Friday, January 27, 2012

New Politically Correct Acronym-WIGO

WIGO. Think about songs by Marvin Gaye. What is going on. So, liking Marvin Gaye's music, especially that catchy tune, "Let's Get It On" (LGIO), I say let's just go ahead and have the Presidential election early. Let us get it on.

But I am digressing. WIGO. What is going on with our national and broken federal government. As a political candidate striving to be politically correct, some of the time, it is a lot better to use WIGO than some of other more appropriate acronyms I have learned. One use of the word WIGO in a sentence that would be appropriate and timely would be like this:

"WIGO" vote your incumbent arse out of office if you do not care of our business.

Like politically incorrect FUBAR (military term fouled up beyond any recognition) and WTF (legal term for what (are) the facts). These may be appropriate terms of our American culture, but I just do not feel it would be appropriate for me to use those acronyms;, so I created a new one-WIGO and then my campaign slogan is also fairly new.

WWJV4?=Who would Jesus vote for in the Presidential election, a Muslim that reminds me of Herbert Hoover, or instead, anybody else.

Gotta go. Got some crops to harvest over there in Farmville-you know-over there in the new world order-Internet Land.

Praise Jesus.

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