Sunday, May 30, 2010

Red Star Continues their nonsense

The Red Star, aka, Kansas City Star sux Prime Buzz column presumes Moore's wife is going to win the dem primary.  I disagree.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Filing Deadline June 10

It is almost that time of the year to pay the $1,760 filing fee to the Kansas Secretary of State to have my name put on the ballot for you electors.  We are ready. 


Friday, May 21, 2010

Admitting Mistakes and Having Regrets

Ok, mistakes and regrets in life.  One at a time. 

I was in a discussion today listening to some feedback related to admitting mistakes.  Now in law school and in typical political nonsense by most yahoos, the general rule is admit to some trivial mistake and flip the coin in spinning a trivial mistake into why that mistake is really a positive.  The listener disagreed.  And I agree with her logic.

Her logic is by admitting mistakes in one's life does several things.  First, it makes me human.  Second, admitting to mistakes means a wise person has learned from their past experiences and by that admission, one tends to not  repeat that mistake. 

So yes, I have made many mistakes in my lifetime.  Yes,  even worse, I am really just like you-a human.  Maybe admitting tomistakes makes me even more qualified than most of those other yahoos campaigning.  I have made lots of mistakes, some whoppers.  But, unlike these other more perfect rhetorical politicans, I am humble enough to recognize my ability to admit having erred. 

Today was a good day.  I did not make too many mistakes.  Or, if  I did, no one  pointed these mistakes out.  So, if I can admit to my humble errors from the  past . . . well, that  makes me a human. 

Some of my biggest mistakes are smoking for way too long, cursing, and many other mistakes far too numerous.  Now cigarette smoking is both pure and costly evil addiction that I have tried to quit nine times.   I quit smoking the longest for over a year,  So to me, smoking is hard to quit. 

Drinking and quitting booze (generally Coors beer) was easy by comparison,  I quit drinking when I was thirty with a support group.  I merely took what I learned in that support group and applied what some of the  masters told me what should be done to attain the 12 promises.

Finally, regrets.  If you have no regrets in your life, keep trying.  I read a quote in some paper that a life without regrets means one has not tried hard enough.. So, I have regrets also.

 Now another individual named Stephene Moore is going to be having regrets around August 2010.  I hope so.  So, to the friends of Stephanie when she knock on  your door, bugging you, ask her what her mistakes in life have been.  I wonder if she regrets marrying Dennis Moore, or alternatively, running for Congress the most.

Well, being brief tonight.  I am exhausted from working on the campaign HQ building.  More later.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Invitation to Stephene Moore-Debate Any Time, Any Where, Any Day!

Kevin Yoder refused to debate me on issues.  After yesterday's interview with the Lawrence newspaper, I was called today by the Johnson County Sun writer, Mr. Kurtz-a reporter that actually writes facts.  Mr. Kurtz asked me if I would be willing to debate Stephene Moore.  Heck yes.

Anytime, anywhere, at any hour, on any day.  I do not think Moore's wife will debate me on issues.  Even if her husband would be the moderator.

Go ahead Stephene.  Give me a call at (913) 403-8584.  If you have the courage to jump into the frying pan of congressional politics, let's all see where you stand on issues. 

It is hammer time.  I will be nice to Stephene because she is a nurse.  And she will probably stay a nurse.  I am pretty certain the voters of the 3rd have had enough of Moore rhetoric. Most voters do not want moore of the same, by proxy or Moore rhetoric, part II. 

Merely look at the name of her campaign committee-Friends of Stephene Moore

So, Dennis wanted to drop out so he could spend more time with his grandkids.  I guess he must not want to spend moore time with his wife. Or Stephene must not want to be around Dennis. 

Now what if you are not one of Stephene's friends? What is you don't even know Stephene at all? Further, why is Stephene only running to be the congressman for her friends? 

Where does that leave you, if  you are not one of her friends?  She might as well drop out now if she cannot even come up with a good name for her congressional committee. What makes you think she could make wise decisions as your congressman? 

Why would you vote for her then?  We are not.

Unlike Stephene, I am running for Congress for all people of the 3rd District, voter and non-voter.  Even those who do not like me.  I am running for all the American people.  I see a congressman as the representative of the nation; not just his congressional district.

Sure, only people that are registered to vote in the 3rd District are the electors.  But after being elected, my vote affects the nation, Kansas and the 3rd District.  As well as  my vote on some piece of legislation may have an impact internationally or locally, as well.  But Stephene just cares about her friends. 

We do not want cap and trade, national health care mandates, NAFTA and CAFTA agreements or alleging to be a fiscally conservative blue dog democrat, until the Democrats are the majority party.  We saw how that worked out. 

Stephene should drop out now.  Why be embarressed during the primary?

But I thank her.  I would rather run against her and get warmed up for the general election against Yoder. 

I am going to start now putting together my congressional staff.  If you are interested in making America a better place, that really is fiscally conservative, contact Thomas E. Scherer at or call me at (913) 403-8584. I am listening to all as a stateman-not just my friends. 


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is common to oil slicks, Kagan and KS Sales Tax Increase proposal

Crap floats.

Just like the Gulf Oil spill, Kagan being nomimated despite never being a judge and the horrible idea of raising sales tax in KS by 1%.  These things all stink just like crap. Pull the handle and flush down the toilet..

Men and Trucks in Kansas

Someone asked me what was the most common vehicle in KansasWell, like most of America, it is a truck. 

There are all kinds of trucks.  Just as there all all kinds of truck drivers.  Most are men.  Although there are many female truck drivers also.  We are so dependent on trucks in America.  Thank God we have lots of truck drivers.

They drive their office.  Many spend more time in their trucks than they do at their homes with their familes. 

Our family has a long love affair with trucks.  My dad was a truck driver for Pillsbury.  He died while in his truck.  I often think my dad was happy driving a truck.  The only time you have to see your boss is when you start working and when you are done working.  Bosses being around too much is annoying.  Truckers are cowboys.  We need a lot of cowboys in America.

 We are so dependent as a society on men driving trucks.  So as a congressman, how could I forget about men and trucks?  They are important to our economy, our agriculture, our households and our national security.  These cowboys need good roads to do stuff for us.  They deserve our respect and gratitude.

Some in the Scherer family work and live in trucks.  My son Jacob does as a mining engineer in Texas. They use great big trucks to haul rock. Scherer Trucking Co. in Parkville MO was owned by my second cousin.  My uncle ran a truck transport company.  I had a Ford F-150 with a camper shell that I miss.  I could haul sheetrock one day and hook up a bass boat the next day.  I gave that truck to my son for doing well in college.  He earned that truck.

I miss my truck.  I want to get me some kind of truck or utility vehicle like a truck.  I want to travel in that truck and see a lot of America.  At 56, I want to see things that make America a great nation.  I love my country.  It is merely our governments most of us dislike.  Our governments federal to local are out of control.  They are taxing the heck out of us.  That needs to be stopped so our economy can recover. 

Then, there are the bikers, law enforcement, bus drivers, and many others that work in the transportation industry. We all are dependent on a  good national infrastructure. For them to safely do their jobs of bringing stuff to us. And by God, we need a good infrastructure in America. 

That includes bridges and roads.  So men in their trucks can do stuff for all of us.  Thanks to all those in the transportation industry.  We need trucks and truck drivers to haul miltary equipment in times of war. How can we fight a war without a good truck?  How can we can defend America without trucks? 

We are very dependent on men and their trucks. If you see me out here in the campaign trail, and I wave to you, that means thanks.  Honk your horn if you want.  I liked that as a kid and still do as an adult.  So honk at this dude every once in a while.  I get it.

Transportation is key to our economic recovery.  With this congressional candidate, transportation will have a friend in Congress.  So all you men and your trucks, ask yourself a simple question.  Does Moore'swife drive a truck?  I do not think so.  If not, why would you vote for her?  Beats me. 

Beats me what she is bringing to the table but Moore rhetoric.  More NAFTA and CAFTA crap.  Just like her husband did shipping jobs all over the world, ignoring America and our national infrastructure for far too long.


Monday, May 10, 2010

News and Stuff

Ok.  Stuff for today. 

Having returned from Florida to campaign has been completed.  Being wired at all times and connected to the inet has been difficult because there are so many things that need done and people to see.  So, stay tuned as I try to give more updates now that I was wired to a network. I argued the tax case on April 30 for all homeowners in Kansas.  An  order will be written soon that I will have to take to the Kansas Court of Appeals.  I know the COTA is not going to decide they are unconstitutional.  So, I will have to ask a real court of law to determine that based on our Kansas Constitution. 

I leased a congressional office space in Merriam, Kansas Friday at 5935 Merriam Lane.  That office will soon be having regular hours so you can drop by and tell me what you want me to do as a candidate for United States Congress.  Remember, I am trying to get a job and you are kind of my boss.  You tell me what to do.

Saturday, I missed being on Dan Leap's Parade float.  However, I did attend Mission Days.  At Mission Days, I met quite a few people.   Some were very interesting.  I met a 13 year old artist.  And purchased a book written by a 10 year old.  How cool.  Fellow artists and writers.  There were many.  I met one lady that I am going to write about.  She embroiders cloth on shirts and towels.  I am going to write about her.  She was very interesting and shows the kind of business mode that I like and will support.  More on this later.

This weekend is the Turkey Creek festival.  So, I will be walking around at that event.

I had a nice Mom Day yesterday.  My mom is 83 and lives in Atchison, Kansas.  She has some dementia which makes it difficult her both of us.  We deal with that on a daily basis.  My sister, brother and I got her a smoker I had to assemble yesterday.  I was fortunate.  It worked and I only had one part left over.  Grilled some big steaks, ate too many baked beans and had a very good Mom Day.

Soon, I am going to write an essay related to men who live in trucks most of the day.  Someone asked me what the most common vehicle is in Kansas.  It has to be a truck.  So, now we are going to focus on getting the male vote.  Later. 


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thinking of Mom's All Over America-Happy Mom Day

First, Happy Mothers Day to those fortunate to have one.  Or to those who have a surrogate mother. 

Second, lots have happened and due to limited internet access, very hard to list everything that has happened since the last essay blog post.

But let me give a brief update:

1. Met with Sarah Palin for a photo sesssion.  If she is elected POTUS, she assures me a post in her administration.  Sarah was cool.  As was her husband Todd.  Whevever I go, everyone has an opinion related to her.  Some good, some unfavorable.

2.  On April 30, on behalf of all Kansas homeowers, I argued my case before the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.   None of the 3 judges would answer a simple question I asked. 

Is COTA a court of law?  None of the three judges would answer this simple but basic question.  Unbelievable. 

If the judges do not know, maybe I will probably have to ask the Kansas Court of Appeals what they think of COTA and it's horrible creation by Senator Tim Owens sponsoring this unconstitutional court of something even the judges at BOTA are uncertain of.

 Further, the court quashed my subpoenas one day before the trial.  Therefore, I now have preserved 6 appeals to date for the Kansas Court of Appeals and further down the road, what will be my 10th Case to take to the United States Supreme Court justices.  Good.

3.  I still have to finish my quarterly report with the Federal Election Commission to make certain they and you know I am running against Moore rhetoric's wife No. 3, Stephanie.  Now Stephanie is very good nurse from what I hear. And she should campaign for something related to nursing.  But not for a job being your congressman.  That would merely result in her husband having his wife be his proxy without Dennis having to do squat.

4.  Now that I am running as a Dem, the only GOP candidate I noted running for the right reasons was Dan Gilyeat.  Yoder is obviously corrupt.  I hope I get to face him in the general since he was too much a coward to debate me in an open forum.

5.  I am here in Kansas City at my new address in Prairie Village. Today, I am negotiating an office building with one of my staffers so I better go do that.


tdus, the best candidate for United States Congress