Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Fable about Governor Sam Brokeback

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there was this fantasy island called Kansas, about 1500 miles from Florida. In this fantasy land, the people got suckered into voting for an evil zealot named Sam Brokeback to be their governor.

After the election was over, due in part to the evil billionaire Koch brothers found in another fantasy island called Texas, this evil governor had the zany idea to institute a flat tax to benefit the rich corporations and businesses that had bribed and financed Brokeback's campaign to be governer with an evil regressive tax scheme hammering the middle class and the poor.

The people that lived in this fantasy island were not as simple as Brokeback thought. To deal with this zany governor, the people united and threw Governor Brokeback off the Gov throne with a simple trick called impeachment.

So the moral is a repeat of a classic moral-you can only fool people some of the time; and conversely some of the time the people you fooled, remember and do something in return called impeachment.

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