Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why does Obama merely want to end oil subsidies-Why not end all subsidies period

Good grief. Obama wants to end oil subsidies, an indirect tax increase passed through the oil companies ending with you paying for it. Why should Obama just target the oil industry?

Americans that like a free market economy should shout out loud and clear, end all subsidies funded by the taxpayers in an indirect consumption tax. Let us get this over with. Subsidies are just inherently tainted federal tax dollars to insider lobbyists on behalf of special interest groups. Just end all subsidies, period.

Better, what is a subsidy anyway,other than corruption to special interest groups econonists try to make us rationalize as somehow being ok in a free market economy. And remember, we do not trust economists-for every economist, they are like lawyers that can argue anything is rational or irrational.

I will be right back. Below is the definition of what a subsidy is.

1. Monetary assistance granted by a government to a person or group in support of an enterprise regarded as being in the public interest.

I will be right back. I am going to see if I can find a list of all federal subsidies most citizens would state, we do not need at all.

Here is a link to around 1,696 federal subsidies. Cost in 2006 is reported at 2.429 trillion of our federal funds. That is a lot of pork in corruption and tainted pile of crap.

The largest subsidy goes to fund health care bloat was the Medicare Prescription Drug program at 70 billion in 2006. Some of the subsidies are stupid. Healthy marriage, 150 million, safety belt performance grant, 124 million, incentive fund for teachers, a mere 99 million.

The more you know and understand our huge federal government, the more pissed off you should be. Welcome to I am po Club. I am voting for Scherer to end some of this kind of nonsense.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vote for Scherer-He is no saint

Here is a short story-true. I was returning Sunday from church with Queen. To the right of me driving down Nascar straight track (Tamiami Highway). I see this Dodge Marauder go by in the far lane. We both stop. I hear the roar of his engine as he revs up pumping gas. I use man-thought. Race is on.

We both take off from the green light. I dump the clutch and get some tire spin before slamming second gear. He takes the lead and I shut down before I hit the lawful speed limit.

Queen says the other driver, a law enforcement officer just smiled and kept on going. Thank you Jesus.

Just demonstrates why me going to church is a good thing. Further, this story proves I am no saint.

No one wants a congressional saint. Vote for Scherer-he is no saint. He is just like us.

Scherer vs. Kyomo

Ok fans. I highly suggest that anyone that knows Queen to tell her to marry me.

There is nothing more important in my life then Queen saying yes; including giving me an exact date.

God and Jesus have already voted to the affirmative.

If you want to be contrary to the votes of Jesus and God, go ahead and risk eternal damnation.

New and More Important Political Campaign

Queen, marry me.

Quit messing with Scherer's heart, soul and mind.

From people all over the world, inlcuding my slacker guardian angel, almighty God and Jesus.

What does freedom mean?

Feedom to me was best defined by Gandhi. From the movie.

Freedom resides in your heart, soul and mind.

We all have freedom that evil people and demons of the spirit try to mess with.

Hence, why we were all given an angel. Your angel protects and sits on your shoulder. Feel the weight? Good, you should.

The burden you are given, is God's plan for you.

Amen. God, reduce all of our burdens. Unite us as a nation.

Screw ObamaCare: Going real from my heart, mind and soul

I really appreciate patience by others of me.

As I age, I thought my own wisdom would increase.

I was wrong. The world is a tricky place. I am pretty certain both of you understand I did the best I could, against those focused on greed and money.

I am no crybaby or whiner. I appreciate the kindness shown, and the earned respect is bilateral.

I have to do the writ with the United States Supreme Court. I am no sellout. My heart is pure and clean. I will do the best I am able to make our nation, and the whole world a better place. So help me God. And he/she has certainly been doing their part in being assistive. That slacker angel of mine keeps jacking with me.

I am so fortunate to be in love and be loved back.

I am grateful.


Liberty as defined vs. ObamaCare

I have been asking locals to define the word liberty. The Pledge of Allegiance contains the word liberty. First, what does the word liberty mean as defined?

One person out of many stated liberty is freedom of choice. Partially correct. Liberty is defined as freedom of choice without interference from a government body. On a sidenote, freedom is another word to be defined later.

So with this word liberty we all state whenever we give the Pledge of Allegiance to our country, has does that liberty stack up to ObamaCare?

ObamaCare is government interference and a direct threat to all of our constitutionally protected liberty. Congress and Obama are threats to our liberty as defined.

Hence, merely another reason I do not support government interference choosing what we must buy. There are several reasons why Congress and Obama want socialized medicine. Some of the state governments burdened by high health costs, want ObamaCare. Other states do not want socialized medicine and that explains why only 26 states oppose ObamaCare-greed for federal tax dollars.

Now all of us want a better health care system in America. Despite myths perpetuated internationally, America does not have that great a health care system. We are ranking around 26th in the world by the World Health Organization.

One of the problems in ObamaCare favors the established medical industry. If ObamaCare as passed, health care would continue to increase in costs because of national funding. Now all persons do not want a worse health care system. Most Americans want an improving health care system at the national level at a lower cost. ObamaCare does not ensure this will happen.

Now we have to remember the Rick Santelli message. Basically, Santelli does not want to pay for your health care including your costs. I do not want to pay for your health care. You need to pay for own health care. And if you do not, do not come knocking on my door if you failed to take care of your own health, or pay for health insurance.

Now there are a few exceptions a civilized society understands cannot for various reasons afford health care. The poor, some children, some elderly and some that are severely disabled. A compassionate and civil society should have a system-the question really is what should that system be.

This is the crux of the problem-how compassionate and civil can we be in America given our current economic debt situation. Beats me. Let us see what the United States Supreme Court decides. Then, we can all react to that decison. I tend and hope the United States Supreme Court addresses the word liberty and rejects the individual mandate as not being in the best interests of our nation.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not in the mood to write anything today

Frankly, I am not writing anything today so I can stay focused on that writ with SCOTUS against several respondents.

Filing a writ with SCOTUS is more fun than getting a root canal.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My guess on what SCOTUS will decide on Obamacare

Since every pundit in America is guessing what SCOTUS will or will not do on ObamaCare this year, I might as well give me take on this big challenge to all Americans liberty interest.

First of all, SCOTUS hedges and gives lots of rhetoric in some monstrous opinion. Their first piece of rhetoric will be somewhere along the lines of the 3 branches of government.

This means ObamaCare will result in SCOTUS not making much of a decision stating Congress and the executive branch under the President as seperate branches of the government have the right to pass laws, no matter how silly or how much they interfere and are in direct contradiction to the United States Constitution.

Second, SCOTUS may delegate that states have the right to vote and either approve ObamaCare as written. This way, SCOTUS will avoid being blamed in an unclear and undecipherable burden shift back to each state to spend a lot of money and time to avoid ObamaCare if they want to go to all that work and effort preserving state sovereign rights.

Third, SCOTUS will hedge a lot in their final opinion on ObamaCare. Their opinion will be so confusing, the rest of us will spend decades trying to understand what exactly did SCOTUS mean-it will appear to both sides equslly they both won and lost.

So even after SCOTUS decides ObamaCare, there will remain clouds of mystery as most of us will remain just as confused after SCOTUS writes their opinion.

In about 50-60 years, around 2060, SCOTUS will reverse whatever decision they make this year. Just like Plessy v. Ferguson, being reversed by Brown v. Board of Education-seperate but equal schools kind of decision. Or, Roe v. Wade-another decision by SCOTUS that will be reversed. Just a matter of time.

Finally, the court will be split 5-4, favborable for ObamaCare; but must be further refined and narrowly tailored federally, limited only to one case; while forcing states that do not like it, to do a heck of a lot of work to get rid of ObamaCare seperately.

SCOTUS justices like to be just like a King Solomon-cut the baby in half whenever two competiting interests cannot reach a compromise amongst themselves. Making decisions as complicated as humanly possible, keeping everyone confused resulting in the typicial citizen stating, WTF does this mean for decades.

My best pundit guess-this is what I am guessing SCOTUS will do-make an opinion that is anything but clear. Then, the justices will just sit around around laughing a lot about how they avoided doing much of anything, leaving the rest of us in this nation confused as much as we were before SCOTUS decided something.

Another Thing I Learned Friday at my first public event: Warren Buffet is Playing Obama like a cheap fiddle

One of the other congressional candidates Friday, stated the reason Obama vetoed the Keystone Oil Pipeline was because Warren Buffet told Obama to do so.

If this true, Warren Buffet, knock off your playing Obama like a cheap fiddle. Sure, Obama can easily be manipulated by Warren Buffet-master of gamesmanship. Knowing and having communicated with this legend of American capitalism actually makes sense to me.

Buffet does not care about money-Warren just likes playing. Even if he can spin the President of the United States like a top. I can see Warren sitting in his modest home laughing his arse off. I also think Warren is promising a huge check in support of Obama's presidential campaign.

So thank SCOTUS for their lack of logic in Citizens United allowing corporations constitutional rights. Absurd and another SCOTUS case that needs overturned. This decision ranks up there along with Roe v. Wade and Kelo v. Pfzier.

Now the only reason would give Obama millions of dollars is Warren's expectation of getting billions while only giving millions. Obama, wake up and stop being either naive or evil. Buffet is not your friend. He is the master of manipulation based on winning. Warren Buffet and Charlie Sheen "Winning Show" expected to be playing soon in the thing called 2012 election cycle.

All Americans that love our nation should kindly inform Warren Buffet to knock off his games he loves to play. And Warren as numero uno capitalist does not care that much about being a statesman and doing what is best for our nation.

Here below is the email to Warren Buffet's executive assistant, Debra. Send an email to Warren suggesting kindly he do what is best for our nation, instead of unduly focusing on playing games with the POTUS:

America is by example, different kinds of bubbles in a clouded bottle of water

Our nation and national policies will clearly be demonstrated for the remainder of my congressional race by reference to a container (United States) with a solution inside (what binds us together) that contain lots of different kinds of bubbles. (Representing people and political issues).

In my speech Friday, I used this simple bottle of bubbly water to explain this is what our nation is like. The bottle of water plays into the often cited saying, is the glass have empty or half full expressing being positive as contrasted to negative. Is the water or populism clear or cloudy.

Inside this bottle, are bubbles or issues. Are those bubbles big or small, opportunity or problems. Are some of those bubbles solutions? Voters want positive bubbles of opportunity-clarity instead of murky and clouded water. Voters want their elected congressman to have solutions and address the bad bubbles or problems.

The liquid instead the bottle is the solution contained in the United States. The container represents the nation, including everything inside that container. The voters and non-voters are bubbles inside the solution. The role or my job is to listen to all the bubbles. And then act on what all these bubbles want done, if possible as a solitary congressman.

My job is to listen to the bubbles. Some of the bubbles want fantasy-some want reality. The more divisive the bubbles are on a particular issue makes my job more difficult in distilling what is the solution to an given issue. On a given issue, a congressman has to get other congressman to agree. One congressman could have all the solutions, but as long as that congressman is the only one, nothing happens. Many congressman or bubbles must agree in unity.

We need unity in our polticicans based on what is best for our nation, using tools like the United States Constitution as a clear guide to what is possible to be done by elected federal officials.

There are some common bubbles-love of country for example. We all love our country. Then, what other bubbles unite us as a nation of people? Freedom of religion and speech. Bubbles of liberty that unite us. Bubbles that warn us when politicians try to work around the fundamental concepts of what unites us as a nation.

There are certainly lots of bubbles, but all the bubbles are contained in the solution. One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. In conclusion, compared to other nation's bubbles, we here in the United States are some very fortunate bubbles unlike any other.

For which we need to remember how fortunate we bubbles have been, are and will be.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wanted: Attorney that can give good oral argument before the United States Supreme Court

I could really use a good qualified attorney for giving oral argument before the United States Supreme Court.

Qualified attorneys, call me at 239 948-0178.

And am not paying you anything, much less a nickel for the opportunity of a lifetime to make America and Florida better places.

Ask for Tom.

Hammered speech today; as well as learned some things about voter expectations

Today is merely another day I was given an opportunity to do stuff. Started the morning off in an anxious state related to giving my first public speech on why I am a very good and qualified candidate for United States Congress. Hammered it. The speech went well.

Then at this event, I heard the word solutions. Solutions are needed in America-not flowery political rhetoric. Some of the other candidates also had their unique vision to give-but none proffered any solutions. Which is what voters want to hear.

There were 10 candidates there. I gave them all respect for caring about our nation just like I do. There were a few tactical errors made by some of the candidates, but regardless, I am trying not to go on the attack. I respect all that care about our nation, but even more so to my fellow congressional candidates.

After my 3 minute speech trying to explain why I am worthy of votes, I was then asked one of those multi-part questions that frankly was so long, I could not even remember all the parts of the question. My unique question was on the energy policy of the United States.

Naturally, like most I was prepared and gave my best position related to the same. After this event, I then went to the Ford and Edison estates looking for innovation and inspiration.

Then while driving home, I was listening to the radio. There was a discussion related to how a person that deals with anxiety like I do, can properly use that anxiety to do so much, for so many. Amen. This anxiety I do my best to control, explains why some refer to me as the energizer bunny of politics.

I met and was solicited for a cash contribution by a couple of individuals. I gave. Maybe they were angels and God was testing me again. You never know.

Then, I had to go home and finish a 2nd application to the United States Supreme Court. Finished that and just mailed that application to SCOTUS about 20 minutes ago. I am hoping SCOTUS grants this second application.

To finish the day, I bought a good cigar to celebrate. Although I am supposed to quit smoking for the 17th time before smoking kills me.

I am going to go play billiards this evening and watch KU beat the crap out of NC State. Hopefully. I really like March Madness, but not as much as I like Popeye's Fried Chicken.

Another typical day in the life of a candidate for US Congress. Quite unlike most of these other candidates, I am earning your vote. Finally, I did tell the audience if they see my finance, tell her to hurry up and marry me.

In ending, I am pretty certain my slacker angel was right there with me. Thanks angel. Now get off my shoulder. And go on diet or something. My shoulder is weary from all your weight. But stay close, if needed.

The end. Of today.

Today is Show Time-First Public Speaking Event Explaining Why I Am the Best and Most Qualified Congressional Candidate in the 14th

Ok fans, it is showtime. I have to appear in a few minutes and give my first public speech and appearance in downtown Fort Myers. Great.

I get another opportunity to speak publically in a forum with others that think they are better or more qualified than I am. I kindly disagree for several reasons:

1. I am in love and like many things and people. I am in love with my son, my finance, my country, Florida, Kansas but not Missouri.

2. I have many of the necessary virtues, values and character that uniquely qualify me to represent the people of this nation.

3. I have anxiety. This is a good thing explaining why I do so much for those things and persons I love. The way the anxiety plays out means I will work my tail off moving and making our nation a better place.

4. Unlike the other candidates, I walk the talk, sparing voters of the same old thing when it comes to issues. I do not spin political rhetoric like most [politicans do, speaking like a two-headed snake, never taking a stand on divisive political issues smartly to avoid voter alienation.

I am not that smart and I do not want to speak on both sides of a divisive issue. I am too old to be overly concerned about voter alienation.I have askled for, and recieved what voters want, all across the nation. I get it.

5. Best reason of all. God, Jesus, Jacob (my son) and Queen all love me. If they want me to be your next congressman, that is God and Jesus's work-not mine. I am merely their instrument doing whatever job they delegate to me.

So God and Jesus, be there today guiding me to what I refer to as showtime. Remember, when I write, so help me God, I mean it. Finally, make sure that slacker angel of mine is right there on my shoulder today.

Amen. Time to go. I have been getting ready and prepared all of my life.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I really dislike my blog photo-I look a lot better now

I really dislike the professional photo on this blog. I do not have a beard, my hair looked horrible in the photo. I look a lot better without the beard and with my hair combed and not plastered in gel, the photo guy failed to tell me about.

I also paid a graphics guy to stick in the other side of the blog header thingie, a paste of Kansas sunflowers. This cost some more money in past elections. Naturally, if I were not a frugal fiscal conservative, I would fix all that stuff.

So, I assure you I look a lot better in person. Further, I really do not like dressing in suits trying to impress people with clothes. I may even run as a blue jeans kind of candidate, some of the time. My goal is to assure you I am just like most of America.

The purpose of this blog and this post is to ensure and assure you I am aware of the state of our nation and why I am an experienced and qualified congressional candidate that has been listening and understanding voter expectations and angst.

I get it. The further the campaign goes on, one of my jobs is to show I get it, better than the other less experienced candidates. That is my job also. The person that best explains they get it, wins the congressional seat.

Finally, no one is going to understand the issues better than I do. No one. Usually the way this pans out, no one will engage in debate in a public forum. Wait and see as the campaign progresses. Understanding and discussion of getting it, are what make me the best qualified candidate.

Why we love America despite having to live in a high stress Crazytown

People from all over the world that live in the America, very rarely leave freely. There are many reasons why this is so. America remains a great place to live. We have all those promises as written in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Important things.

Right to life, liberty and happyness. Freedom of speech, religion and a right to assembly. The right to replace the national government, or any branch that fails us. We live in a highly developed, high tech nation.

Many tell me a condition of living in any area in America has typical problems and opportunites; and that most of us live in a location I merely refer to as Crazytown, USA whether that town is here in Estero, FL or in my last home in Kansas. Here from the urban dictionary is a definition of Crazytown USA-Something that is so insane, that it deserves it's own zipcode.

High stress in Crazytown is part of our daily existence.
As a candidate for Congress, my goal is to return our federal government to being less stressful in all of us lives, that includes going backwards a little bit in returning retro to better times, including making living in Crazytown not as crazy due to the national government.

Further as written in other posts on this channel, we need to return as a united nation to being more moral, spiritual and remain focused and united as families; while pursuing what is in our best interests, as individuals hsving to deal with our own circumstances daily we all deal with in Crazytown USA.

That is my job to make Crazytown less so. And I am not thrilled with the burden of this job. Someday, I might quit making the world and country a better place and return to focusing on my own inner peace and tranquilty including leaving now to go wash the dishes sitting in my sink.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Understanding tainted congressional campaign reports by Thomas Scherer

As the most experienced congressional candidate here in Florida's 14th District Congressional race, it seems warranted to explain how to read and interpret campaign finance reports from several perspectives.

Generally, the GOP candidate with the most money is the most corrupt and tainted politican in the pack. The GOP top candidate is funded and gets big bucks based on being greased by several pro-business big corporate evil rich entities.

The leading Dem candidate typically has less funds from Democrats because most Democrats are not rich tycoons; although noting there are usually a few rich democrats in America. Usually, the dem candidate gets lots of small contributions and few from corporate or industry groups. The dem candidate typically gets special interest money from unions provided the dem candidate can and is expected to win the election.

The media,both TV and in newsprint frequently believe the candidate with the most money should be the most qualified. This is a myth perpetuated by mass media. A wise voter must remember the media is a special interest group with a built-in bias for their own self-interest.

So, read carefully the mass media crap with justifiable skeptism. Further, the media tend to be very human-like and far too lazy to waste too much time assigning a reporter than does an in-depth unbiased writing about a field of congressional candidates.

I have spent a lot of time since 2004 analyzing at length campaign finance reports. For example in the Kansas 3rd District race, the congressman only invested 14 dollars in his own campaign.

He was tainted and greased with a lot of special interest corruption money. The dude won the election and now the voters have to deal with this elected person doling back huge chunks of federal tax dollars post-election, leading to voter regret after the fact.

Then, there are candidates like myself that typically do not want to be corrupted or feel an obligation to any special interest group. Most poli sci people and elected state I am being naive in not soliciting funding for my own congressional campaign. Maybe I am naive, but at least I am not corrupt or wanting to be elected to return huge amount of federal tax dollars to some special interest group-favors in return for campaign contributions.

Finally, when doing an analysis of a candidate's funds, I try to group together which special interest group inclduing industry groups that typiocally are trying to buy favorable legislation via the contribution scheme. I find it a bit ironic that congressional candidates is one of the few jobs in America where a prospective public servant, asks his next employer for money so he/she can get paid again, after the election.

In summary, there may be, or will be around eight types of candidates in the 14th Congressional District race:

1. The GOP candidate with the most money will be tainted and the most likely to be corrupt with that campaign financed by for profit, special interest and/or industry groups.

2. The Democratic candidate will have some party funds, and a limited amoumt of special interest money.

3. The uncorrupt,but usually self-funded, under-funded candidates.

4. The smaller political party candidates like the Libertarian and Reform party candidates. Most of the time, these groups have no qualified or well-funded candidate-instead, they just get anyone to run as a candidate to advance their party status as a minority party. Typcially, their candidates have few qualifications and typically invest hardly any money in their campaigns at all.

5. The super-rich candidate that is typcially wanting power and to feed an egomanical narcissism; or to make even more money from getting way too much media exposure. Think Donald Trump type.

6. The candidate that is married to a super-rich woman. Think Connie Mack IV, John McCain or John Kerry type of politican.

7. The Great Speech Giver-great at spinning campaign slogans and popular but meaningless ambigous campaign rhetoric before the election (Hope and Change) painting an unrealistic but overly optimistic fantasy spin and vision of the future, but being a horrible leader post-election. Think Obama.

8. The corrupt industry group backed candidate. The worst and most tainted candidate of all. If I find one of these yahoos, I will report that kind of candidate here going forward. There is usually one of these evil people running a campaign in every congressional candidate race. A bought candidate that is running for the wrong reasons contrary to the best interests of our nation, often secretly.

In regard to my own campaign for United States Congress, I am in Category 3 again this election cycle. I am not selling my soul; nor asking others to give me money so I can get more money after being elected.

This is an important post, so I may be doing some editing as time progresses. My goal is to help the public including voters to assist them in understanding campaign finance reports, as honestly as I can.

Choose wisely-it matters.

Some observations related to the other candidates for the 14th District Congressional Seat

To date, I have tried to communicate with my fellow congressional candidates. Some it might be appropriate and timely to write about my reaching out to all the candidates.

Universally, none of the GOP congressional candidates return calls. Which means they suck and do not get my respect.

James Roach, Democratic candidate gets my respect to date. Although I am far more qualified and have better integrity than this candidate.

Roach and I are campaigning differently. Roach is out there attending various local events trying to get votes. Now I understand this is a good thing to raise a candidate's awareness to various and diverse groups of voters. Which is clearly an advantage to the Democratic candidate, James Roach.

It also suggests to me Roach has an abundance of time to do such things. When it comes to me, I am stuck in judicial land bogged down in cases before the United States Supreme Court, the Kansas and Florida Supreme Courts, the 11th Circuit, the Board of Veterans Appeals, and several other judicial forums.

I am also involved in dealing with some parts of the state agencies here in Florida. Furthermore, I am trying my best to deal with a really bad Gov and Lt. Gov of Florida related to my efforts to bring jobs back to Florida in a bilateral international trade deal that I continue to focus upon to earn votes. They both suck and deserve to be un-elected.

Finally, I am trying to expand my scope to the international level, via a gift from God and Jesus, my finance, international celebrity Queen, Olympian from Tanzania.

God and Jesus, what can I write and say about all the following, but thanks. Thanks a lot. I remain and believe I am a very fortunate hard-working person trying to do the best I can for as many as possible.

Some data on this blog-Why is this blog mainly viewed in only the Northern Part of the World?

Most of us experienced bloggers review hit counts and stats related to our blog postings. Any writer wants a broad and diverse readership. So I just checked my stats. Further, I have been blogging before blogging was even a word, because I am a relatively old writer dude.

For some reason, I am read in the northern part of the world. The readership is spread across many nations in the north. I need to fix that and expand readership of this blog into the southern part of the world also.

Outside of the US, I am followed in the following countries by hit count in Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and France. Mainly Europe. Some in Japan and a smaller hit count in other nations.

France, what is that all about? I do not even like France. Now I do understand the most followed postings I have made in the past at the international level was on my theories related to tax policy and participatory democracy.

Why those two topics are interesting internationally, I am uncertain and indifferent. I am just happy I can report an international following across several nations outside of the United States. We blog writers appreciate a wide distribution of our work product.

I therefore am and remain both greatful, yet quite humble and happy related to the same. I must now stay focused on expanding hit count to the southern part of the world also. Queen, make some calls to your connections in the continent of Africa for me. I need a higher hit count in Africa.


Understanding George Washington better

Some of our forefathers wanted G. Washington to be king. George did not want to be king. I am pretty certain George had some wisdom and wanted to not have to take on such a heavy responsibilty of an entire nation.

At some point as I get a little bit older, transform and become more like George. Rhetorically, why do some of us care and love our nation? With advancing age, at some point, we all have to return our focus back to being orientated on smaller purposes. It is all noble and good to want to change and make anything better for the most people possible.

One of my clearly stated goals was and has been for many years devotion and focus to making America a better nation. Now, I am at that stage in life for the present wanting to make the whole world a better place. Now that is a pretty big goal.

By example, it is also important I clean the dishes sitting in my sink out of self-interest. A far small goal more easily attainable than changing the entire planet earth.

Further, this week my pastor asserted how important our families are. As well as noting how a huge socialist government wants to control our children instead of allowing we as parents to set and gently guide our own children and grandchildren.

Naturally, we have a small role in shaping others own decision-making process. If we shape and lead our families own character development into having values, morals and character that are noble and not self-centered, we have a better, more moral and civil nation.

Therefore, I concur. Nothing can be more important in restoring in America than returning to a family focus as an important national goal. Families in America are very fundamental to the well-being of a nation's character, fate and destiny.

To further this fundamental belief, as a nation, we have an important task before us-to strengthen family ties, including reducing asap our silly folly taking us to astronomical rates of divorce and the absurd notion that marriage is ok for individuals of the same sex.

So as a civil rights activist, I am sorry to those that think marriage is ok for some of those in the gay community. I cannot support gay marriage for a good reason-it is contrary to the best interests of our nation. Civil unions, no problem. Gay marriage, big problem.

Moreover, this is consistent with our national character as established by our founding fathers that a strong nation remains central in the concept that by focusing on the individual, instead of a huge national government, we all benefit. Whether that be in secular matters, or in something as fundamental in setting a nation education policy that treats our children as an economic cog instead of treating our children as individuals.

We as a nation have a job far more important than economic prosperity. To obtain economic prosperity, a more important job is restoring the traditonal and long-held position of liberty and non-interference by a huge central government. We as a nation have to return to support families and marriage as a fundamental and critical agenda, clear across this nation.

Hence, I better understand George Washington a little bit better as I too age.

Monday, March 19, 2012

KU needs to give Roy Williams regret for leaving Kansas and KU behind

Maybe this is the year KU gives Roy Williams at NC regret for leaving KU and Kansas. More than likely, KU should win the March Madness thing, regardless of what people from Kentucky and New York think.

Native Kansan sons and daughter whatever we reside understand KU should win March Madness, provided KU does not lose any games.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Good News-First Public Speech Next Friday Instead of This Friday

Ok,considering I went to participate in my first public speaking event today, justs shows my humanity in that I erred. Speech event next Friday, not this Friday. Regardless, I am well prepared and can polish and shine that speech even longer and give you fans here, an updated biography. That way, you do not have to figure out where that life and political data is located.

Stand by. Will update later. Watching March Madness right now. Great BB-hard to write during March Madness. Be back later.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

For God and the rest of humanity, Queen stop messing with Scherer-Tell him what date you are going to marry the best candidate for US Congress

Queen, my finance continues to mess with me, causing me personal angst and anxiety.

Naturally, most voters that have had their own anxiety and angst prior to their own marriages understand what this is like-the relation of a man and woman in love with each other, but not yet married.

Furthermore, most humans can identify with a man in love with a great and wonderful woman. Such a person makes me a better human and a better candidate for US Congress.

So, Queen stop messing with Scherer. Tell the best candidate for US Congress in Florida's 14th District what month you are going to marry this dude. For God, the voters and non-voters of the United States of America.

If CNN finds out about this, I am pretty certain our love affair will be all over the horrible media that I distrust. My worst nightmare, CNN and N interview with Soledad on CNN. That would be horrible. And besides I do not want to drive to Atlanta; or be on the national media circus, regardless of how many votes I would get.

Marry me please Queen so I can write about something relevant to politics right here on this blog. If Queen keeps messing with me, I am going to get a gigantic billboard here real soon stating almost exactly what I am writing here.

That is a promise. In turn, I have spent 17 years fighting for your rights in a civil manner whenever the opportunity was presented. Any help here would be appreciated. God and Jesus are helping. Why don't you tell Queen to stop messing with me and marry one of, if not the best candidate in America for US Congress?


Job of being a US Congressman is not clear and I am going to try to explain why this job sucks

Most think being a US Congressman would be a great job. Wrong. This job sucks and the demands and expectations of what a solitary congressman, incumbent or new is not understood that well, in general.

First of all, a newly elected congressman gets paid around 175k. Big deal. That is chump change, relatively. The real benefit is the million bucks a congressman gets each and every year to hire the best staff a congressman can attract to his position. The head is the chief of staff. These people generally get a salary out of that million bucks around 110k.

Then, there is the scheduler person that tells the congressman where to go and be on any given day. This person is not cheap either.

Then, out of that same million dollars, a congressman has to hire rather cheaply, dedicated people with the remaining money, and buy equipment and technology to do the best job one can human do running constituent services, one of the most important functions of a congressman.

So every congressman and senator in America gets every year, 1,175,000 per year to take care of our nation's business. And that is all. Then, to make even worse, a congressman has to work with other congressman just to get one piece of legislation enacted that any congressman is asked to do by the voters and non-voters that person represents in his/her congressional district.

Basically since this is not a lot of money relative to the tasks needed and demanded from the citizens of this nation, most congressman are disliked based on an unreasonable and unrealistic expectation of what a congressman has to deal with.

After getting elected, a congressman has to deal with so called experts and lobbyists that then argue and try to get the congressman to cast an affirmative vote in favor of their special interest by persuasion.

Hence, a congressman has to be very careful to strive to be and act as a stateman, regardless of citizen dis-satisfaction on any piece of legislation imaginably.

A congressman therefore has to carefully balance what is best for our nation, and far too many merely focus on what is in the congressman's best interest-re-election and attracting bribes and funds for the next election cycle. These are the elected that I refer to as yahoo politicians. Nasturally, we have far too many yahoos that sucker the voter over and over again.

These yahoos in turn care very little about the nation, the United States Constitution, or their own congressional district. The current incumbent provides a great example of a yahoo politician. People like this just love having the title so they can socialize and have a lot of people, evil usually that suck up to the elected.

What we have to do is discern as best we can, who will be the best candidate with a clean heart, having good virtue, character and morals that acts on the talk, after obtaining the best one can, expectations of the elected.

My candidacy serves a function of distilling who is the best candidate with the best heart to be the next 14th District Congressman.

Therefore, my job as one of those candidates, is to be assistive in helping this congressional district seperate the wheat from the chaff. That is my job and I enjoy that calling for good reason-I swear to God, Jesus and the citizens of the 14th District that is what I am going to do in 2012.

I really do not want to get this job, indicating full awareness being a congressman is a job that really sucks. If God, Jesus and the voters have selected that fate and destiny for me in 2012, I would do so, but not be really happy after being elected.

So help me God, Thomas E. Scherer, the best candidate for United States Congress.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Speech Draft that includes a universal message on love of others and self

Ok fans, I have to draft, write and deliver a speech this Friday to clearly demonstrate on why I should get a job I really do not want-being an elected United States Congressman.

The theme of this speech is people and entities I love and dislike; as conveyed to me by citizens of this nation. I have been listening and understanding the best I can. Further, I am not some rookie candidate running for US Congress due to some egomanical naricssism. am an experienced and qualified candidate running for US Congress.

First, I love my finance so tell her to hurry and marry me, asap; and I also love my son Jacob equally; and most of my family, that typically drive me crazy; especially around the holidays. I get my turn also to drive them crazy.

Second, I love my nation and our United States Constitution including promises of rights to life, liberty and personal happyness. As well as the promises of my nation as contained in our Bill of Rights.

Third, per Jesus, I love everyone, including that despicable scumbag lawyer, the federal judge, the standing trustee that just cost me around 100k in real money, which I could care less about.

Fourth, I love all people, across the planet the earth, regardless of citizenship or skin color, as directed by God and Jesus.

Fifth, I like KU because they have a great basketball program.

Sixth, I like Popeye's Fried Chicken including their buttermilk biscuits.

Seventh, I like living in Florida, including Florida weather and the opportunity to meeting people from all over the planet earth.

Eighth, I like cool people like Warren Buffet that are still alive and keeo us entertained. Warren is not as pretty as Queen Kyomo, but he is still a cool dude and a living legend.

I also like some dead people that I find inspiring that I can learn how to be both a a better human being and as a civil rights activist-people like Gandhi, MLK, Mother Teresa, Ceasar Chavez, Che Guerra and similar types of public servants that put theirs lives on the line, just like I do. They were just better at it, than I am.

Persons and things I dislike in no particular priority order, yet the following:

First, I dislike yahoo politicians at all levels, scaliwags, scumbag lawyers, ruffians, charlitans, huge greedy corporations, MU and people from Missouri because after all, I am a native Kansan. Dislike of MO is in our blood since around 1861 and Kansans like myself cannot get over it, yet. Give us a few decades or centuries.

Second, I dislike a huge central national government that tries to do all this social engineering crap in direct contradiction to our US Constitutional undder the guise of progressive political theory started by FDR. Worse than merely disliking progressive socialism as a threat to our nation, disliking is a kind word.

Third, I really dislike corruption, evil and greedy corporations, stupid SCOTUS decisions that are too limited in scope.

Fourth, I dislike bureaucracy, inefficiency, apathy, cynism, indifference, lack of respect, discrimination, intolernce, callous disregard of others, and that incudes many of our federal agencies.

Fifth, There is a huge list of entities and persons that drive me and you crazy. I think this draft gives a pretty clear indication that I am very much a lot like you.

Thomas Scherer,
the best candidate for US Congress, 14th District Florida, signed and dated on this the 14th day of March, 2012.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2013 Post Election Obama Crystal Ball Prediction Stuff as I see it by Scherer Candidate US Congress

Ok here I am taking a risk in explaining reasonable expectations going into 2013. Obama beats Romney by 8 points are more. Dems retain control US Senate. GOP continues to control US Congress, getting a few more seats.

Obama re-election also guarantees he will get to appoint another liberal to SCOTUS shifting court balance from conservative to becoming even more liberal. This will not be pretty with the progressive socialists increasing some of their base, offending most of us Americans that like common sense and our United States Constitution.

With Obama being re-elected leaves many of our federal agencies still sucking a lot. Obama will probably change some cabinet posts and hopefully get rid of my ex gov, Sebelius as head of HHS when Obamacare fails. In regard to Joe Biden, tough call on whether he gets the boot. I am leaning to Obama saying, bye Joe. Need a better VP. Also, Clinton is going to retire as Secretary of State, hopefully. And with God's help, Obama gets rid of worthless AG Eric Holder and we get a better US Department of Justice.

Obama should be getting better at being President because a) he has had 3 years of on-the-job training and one year to campaign for re-election and b) He can better address his prior failures at social engineering and try to remember he is the President and can apply his last 4 years, a vast and major improvement of leadership skills domestically, with no regrets to his dem base-he can be a President for the entire nation.

Further this must including him remembering he is actually in charge of some of these horrible federal agencies. Obama will continue to con many, but not the U.S. Congress, and never most of Americans that like our United States Constitution as written.

In regard to any major tax reform, forget it. There will be some changes in the federal tax code that benefits corporations and businesses his next four years. Obama no longer has to worry about re-election and can wheel and deal with Congress on a few programs related to improving the economy and job situation domestically. There will be marginal improvement along infrastructure improvements. No miracles here.

Entitlements and Social Welfare: It is going to be real hard for Obama to ignore some cutbacks and restructuring in entitlements, pork and other legislation in both houses of Congress. Obama can see this huge fiscal mess and has no other options but to cut some of these government programs because we as a nation have few options or miracles left, but to cut back. This is going to hurt almost all citizens somehow, in some way.

War and Hegemony: Obama is against the war as much as I am. Along with the rest of America except for the military-industrial complex. Two wars, and only an idiot would or evil member of the war machine wants yet again, another stinking war in some foreign nation most Americans see very little benefit to. I doubt unless Iran, N. Korea, or any nation just goes bonkers and wants to be invaded by the US, or any other reasonable nation, we should see troops withdrawn from Afghanistan pretty much as Obama has promised.

International trade: Obama will continue to lead our nation with the help of Congress in ending the job drain by corporates going world-wide for cheap labor. Restoring jobs is Job 1 for several reasons. If America works, we as a nation are more prosperous and tax revenues increase at the federal, state, county and local levels. Until there is a job restoration that includes taxing corporations, there will be no sustainable economic recovery.

Fiscal Policy and how we got in such a mess policy: Is the deficit and monetary policy going to be fixed in the next four years. Get real. Can we start to return to fiscal sanity-we have no choice. The trend to bring the federal reserve and its printing of money under control and scrutiny is a good idea. Not sure if Obama has the courage to bring the Federal Reserve Banking system under control.

If this banking system was so great, why has caused this huge collapse? Over and over. Monetary policy repeatedly has resulted in drastic swings in our economy which only rewards the rich and is an economic domestic war against the middle and lower class-an unstated class war, with the rich winning the battles, but not the war.

Domestic energy policy will continue as is. No resolution on the hot button immigration problem. Obama will continue to support favorable immigration policy to unlawfuls and use his DOJ henchmen to go after hose that oppose Obama on almost any issue that weakens the Dem base. Most yahoo politicians do not want to take on massive immigration reform, and instead continue to pass legislation that is favorable to their own re-election.

Housing and mortgage fiasco. Housing market and our nation need to address this huge devaluation in individual home ownership. There is soon going to be a second wave of foreclosures tightly controlled by DC politicians including Obama. Too quick and drastic action would merely cause a huge economic disaster/meltdown. Free market economy would have fixed this quicker, but the depression, err. . . recession would have been far worse. Any uptick in housing prices is a short bubble that is not sustainable for the next few years.

Internationally, Obama will bring most troops home from Afghanistan in a reduction of most U.S. troops in both 2013 and into 2014. Obama, will leave a few "military expert advisers" hanging around. US will start a minor trade war with China. Israel will back off to attacking Iran over nuke power hyperbole. N. Korea will continue to be inconsequential, but do a lot of trash talking no one takes seriously.

There are many more national, state and local issues that are going to be in changing flux after Obama wins the election. I try to keep track of about sixty major federal issues alone. Not easy. Nor, can I write about 60 issues in 2013 in this short blog essay.

Regardless pray for divine intervention for this Obama dude. He needs some help and our public support going forward in 2013; unless he goes against the US Constitution with some of that zany social engineering crap post-election.

Finally, Scherer will decide to not campaign for US Congress after 2012 election, marry finance and do God's work with her, at the international level. Scherer will quit filing litigation in noble but futile efforts to make our country a better place via the federal court system. Scherer will work within Florida to do his part related to jobs and the economy in some kind of bilateral international cooperation with one or more nations in Africa.

So, that is my piece on what is going to happen beginning in 2013. Not too exciting next four years, just like it was designed to be a real slow system of change in the operation of our national government. Hopefully, all those doom-sayers and the negativism, coupled with bipartisan gridlock will continue to baffle and anger many Americans. Hopefully, riots and violence do not get too bad, post-election with Obama still in the White House.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vote for Scherers-Scherer is now just like many of you--a hard core biker dude

Bought new bicycle this week. Ok, it was used-a new used bike. And I can still only dream about being A Harley-Davidson kind of biker. Regardless, I need to exercise so I do not continue losing muscle mass ensuring blue jeans are far too loose. Do not want to get skinny chicken stork legs either and as digusting as this sounds, I have excess body fat and need to get one of those stomach six-pack things back.

Another benefit, after biking two miles, I am now indisputably a biking expert.
Only fell and injured myself once. So, I can also claim to have already been in a major life-tahreatening biker accident.

Stay tuned for Scherer biking tales of my biking adventures on this free blog I should start charging a fee for. This blog is widely read in many countries and is only available and exclusively read here for your reading pleasure in the same style as known by all my devoted fans and readers-all seven of you.

Should make Queen happy with me doing this good health crap. What next is she going to demand in messing with me? Give up all my hedonism? Make me quitting cheese burgers and tacos?

Good luck with that happening. And I am never going to quit eating Popeye's fried chicken no matter what ahw demands, no matter how many fingers she controls me with.When it comes to Popeye's fried chicken she better get another 28 fingers to stop from enjoying that gift from God.

Already raced one golf cart and some security guy today on one of those two wheeler things you can stand on. Lost both races, this time. I demand a rematch.

Now I can finally be even cooler and wear some Harley-Davidson t-shirts and not look like a fake biker dude; since I am now an official and indisputable newbie hard core biker dude.

Get bragging rights in public that I can proclaim I now official biker dude. Chicks will dig it. Queen need not know about that psrt of this blog man strategy-if she finds out and you rat me out, I will have to quit my new scheme of bragging I am an offical hard core biker. Kind of. So if anyone rats me out, you suck.

Further, Chinese and Japanese bikes suck. Buy American-buy Harley Davidson and ride. Often.

Look out for hard core bikers-especially me. The last time rode a bike, I was 13. So out here in the hard streets of SW Florida, I am more dangerous on my bike, than a snowbird from Ohio.

Scherer to appear at his first major speaking event in Florida

Ok fans. It is time to make my first major public appearance here in SW FL at a congressional candidate forum. Since I am running unaffiliated and there is no huge political imperative to do so, until after the primary election, I am only going to attend a few of these political events.

I will more than likely be at the Tiger Bay Club Candidate forum on Friday March 23, 2012 beginning at 11;30 ending at 1:00 In Fort Myers, FL. I am very actively going to be spending a lot of my effort campaigning in the Fort Myers area. I certainly believe I will do quite well in Fort Myers area for the voters that reside in the northern part of the congressional district.

South of me in Naples, the super-rich, not as much. The rich GOP people in Naples traditionally will do a hard-line part vote for the GOP candidate regardless of lack of qualifications, typically. This does not imply I am going to ignore the southern portion of the congressional district, either. I should do well in the southern portion also. I just know I will get more votes in the northern area than I will in the southern part of thoe congressional district.

Voters and these other candidates have to remember I am probably the candidate with the most congressional campaign experience out of all the filed candidates. My goal as in other congressional campaigns before, is to help vet and find the best congressional candidate out of all these candidates. For I too, just like most of you, want a lot better congressman here in SW Florida to represent me too. It is still too premature for me to state who that person will be.

My voter base is typically blue collar, middle class, religious, independents, tea party folks, some libertarians and reformers, and several other politically affilated persons and organizations that want a congressman that likes and understands the United States Constitution.

Conversely, those that hate America and are evil, will vote for the other less qualified candidates along a party-line vote is a typical and expected outcome in this 2012 election. I am ready to campaign. Let us get this show on the road, and out here in the public forum.

I am here and I am not hiding. I am proud of the opportunties I have had presented in the past, and as a statesman (no yahoo), I am going to do everything can to make this nation and planet earth a better place, as often as God and Jesus want and allow me to continue to do so.

So, help me God. I need divine help this election cycle and probably afterwards also. Finally, thans for your divine work on my finance this week. Apprears you answered that prayer also. Do not stop answering prays God. I continue to need your help more often. Hope I am not being too big a pain to you, Jesus or that slacker guardian angel you gave me.

Friday, March 9, 2012

It was suggested I seek inner peace and tranquility: What am I supposed to pack to go to these places?

Some of the folks I rely upon are suggesting I seek inner peace and tranquilty. I am ok with that. However, my GPS device cannot find neither place. Nor have I found Nirvana or Hell yet either. Finally, I am pretty certain Shangra La is in Los Angeles, I know what a rosebud was, and so hell with going to that stinking place. I am not going to LA for snowsleds, inner peace or tranquilty. Maybe hell is in LA.

Does anyone know where either of these places (Inner Peace and Tranquilty)are?

My pastor suggests he knows where these places are. He highly suggested I read my Bible some more for some direction, as well as to keep bugging Jesus for the roadmap. That slacker guardian angel I was given, has not given me any roadmap to anywhere, other than Estero, Florida.

Jesus, deliver to me that roadmap. Further Jesus, how many freaking steps are there to the end of that staircase to heaven? Am I close? I humbly would like to know so I can figure out what to pack in my suitcase.

Is there a good dentist that does not cause pain? Is health care free in heaven; or, is there some kind of crazy tax scheme required and I have to pay some horrible insurance companies heavenly credits for quality health care?

Am I supposed to pack clean clothes including extra sox and clean underwear? Is it mandatory I have to shine and wear nice shoes in heaven?Am I supposed to pack a cooler with my favorite beverages? Are there good places to fish in heaven and should I bring both bait and my tackle box?

Do yuou have good resteraunts in heaven that I do not have to call ahead, and make reservations? Do you have Popeye's chicken including those tasty buttermilk biscuits? I hope in heaven, there are the good things I like here on earth.

Does heaven have voice response units and bureaucracy? To see God, do I have to fill out paperwork and schedule an appointment? Does God have an executive secretary that I have to deal with?

In regard to voice response units and remote controls, I am pretty certain those devices, computers and some software that bug me, have to have been built and designed by Satan. No one else can explain by any rational logic, otherwise. In regard to Popeye's fried chicken, that is God's work.

Jesus Answers Prayers: Transformation of me continues to evolve

Thanks Jesus for answering my prayers here yesterday. My anxiety and angst were very high. I continue my own personal transformation, into what evolution, I am not certain. I spotted all those angels yesterday and I am glad my guardian angel returned from goofing off. What a slacker angel.

My fate and destiny remain a clouded picture. A lot of stuff happened yesterday after I prayed a lot. So yes folks, pray works as long as one keeps prayer simple.

So, I now move to the next stage of my own personal transformation and have to make some very important decisions after consulting with those that love me and I love them. They know who they are. The next stage of my evolution and transformation have a date certain-June 1, 2012.

My finance Queen has to make her own transformations real soon and most of you should highly suggest she quits messing around with me; wasting valuable time. Some shoud suggest to her kindly some kind words, that it is her immediate and long-term benefit to give some love and respect back to me; or else she will remain a single woman.

Her high maintainance demands and not being reciprocal in loving back needs to result in a vast and substantial improvement in her entire attitude. So God, this woman needs your inspiration and enligthenment real soon; or she will have to deal with her own uncertainty here shortly.

I still have to do some decompression from events that are transpiring. I hope most understand my self-revelations related to politics, romance and other stuff I write here, helps inspire those of you that are having your own drama to deal with.

This seems to be one of my purposes in life-to share my daily personal drama, so many can understand they are not alone in their own daily struggles. That is my fate and destiny? However, I remain a very fortunate person to have had so much given to me, for which I am very grateful.

My primary motivation that has taken me to very high levels, was merely seeking love. God and Jesus finally delilvered on those prayers.I found it. I was able to love back. Finally.

Jesus, why did this take so long? If Queen does not get her act together real soon, I will soon deal with that by hitting the road once again, looking for love once again.

In conclusion, thanks God for answering my few requests-love granted. Finally, keep an eye on that slacker guardian angel you gave me. If my guardian angel keeps jacking around so much, send me a better angel to cover my ass better.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My position on the GOP Super Tuesday Results

Who cares? Obama wins the election come November 2012 with his billion dollars in campaign bribes from all the socialist engineers-aka-commies.

Righteous anger and indignation

According to my pastor, there are times when we should demonstrate in a Christian manner, righteous indignation and anger in coordination with the rest of those in our community. Naturally, our community includes fellow Christians, Muslims, yahoo politicans and a few scumbag lawyers.

However, we are taught to follow spiritual direction. Therefore, is is a good suggestion I have been taught to wisely pray for that spiritual guidance giving me a clear roadmap going forward, instead of merely acting impulsively.

In short summation, let go, let God give us our direction, sometimes via my GPS device to move forward in conjunction with God, how I am to move forward to civilly and morally properly resolving that kind of indignation and righteous anger.

I am feeling both presently. Here I am dealing with many courts including trying to stay focused on a writ of certiorari due with the US Supreme Court on, or before March 26. For many. I am typically for good reason, not known as an habitual whiner; but even Jesus knows and understands this is not an easy for me to write another writ of cert with SCOTUS. Much less two of them this year, as now anticipated.

Further, I have already publically acknowledged I am expert at being a overly sensitive drama king. And finally, some even suggest I am an expert at bitching about my federal government including yahoo politicians demonstrating both my humbleness and humility.

To both God and Jesus, both of you know how hard it is for me to resort to asking for divine intervention as I am now doing.

Now in regard to God, in the very first chapter, it is written God is an angry God. Now I am confused by that piece of scripture. Does that imply or suggest there are many Gods?. But the one I pray to is angry God. Beats me and I apololgize for digressing.

God, you need to take care of my business sometimes and direct your anger upon that heathen attorney and the demonic HOA I am a member of.
Go ahead, burn their office(s) down for a good reason-open one of those seal things for certainly, it is akin to Sodom and Gommorah.

Regardless, I too, like God, sometimes have a righteous and justifiable basis for being both angry and indigant. Like today. Here, I am having to deal with this demonic scumbag lawyer and his client, a godless and immoral horrible HOA that hates both me, and the woman that I am waiting to marry.

So this morning, I called my finance with good news and in turn, she goes negative and states she does not want get involved in all this racial and disability discrimination both of us, united together as one loving couple are being subjected to, and having to endure by those joined with the dark side-Satan.

These folks aligned with Satan are now subjecting both of us to this racist and discriminatory HOA acts and omissions both of jus are having to endure, ided by Satan, including one of his dominions, aa scumbag lawyer.

So still will I remain rational, I sent out a call to God to be assistive to help me today deal with such things. Typically, I do not ask God for his help very often. Usually, I am thanking God in gratitude for my fortunate life to date including this more recent gift of love. As well as grateful for all this spirtual help and guiding me for for taking care of my own business including doing God's work as directed.

However, today is an exception. God, first of all, where is my guardian angel? On a coffee break or taking a nap somewhere? Tell my guardian angel to get back to work on my shoulder and stop goofing around elsewhere, for starters. Further, a vision from heaven would be greatly appreciated.

God, also straighten out my finance who needs some inspiration and her own spirtual guidance and make her listen over and over to that song by Tammy Wynette on why she needs to stand by her man, for good reason.

Further, send down support for dealing with this scumbag demonic lawyer and his bigoted client, my horrible HOA that are clearly working with, and being aided by other evil dominions of Satan.

Also, deal with that federal judge that I am not overly happy with, the 11th Circuit and other judges I get the joy of meeting so often; while you are at it taking care of my spirtual business.

You take over these things God. I am tired of doing all your directed and heavenly work as you set out and planned long ago to be my humble fate and destiny. Sometimes God, you have to send down some heavenly help. I am human and despite that inherent weakness, I have done my very best to do your work. In turn, you have made me a very fortunate and grateful person, dedicated to continuing to do your good works. You know that-you are God.

Therefore God, I want a few things as requested below in the form of a simple prayer:

A) A raise, spirtual or otherwise, and
B) A supportive and encouraging assistant mate, a supportive, encouraging respectful finance, to be my wife that agrees to both stand by her man and marry me ASAP, after I meet her mother, and
C) For you to get off that heavenly throne and get personally involved in dealing with this demonic heathen HOA and their amoral scumbag lawyer, and finally,
D) Tell my guardian angel to quit goofing off and get back to work.

Is that asking too much God? I do not think so.

Humbly and gratefully yours, in advance in anticipation of you answering this simple prayer, as your work product. You built me God. Finish the construction and take me to the last step on that incredibly long stairway to heaven.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Legend of Tom and Queen: My first true romance fable by Thomas Scherer

This is my my very first romance fable ever, titled Tom and Queen.

Once upon a time, long ago and ever so far away there was this distant land in a country called Florida. On one hand of this romantic fable, Tom was a humble and overly sensitive lonely man for many years, despite being a huge kind of drama king, from another country called Kansas about 1500 miles from this country called Florida.

After Tom arrived in a community many called Paradise, or Estero, Florida, this romantic but humble lonely man met a wonderful woman named Queen. Queen was a woman from a distant land, from another planet known as Africa

Now Queen was an internationally known beautiful and classy celebrity. So this is a romantic fable titled Tom and Queen, just like Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Deliliah, Caesar and Cleopatra, Bonnie and Clyde, or even like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor played out in real life.

Queen caught the eye and attention of this naive Kansas rube named Tom who had recently just immigrated from the country of Kansas to the country of Florida. Tom was enchanted with Queen and all of her admirable qualities including her distant but foreign culture of love of allo humanity from her other worldly, but distant culture, which was quite different from what Tom had ever experienced.

Tom quickly fell in love with Queen, asked her repeatedly to marry him many times. To which Queen played very coy and took far too long to tell this rube, Tom when exactly she would in fact, say, I do.

However, this rube named Tom was tenacious and steadfast. He refused to give up or lose the woman he had clearly fallen in love with. Head over heels so to speak. Now the two that were falling in love had a common bond that tied them together-both had a steadfast commitment to help as many as they could seperately. Queen was noble in trying to help children in ner native country where she came from. She did want a rich man-she wanted a man that respected what she was righteously advocating her-others.

Tom respected Queen and the two bonded. Tom too, only cared about and advocated for making places be more civil and better. So, the two had that as a common bond with each other-a mutual self-respect. Now, just because two people in love have mutual respect for each other's work, requires far more than merely that to tie the bonds between them in marriage vows that last forever.

So these two romantics tried to arrive at common grounds that would enable them to unite as one on many grounds; instead of just merely one. The two were united on their spiritual beliefs. Not good enough. The two reached a compromise include promises based on future economic security. Not good enough. Now as these two romantics continued to fall deeper into uniting the bond that ties them together for the rest of their natural lives, evil forces continued to conspire to keep these two from becoming one.

One of these demonic forces included a scum bag lawyer. He was continously messing with both Tom and Queen. This amoral and despicable scum bag namd Todd was doing everything he could to keep these two from living their lives together in love, mutual respect and harmony.

Story to be continued as the writer continues to wait to see how this fable pans out.

However, there is a wisdom that clearly states and provides factually that love eventially prevails; regardless of any amoral and demonic scum bag attorney that is akin to belonging to the legions of Satan; even in the country of Florida. There is more to this fable I can write about as soon as I finish watching the end of this movie I am watching, Bonnie and Clyde. Later

Why athesists are very seldom elected to be your congressman

In the United States, we have long established, incorporated and practiced Judeo-Christian values, morality and teachings into what we Americans consider to be our own values and morals as a civil society; much of it based on cultural values and beliefs of Europe.

Even I would not want an amoral athesist to be my congressman, although I understand there is nothing to stop an athesist from running for any elected office based on all of our constitutionally protected religious freedom to believe, or not believe in any higher diety or power.

All I know as a candidate is that I do not ignore the wisdom and beliefs of billions of people for many centuries that precede me to merely ignore what Jesus tried to teach all of us, as written in the Bible. I also believe I am sufficiently educated enough to not ignore other religious or philosophies that have withstood centuries of review by many.

I do not try to disagree with Jesus, Muslims or any other religious sect-Instead, I try to glean what is best from all religious philosophy or thought, and state by application, how would using the writings of others, through the history of recorded and written words, what works best in my making decisions as a candidate for United States Congress.

Humbly, I am still learning the wisdom of the ages. I do not expect any of us including myself to master both eastern and western philosophy, as well as other various intelligent writings, that would best unite our nation.

I am not elite, but merely a well educated person, with valuable work experienes engaged in a continuing process of seeking to be more wise, conservative and moral with the passage of life. I am merely trying to do the best job I can to make our nation and now the planet earth a little bit better place as one human belonging and having a vested interest with all the rest of humanity as best I can.

Even with that scumbag lawyer, the amoral Todd Allen I write about every once in a while. Therefore, following the wisdom and teachings of Jesus and others, I still love Todd Allen; despite his amoral and despicable current lack of values and total disregard for his and others humanity. That includes having to deal with my Satanic HOA that runs my condo.

So clearly I have two positions on this scumbag-I love and pity him concurrently for being such an smoral and greedy wretch of humanity hoping he learns to follow and seek Jesus for some moral and spirtual guidance so he does not have to suffer eternal damnation and spend eternity lacking central air restricted with no hope of ever getting out of hell; being forced to only have the company of horrible people like himself to share his pitiful misery and eternal damnation with.

A link to who would Jesus vote for

Here is a new link on the socialist comedy channel's religion blog that I was compelled to stick in my two cents worth of time. The author's first sentence is kind of witty-states Jesus is currently not rumnning for any office in 2012.

However, a bunch of those who advocate for what Jesus tried to teach all of us, are running including incorporating some of, if not all his wisdom into what we do, upon being duly elected to represent the voters. Enjoy.

Some suggest Jesus would not vote at all. Others suggest otherwise. I suggest Jesus was very astute poltically and agree with the author. Jesus was fully cognizant of traditions and sometimes disgreed with some of current political questions posed while he was here on the planet earth asked of him, by tricky yahoo politicans at that time.

Politicians have been around for a long time. Jesus would address and answer questions that included those involving political thought at that time.

To me, Jesus was in part, a politician not needing to run for any political office because his dad was God.

Anyway, as a statemen trying to write about political ideology giving due effect to the teachings of Christ, as written in the Bible, I find the discussion interesting since I reflect and ask God and Jesus to inspire me in what I write on a daily basis as a candidate for United States Congress.

Greatest Threat to the United States is progressive socialists

What is the greatest threat to our United States Constitution, if not progressive socialism?

The biggest threat, the greater divider, the domestic enemy is not some radical Muslim terrorist attack in this nation. Instead, the greatest threat to our nation, our United States Constitution, our national debt and conversely our economic prosperity is and has to be the progressive socialists trying to socially engineer the United States of America into becoming a socialist nation.

Progressive socialists are by far the biggest threat to our economic prosperity and happyness, but even more importantly, a bigger threat to the exact words as written in our United States Constitution explicitly.

The founding fathers could have, but never intended to, nor write in the United States Constitution, anything related to this founding document being a progressive and changing thing, as things changed due to whatever effect. Further, federal entitlements in a civil nation are not some huge evil, although they do need to be balanced and given a priority in a a civil, moral and compassionate nation.

It is difficult balancing act for elected officicals to to distribute federal funds when we the people want those we elect to ensure we are both a prosperous nation; while concurrently remaining a civil, moral, Judeo-Christin guided and compassionate people. United as one people, somehow demanding and requiring our elected politicans and statesmen to determine what is the function on constitutional basis, how to apportion the funding of entitements as dictated by the will of the citizens of the United States.

The second biggest threat to our nation is corporations and their insane greed for both power and money, willing to export jobs to the cheapest labor source anywhere in the world. The biggest threat to greedy corporations is regulations and statutes that cause this effect to take jobs out of America and inhibit the rebuilding of our industrial and manufacturing base that provided plenty of jobs in America and economic prosperity in this country.

Our third biggest threat internationally is not Iran wanting to expand into being a nuclear power. Our biggest threat is hegemony and continued infringement on other nation's sovereign rights to govern themselves without interference by the powerful in Washington DC.

Now our founding fathers, Scherer, Justice Scalia, and all elected officials give a solemn oath to uphold one thing-the United States Constitution. To unite our nation and return once again to being a global super power, all we have to remember is that founding document as written. To which the greatest enemy of the United States Constitution are progressive socialistsl that have almost destroyed our nation over the last 100 years.

Now when our founding fathers wrote the United States Constitution, considering adding property as one of the most fundamental concepts, but decided to leave property out of the equal application of the right in a very specific order of priority guarenteeing to all United States citizens, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness.

Now I find myself wondering if the founding fathers of these three-life, liberty and property, what would be the most fundamental or more important priority of these three things
. Naturally, without life, the other two, liberty and happyness would mean little to a dead person. I am therefore instead of making all three equal, life would be the most important constitutional priority, followed by liberty and ending lowest in priority, happyness.

The exact placement of those three words in that given order assures all of us the founding fathers when they wrote those three words did so, in the unstated belief, the first word life, was more important than liberty and happyness. And that liberty was the next important word after life. Leaving the obvious conclusion of the three, happyness (replacing the word property) was intended to place the greatest priority on the first and then successive words as written.

In conclusion, of the three words, life, liberty and happyness, the first word is a higher priority than liberty followed last by the individuals' constitutionally protected right to happyness.
So, wanting to be a United States Congressman, as a strict constructionist or originalist, I am pretty certain life is more important then libery or happyness, although they might appear and interpreted as being equal words.

When I vote, following and if I have to cast a vote, life is more important than liberty. Therefore, Roe v. Wade would have to be and should be reversed by the United States Supreme Court and I am pretty certain Jesus agrees.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Scherer's email address:

Due to technical difficuties even Jesus cannot explain to me with Time Warner, here is my new email address to use to communicate with me.

Go ahead and send me an email. Just treat me like a human being and I will treat you like one also and do my best to personally respond to your input and questions.

Unlike most of yahoo cowardly politicians with their static web sites and no personal emails, I am not hiding from or ducking political issues. I am not like those yahoos.

Who on the planet earth would want to elect to be their next congressman, a person that is afraid to publish and engage in communication with his employer, you the voter?

George Will agrees with Scherer: GOP Presidentiai Race now a huge waste of time and money

George Will on Face the Nation finally agrees with my analysis two months ago--the GOP gig for US President was long ago lost. So, the GOP might as well give up on beating head Dem Socialist Hoover Obama. Instead the GOP should now start focusing on Senate and Congressional races they still have a chance to actually win the election.

This inability of the GOP to solidy and unite behind one Presidential candidate is a huge mistake meaning we are going to have to deal with Obams and four more years of bipartisanship from the yahoo politicians in Washington.

Now the GOP presidential candidates and the GOP will still pretend they have a small chance of winning the Presidential race, just so they have a good reason to go to that big GOP convention so they can buy all those nifty hats, t-shirts and campaign memorabilia. Why ruin having a convention party just because there is no chance of winning a presidential election?

In things that have a more personal nature, I still have to deal with this scumbag lawyer whose name sounds a lot like Todd Allen. This piece of work is kind of like some disease process that needs to be cured. Not this person and types like him, are one of most despicable, amoral and unethical people I have ever met on the planet earth. People like this, really are making me question whether I can trust others in the state of Florida. Or even stay in Florida.

I guess great weather, a wonderful place to live with all the beauty that surrounds nice people like myself; equally attracts for the same reason, the immoral, amoral and despical scum that like preying on others. Some of the locals that I talk to tell me they are aware of this problem and do not like leaving their homes because of all the land sharks, scaliwags, ruffians, scoundrels and people that are just like this horrible Todd Allen.

I did a long analysis on what is really most fundamentally important to me. I asked myself if I should leave Florida and scum people like Todd Allen here to bottom feed, absent me. Since I am pretty much irrational and lost in love with my finance; plus I too no longer want to have to go back, or move to some other area of the US that has horrible weather, I am going to just go ahead and stay here in Florida while being very wary of all these two-legged landsharks and scumbags.

Scum must be like that red tide thing. As far as this person Todd Allen, I can deal with one piece of scum, no matter what it takes. Hopefully, I can use my experiences in dealing with scum like this, and spin it to help many in Florida, and elsewhere.

Now at church this week, my paster focused a lot on community. And my pastor was not talking about the scum community either. He did say however that Satan sends scum people like this, to mess with and try the rest of us. The pastor did suggest there is a great need for community and how we all can rely on, amd need some community contact to scum like this Todd Allen.

So, I am asking the community for once instead of me wanting to help you, I need some help sometimes also. Therefore, I am asking-I need your help on cleaning up some of the local scum here in FL.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scherer's Dummy Guide for Women to help them understand man mystique

Ok ladies, at least we men admit we are confused by the feminine mystique. At least we are honest we have no clue at times what motivates you to act and be the way you are.

So, in a role reversal, I want to publish this dummies guide on my blog to help you understand the great "man mystique".

First of all, men like visual things. Things that sparkle, move, jiggle and stuff like that. Hence why men tend to like to spend hours watching TV including the rapidly approaching March Madness NCAA Div. II basketball tournament which once again, will more than likely be dominated by Kansas University again. Rock Chalk Jayhawks. Or alternatively, why MU sucks.

Second thing, men like to eat. Gee, what a surprise. Ever met any human that states, "no thanks, I hate eating". Men however are not very good at cooking themselves,maybe explaining irony why there are so many great men chefs in the world-their wives cannot cook. Men will eat almost anything given enough gravy or barbeque sauce, raw, partially cooked, fully cooked, dead or alive.

Third, men really do like intimacy, sex, donuts,cookies and cake. Hopefully intimacy followed by sexual activities and pleasures is more preferred than merely intimacy. But really, we like giving and receiving both mutually, often. More often then the ladies do.

Fourth, men like recreational activities that involve objects that move. Plus, it gives us a place to go when you are mad at us for spending too much time, watching March Madness, the Superbowl, College football, basketball, hockey, rugby,soccer, hockey, bowling, tennis, fishing, guns, golf, etceteras. If there is a moving object on TV, it triggers the man instinct thing and makes it really hard for us to pay attention to you, especially when you are complaining about us watching TV too much.

Fifth, men are not very good listeners because we have a short attention span and many us have functional problems in that wiring going from ear to brain
.That really explains why we are not listening, err . . . not hearing so well during March Madness, Superbowl or World Series.

Sixth, men are really not rocket scientist genius types and really, we do not know how to fix every mechanical thing on the planet earth from washing machines, other major appliances, autos, and that stupid vacumn with only three moving parts. We will however, spend lots of money on buying things that make us think we can fix anything in the known and unknown universe to keep both the ladies confused a lot, because mechanical things move also, just like women do.

, men are macho, dislike showing emotion and really dislike romantic chick flicks, almost all the time; unless a)we are gay, actual or latent, or b) we have any remote possibilty at all, we might get lucky if we do go with you having to endure and see one of these over the top, too romantic kind of tear jerker type,chick flick.

Eighth, men are not really that big of fan of church going. We go mainly to appease or show respect to any woman that will tolerate and talk to us. Or alternatively, to keep our domineering mothers happy. Now if there were more beautiful pastor women, we might go more often voluntarily.

Ninth, men do love their children and their wives, provided we live together in some kind of mutual harmony together.

, men in America really do not like having to pay for everything your stingy person desires. We like women that are not: a) broke, actual or just merely faking to have no money, or so cheap; that expect us to pay for everything a woman wants, and b) help pay some of the costs sometimes, or at least every once in a while, chip in, or at least at minimum, make a good faith offer. Finally, a good way to lose a man in a new relation, we do not like you always ordering the most expensive meal and beverage at the most expensive resteraunt you suggested we should take you to. Clearly, we do like gold diggers, regardless of your outer beauty. Intelligent men like your inner and genuine beauty a lot more.

Eleven, men like approbation like a proverbial puppy dog. We like to be lied to about our own egos and professions, told how handsome we are, and all that other stuff, even when it is not true and we respond favorably to it, by recepriocity. We also like kind comments about our cool car, even if it is not. And we hate comparisons of our cars to our body organs, or to our sexuality confidence.

Twelve, men like to be romantic as long as it is appreciated far more than what it cost us to be that way, over and over reduntantly.Remember we are men-most of us are really cheap when it comes to letting loose of our hard-earned life savings and paychecks. We men have this immense part of our brain devoted to doing nothing else, but keeping an accurate and detailed accounting of how much women are taking us for.

Thirteen, men like it when you laugh at what we men think is clever and witty, even when usually it is neither.

Fourteen, men actually like womens magazines because of the pictures. We will only look at them when there are no other men or women are around because of our egos. We were not born sexist pigs-our culture made us this way, so we like to see pictures of women, but even better we prefer to see them in reality-not some stupid magazine or movie.

Fifteen, men are just men. We are simple. Not complex. Food, sex, TV, and we focus on crap that moves. That and we think being cheap is an admirable quality women fail to appreciate as one of our best instinctual survival traits.

Sixteen, men get frustrated when women talk on the telephone to long, ignoring the pleasure of our company, usually-unless there is a major sporting event on TV like March Madness.

Seventeen, most men like children and like being a father, provided our wife or girlfriend do not interfere and try to control us; or even worse, try to get us to change how we percieve we should be as fathers; or the most worse thing you can do to us, divorce us, alienate us from our progency and then demand we pay outrageous alimony and child support we cannot afford.

Eighteen, men and women are similar, kind of, to many of the same things men want above. Except men prefer using logic that makes sense, which women detest in us. When a man uses rational logic in a contested debate, a woman will change the subject. Or even worse, remind us of any and every error we ever regretted making our entire lives we have spent devoted to them.

Nineteen, men understand that if a woman talks to us, that is a good thing that makes us happy. Conversely, if you ignore a man, we are used to that being normal.

Twenty, men do not like showing emotion and passion in public very often. We were trained to be this way by both our fathers, mothers,family and the rest of society. Except when movies like Rudy are on the TV, or something similar that reminds of us our own childhood being just like Rudy's life was. Than, man-crying is ok. Even men understand that.

Twenty-one, men in the 21st Century are equally as addicted to the internet as a woman is to her cell phone.

Twenty-two, men really do not want our significant other, to be our mother. We want someone far better. If we loved our mother so much, why did we leave our family home then, and pick you then? Heck, a man always picks a woman better than his mother. Naturally women hate it when men talk about, or compare them to their mom.

Twenty-three, men really like our women to tell us how stupid we are provided it is done in a loving manner; and not hurtful to our overly sensitive, shallow man-egos. Ditto for insults. We are ok with that kind of stuff, some of the time.

Twenty-four, men really do not like shopping with women for their stuff, especially ladies undergarments and shoes, over and over; unless the shopping is at Victoria's Secret. However, men do like shopping with women for their stuff, at places that have moving objects like the local Pro Bass Shop, the local sports car dealership, or anywhere they sell bikes like Harleys.

Twenty-five, men that write dummies guide for women usually ends up getting in trouble with his finance, who just walked in.

Twenty-six, men are actually right, at least some of the time. Shoes and socks do and should be kept right on the living room floor, next to the couch or favorite chair where we men watch tv so often. Furthermore even I, as a male macho sexist pig concede factually, women are right every once in a while; despite our obvious and overwhelming man perfection-most of men even agree that the toilet lid seat and cover should both be kept closed; not open. The direction of the toilet paper roll however remains far too controversial to address in such a short post.

LATER. Queen of my universe just arrived and is giving me that "you better be getting off that computer thing and pay attention to me, or else kind of look." I am outta here.

This post is subject to being edited, updated, revised, all depending on how many people rat me out about this post to my finance, the one that rules my universe.

I love Queen. She is the total package. And yes, she is standing right behind me watching what I am typing. If you tell her anything about this post, do not omit that fact. For God's sake, I am a man after all, and need plenty of help dealing with the lady that masters me so well. Call it my man mystique.