Friday, January 27, 2012

Question Posed: Is Estero Florida located in hell?

A youth asked me where Hell was located. She wanted to know if Estero was hell because her parents made her attend a public school here in Lee County, FL.

I had to reflect on this question because frankly, I am not sure where hell is physically located. I can state factually never been there and further, I have no plans to visit, or to spend eternal damnation in hell.

But from experience, just like black holes and a-holes exist, I know there are a lot of places referred to as a hellhole. But I am pretty certain hell is not located in Estero, FL.

Most of the locals keep telling me this myth that this is Paradise. I think this is an exaggeration. Sure, the weather here is like Paradise. So by logic, that must mean heaven has central air conditioning.

After I got acclimated to the weather after leaving a hell-hole in Kansas, I find it amusing when the weather down here in SW Florida is 70, people down here wear coats and turn on their electric heaters. In my native-born Kansas, 60 degrees is a heatwave and suntan weather.

Further, if in fact Estero was Paradise, then why are there no pearly gates on the Tamiami Highway here in Estero? Driving down this highway reminds of a straight track NASCAR event. I really fear for my life when I drive on this highway. But, back to the question.

Now I have noticed in Lee County, there are a few hellholes and a few a-holes. You can always tell when you are near Satan because there will be a bunch of attorneys hanging out.

Now Satan sends attorneys, or his dominions to places that are close to heaven to mess with all the godly folks. My take on the whole planet earth, including SW Florida is we really are more like living in Purgatory until such time we get things right; and merely love humanity like Jesus told us to do.

Jesus wants us to do good works. And here in Purgatory, we have to earn the right to go to heaven. For some of us blockheads, it takes a while.

Naturally, Satan does not like those folks that are doing God's work. So, that might explain to a rational God-loving person, why here in Paradise, there are so many heathen people that like and work for Satan. That is why there are so many lawyers in SW Florida. Satan sent them.

Naturally if you like Satan, you are moving in the wrong direction as a heathen too, down the stairs to the basement heading straight for hell.

In regard to us humans, the way to avoid hell holes (and also a-holes), is for all of us to merely do what Jesus and God wants. Jesus warned us long ago, to look out for Satan and his dominions. Especially attorneys.

Finally, this must be Purgatory. I mean there is lot of suffering and pain here in Purgatory; even if one has central air conditioning. The young student who posed the question on where in the heck is hell located, is a lot wiser than most.

So, if you are climbing up the stairway to heaven, avoid the hell-holes and a-holes, and merely keep climbing those stairs to get closer to the pearly gates by doing as much as possible, what Jesus suggested. Do good works and love each other. When you get to the top of the stairway to heaven, it is too late to change your mind and go backwards.

In conclusion by rational logic and by inspiration and prayer, hell is not located in Estero, FL. But be very careful out there-Satan is out there trying to trick you. And some of Satan's most powerful evil dominions call themselves attorneys. Avoid them. These evil people just want you to join them in hell. They are lonely and only have yahoo politicians to keep them company.

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