Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Warren Buffett is Cool: Send him an email

Warren Buffett is awesome. Here is why he is so cool. Warren believes he should be accessible and refuses to do like Bill Gates, in creating this huge bureaucracy in communication with him.

To explain why Warren is very cool, communicate your love for this legendary icon at mentioned during the SATU at the following email:; as mentioned at the SATU speech. Warren and Debra, are very cool. Finally, Warren Buffett needs to quit conning the POTUS.

I reserve the right the right to amend the email, but I assure you, Warren reads everything I write to Debra. Warren Buffett is very cool-he is a lengendary icon of American capitalism. Buffett gets my respect. Warren Buffet should run for POTUS. He is too smart to do so.

Warren, what can I say-dude, you are awesome.

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