Wednesday, January 25, 2012

News Flash: US wins one day war against Somalia

Just got this news flash. The US won a one-day war in an overnight raid against Somalia. Seems we need to teach this nation a lesson. A long time ago, I suggested a couple of cruise missles on Somalian pirates would end this profession a lot sooner.

Being a pirate is never a good job with long term career prospects. Just imagine you are an employer doing an interview, and on the person's resume is listed, pirate. Now really, would you hire a pirate?

Speaking of pirates, why would anyone vote for a pirate named Mitt Romney?

Finally, still have not found my remote. If I have to watch that CNN lady Soledad drivel while drinking another cup of coffee, I am hoping the next military target will be CNN.

Join in with me. Demand the US attack CNN-a true domestic terrorist organization occupied by a bunch of sociopathetic socialists. We have found the enemy-haters of the United States Constitution, CNN, a domestic terrorist organization.

The most "trusted news network"? The only trust I have in CNN is they are going to continue their socialistic drivel contrary to, and in direct opposition to our United States Constitution.

CNN loves socialism. If you have any doubts, just listen for a while. Join Soledad for yet again, another cup of coffee.

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