Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MLK Day-My Annual Civil Rights Post

As a civil rights activist, I try to post my annual piece on my goal to unite our nation.  So here goes. 2011 was a very hectic year for me.  Many good things happened so I must reflect carefully and give proper perspective retro. 

The most important event in 2011 was my relation with the international Olympian celebrity, Queen Kyomo, a fine person that has traveled all over the world.  Her global perspective continues to help aid my own rather limited perspective on civil rights, to now incorporate what she knows the best I can, civil rights perspective, clear to the international level. Queen is teaching me what she has learned.

In regard to the United States, Queen finds America to be a strange place.  In her our native country of Tanzania, and in her travels throughout Europe, Queen states in terms of civil rights, the United States has some very fundamental problems

Sadly, I concur. Queen likes to remind me that in many parts of the world, racism and discrimination are not as prevalent as they are here domestically as in the United States. 

Another topic Queen and I discuss is how far off the United States has gotten in terms of being far removed in terms of marital relations.  In many of the countries she has traveled to, the concepts of traditional marriage has not changed, like it has here in the United States.  Queen sees this as a big challenge to our relation. 

She considers my views as an American are not traditional and in accordance with the history of humanity.  Why she tolerates me, only God knows.

In many countries in the world, the Biblical take on marriage is intact.  Not so, here in the United States with our astronomical divorce rate now being in excess of 60%.  Which to me is a sad thing.  Many in our nation are rejecting the concepts of centuries of reliance on the traditional terms of marriage. 

In turn, here in America, we have a economic cycle that shows patterns of prosperity in turn which leads to an uptick in divorce rates as Americans no longer need to rely on a traditional form of marriage in their own self-reliance and lack of need for a life partner.  Only to return to tradition when the economic cycle gets pitiful, like we are facing now.

To get quickly to the point, the loss of a traditional family concept is not a good thing from a civil rights perspective.  Globally, or domestic.  The concept of marriage being between a man and a woman remains a very fundamental building block of our nation. 

May I kindly suggest that we as a civilized nation wanting to remain in that status, and may want to consider restoring and advocating for a return once again to a traditional family structure.  Not so much on moral grounds, but rather on terms of civil rights.

Moving on, Queen finds this division in our nation to also be problematic.  As a nation, we continue insanely to divide ourselves based on skin color, religion, political affiliation, economic status, sexual preference and many other divisons seperating us as one people; instead of being one people, united in purpose.  Huge probems are facing our nation. 

It is very hard to be positive and not cynical about our current national situation.  We are in huge mess as a nation economically.  Our national government is broke, having wasted so much of our federal tax dollars on programs that have clearly failed. 

I kindly suggest and advocate that as a nation, we better unite and reach a consensus of what we believe is most important in our nation.

Is there a fundamental document to guide us-Absolutely.  The United States Constitution=we the people in order to form a more perfect union . . . gives all of us a theme to unite behind.  Notice, we the people-that does not the national government, the wealthy, or huge corporations. 

We, the people need to stop this insane classification and division of ourselves; as we as a divided nation have to endure and witness the attempts by the rich and powerful to engage in the genocide of the middle class.  We are very much in class warfare.  We are in deep trouble in America economically and morally.  May God help and bless us as a nation.

In my own efforts, I continue to do as much as possible, but sadly, even with Queen I have my own weaknesses as a human being.  I am continuing to campaign for United States Congress, have court cases docketed, or attempting to docket.

This includes a pending application to the United States Supreme Court, two cases in the Florida Supreme Court, one in the Kansas Supreme Court, and many other cases and administrative issues, both federal and at the state level. 

My health remains problematic.  I am on the short stick of what most of us call life.  My health continues to degrade and I hope Queen and I can work together to advance civil rights, no longer limited to merely the United States.

Peace.  May we unite globally.  The one thing that unites us globally from a civil rights perspective is the one thing we all have in common-our humanity. Hopefully, we a nation can return to being more civil and stop our insane aspirations to be the global police force infringing on many nations own rights to manage their own affairs-just as our founding fathers suggested. 

We need to stop the insanity of our war industry.  We need to stop bombing other nations and focus internally on what we need to do, instead of what these other nations need to do; while concurrently we ignore what we need to do domestically in some kind of zany and insane concept of power globally. 

Peace.  In closing, we have one thing that unites us globally-our humanity.  I will do my best in 2012 to advocate for that.  So help me God.

Thomas Scherer, writer and civil rights activist.

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