Thursday, January 19, 2012

Internet Land-A country with no border: Gee, you think censureship failed yesterday

Most wise politicians know, or should know not to mess around with those of us that like free speech in America. Those of us that like free speech also dislike Gestapo-like ideas involving censuring anyone that big brother does not like.

So, the forces that exist in Internet Land dealt a fatal blow to censuring writers and limiting what we, the people decide we want to read.

Thanks to all that cared enough about their free speech and dislike of censureship yesterday. We won that battle, but we all know big brother will come up with yet again, another zany scheme.

We must always remain vigilant and do whatever is necessary to protect our nation from foreign and domestic enemies-even when that domestic enemy is called the government of the United States.

God blessed our nation-God gave we the people certain inalienable rights. Including free speech. Many of us merely wish those who allegedly represent us, we would return to following the United States Constitution as written.

The United States Constitution was a good thing when it was written and throughout our nation's history, provided we can get the federal government and our elected officials to read and remember those words.

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