Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meet and Greet Event No. 1

Tonight, your next Congressman will host his first of many Meet and Greet event.

Go to Sneaky Pete's Resteraunt and Lounge on Bonita Beach Road.

Go to the billiard tables in the back.  Scherer will be there from 8 to 9. 

Warning: You do not want to play Scherer in billiards. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Throw out the bums-Get even with the politicans in Washington-Send Scherer there!

Are you tired of all the political posturing in DC?
 If you agree, Scherer and you are a lot alike.

Now, if you are a angry citizen of the US, Scherer is too.
So, that is the second  thing you have in common.

Are you a United States citizen that our country to unite
like we did when Reagan was our President?
Scherer does also. If so, that is third thing you have in common.

Are you sick and tired of a rotten federal government bureaucracy?
Really?  Scherer is too.

So that is the a whole bunch of things voters agree with Scherer,  Matter of fact, most of America (except for the super-rich who dislike Scherer) agree.

Just ask the Koch Brothers in Wichita, Kansas.
The Koch Brothers hate Scherer because he knows the game they are playing.

Do you want a statesman focused on what is best for our nation, regardless of party party and zany leadership like Nancy Pelosi?

Are, do you want more of the same old rhetoric, election after election. Scherer is looking hard for anyone close to being a statesman.  Where have they all gone to?

Are you getting tired of always paying more taxes, at the federal, state, county and local level, no matter how much you earn and the government takes away more and more, like an ever-expanding black hole located near he Twilight Zone close to some kind of Bizzaro Socialist State?

Scherer is tired of of almost 100 years of ever-expanding US government led socialism infringing on the sovereignity of the several states-a new world order.  Where priority jobs that impact our national security interest are placed globally, for the cheapest slave labor available.  And we do business with China-our enemy?  Give me a break.

Scherer was known in Kansas as the energizer bunny of Merriam, KS politics.  For good reason.  Scherer is a passive-aggressive bipolar that on top of that, is obsessive and compulsive about our nation.  Scherer also has anxiety and degenerative back diseases, and other ailments, gags on his dentures, and has had a crapload of pro se cases all over America fighting for your constitutional rights.

Scherer knows what it was like living on seven thousand a year.  Scherer truly understands poverty.  And if you are one of those, Scherer gets it.

If you really are upset by the DC establishment---just like Jimmy Stewart--get even with the federal agencies and yahoo DC politicans by sending a passive-aggressive, OCD person on an, arse kicking sojourn=send for once, a statesman named Scherer. 

Can it get any worse, with the yahoos we have in DC now?  As Obama fans like to state, yes it can.  They are not listening.  Scherer is listening though.  

Scherer will drive the bureaucrats crazy in DC.  As well as all over the nation that want your hard-earned tax dollars for their special pet pork projects and for their crony special interests groups keep greasing their campaign coffers in return for your tax dollars.  Should you be pissed?  Darn straight.  Get even.   Scherer merely wants a job with you hiring him as your employer.

Get even-hire Scherer to be your next United States Congressman.  

Scherer promises he will hated in Washington for going up against the rich and powerful, that have brought our nation to a total economic collapse.  Hold the incumbents accountable.  Anyone that wants your vote, ask them wtf have you done to earn my vote, before the election.  One's past may be a good predictor of what someone will do, post-election..

Ditto. Ask Scherer why he deserves to go to DC.  Scherer has been pissed on long enough.  Now it his turn to be the pisser. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

One of my first bills that I would introduce as a congressman

In our nation, we are lacking transparency and accountability from our own federal government and many corporations in America.  Therefore, with honor and privlidge, one of the first bills to bring jobs back to America, that I would author and introduce to the United States Congress is titled the following:

Government, Corporate and Business Accountability Act of 2013.

It is the stated purpose of this legislation that to return jobs to America, we should reward those entities that promote and have jobs including call centers located here in America, instead of contracting their call center operations to the cheapest source of labor, anywhere in the world.  Further, this act promotes and protects our private and confidential data that in the hands of the wrong nation could threaten and place our national security at risk. 

1. This would make our own federal government return to publishing in their agency organizational charts, telephone contact information clear to the Secretary level.  It is never good for a nation when our nation's federal agencies refuse to publish and make available the people that run the various federal agencies.  Why would our own federal government hide from us, the taxpayers, their contact data?

2. Require all government, corporate and businesses (excluding small businesses) from clearing identifying the name of their company, their location, US or foreign, disclose whether they are a 3rd party call center and clearly identify themselves and the person they report to with full disclosure, upon request by the caller. 

There are far too many governments and corporations in America that want to hide from us, the taxpayers and the customers who is the top level official accountable for their respective purpose.

3. Prevent non-domestic foreign countries from contracting for telephone services for all corporations and businesses doing business in America.  We as nation are losing many jobs to foreign call centers.  Further, this practice of hiring companies outside of America to handle certain transactions outside the United States not only takes jobs out of America, with all that data, it represents the potential for harm to our national security interest.

4. Prevent marketing companies, alleging to be calling on behalf of a non-profit entity to not circumvent the federal and state do not call lists.

5. To save lives, all governments, federal, state, county and local must implement a telephone system that incorporates voice response unit on, or before January 1, 2014.  This will bring many entities into full compliance with the intent of, and by the mandate of the United States Congress to make telephone systems compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Title 42, United States Code, Sec. 12101.

6. Require auto manufacturers to only produce automobiles with a voice response telephone system in new auto production to help save Americans from harm and injury caused by those individuals whom use cell phones while driving that subsequently causes accidents.  This section alone will result in saving American life-one of my jobs as a candidate for United States Congress.

7. Any government, corporation or large business in excess of 30 employees that employs and contracts telephone services outside of the United States of America must pay a federal tax to the International Revenue Service each quarter based on total revenues reported by that entity until such time as that entity continues to contract services outside of the United States, while concurrently conducting business operations in our nation.

8. Any government, corporation or large business in excess of 30 employees must have a person available to be contacted thereby ending those entities that rely on technology and equipment to hide from a United States citizen, the ability for a taxpayer or a customer of said entity force us to be unable to communicate with a human being of said entity.

9. All governments including their departments and agencies, as well as all corporations and large businesses in excess of 30 employees, must publish on the internet their organization chart for their officers and managers including the top layer naming the specific individual with that person's contact information for the sole purpose of transparency and accountability on or before January 1, 2014.  Any entity that fails to do so, is prohibited by this act from engaging in interstate commerce here in the United States of America.

Our purpose in introducing and enacting this legislation is to ensure jobs in America stay here, or jobs that have been contracted to foreign nation's stop doing so, on behalf of the people of the United States of America.

SPONSOR: Thomas E. Scherer.

Any constructive and positive suggestions to improve this act, please email Mr. Scherer at

On Behalf of Our Nation's Veterans

Due to extraordinary circumstances, I apologize for not posting the following earlier than today. 

On behalf of our nation, our veterans have protected us from all enemies both foreign and domestic, including those that have paid the ultimate price, their lives, or incurred disabilities that they have to either endure or overcome, with due and earned respect, tomorrow is a national holiday=Veterans Day. 

So, to all to all my fellow vets, below of list of some of the known discounts offered and known to me at the time of this writing.

Finally, we veterans thank the merchants listed below that give recognition to those veterans.  And humbly request other corporations and companies follow their lead and actively promote and market to this deserving group of individuals the same kind of recognition.

 If any vet knows or is aware of other veteran discounts offered, that are substantial, please send an email to my personal attention at  Keeping my promise-hoping others do the same, not just tomorrow but every day.

Veterans Day Discounts and Freebies


Applebees-All veterans and active duty military eat free from a limited menu at Applebee's on Veterans Day

Chili's-Veterans and active duty dine for free from a special limited six item menu on Veterans Day.

Golden Corral-Golden Corral Restaurants' Military Appreciation Monday free dinner will be available on November 15, from 5 to 9 P.M. Military retirees, veterans, active duty, National Guard and Reserves are all welcome.  (Good deal for a dinner after Veterans Day).

Hooters-All Veterans and active duty eat free.  The free entrees must be selected from a special Veterans Day menu.

Krispy Kreme-All active-duty, retirees & veterans get a free doughnut on Veterans Day.  Be sure to call ahead to verify your local Krispy Kreme is participating. (Why would some do it, and others dishonor vets by not?).

McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants-Participating Restaraunts offer a complimentary entree to vetws from a special menu on a space available basis, online reservations are highly recommended.  (This one makes me wonder-too many maybe's in this one to merely state we are not participating). 

Outback Steakhouse-Veterans and active-duty military get a complimentary Bloomin' Onion and non-alcoholic beverage on Veterans Day.

UNO Chicago Grill-UNO is offering a Buy One Get One free offer to Service members or Veterans with a military or veteran I.D., or in uniform or with a photo of themselves in uniform.  The Veterans Day BOGO offer includes a free entree or individual pizza with the purchase of an entree or pizza of equal or greater strength.

Texas Roadhouse-Free meal  from openning until 4pm on Veterans Day.  Call ahead to your local resteraunt for more information.  (Why do we have to call?  Either we get a free meal or we do not?)  (Another condition that I do not like, giving them the excuse to state we are the one participating).

T.G.I. Friday's-Veterans and Service members Buy One get one free from Nov. 11-14. Contact your nearest location for more details on their Veterans Day BOGO offer.

The Dollar General-Veterans, Service members (Active, Guard and Reserve), and their immediate families will receive a 10-percent discount with a Veterans Day coupon. The coupon may be found in store circular ads or by asking a sales associate.

Home Depot-Offers a 10% discount to all veterans during Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Lowe's-All  veterans receive the 10-percent discount on Veterans Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.  The offer is available in stores only and is limited to in-stock and special-order purchases of up to $5,000.  (Note: I get a 10-per cent discount every time I shop at Lowe's.  It is not limited to these 3 days to the best of my knowledge). 

Sam's Club-Sam's gives away 36,000 Hugo Canes on Veterans Day to military veterans in need of mobility assistance.  Sam's Club will require membership for this offer, but proof of service may be necessary. Day Hone MP3 download.  The album includes 12 songs by The Bands and Ensembles of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Cabela's Outdoor Store-Offers their employee discount to all veterans, active-duty military and reserves, law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel Nov. 11-12.  Discounts vary from 5% ro 50% depending on the item. 

Build-a-Bear Workshop-Members of the armed services including the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and Reserve Officer Traniing Corps, will recieve a 20% discount November 11-15 on any transaction at Build-A-Bear Workshop.  (But what about veterans? The holiday is Veterans Day-not Armed Forces Day).

Fashion Bug-20% off all plus-size and  isses clothing purchases with a copy of a military ID or spouse's military ID.  (What about the actual ID, and why do they want a copy of our  ID is beyond me). 

Foot Locker-Veterans, Service members (Active, Guard, and Reserve), and their immediate familieis with a Foot Locker Veterans Advantage Card receive a 20% discount every day of the year. That offer is both good both online and at any sport location, including Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Footaction and Champs Sports-even on sale itmes.  (Bummer to those vets that do not have a Foot Locker credit care).  Good deal if you have one. 

In closing, thanks to all of my fellow vets for your service to our nation. I hope this helps some of you in your own business affairs and would appreciate some feedback to my personal email on whatever you experience at some of these merchants.

 If you know of other stores that give Veteran discounts, I would appreciate knowing where.  And I will add some of those comments and discounts as they are made available.  And like the VA Building states, I know what keeping the promise is.  I too to the best of my ability keep my promises also. To my fellow vets, thanks and welcome home.

Thomas E. Scherer, Candidate, United States Congress (FL-14).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


WWJD-Who would Jesus vote for in the 14th District Congressional race here in SW Florida?  Naturally, we think Jesus would vote for Mr. Thomas E. Scherer.  For good reason.  Here in the United States of America, we have had to witness a divided Congress, based on party affiliation.

Mr. Scherer, like most of the rest of America is getting tired with the current state of our federal government and is tired of the same old thing from both the GOP and the Democrats. Currently in America politics, both major parties are at the outer and extreme edges of reality-so far out, most Americans feel like they are now living in the Twilight Zone.

Mr. Scherer, like most Americans would prefer going to OZ or even better heaven, instead of staying stuck in the Twilight Zone. Therefore, effective today, Scherer is filing with the Federal Election Commission as an unaffiliated candidate. Scherer has courage and is fighting and doing things right now to earn the votes of Floridians.

Scherer as the best candidate has been listening to the residents of Florida.  Scherer has heard horrible stories about the Florida Judicial system and how along with the greedy bankers, have been effectively denying Floridians their rights concerning their own homes.  Scherer intends to do something about this.  An attorney in NYC suggested Scherer as your best candidate address this issue for all Floridians.

Scherer intends to do so by asking the United States Supreme Court to review and question why the Florida Judicial System from the Florida Supreme Court clear down to the local municipal level is inadequately funded and unable to afford due process and procedural due process of law as guaranteed by the United States Constitution. 

To which as a condition of statehood, Floridians stated a long time ago, they too want the benefits, rights and privileges as promised by our United States Constitution.  

Another way Scherer intends to earn your vote is by traveling to several countries in Africa starting in January.  This includes doing some missionary work in Uganda, meeting with the US Ambassador in Kenya, and talking with the top political leaders of Tanzania, Africa about setting up an international and bilateral trade agreement between several of the states here in America including Florida; and the country of Tanzania, Africa.

Moreover, Scherer, a native born American (originally from Kansas) and now a resident of Florida still has a case pending at the Kansas Supreme Court for all homeowners in Kansas: that are being deprived of their rights related to real estate tax appeals in the state of Kansas.

So clearly, Scherer has been fighting for the rights of many for many years. (Since 1994).
He continues to fight for all of our respective rights based on the United States Constitution, including all amendments such as the Bill of Rights. Scherer believes his purpose is to serve a cause greater than himself. Further, Scherer refuses to be a cynic or engage in apathy.

Now back to what would Jesus do?  (WWJD).  Why would Jesus vote for Scherer, a fighter of our collective and God-given constitutional rights?  For starters, quoting from the Bible, James Chapter 1, Verse 8.  "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways."

We have too many politicians in Washington that refuse to take a position on many issues that might cause some voter alienation because they are political cowards, more focused on not doing much of anything causing political gridlock.  Why do they refuse to reach compromises?  And even better, how we solve political gridlock that keeps our nation divided and in the worst economic situation just like the Great Depression?

For example, try to ask and get any congressional candidate, current congressman, or current Senator of the United States here in Florida to take a position before the 2012 election on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Closing GITMO, abortion or unlawful/lawful immigration.

If these politicians refuse to take a position on an important issue to you as a voter prior to the election, or based on their past record, why on God's earth would you vote for an unstable double-minded politician like that? 

Mr. Scherer will state his position on these issues because as a candidate, Scherer has been listening to what voters of this nation want, including many of those in Florida.  Scherer refuses to be a double minded, and unstable politician talking out of both sides of the mouth on any controversial  political issue.  Why?

Scherer is not a politician-he is a statesman.  Scherer will and does support what is best for our nation, regardless of party affiliation.  Scherer will do what the voters want him to do which is to unite our nation and get rid of all of these horrible unstable politicians we have in Washington D.C. that keep our nation divided and at the polar political extreme.

Democrats want socialism.  And the GOP wants money for the rich including making you pay for their greed.  Scherer wants neither.  Hence, why we are pretty certain Jesus and many other Floridians will or would vote for Scherer to be their next better United States Congressman, come November, 2012.

So help us God.