Friday, January 20, 2012

The fun and joy of dealing with both the local media and the Federal Election Commission

If you are like me, dealing with the local media and the Federal Election Commission is so enjoyable, they should also consider having offices that give a congressional candidate a root canal at the same time.

Yesterday, I had to call a local newspaper located in Fort Myers, FL and inform them Edward Murrow is doing back-flips in his grave due to some local newspapers here in southwest Florida not understanding that when a person runs for federal elected office, you file your registration as a candidate first with the Federal Election Commission.

Then, later you have the option to file with the Florida Election Commission to get your name printed on the ballot prior to an election after paying a huge and astronomical amount of money to the state of FL.

So, if you thought the local newspapers here in Florida know what they doing concerning federal elections . . . well, frankly you would be wrong.

The local news media in Fort Myers in error, thought you check to see who is running for federal office, with the Supervisor of Elections in Tallahassee. You would think I was joking, but clearly I am not.

So, a wise person never trusts the local media to be accurate or factual. This explains when in comes to the trust and things called facts, we can trust the internet better than the local media.

Hence, why a recent article in The News-Press located in Fort Myers failed to list all of the filed candidates for United States Congress, including me. I am estacic with joy and fun dealing with these entities, including the President of this local newspaper who refuses to call me back.

Her name is Mia Mia Chang and her phone number is (239) 335-0277. Give her a call. I did and am still waiting for her to give me an explanation on why many filed congressional candidates as registered with the FEC were omitted and missing in their front page article dated January 18, 2012.

Also yesterday, another fun day in the life of a person filed and running for United States Congress, I had to also call the Federal Election Commission about my party affiliation being "other".

Some nutjob at the FEC changed my party registration from "other" back to calling me a democrat. Now how insulting is that? So today, I have to deal with the FEC somemore to ensure these regulators know I am not running for US Congress as a democrat again.

For the record, I am running as other. I am not a filed GOP or DEM candidate for United States Congress. Most of the voters I talk to, do not like either party. Having been in both parties at various times in my life, I do not like or trust either of these two major parties. For good reason.

Look at the state of our nation with either the dems or GOP in charge. Things just keep getting worse. And as a leader, I refuse to be a party lemming or sign any party loyalty oaths.

So, I justed wanted to let my blog readers know how much fun it is to deal with both the local media and the Federal Election Commission all on the same day. Maybe a better word, would be ironic.

Hence, why I am pretty certain the backflip Edward Murrow just did, gets a 10 on a 10 scale. So, time to get back to work. I have to call those zany people at the Federal Election Commission and ask them simply, what is going on. (WIGO).

And hopefully someday, the local newspapers in Florida figure out when you are running for federal office, you go to to get some facts on whom is filed and is actuallly running for United States Congress in the 14th District. Or hey,here is novel idea-pick up that thing called a telephone and call and verify with the person claiming to be a candidate with a small inquiry-did you register with the Federal Election Commission?

You know-people like the other candidate, that Scherer dude.

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