Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scherer is a filed congressional candidate with what party?

If one gets to the Federal Election website, one will see I am listed as "other" for party affiliation.  Or even worse, if one calls the Federal Election Commission like I have to do, their software does not allow a congressional candidate to file for United States Congress as unaffiliated.

Scherer is not a party lemming like some of these other candidates.  For good reason.  Bipartisianship and the horrible mess our nation is in with the two major parties not taking care of our nation; or of you and your beloved families. 

Instead, we have both parties depending on whom is President of the United States, the other party engaging in obstructing the other party.  Many of our federal agencies are merely places of employment in bureaucracy at a very steep cost to the taxpayer providing no real benefit to the citizens of our nation. The state of our nation including our two-party system leaves us with dismal, but costly federal agencies that in turn is a major embarressment to all of us here in America; and to our allies abroad. 

This is the horrible reality we face as a nation.  Politicians playing party politics and having a callous disregard for what is best for our nation, the will of the people, our national interest and no concern for you, as the voter, elector and non-voter-other than re-electiong these political yahoos over and over again. Party affiliaton and having a divided nation will only have one predictable result-a failed nation. 

The super-rich including corporate America keep buying politicans whose self-interest is power over the national agenda that includes a greedy desire to take your property away from you in the elimination of the middle class.  Class warfare. 

Electors are connned repeatedly into voting for lying politicans who do things contrary to the demands of the voters. As far as I am concerned as the "other" candidate, we the people of the United States of America in order to form a more perfect union, need to unite and do what is best for our nation and tell the two warring political parties, the DEMS and the GOP, that we as electors and their employers are are not going to take their crap anymore. 

Name an incumbent in the Senate or the House of Representatives that deserves to be re-elected?  Maybe we should just fire them all and start over. We want our elected officials to return to being statesmen and stop being party lemmings in a horrible two- party system we all have to endure in this nation.  As far as I concerned, my job is to return to a very fundamental concept as espoused by our United States Constitution-to me, that is my job.

Finally, the reason I am not listed as an Independent is because that is another political entity called the Independent Party. As a stateman, I will vote as an independent, absent any such lemming-like party affiliation.  So, per the FEC, my only option was to run for US Congress as "other". I can live with that. 

When people ask who you are voting for come November 2012, just tell and suggest to other people, "I am tired of the political games in DC-I am going to vote for the other candidate, what's his face."

STATEMAN THOMAS E. SCHERER, your better choice for United States Congress.

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