Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My personal goals for 2011 that most of you could care less about

Ok.  I am pretty certain my second most important goal in 2011 is going to be expanding my civil rights work to the international scene.  Running for United States Congress, international relations seemed to be an interesting topic for me to study and try to understand better.

And like most ignorant and uneducated Americans on international issues, having been forced to endure our domestic educational system that unduly spends way too much time focused on European culture, typically leaves most of Americans pretty ignorant related to cultures around the entire world. 

For example, many of us Americans know very little about our neighors to the north and south of the United States. Why?  Was ignorance by our public educational systems done on purpose?  Rhetorically, why all this focus on European culture. 

Why are most of us educated in America so naive about other nations?  I just wonder.  Was this done intentionally?   No wonder when we travel abroad as I  intend to do more ofiten going forward, will I be one of those arrogant and uninformed Americans?  Will I wear blinders to the rest of the world's culture and advancements that are not related to Europe? 

Or instead, will I view the international community looking for what they do better than what we do in America?  I hope I am able to see what other nations are doing better than we are.  I look forward to cultural enlightenment as I engage people from foreign nations in the cosmopolitain areas of Florida where I now reside. 

To me, I find other cultures from other nations interesting. Hence, which explains why one of the graduate classes I was going  to take at Harvard was anthropology.  The other class I was scheduled to take in 2006 was advanced science fiction.

So, two of my primary goals for 2011 is to further my understanding related to the cultures of people worldwide.  So, this continues my education into international affairs, foreign countries and their respective cultures.  At my age, I wonder why here in America, there is this undue focus on Europe, in complete oblivion to the rest of the world.  I intend to spend some time in 2011 touring areas outside of the United States in 2011.  Travel-a good thing for a person that wants to continue their understanding of the interelationships with the cultures of many nations. 

The second goal is a two-parter.  One, stop wasting so much time on Facebook.  As well as stop wasting so much time blogging here.  My page count in print of what I have blogged here is over 5000 pages. I could have used all that blog time to write several books.  So, stop Facebooking and stop blogging so much, I am finally able to finish writing my novel started in 2004, titled Changing Asylums, seems like a rational and a logical goal for 2011. 

I am tired of telling myself to stay focused on writing this stupid novel and finishing that stupid book that focuses on sci-fi novel incorporating the best I can understand related to politics, philosophy, religion, mysticism, culture and the impact of technology on all of us going forward; as well as my own unique perceptions of what is important to further the public interest. 

In ending, I understand most of my readers could care less about my goals.  But I am pretty certain politically, I am dead.   I doubt at this juncture I am going to run for United States Congress in 2012.  I might.  But a lot would have to happen to make this a goal for 2011 and 2012. 

I will continue to stay connnected and do some advocacy work in Florida.  I will continue to do what I can for the migrant farm workers in Immokalee, Florida related to improving their deplorable living conditions; as well as do what I can to stop human trafficking in southern Florida. 

After I finish this tax appeal case for Kansans, Kansas can kiss my ass.  I have spent enough time and money advocating for Kansans.  That is going to end in 2011.  Hopefully, someone else steps forward and fills my shoes in Kansas.  A very backwards and overly conservative state I am glad I no longer reside in. 

I will find with the passage of time, a lot of the problems with bureaucracy in Florida, similar to Kansas.  And that is why I am going to start spending more of my time moving around the planet earth as I expand some of my productive work efforts to the international level.  Why not is the imperative question I find myself facing.

On a personal level, it seems important as I get older to get connected.  That should be my most important or No. 1 goal for 2011. 

I am really tired of being single for the last two decades.  It is time for me to get connected and finally make a commitment to another person.  So what could be a more important goal that choosing another human being I want to spend the rest of my life with. 

That really should be my No. 1 goal in 2011.  And so I think that is what I will do in 2011.  Make a commitment to another human being.  The more important question is, why not?


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yecck-Once again, making plans for the upcoming year!

Now that the Christmas holiday is over, many of us will make those next year plans shortly before the ball drops to ring in 2011.  Yecch. 

It is that time when we collectively and individually decide why next year, starting in a few days, we all suddenly will finally become better human beings than we were this year. 

However, I am and remain a contrarian.  I did a lot of really cool things for many people in 2010.  So, before I start focusing on my future, it seems like a better idea to focus on what I tried to accomplish, or did accomplish, in 2010.

Naturally, I spent a lot of time in 2010 running for United States Congress.  This required me to get better at listening to both voters and non-voters vent their frustrations with all levels of government-from the federal down to the local level. 

I argued and continue to argue for real estate property tax reform specifically in Kansas.  My appellate brief will be filed via mail on January 3.  I am merely one step from my 10th attempt to be docketed with the United States Supreme Court.

In 2010, I also argued in Washingto DC on behalf of our nation's veterans right to a cost recovery. A decision related to that case should be coming out shortly in 2011. I visited the White House and Obama would not meet with  me.  The Commission of the IRS refuses to process my federal homebuyer tax credit so soon, he is going to get sued by me in my first federal court in Florida here in early 2011. 

In 2010, I listened to the Tea Party patriots whom are like me-sick and tired of yahoo politicians intent on getting more of our money regardless of how our United States Constitution clearly and loudly was crafted based on the rights of the individual.  Not to mention our founding fathers clearly were afraid of progressive socialism and big brother kind of government.

In 2010, I got to meet with Sarah Palin and members of her family in May. In January, I got my Oz out of Kansas and moved to Florida. Some groups in Florida want me to run for Congress in the 14th District in 2012.. Maybe. Now that I think about it in reflection, 2010 was a very big year for me. 2011 however looks even better.

However from a broad and overiding principal that guides my conduct, acts and omissions, here in the United States, too few of us remember the clear and intentional  writing of our United States Constitution's founding fathers.  And far too many have succumbed to each new generation of those intent on their own self-interest, forcing politicans to creating and  focusing on a welfare nation as envisioned by the enemy of the people, progressive socialist FDR. 

And here once again in 2011, we are in a similar situation as faced during the Great Depression.  High rates of unemployment, plenty of corporate welfare, huge budget deficits, and yahoo politicans creating new ways to tax the lives out of us by forcing us to find bigger and worse governments.

Not only do we have to deal with "too big to fail" entities like banks, mortgage companies, Government Motors, and the horrors related to death panels and the rationing of health care, we also deal with the
de-industrialization of American manufacturing, we also get to deal with declining wages, fewer job choices as we globalize and ship jobs all over the world, leaving the worst jobs here domestically almost leading to the total elimination of the middle class.  At several levels. 

Americans are looking at real losses to their dreams of retirement and the elimination of any wealth many relied on in, by investing their funds in home equity.  So, despite all this negativism, we still have to try our best to be as optimistic as much as possible despite the very real fact we as a nation, we the people are in a deep world of shit. 

While our country continues to decline into a nation where the biggest employer is the federal, state county and local governments, we as a nation remain in deep trouble.  The ugly and very real possibility of total control over our lives and our property will remain a growing and festering sore on our collective and individual souls as big government from federal to the local level, remains a huge problem here in the United States. If this trend to deficit spending, trade deficits, doling out trillions of dollars not backed by anything but empty promises, our nation will soon move into a total and complete economic collapse. 

But at least the good news going forward is that I am not going to endure this nonsense much longer. Matter of fact, I do not have that much longer to live or endure the tenacles of the beast strangling the rights of individuals much longer. 

Further, I am personally going to focus more and more, on the world from an international  perspective.  In 2011, I intend to broaden what I see is my goal.  To make this planet a better place going forward, regardless of the state of our many and varied governments intent on taking control over many parts of our lives.  These many governments here domestically can merely kiss my ass in 2011. 

Remember, we the people are still in charge.  Not the government.  We if we continue as a nation to focus only on our self-interest, rather than a dual focus and balancing on both our national and self-interest, we as a nation will continue to decline with a rapid acceleration. 

And hopefully both in 2011 and again in 2012, we the people make certain those political yahoos that like big governments, that keep reaching into our and my pockets for both our property and our labor, it is our duty to ensure they are not going to get those things.   

We get it.  So do many of the patriots out there that love our United States Constitution as written.  Not interpreted by government bureaucrats and corrupt corporations.  We the people, we are in charge.  And if that leds to blood in the streets in America . . . we the people will make that happen also.  Because we the people of the United States of America do not like living in a deep world of progressive socialism.  

We Americans like our United States Constitution as written. 

Our United States Constitution as written by our founding fathers with clarity, focus, purpose and intent, understood that the strength of our nation is and must remain based on the strength of the individual-not the size of an ever-growing federal government that tries to sweep our country further and further into a welfare state.  So that sums up my 2011 New Year's resolution. 

Sounds almost the same as my resolutions I chose when I decided to run for United States Congress in 2004.  The creep of progressive socialism continues to spread its tenacles. 

And we the people, here in the United States, remain in a deep world of shit. 


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three Wise Men spotted neared the Leavenworth Bridge

I spotted three wise men assisting a stranded motorist near the Leavenworth Bridge as I was returning to my birthplace, Atchison Kansas to spend\some of the holiday season with both my mother and brother.  Although my first choice would have to been to stay in sunny Florida and spend more time with my significant other. 

Regardless, these three wise men were pushing a stranded Ford F-150 motorist because obviously he had ran out of gas on MO Hwy 45 right after passing over the Missouri River bridge into the dreaded state of Missouri, enemy terrority to us Kansans. Now, thise three wise men kindness and acts of assisting another meant something personal to me. 

I watched from the stop sign on the exit ramp coming off I-635.  Why would these three men get out of their vehicles in the middle of a harsh and cold day on a Monday in a  harsh December winter merely to be assistive and help push this stranded Ford truck and its driver about a quarter of mile to a nearby gas station?

 Now what kind of people do things like this? 

And why do we so often see others helping others during the holiday season?  Beats me.  X-mas makes all of us all try our best to think of others. Instead of merely ourselves.

These three fellows clearly must have been the three wise men.  They must have been lost because there was no stable with Jesus anywhere nearby.   And all of Kansans know that even Jesus would not want to be born in some stable anywhere near the state of Missouri. 

Regardless, I am digressing in trash-talking about Missouri.  I must stay focused here on the topic. 

Why were these three men wise?

Because they have learned deep inside, that even in the horrible state of Missouri, the key to their heart and soul is helping others; instead of only focusing on their own self-interest.  To unselfishly give of their minds, hearts and bodies.  And their reward? 

Well, there are several.  Serenity, happiness, compassion and love for their fellow citizens of the planet earth.  Each time, one of us unselfishly helps another, we merely are climbing one more step closer to heaven.  For me personally, it sure seems this stairway to heaven is one long staircase. 

Regardless, I hope someday all of can proclaim someday to understand the ideas and wisdom related to being a good human, Christian or otherwise--to be as wise as these three individuals were. 

I am absolutely certain my own personal happiness depends on what I do and care about others. Maybe someday I will even like people from Missouri.  But that is going to take a few more decades.  Regardless of people from Missouri being irriating to me, I am still able to smile a lot more often as I age.  And not just during the holidays either. 

In retrospect, seeing their unselfish act, I found myself needing to follow these individuals clear to the gas station.  So in turn, I could do my part and repay them for their kindness to another.  So, I gave them a ride back to their respective vehicles and assured them they would certainly be blessed over the holidays.

I in turn was also blessed with an opportunity, just as hey were given.  And that folks, makes those of us that can see clearly, opportunities wherever we are, to help others is really helping ourselves be worth our time here on the planet earth.. 

Have a great holiday season.  That is my story related to seeing the three wise men near the Leavenworth Bridge. 

Peace. For now.  Even to the people of Missouri. 

But only until KU beats the crap out of MU again in basketball. 

Signing out. 


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ben "what me worry" Bernake and the Fed Reserve screw we, the people some more!

Well, once again, the Federal Reserve has its head buried in the sand screwing us, we the people again today by leaving interest rates artificially as low they can go casting aside and throwing out the long held tradition of a free market economy. 

Bernake  is not fooling anyone by his thin plan to keep interest rates artifically low solely for the purposes of keeping payments on the federal debt as low as possible.  Government anf big  corporations win again; while the nation, our economic prosperity and we the people lose again.

Raise the freaking interest rates so we can have an economic recovery, banks and corporation stop hoarding funds and issuing cheap bonds yielding less than one per cent. 

As we have stated here on this blog, there will be no economic recovery by this assine theories guiding the Federal Reserve, the fourth and unlawful branch of the government. 

Fire the Federal Reserve.  They are the problem with their micromanaging the US economy causing all these huge economic swings we have had to endure and keep having to tolerate their "silly theories" for far too long.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Smackdown on the unconstitutional Obama Health Ins. scheme

The scheme to force people to obtain health insurance was found to be unconstitutional for good reason.  It was unconstitutional.

So another progressive socialist tax scheme bites the dust. 


Friday, December 10, 2010

Warning: Be wary of Tax Reform Suggestions Coming Out of DC

Whenever yahoo politicans start having problems funding their pork barrel legislation or need a new scheme to get more of the middle class tax dollars, they start talking about major reforms to the tax code.  Naturally, when this happens, who gets screwed the most?

Middle Class America and the Poor.  Since these political yahoos in DC want to keep the campaign coffers full from the rich contributors, most discussion related to tax reform to date has been regressive tax reform proposals.  Instead of progressive tax reform.  So be wary of idiotic ideas coming out of Washington related to tax reform schemes like the Flat, Fair or Consumption Tax.

The entire funding of the federal government continues to impose regressive consumption taxes on the public impacting the middle and lower classes, in quite a subtle manner.  Like most governments that insist they get bigger, the yahoo politicans keep having to get more creative in coming up with tax schemes.

We witnessed this with both the Bush and Obama administration.  These two yahoos are both spendaholics racking up these huge and historic federal deficits pushing our nation closer to federal bankruptcy.  And due to these huge deficits, and all the interest payments on these deficits merely explains why the yahoo politicans have to get more and more creative in conning we the people to making major tax reform modifications.

 Since Obama could not get Congress to pass some of  his zany and insane tax proposals like the carbon tax, the Federal Reserve Bank has been forced to do two things:

1. Infuse huge amounts of cash into the market, and
2. Keep interest rates articifically low to reduce the interest on the federal debt, which keeps growing and   growing due to a lack of fiscal monetary restraint.

And with artificially low interest rates, banks are going to hoard cash, there will be no loans made to most consumers by lending institutions, no job job growth and the opposite of economic prosperity.  When the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates, then an economic recovery will ensue, the unemployment numbers will drop and we as a nation can focus on rebuilding our national infrastructure leading to our future prosperity.

 Now when are all these great predictions going to happen?

Hopefully, after the 2012 Presidential Election when we can finally get a true fiscal conservative elected as POTUS and get rid of few more of these current political yahoos, both Congressman and Senators that created this huge economic mess we are still having to deal with. 

The reality is the yahoos in DC are getting to stick to the middle class and the poor with regressive and consumption taxes some more until we get rid of many of these incumbents and Presidents that are spendaholics.  As well, the old style yahoos in DC that  created this mess, will also try their best to  eliminate most of the major and lawful deductions most of middle class America have come to rely on. 

Now I agree to the following:

a) We need to reduce federal spending, and
b) We need a progressive tax reform, not a regressive modification to our federal tax system, and
c) The Yahoo Politicans in DC will fight for regressive tax modifications to the United States Tax Code.

Therefore, this leads to the conclusion we the people are going to get screwed some more if the DC yahoos try to make major reforms to our federal tax code.

What we the people should be demanding is the elimination of prior and any new consumption taxes because they are regressive impacting the middle and lower class.  I cannot support any tax reform that is regressive causing the middle class and the poor to pay even more in federal, state, county and local governments that show no inclination or desire to restrain their own spending. 

Government was once for and by the people. Instead, we have government for the government at all levels, trying to maintain and increase its control over we the people.

So be reflective and understand all these governments are intent upon getting more of your money by trickery and creatively inventing every tax scheme they can to maintain big brother.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wiki Leaks: Showdown at the OK Corral

Wiki Leaks and Julian.  What can we all say about this drama?  How about some predictions?

In this  big  shootout at OK Corral, which is kind of where this is heading, Julian is kind of screwed. Kind of like Paul Neuman in Cool Hand Luke.  "What we have here is a failure to communicate."  Except in this situation, there is plenty of communication. Heck, this is better than the shootout at OK Corral.

What we have here is just simply a failure of our Secretary of State which Julian keeps reminding everyone. Naturally, the failure is Hillary Clinton's fault.

But Julian is not the only one screwed here.  There are some big corporations and many governments that are screwed also in this check and checkmate scenario.  So, Julian will probably never get out of jail and will somehow be mysteriously killed. Which will  propel this Julian guy to historic proportion. The poison pill message will be released and governments  and corporations will be forced to deal with the collateral damage caused by the cyber retalliation attack.

And naturally, there will be movies made.  Lots of t-shirts.  And copy-cat people doing the same thing.  Requiring governments to straighten up what they publish in diplomatic cables.  Julian has kicked their ass. Now it is the government's turn. 

And the rest of us will never forget this high stakes drama.  Hillary will be fired.  Lots of people in the government will be fired.  And our national security will be a lot better thanks to Wiki Leaks and Julian.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The High Cost of Getting Shellacked in the 2010 Election Cycle

Obama is caving in to the unrelenting demand of the GOP to extend the tax cuts to the wealthy.  And naturally tomorrow, the Dem leadership will be whining, but powerless to do much about the Obama Tax Compromise. 

This is the high cost of getting shellacked in the 2010 election cycle.  Now I reported in this blog in February 2009 about Obama caving in to the whiny GOV's of each state; instead of using those limited funds to rebuild our national infrastructure.  I clearly wrote here at that time how this was a huge mistake of his administration and a clear sign of Obama lacking the courage needed to be a good leader.

So clearly Obama wants to please--well, pleasing everyone is not the goal of our President.  Our President is supposed to do what is best for our nation regardless of party politics.  So Obama was clearly boxed into a corner by the GOP leadership on this tax cut situation post-election by the shellacking.

So, the GOP won the tax cuts, but we as a nation of taxpayers will pay a hefty price later, as we the people get shellacked sooner or later with massive tax increases and huge cuts in federal spending.

Stand by to be shellacked soon.  For certainly, it is your turn to be shellacked next.  It is just a matter of when.

Lame Duck Yahoo Politicans Wheeling and Dealing in DC-Political Nonsense Continues

We elected a whole batch of new candidates in a huge shellacking in November elections.  I will be glad when some of these newly elected honestly come out of the closet by making some comments about this political posturing related to extending the Bush Tax Cuts in exchange for more federal employment benefits.

First, I have a huge problem with state sovereignity based on the 10th Amend. to the United States Constitution. Funding employment insurance is not a function of the federal government at all.  Or, if it is, give me your legal argument on why the federal government should be involved in funding those that are unemployed benefits using your and my tax dollars. 

Second, when did it shift from the state to the federal government, this funding of those who are unemployed. 

Finally, this joke Debt Reduction Commission is merely democratic political posturing having no power to make the United States Congress fiscally responsible.

We the people are the real Debt Reduction Commission.  And if those that are newly elected merely blend in with the corrpution of DC, we will ensure they are reduced right out of office come the 2012 election cycle.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting Prepared to Sue the IRS Commissioner

The Internal Revenue Service continues to refuse to process my 2009 federal tax return that includes issuing me a federal homebuyer tax credit for timely purchasing a condo in FL.  Now yesterday, I sent a certified letter, return receipt to the Commisssioner of the IRS. 

He has until January 2011 to see that I receive this federal tax credit. 

If I do not, then I am going to send the Commissioner a federal complaint here in southern FL asking him why not. 

Stay tuned.