both cats and women.

I have noticed if one ignores a cat, they like that. If you try to be friendly and pet a cat, they do not like that. Cats do not want you touching them. And then if you ignore the cat, it will scratch the back of your head for ignoring them. Now where did cats learn to be this way?

Further, a lot of women seem to like cats. Us guys, we like dogs. For good reason. Men and dogs are very similiar. Feed us and we are usually happy and will wags our tails like a puppy dog. Pat us on the head telling us we are good dogs, and again, we will wag our tails. Men are very basic and very simple. Cats and women, not so much.

So, if men ignore cats, cats do not like being ignored and will come bug you for attention. So trying to get some kind of point in this writing, should men ignore women and take a huge risk, women will not like that?

Seems to me this is the way cats and women are. If you try to pet either one of them, they do not like this. If you ignore them, they do not like this either. And even worse, they both will scratch the back of your head with their claws if they are really uphappy. Therefore, I am not certain who taught one their behavior.

Cats or women-equally confusing to all the men on the planet earth. To which in conclusion, I am going to learn to bark like a dog.

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