Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seeking the attainment of wisdom sufficient to be stupid enough to look for enlightenment

I think wisdom is far easier to attain in life, than it is getting to Nirvana. For good reason.

I tried to find Nirvana on my GPS system so I could drive there. My GPS told me the address was unknown. So having learned some things, I figured as a wise man, I should just ask a woman for directions. But back to my post which is supposed to be about seeking to obtain some wisdom.

There are several written comments on what wisdom is. Basically, the best one my demented mind recalls is that wisdom is the state of mind of a person that has made a lot of mistakes in life, sufficient to not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Based on women, I have not attained by any sense of the imagination, any wisdom.

Being an avid billiard player, I do have sufficient wisdom to know and understand like most billiard players, having a relationship with one of these women, messes up your billiard playing ability.

Now this would equally apply to whatever a man does with his free time, whether that be golf, fishing, boating, or any other activity a man does; when he is not busy doing what a man has to do to provide for himself and his loved ones, those basic necessities of life.

Further in support of my argument, I note that one of the purposes and functions of an academic pursuit is for the instructor, teacher or professor to demonstrate to you as the student, you do not know jack. The more you agree with the instructor, the better grade one gets.

Therefore, wisdom must be the admission one is really stupid on many things. When it comes to many things, therefore, I have attained wisdom because I am very good at demonstrating my stupidity. Just ask my finance. Further, if she were as smart as she claims, why does she hang around with me, then?

In ending, where the hell is Nirvana? My GPS has no clue. Matter of fact, I am going to see if my GPS knows where hell is also. I therefore am going to skip looking all over for Nirvana; and instead go ask my finance where the heck is this place because I now want to be enlightened.

I am pretty certain Nirvana it is real close to the dog house. Further, I note hell more than likely, is right next to the doghouse. I can find the doghouse and I do not even need a GPS device to find it. My finance will just point me in the right direction. Gotta go to the doghouse says my finance. I hope I find Nirvana is actually next to the doghouse, right by hell.

Later. Gotta provide for the family and tend my crops over there at Farmville.

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