Friday, January 20, 2012

Why do humans love things and generally despise each other

Jesus wants all of us to love each other-to help each other, as much as humanly possible. Jesus never suggested that we love things and despise each other. Now this is pretty fundamental; yet, so hard to love people. Love humanity and each other, and things will generally be a lot better.

Why do we Americans love our things, but not each other? I think things typically do not hurt us; but humans certainly can as we experience that thing called life. Humans hurt other humans. Sometimes, just like Cain and Abel in the Bible, humans kill each other. So, why do we love our things; and not each other as much?

For example, if you live in Internet Land and enjoy Farmville, there is a ratonal explanation for this. Farmville does not harm you-it is a passive and addictive internet experience, lacking any communication with other human beings. Naturally, if you are doing social media things like Farmville, you do not have to interact, unless you want to with humans-a controlled environment lacking human interaction.

Ditto for small children and puppy dogs. These examples cannot harm or hurt you directly. Nor can that fancy sports car you are driving. Things satisfy our need for self-expression and our independence. We earn money and then with some of that money, we obtain things or possessions that we think define who we are.

Things do not define humans. Actions and omissions define who we are in relation to other human beings-our humanity-both our virtues and our character. Are we good people, humane and loving to others; or alternatively do you ignore Jesus and ignore humanity increasing the odds you will be sentenced to eternal damnation?

I too have a problem with lots of human beings. As I move through the passage of life, a few isolated humans have caused me grave harm. I struggle every day with past harms. I am trying my best to not dwell on past harms, stay positive as much as possible, deal with today and those few isolated humans, appropriately referred to as assholes.

We all have one-and more than likely, depending on the circumstances we all can be one to another human being.

As I age in my own life, it is difficult, but not impossible for me to learn to love humanity again. Is this wisdom with age, education and experience? Nope. It is paying attention to what Jesus taught all of us how we should live our lives. So, applying what Jesus teaches me, I have to love this scumbag collection lawyer named Todd Allen. Even though I would rather not do so.

Amen. Thank you Jesus for what you tried to teach all of us. Some of us blockheads out here are very slow learners. Therefore, putting into effect what you taught all of us long ago, somehow I have to love a collection attorney named Todd Allen. Hard, but not impossible.

Your student, Thomas E. Scherer

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