Monday, January 30, 2012

My finance is always messing with me

A few weeks ago, my finance tried to teach me a moral lesson. She was mad at me for some justifiable reason only a woman could understand.

Regardless, she stated to me what I thought she said, "never eat with the blind". Now this line messed me up. I had to think about these words for several days. First, I asked myself what is wrong with eating with blind people?

Then, she told me that is not what she stated-being a man I did not hear her properly. Her statement was "learn to eat with the blind". Well being a man, that was no clarification. So, I had to wait for her to explain to me, what the heck does that mean.

After all, I know how to eat-I am a man. Did not matter if the person I was eating with was blind or not. Heck, I have no problem eating with people that cannot see or hear. After all, I am still a civil rights activist. I try my best despite being an American to not discriminate.

Anyway, there is more to this story.
Now, last week, I was mad at my finance for not spending enough time with me. I told her to not come down this weekend at all.

Naturally, she always does like a woman-the exact opposite of anything I want her to do. So she comes down this weekend anyway.

So, finally because I am a clueless man, she explains what this saying, "learn to eat with the blind" means to her and to me. She states basically, it means I am unable to see her love for me. I am blind to all the good things she does for me. I concur.

I have a very hard time believing any rational person would ever love me. So, when some person like my finance states and acts like she loves me, I remain skeptical based on my own life experiences.

It seems rational to me, if someone professes they love you, then you have to wonder what the heck is wrong with this person? I am the way I am, and someone still loves and wants to marry me anyway?

To my critical self, that is messed up. In conclusion, what can I say, but great. It is a good to be loved.

It also a good thing or act to love someone back.
I am not cured of my inability to believe someone really can love me. But I am pretty good at loving back.

Would someone be so kind and send me the email or phone number for the love doctor? I am tired of being blind. Further, I am also hungry. For many things. Is there a love chef out there that can cook me up some lunch for the blind and deaf, so I do not have to?

Regardless, thanks Jesus for what you taught both of us, and the rest of humanity. Love is the answer to everything that is messing with us.

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