Thursday, January 12, 2012

Name a worse governor in America than Barbour-Govenor Sam Brokeback Kansas

Who deserves the title for being the worst governor in America. The current opinion is the worst governer in America is MS outgoing governor, Haley Barbour.  With due lack of respect, I disagree.  I think the worst governor other than Mitt Romney might be the Governor of Kansas, nutjob Sam Brownback, religious zealot and former candidate for President of the United States.  I refer to Brownback as Brokeback for good reason-I know this yahoo politician.

Brokeback is trying to con the voters of Kansas into agreeing with him and his cronies to shift from the current state income tax in Kansas into a flat or fair tax-a regressive tax that benefits the rich-crony friends of former Senator Brokeback-the same senator that brought about the worst economic collapse of our nation since the Great Depression.

I have written about this political yahoo several times.  I fear for my fellow native Kansans and anyone else that resides in Kansas.  This guy is so far past reality, he makes the Twilight Zone seem normal.  Egomanical narcissist, the self-righteous GOV Brokeback recently made national news for trying to censor a local Kansas high school student.

Brokeback is an embarressment to our nation and to the state of Kansas.  He is an egomanical naricisstic that should be impeached by the electors of Kansas.  In plain terms, this governor of Kansas is a nutjob and by comparison makes Haley Barbour look like he is not as crazy as he seems. 

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