Thursday, September 30, 2010

A slow political transformation and why we do not like either party

In 2004, after I made a decision to run for US Congress, I intially campaigned for the poor, the disabled and senior citizens.  This was base voter I wanted to do stuff for.  Still do.  However, as our nation continued to get worse regardless of party affiliation, I started a slow transformation to believing and addressing the issues facing the middle class.  Middle class angst.

To which I clearly understand this angst about as well as any congressional can.  There is plently good reason for this middle class angst.  Which is also undergoing a transformation.  Can we have a reasonable expectation of where this angst is going to transform into post-tea party?  Is a revolution imminent?

One writer speculates that the middle class angst causing voters to support tea party candidates instead of yahoo GOP and Dems that caused this funk we are all in, is going to continue to grow (despite a lot of the media like CNN trying their to divide tea party patriots) is going to be middle class militants.  I tend to concur. 

After the November elections are over, there might be a brief period of angst subsiding.  But it will not last for long.  And the transformation will be towards middle class militants.  We already seeing an uptick in people that are not going to take this crap anymore.  Expect it to get worse.

In politics, there are tremendous and evil forces that continue to try to do a snow job on us.  Like Michael Steele pandering to some of the tea party leaders recently.  Pretending the GOP party gets the middle class angst.  And like a typical politican, Steele merely states oh we understand the angst in the GOP party.  Vote for our candidates.  To which the Tea Party should not take the bait. 

The GOP, just like the Dem elites want to merely pretend they understand we the people are in charge.  Both parties are pandering to the middle class angst.  But the pandering is not offering any solutions.  Clearly, the yahoo politicans still do not get it.   But the militant middle class will.  And it will not be pretty come 2011.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Congressional and Senate staffers say a lot about a politician

Most of us have contacted our US congressman or senators since they allegedly are supposed to be our representative.  Now Senator Pat Roberts is not much of one as I previously blogged about.

I went to his Senate office in person armed with lots of documents in support. Moore's office despite him still being my congressman referred me simply because I was campaigning against Moore's wife.  So their staff told me to contact Senator Roberts regarding the IRS stonewalling a lot of people's federal home buyer tax credit. Moore's staffers considered helping me to a conflict of interest-a lame political excuse from a worthless retiring congressman.

Now Senator Robert's staff did not do anything related to the same.  So exactly who is this Senator representing?  Well . . . if you are a special interest, Senator Roberts is your man.  His staff was absolutely no assistance indicating they could care less about what the IRS or any other federal agency does or omits doing.

When Senators and Congressman ignore the will of the people, what do we call that?



Thursday, September 23, 2010

GOP "A Pledge to America" falls short of what we need to ensure our nation rebuilds our way to economic prosperity

One thing I have learned in politics is party platforms, planks and pledges are typically a bunch of rhetorical nonsense lacking specificity.  Just like the new GOP Pledge to America.  I do not buy this pledge of being sufficient to what is best for America and neither should you.

This "pledge" merely assures us if the GOP were the majority post-election, things would return to Bush-like nonsense ensuring more globalization, more hegemony infringing on other nation's sovereignity, more war (like with Iran), and more GOP nonsense which directly triggered the horrible economic condition we are now having to endure. 

Followed by the zany progressive socialism of the Abomination.  For example, OMB's Peter Orztag got fired after proclaiming Obama's economic theories made absolutely no sense.

What has happened to our nation since 2000 with Bush and now Obama are two chief executives and the yahoo DC politicans, regardless of party affiliation in charge of our federal government continue to spend our federal tax dollars like a drunken sailor. 

And this new pledge to America by the GOP leaders merely offers more of the same Reagan-like trickle down Voodoo economics coupled with more of that Bush fear mongering and demand for more hegemony globally. 

What has happened to our federal government is extreme and excessive manipulation of our national economy by both Bush and Obama completely lacking fiscal responsibility.  As a nation, we need desperately leaders that understand the United States Constitution requires the federal government to be limited to what is enumerated. 

This Pledge does little to satisfy me the GOP is serious enough in bringing about a dramatic shift from fiscal irresponsibilty to becoming a fiscally responsible federal government intent on rebuilding our national infrastructure.

Once again, the GOP pledge really leaves me wondering post-election exactly how this GOP pledge is going to restore fiscal responsibility by reducing the federal and other governments across America. 

This pledge merely assures me we will continue to have goverment for the government; insane redistribution of your money to special interests that have corrupted politicans instead of government that is responsive to what we, the people of this nation demand from our governments.

With this pledge, I see little in reducing the scope and size of all these governments that will merely continue to tell we the people what we must do. A further erosion of the middle class. And until we get the Federal Reserve under control and ensure this "fourth branch of the government" is not a branch of the government at all, there will be no economic prosperity. 

Instead, we will merely continue to see huge and erratic economic conditions continue to cause catastrophic effects on most Americans; except for the rich and corporate interests whom benefit from economic uncertainty.

A key to our economic future must see an increase in interest rates.  This is a key indicator of a return to economic common sense.  And until that happens, there will be no economic recovery, jobs created, or the rebuilding of our national infrastructure. 

The hoarding of capital by the banks and their failure to put cash into the economy will merely continue until such time as we get the manipulation of our national economy by the Federal Reserve eliminated.

Instead, there will merely be further manipulation of the economy that will continue to take your dollars and redistribute those dollars to the rich and to the corporations intent on getting into your pocket even more. 

The pledge does not nothing to make major modifications to the tax code either.  Other than assure us that the rich will continue to not pay their fair share of taxes.  A clear and demonstrative indication of a return to trickle-down economics.

 All of us should be paying for a limited federal government-the rich, the poor and the middle class.  This pledge clearly states the rich should not have to pay their fair share of taxes.  Which merely assures all of us the angst of hard working middle class Americans will continue to grow to epic levels approaching a need for a major revolution.

 So, we the people must continue to demonstrate and participate in telling the federal government and its elected officials do what we want done. Basically, a major reduction and consolidation of governments at all levels. And if they continue to not listen, we Tea Party Patriots will continue to do what we do, post-election.

We are in charge now.  Not the GOP or Dem Parties.  Review this GOP Pledge and ask yourself, how is this pledge going to work going forward in ensuring these political yahoos are not going to continue to drive America to a complete economic collapse. The firing of politicans is going to continue.

I am not satified with this GOP pledge of rhetoric nor should you.  The only portion of this pledge that I believe is warranted, is ending the Abomination's attempts to ensure the federal government takes over our national health care system including their rationing of health care.  So, I can concur with the the pledge on that obvious portion.

 Regardless, and with clarity, the GOP leaders have clearly not learned their lesson yet.  So when it comes to a grade, I give this pledge a D minus for its obvious shortcomings.

So, we the people, all of us must remain vigilant and do our duty some more.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meltdown at the White House Time

I posted a blog entry a long time ago about a  contest on whom was going to get fired in the Obama administration first.  Although I picked Hillary as highly likely to be the first, I was wrong. 

Almost everyone else though is leaving here lately. Hopefully, Kate Sebelius, former GOV of Kansas will get on her broom and leave also.

Now if that Kenyan guy would leave also, we might move away from all this progressive socialism that is ruining our nation and return to that thing called the United States Constitution as written. 

Rahm is allegedly going to run for mayor of Chicago?  Get real. 

People in Chicago are not that stupid.  I suggest they get Mike Ditka to move back and get him to run for mayor.  In regard to my own stuff, I am supposed to write an essay for the Naples FL Tea Party and attend one of those Patriot Party things Oct. 2.  Those liberal media people are doing everything possible to stop the Tea Party Patriots. Especially considering the Tea Party is causing so much havoc in elections this cycle.

For good reason. We, the people are tired of all this progressive socialism and the clear and plain attempts to eliminate the middle class.  No wonder so many are finally ticked off.  And the way things are shaping up going forward, they will remain that way for a long time going forward. 


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why the Credit Bureaus suck and caused this huge economic collapse

Ok, I am on a roll today.  Two posts.  And yes Virginia, the economic collapse of the United States economy was caused by a shift from asset based lending to a miserable and dumb idea by bankers all across America to shift to credit score based lending.

Natually bankers being the liars they are, will never accept the responsibility of this huge economic collapse.  So once again Virginia, you are right in stating that bankers in America are very lazy people.  The only reason they like credit based scoring is so these penny pinchers only have to loan money to their rich crony friends and never loan you and me any money.

So Virginia, if you detest bankers, I understand this.  I do too.  And yes Virginia, you are absolutely right that in order to restore our nation to economic prosperity, we need to go back to asset based lending practices.

To which bankers will shudder and shrug their penny pinching shoulders as they rofl.

The Fun and Joy of Interest Rate Policies of the Crappy Federal Reserve

Hey, anyone want to talk about interest rates?  I do. 

Now it only makes sense why the fourth branch of the federal government, that horrible thing called the Federal Reserve wants to keep interest rates artifically low.  The national debt.  Which might just explain why banks are not loaning you and me any money. 

Bankers are not going to ever loan any of us money when interests rates are so pitiful and artificially kept low for way too long a time. So welcome to the new US banking system where the slogan of bankers has now become "we bankers are going to hoard cash and never loan you any money for a long time going forward". 

And please do not force me to go off on some tangent about how horrible all these credit bureau things are.  Or I will never finish this short essay.  Let me put it simply-the credit bureaus and credit score based lending system suck. How about a return to asset-based lending?

The thinking of the Federal Reserve is seriously warped and from some other distant universe real close to the Twilight Zone, far past any reasonable place of reality.  By keeping interests artifically low has a horrible cause and effect on our economy and gross domestic product. 

But hey, the good news is the Democrats and Obama can say, "hey, look what a great we are doing up here in the hellhole of DC".  Naturally, the spin from the Abomination is look how well the current Obama Spin is doing. 

We, the people are not being fooled here. The American people understand the cause and effect of artifically low interest rates.  Even better, we the people have a solution to this federal manipulation of our national economy.

The Obama administration is not doing a good job.  In fact, they are doing a horrible job economically.  They get an F for all this zero interest rate crapola. 

Well, I say Obama and the Federal Reserve are not quite as smart as they think they are and need to take off their naive thinking hats right after they climb off that high horse they are riding around on.

Most of us Americans understand this relationship between interest rates and the economy.  With zero interest rates, zero economic growth, zero jobs created and a zero based economy making all of our lives miserable.

I am telling most folks and they seem to get it. Until interest rates are raised, there will be no economic recovery, no rebuilding of our national infrastructure, no economic prosperity, no reindustrialization of American, more globalization of jobs all over the world, but not the US, or any jobs saved or created; regardless of how many times we all have to endure that stupid slogan, "yes we can." 

"Yes, we can remain in a big stagnant ecomonic policy mess" due to the Obama Administration which has failed to do much about a horrible federal reserve system. 

So, the good news is this will soon be fixed come the November election cycle. (The solution). Demand an audit and an end to the Federal Reserve system as presently formed, get rid of this fourth branch of the government, return to following that thing called United States Constitution and put an end to this secretive control and manipulation of our national economy. 

We have spotted the enemy of American prosperity and it is called the Federal Reserve. 

Time to attack. 


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why do Kansas democrats keep losing elections?

There are lot of reasons.  The biggest one is called progressive socialism.  The second biggest reason is Larry Gates is the Kansas Democratic Party executive director.  The third biggest reason is the Kansas Dem HQ in Topeka is a huge failure. 

Why the Kansas Dem HQ web site is horrible is once again, Larry Gates fault.  When it comes to horrible web sites, that are costing the Democratic party a lot of elections, merely go to this horrible web site by clicking the link below.

It should be required reading for poli sci students on how to not build a web site politically.

Scherer for your Congressman: Why Senator Pat Robert's Staff Sux

Scherer for your Congressman: Why Senator Pat Robert's Staff Sux: "I have the opportunity to go Washington DC in October to argue a case before the Board of Veterans Appeals why veterans are entitled to a co..."

Why Senator Pat Robert's Staff Sux

I have the opportunity to go Washington DC in October to argue a case before the Board of Veterans Appeals why veterans are entitled to a cost recovery based on the holdings of the United States Supreme Court.  So I am pumped for going to the hellhole of DC once again.

So I asked for assistance in attending some important locations in DC for this trip from the staff of Senator Roberts.  His staff sucks.  They were no help whatsoever in providing anything in DC.  So, being tenacious and in Florida, I went to Senator Lemieux staff.  Bam.

I got reservations at SCOTUS, Capitol Hill, the  Pentagon and tickets to the Kennedy Performing Arts Center. 

Further, I filed a Senate inquiry against the Internal Revenue Service. This inquiry was related to the IRS not timely processing federal homebuyer tax credits promptly.  As seen on TV.  Naturally, since his staff sucks, they were no help here either. 

So what is a solution when your United States Senator named Pat Roberts sucks.  Write a blog article about it. Spinning this positive, good job United States Senator Lemeiux.  Just goes to show all politicians are not yahoos like the ones we have in Kansas.

Finally, do not vote for Senator  Brokeback for Kansas GOV.  He sux also.  He hates people and will ruin Kansas, just like he did to our national economy while he was a United States Senator.  Consider moving out of Kansas before it is too late. 


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whiny governors of several states get more bailout funds

I just finished reading about another broken Obama promise bailing out big state governments again with our tax dollars.  Big governments continue to not be fiscally responsible. 

Now in February, 2009 President Obama made a huge economic blunder in shifting our tax dollars from our national infrastructure to cutting a deal rescusing all these whiny state governments that failed to anticipate a decline in state property tax revenues due to declining home prices. 

Obama promised all of us he would not use our federal tax dollars to rescue the state governments again.  So, he lied to us again to the tune of 26 billion dollars of our money this week.

So there goes 26 more billion dollars not spent on our national infrastructure.  Give me a break.  State governments need to break their ties with the federal government and take care of their states.  States like to claim they are sovereign, yet have this undue expectation of a redistribution of our federal tax dollars into maintaining state government employees.  Not a smart idea.

By maintaining the size of state governments, the beast of government merely keeps its tenacles and toes polished to avoid elimination and consolidation across the respective states.  Now at least Kansas comes in 43rd related to state GDP.  So in Kansas, we have not chased illusions like most of the other several states.  But federal tax dollars from Kansas are going to be used anyway, to rescue some of these other states that have done a horrible job fiscally.

Now just because Kansas is not one of the worst states in the nation is a good thing.  Nor should those in the Kansas legislature rest on their heels and do very little just because we are not one of the worst state governments in America.

The Kansas legislature is still going to have to agressively shrink state government by further consolidations.  I for one understand the state government is no solution to increasing state GDP.  In fact, if too many are on the state payroll, state GDP will be negative.  We have to reduce governments at all levels.

Goverment, especially big progressive socialistic government is an enemy we have to fear in America.  The fear is real.  This overdependency on the federal and state government is a direct threat to the American vision of not depending on a federal, state and local government.  In plain language, big government is to be feared as a threat to our economic prosperity.  For quite a while going forward.

So do not allow the Tea Party patriots to give up in frustration.  Keep dumping the tea in Kansas and elsewhere.  We as a nation must continue our path of ending this overdependence and undue reliance on all these 95,000 governments that interfere in our nation's return to prosperity. 

Finally, in Kansas we remain in big trouble since it would appear Sam Brokeback is going to be elected GOV.  Remember, Brownback screwed up America as a United States Senator.  Why on earth would we ever want him to be the next GOV of Kansas is beyond my comprehension. 


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yoder still deserves an F for failure to communicate

I got a cell phone call from a staffer with Yoder's office here at my condo here in Florida.  The staffer refused to let me talk to Kevin Yoder.  Nor will Yoder return anyone's phone calls implying he is nariccist that hates to communicate before he is elected to be your congressman.

Now why should we vote for Yoder to be our congressman when he never will call you or me?  What a coward.  So Yoder gets an F for failure to communicate. Naturally, Moore's wife has no qualifications whatsoever to be a congressman.  So it would appear Kansans in the 3rd District are going to be stuck with Narcissist Kevin Yoder as your next congressman.  So get depressed until 2012 when we can get a person running for Congress, that will actually communicate with you, the voter. 

In other news, I finally got the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals (COTA) to issue an order related to my attempts to restore to Kansas homeowners their involiate right to a de novo case in your local state district court where you reside.  Naturally, COTA feebly tries to gloss over my constitutional challenge to the rotten legislation that took this inviolate right.  (Merely read the Kansas Constitution which COTA does not like).

So Thursday, I filed a mandatory petition for reconsideration.  After COTA sweeps that under the rug, then it will be time to ask the Kansas Court of Appeals, a real court of law to find the Substitute for House Bill 2018 (2008) by a pompous Kansas Senator, Tim Owens is unconstitutional for several reasons.  Because it is. 

The Kansas Constitution clearly provides that all Kansans have the inviolate right to a jury trial on equity claims.  Now why COTA does not know this, is amazing.  COTA Panel of judges refused to even answer a simple question I posed for the record. "Are you a court of law?"

 None of the three judges on the panel would answer this question.  Unbelievable.  So, I guess that only leaves me with one option-ask a real court of law, the Kansas Court of Appeals judges what they think of COTA and the Substitute for House Bill 2018.

Now this is an important case.  When the government of Kansas starts taking away our inviolate right to a jury trial, including issues related to Nazi-like real estate tax assessments using this real estate comparables nonsense, we have a huge problem in the state of Kansas.  Hence, why I am so glad I am now in Florida instead.