Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look at all the other yahoo web sites: Compare and contrast the rotten vs. Scherer

Ok.  Start with the best.

Or just for fun, just keep clicking this link where Scherer clearly explains what is happening in real time by writing essays almost daily. 

Go to:

If the link looks just like this, just keep clicking until you get to someone else that does not deserve your vote.

Go downwards in the deep spiraling anal recesses of corruption by going here: 

Horrible. This site should only be seen by Satan. 


Disgustingly corrupt.  Only go to Yodeling Yoder web site if you are a corporate CEO, the horrible NRCC or a really rotten bastard attorney. 


Nice lady, too bad she works for a huge mortgage broker.  Plus don't forget.  She thinks you should pay a lot more money for sending all your kids to school and even more to send them to college.

Why waste the time?

Dan is nice guy.  Maybe some year, he will get that year-end report filed with the FEC. 


Never heard of her.  She has less name recognition than I do.

Sorry.  This site was only up for nine whopping days.  You mean you missed all the laughs?  Bummer.

Good luck finding any Dem web site.

So does anyone notice a pattern here of all these yahoos?  Clearly, none of them have a plan.  Their web sites are static and boring saying the same old rhetoric--vote for me and give me some money.

 None of them except Scherer are doing anything now to earn your vote. So, why give your vote away?

Beats us.

Scherer is the man.

Huge Demiwant Tsusami Wave Named Reconcilation to hit Dem Socialists around November

Huge tsusami wave predicted to roll over Dem Socialists shortly after a another feeble social engineering wave called reconcilation is attempted to be shoved down our throats next week.

Most are predicting the vaccine will be available on, or before November 2010.  Provided the Obama administration does not declare martial law to stop all the rioting.

So, do not worry about horrible and corrupt dem socialists that are ensuring that evil corporations like the health care, insurance and drug lobbyists keep invading your pockets. 

The evil and rotten to the corrupt core dem socialists are however, twisted and dark realists.  They know for a very short time, they can scare the crap out of us.  And they really want to lose the elections come November.  So they can merely get a pay raise when they become even more corrupt and evil lobbyists for their pals in health care.

Furthermore, these evil dem socialists clearly know they are going to be thrown out as the majority party due to all their corrupt scheming.  So what do they care?  For certainly, they have no credibility left. 

The era of big government, big brother dem socialism is about to die. But first, it is their turn to pass anything they want manically and in desparation no matter how evil and corrupt it is.  Despite, we the people. 

Finally, Obama also knows someone like Scherer will introduce and sponsor legislation after the election to ensure a Muslim from Kenya does not run for United States President in 2012, ever again. 

Call it the "Scherer Makes Obama retirement plan." One of the first bills I will gladly sponsor. If the United States Supreme Court hates the United States Constitution, then I will fix that. What could be more important than our United States Constitution, other than God, Jesus and my family?

So, expect those damn dem socialists to force the newly elected to waste a lot of time fixing what the dem socialists ruin. Shortly after the first congressional session convenes in January 2011. 

Even if the dem socialists try to force Obamacare down our throats like some kind of Pelosi HR1 virus, there is a cure to this horrible disease.

You  have to admit the crazy, but even worse zany waste a lot of our time,  Pelosi HR1 Virus actually makes logical, but irrational sense.  Make the GOP party spend most of their new post-election majority victory-- fixing the viral damage caused by the demiwant socialists to America.  Sad, but true. 

Now I thought a lot of the GOP leaders like the leader of Bush hegemony and Dick Satan Cheney were pure evil.  Cheney has nothing compared to evil and crazy Nancy.  And do not forget there is another virus as a viral backup,

The backup virus is called HR2, also known as Harry Reid.  He ails us also. So there is solution going forward.

It is called the November 2010 vaccine.  It cures what ails us.  Nancy Pelosi and the rest of those damn evil socialist leaders.

Scherer is part of that cure.

Endnote: Later today, I am meeting with a person that is going to explain to me why the federal prisons and the Internal Revenue Service allow prisoners to file fraudulent tax returns in quite a bit of detail.  The federal government uses the proceeds from these false federal tax returns to grease and finance the prison system through the prison commissary system.  How horrible.  Makes sense.  The corruption is broad and vast.  No wonder Bush wanted to privatize the federal prison system. 

It was simply about the corrupt money.  Later.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Top Secrets related to productivity and efficacy by the best candidate for United States Congress

Ok.  Listen up.  Err, since this is actually a blog, you cannot listen.  You have to read up.

For the first time ever, I am going to give you, my local blog followers, one of my many cherished secrets on how to be productive.

Or even better, for the few that actually know how to use a dictionary and look up what words mean, use the word efficacy, instead.  Now efficacy literally means how to get more crap done that the other yahoos (like Satan Jordan and Yellow dog Yodeler, Yoder). 

Now remember, Mr. Kurtz was absolutely correct in calling me the energizer bunny of Merriam.  But he did not reveal why that is.  So, had Mr. Kurtz done a better more in-depth analysis, or used that thing called a telephone device, he may have had the ice cream scoup of the year. 

So below are some never-revealed secrets of how you too, can be an energizer bunny, also. 

The first step is around nine o'clock in the evening, eat a great big bowl of chocolate ice cream covered in smooth Hersey's chocolate syrup.  Throw on top of that a bunch of marichino cherries.  Naturally a bunch means exactly five.  Add some whip creme. 

Hit the recliner. Stick in a good DVD movie like Enemy at the Gate. (Naturally, the enemy is "Satan" Jordan including co-star coward, Kevin Yoder). 

Sidenote: Yoder got an award for playing best supporting coward of all time as the coward that was too afraid to help his buddy not get bayonetted in "Saving Private Ryan",  the other great war movie with Tom Hanks). 

Start watching movie while eating ice cream. Pass out at nine fifteen.  Wake up a few hours later at 3:00 AM in the morning.

Now at 3:00 AM, this is a great time to blog.  Because at this ungodly hour of the morning, there are really few distractions and absolutely no interuptions.  You know, stuff like annoying phone calls.  Or, e-mails. Or your spouse or lover wanting to fool around again.  And besides, on your Facebook page you have already planted all your crops on Farmville earlier in the day at work. 

So, at 3:00 AM, there is no one in the universe to bug an energizer bunny.  So, this is the time for max production, or the time to be efficacious.  Now efficacy is a good thing.  It is always preferred to merely being productive.  Since efficacy combines two words into one-productivity and efficiency.  So take that you inefficacious liberal socialst enginerring liberal media people.

But not Katy Horner, ever. Rhetorically, Katy, are we going to be killed by the weather again, today?  Holy Tsunami?  Way to go Katy.  You ticked off God and Jesus, again!

Another key factor to being efficicaous is ignore those that have a dull mentality and are negative pessimests.  Like Sam Brokeback.  Usually, this means ignore lemming loyalsts idiotic ideas from political parties that he leads in corruption.  These lemmings have no concept or vison.  They merely hang onto the coatails of someone like King Sam merely because they are unable to have any original ideas due to their own inability or lack of creativity. 

So, they follow the herd to the edge of the cliff before jumping off like the rest of the lemmings.  Know right now, today, who is the leader of the lemmings.  Well, naturally, this is King Sam Brokeback.  So hurry up and jump Sam. So finally, at least here in Kansas, we can eradicate the lemmings.

Ok, since we are now going to be peaking our efficacy soon, because it is almost 8:00 AM. Which naturally means all  those annoying phone calls ruining productivity are going to start. Therefore, it is time to ingest a lot of caffeine so we can tolerate all those annoyers of our precious time messing with our social networking time; especially related to Farmville.  Naturally, on top of the caffeine, eat about six jelly donuts so you get both the caffeine and the sugar rush. 

So, at 9:00 AM, when it is time for the office meeting, well  . . . you are ready to take your nap.  Because typically, these morning meetings are a huge waste of time where very little gets accomplished.  Meetings=nap or yawn time.  Or, if you cannot nap, this is also an outstanding time to daydream about what you are going to do at 9:00 PM.  Which is eat a big bowl of chocolate ice cream, again.

Now after this idiotic meeting where most people are just complaining, because they can, an hour has clearly gone by.  So, after the meeting nap, one is usually ready for some more caffeine. Plus, this is a great time to get some niccoteine.  So smoke break. Of course.

So get another cup of Joe and chain smoke. Because most of us are going to need that niccoteine fix as a anxiety crutch.  Because by now, most people that are calling, are just complaining and whining when they call your phone number.  So to deal with them, niccoteine seems appropriate.

 Besides, smoking cigarettes or cigars helps one get the taste of that sixth donut out of your mouth.  Lemon jelly donut, make a note to skip that tomorrow and go for the chocolate filled donut instead. 

So after the smokes and several cups of joe, the efficacy returns. And after these two addictions followed by another post-meeting power nap, you are really ready to get productive. Except there is only one problem. It is time for lunch

So heck with being efficacious, it is bacon-cheeseburger time in the old cafe.  Either that, or Popeye's Fried Chicken.  Now from experience, Popeye's Fried Chicken, along with potatoes and gravy and a big hunk of pie is always a great way to reduce anxiety and allow you to deal with the whiny people.  Merely throw down your throat a  64 oz. Big Gulp and you are set for the rest of the afternoon.

So now lunch is over.  And you go back to your cube to be efficacious.  But instead, you get in that funky mode of wanting to pass out from eating all that Popeye's fried chicken.  However, at least you are not anxious.  Although it is very difficult to keep awake.  Because it is hard to keyboard when your eyes keep closing.  After your power nap is over, well the rest of the day is a piece of cake.  So clean your desk and by that time, well . . .

After that, it is time to punch out and go home.  So welcome to an efficacious day at the United States Department of Justice.

So on your commute home, you wonder what to have for your supper.  Shortly followed by getting out your ice cream bowl. Because by now, it is 9:00 PM.  And you do not remember what happened to that DVD movie you were watching last night, the Enemy at the Gate starring Satan Jordan and that yellow dog coward Yoder.

Anyway, later.  It is almost 8:00 AM.  Gotta go.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just call me Shirley

Generally, most of my friends, staff, lovers, pet owners, acquaintances including, God and Jesus, usually just call me Tom. 

Some call me Thomas, my legal first name given to me by my parents, an important sign of respect. 

But, I keep hearing most of the wise and informed voters, we the people calling me Shirley lately.

They keep asking each other "Who is the best candidate for United States Congress?"

And the wisest of the informed and knowledgable voters keep saying:

"that is easy--Surely, [it is] Scherer." 

So just for today, call me Shirley Scherer

For the wise know almost universally that Shirley Scherer [is], the best candidate for United States Congress.

No one else is even close.  Get to know Shirley.  Like we do.

Congressional Staff for Thomas E. Scherer, surely the best candidate for United States Congress

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Poll Data from VA: Good, Scherer has 1% of the vote

Boy, do we like polls. Especially one by some douche bag out of VA. Like he really knows what is happening in Kansas.  This moron states Nick Jordan is winning the polls in the 3rd.  However, I am not daunted by such an idiot. Merely see the article on this poll carried by the equally horrible Kansas City Red Star Prime Buzz.  Merely more of that socialist pro-liberal media nonsense.

 Now we can expect Steve Rose to be the next idiot and counter this poll with his own predictions taking his turn by stating O'Hara must have 5000% of the vote, because ACORN is backing her candidacy.  And Steve will also do a scientific poll by asking his family at dinner. 

 I remember a famous quote by a tank general during WWII.  He stated, "we are surrounded on the left, and on the right, and in front and behind us.  Good.  They cannot escape this time."  Neither can Jordan or Yoder escape their past, their corruption, or quid pro quo.

For most of know that Scherer is just like the tank general surrounded by political insiders and lemming loyalsts. They cannot escape this time.

Most Kansans know Jordan is doing horribly.  Nick might have done better, if he could only learn he ought to do some campaigning and earn some votes before the election, just like Scherer is doing.

The voters of WYCO, DGCO, and many in JOCO do not like or trusst "Satan" Jordan.  And Yoder being bought is well known fact by blog political insiders also.  Not to mention Yoder spins like a top in all directions politically.

Some are not sure if puppy dog Yoder is a dem RINO or a dem socialist.  Probably for good reason. Yoder cannot figure out where he should position his campaign politically either. So, he rides the wind like a surfer rides a wave following whatever is the prevailing wind on any given day. And absolutely will not tell anyone why they should vote for him.. Nor is yodeling Kevin earning your vote.  He is merely trying to buy your vote.

So, all of us merely wonder what was this polling data that states the opposite of reality? Nice spin.  Too bad it is a huge distortion of reality from a land far past even the Twilight Zone. 

Most of us political insiders who can read and analyze FEC reports, know and expect that Jordan is going to drop out real soon.  For good reason.

 Why waste the money? Like all those individuals who supported him in 2008, and now are abandoning Jordan and switching to bribing and corrupting "yodeling" blue and yellow dog puppy coward, Yoder.  In only 8 day. But let none of us forget yodeler Yoder invested his life savings of 13 dollars of his own money. 

So, on a percentage basis, he has only been bought by some infinite magnitude that I cannot even calculate.  Yoder's campaign slogan should be quid pro quo. "Give me some money NRCC and I will vote anyway you want me to. I am cheap and can be bought/"

 So to us insiders who actually live in Kansas instead of VA,  and breathe politics on a daily basis,, know that  Jordan is political  history. Furthermore,  Yoder is corrupt leaving allegedly Scherer, Rysavy and Lightner with 1% of the vote. 

That poll is one huge quantum leap so far from reality, it had to come from the corrupt east coast. Clearly, this poster must have been paid a lot of money by Jordan fans to do this kind of spin of reality.

Plus, Rysavy, Gilyeat and Lightner, I wrote off as serious candidates in November when they stated fatally they supporting making you, a Kansan with children want to pay even more money for a free and accessible public education.  (FAPE).  If you support these two yahoos, a free and accessible public education will only cost you around $2,500 per each child or college student based on the fair market value of a public education in Kansas.  (Cost for k-12 is around 11,000 per pupil). 

Thank God it is alleged that in Kansas, there is something called  a free and accessible public education. It would be free if it were not for that horrible real estate tax nonsense most of us pay for this FAPE. And the only reason for those real estate taxes being so astronomical, is because all these school district administrators do not like reality either;' nor do they want to be forced to consolidate.  For good reason. 

We could get rid of lot of them and return to the novel idea of actually educating children.  And do not forget, these horrible administrators actual performance--25% per cent drop rate. To go along with the 60% flat proficiency rate for those that graduate for decades despite telling us they need more money to do their jobs.  Meaning spend a lot of money on capital improvements, but none on educating students.

Further, the results of Kansas's public school system requires those whom do actually get lucky and graduate from high school despite all this administrative bloat, to have to take remedial classes merely to get into college.  Bad job.  If these public school administrators  refuse to consolidate and reduce their administrative overhead we are forced to pay, then maybe, just maybe it might be time to fire some of those folks, as well.   

So do like we do when it comes to polling data from some yahoo in VA, or hear someone state they support the Fair Tax--ROTFLMAO some more.  We did. 


Gee what a surprise-Top 10 Corrupt politicians. I nominate Brokeback

And add "I hate all of you" Eric Holder:

And then when we all thought there was a horizon of prosperity out there (remember the hope and change theory, "yes we can", now we get this today.  For Kansas, 24,000 home mortages are upside down.  Which essentially means you may be stuck in your home for a long, long time.  Especially, if you are upside down in your mortgage and are fortunate enough to actually hang onto your job.

And then, the report on the status of banks.  And the huge number that is in severe trouble, still.  And that is considering the Obamination stimulus of over a trillion new dollars printed and redistributed in some kind of social engineering socialist scheme. 

Not to mention Barry still is hanging on to that idiotic health care for everyone scheme.  Let go Barry--national health care is burnt toast.

Good grief.  Can it get any worse?  Yes, it can. 

And to make it even worse than that, Sam Brokeback wants to be the GOV of Kansas. That is scary. 

Keep em coming friends and patriots, so we all know why CNN is stating American Government is broken.

Solutions: Eliminate the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals

Here is a solution.  Eliminate the unconstitutional Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.  Because it is redundant for one thing. Second, it is unconstitutional.  Third, it is horrible depravation of your right to appear before your own state district court.  Which is not that good of deal either considering those judges are all paid by the state of Kansas. 

So Saturday, I get an intelocutory order admitting this COTA has made no provision to comply with the Kansas Constitution.  I have repeatedly filed documents with this court stating let us go to the United States Supreme Court, like is supposed to happen.  Problem is state agencies hate the United States Supreme Court.  Which makes us, we the people kind of unhappy. 

Now the county attorney filed yesterday a concession wanting to admit it erred.  Well, big deal.  I already knew that.  The idea was for her to submit that, so the court could dismiss the case before I timely appealed the order Saturday.  A slam dunk.  Sorry, too late.  I also filed my notice of appeal yesterday to ensure that does not happen.  Surprise, COTA. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scherer has big ones; He will take on anyone to fight for you!

Either I am the dumbest congressional candidate ever, or alernatively, I am not.  Having all this courarge, I will take on the establishment.  Now from my perspective, someone better.  These yahoo politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government love me equally. 

I will take on any of these yahoos or horrible entites, without reservation.  Is that not how most of us define having big ones? 

I still love people.  It is just these horrible yahoos that have ruined a bunch of stuff in America and in Kansas, because they are the elite. They hate the United States Constitution, and all laws derived therefrom. 

I don't.  I like the United States Constitution as written.  The founding fathers were right and way too many of these yahoos and the agencies they run, keep forgetting a fundamental part of the preamble, way too much. Quite simply:


Sam Brokeback hates all of you entitlement people-just ask him

Just for fun, I decided to write this one.  For good reason.  Sam Brownback should never be elected the GOV of Kansas for good reason.

He hates us.  All of us.  Ask him what His position  is related to entitlements.  He wants to get rid of all of them, without distinction.  This is his tag line.  So, who gets entitlements?  And by inferrence, who does Sam Brownback hate. 

Seniors citizens, mothers with children, people who are disabled, disabled veterans, sick people.  To which I ask Mr. Brokeback, who do you want to be GOV of?  Is there anyone left in the state of Kansas, that he likes?

Seems by your horrible prejudice and bigotry, you must therefore hate all of us.  Implying you only love yourself and your huge egomanical narcissistic self. 

Do not vote for this yahoo to be the GOV of Kansas.  For good reason. He hates you. On the other hand, who then does he love?  Corporations and Big Government. Entities. Things.  And if elected to be the Kansas GOV, he will ensure they get all your money, provided you have any left.


Today's Statement on why I am the best candidate for United States Congress: Depth and the Ability to Listen, Understand, Take Action and Solve Problems with Effective Solutions Now; not post-election like the rest of the yahoos

Ok.  It is another day to campaign.  No rest for this better candidate for United States Congress.  Here is a link to blog I participate in.  While noting I participate in quite a few blogs because I believe to get your vote,

I have to clearly explain in as many forums as possible, that I care about all of you.  But, instead of reposting my postion I have determined by active listening (my position related to businesses), I am just sticking in the link to this group.

Second, why are the other candidates not communicating with you, the voters.  Well I believe they do not have the depth, the courage or want you to know what they will do for you, if they are elected instead of me.  When you state your position on a issue, it can and sometimes is divisive.  Especially if someone gives inferrences to what you write.  For example, I have been in communication with Warren Buffet related to wanting him to spend his billions in building a high speed bullet train system for good reason. 

So you, the federal tax payer do not have to pay for private industries crap.  Why should we, the people pay for the reindustrialization of America?  I do not think we should.  Look how that worked out bailing out all the bankers, insurers, and crappy General Motors?  Where is our dividiend check on our investment?  Where is our stock certificates?  Why is the federal government not giving us directly that money from the investment of our tax dollars? Now want smart person took to me to task because Warren Buffet has companies doing business in China, so he must be bad.  So, I agree.  Warren, stop investing in cheap labor in China. 

Anyway, I am tired.  I am going to relax today and stay focused on relaxing and enjoying the day.  So in ending, I get it.  I understand why so many of yo noting that as the energizer bunny, I reallly am human.  However, before I go I understand and know you are really, really, ticked off at all  these corrupt yahoos in Washington.  For most certainly, so am I. 

I merely wonder what took most of you so long, to do something about it. So clearly, Scherer gets it.  Scherer has been "getting it" for years now. I am proud to mention I am one of the charter members of Ross Perot's political organization, the Reform Party.  And so clearly, I have been doing stuff since at least 1994 for all of you.

Finally, I got the order yesterday on why the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals is a horrible and an unconstitutional court of law; not affording to the homeowers of Kansas, the required equal protection of the law. Even the Chief Justice agreed.  I will write about that later. 



Saturday, February 20, 2010

Modified Sandbox Rules, A Guide to getting to bipartisianship

Ok.  We have the free-spending money for nothing, chicks are free kind of dem socialist mentality vs.the GOP party of NO not listening and acting on what we, the people keep telling them to do.  And they don't.  So, we need a list of rules going forward to fix this nonsense. 

As a candidate for United States Congress, I have to do more than be snarky and complain.  I have to listen, I have to understand what I am hearing.  I have to have a plan and tell you what that plan is.  That plan better have some solutions ready to implement on Day 1. Therefore, as an aid, I am collecting analytical tools like this one below:

These basic rules sum up everything we need to know about getting along with people. It says:

Political pinciples don't have to be complicated. Remember the rules in nursery school:

· Share your toys

· Play Fair

· Don't hit people

· Put things back where you found them

· Clean up your own mess

· Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody

· Don't tell lies

· Live a balanced life

· Learn some and think some and draw every afternoon

 When you go out into the world, watch for traffic, hold hands, and stick together

These sum up for me my adaption related to being the best candidate for United States Congress.

Do I share my toys? In the work setting, it's about sharing your resources: time, knowledge, skill, and understanding.

Play fair - be honest with those around you. Say no if you can't do something. Say yes if you really can. And then do it. Whatever you do, keep your word.

Don't hit people - certainly not physically, but also not emotionally. Support yourself and your people - don't be part of an ambush.

Put things back - make sure you do put your things back where they need to be. Follow procedures, and be respectful of the needs of others to be able to find things where they expect to. This is especially important as people can hot desk or share desks.

Clean up your own mess - if you make a mistake, say so. If it goes wrong, say so. Then do what you can to make amends - quickly.

Say you're sorry when you hurt someone - we may be good at apologising to our electors, but are you as good as apologising to colleagues and enemies? We are human; we have bad days. Own up, explain and then make amends. Quickly.

Don't tell lies - this for me is not only the obvious lies, but also don't be devious. It's also about not concealing what is coming: so it's lies of omission and commission here.

Live a balanced life - be a rounded person. We all know there is more to life than work; cultivate your "home" life, and bring those skills and passion to your work. Encourage your staff by finding out what they do in their down time an asking about it. You never know - the next creative impulse could come from this!

Learn some and think some and draw every afternoon - We all need a time out. Daydreaming is good for us! It's where the creativity comes from and how we regenerate.

And finally, when you go out into the world, watch for traffic, hold hands, and stick together. The team that sticks together and protects each member is the one that performs. As a manager, I saw it as my responsibility to watch out for my team - and I know they watched out for me.

So, keep to the rules in the sandbox, and you will find yourself as part of a warm and performing nation.

Source: Modified from a blog post at

Therefore, to start using this tool, I apoligize to all the horrible, corrupt and rotten politicans out there in both parties that had no plan to  get along.  I apoligize to them for my being a tad bit snarky about how horrible and corrupt these blockheads  have been and remain.  They cannot seem to listen to we the people.

 I merely apoligize on their behalf, to the rest of the people of this nation.  I merely wish they would have apologized themselves for almost ruining our nation requiring we, the people once again to perform our duty when any or many branches of the federal government have failed to listen to the voice of we, the people.

I therefore take upon my shoulders the responsibility of the mess caused by all these yahoos.  God, help me.  And even more important, help them get along and follow some simple sandbox rules to make our nation better.

If they do not, so help me God, I will.


Time to listen. Exactly. Then act on what we, the people understand already.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele decided it might be a good idea to listen to us tea party folks.  What took so long? 

Intro: I can listen all day long.  However, just listening, they may not understand. They can listen, but not care.  They can listen and fail to act on what they hear. They can feign to listen, nod their heads and do what they want for special interest groups and the United PACS of America.  Especially, when they are corrupt and rotten. 

One must listen, understand, set up a written plan, keep your promise and act on what you stated you were going to do.  If the plan is not working, or circumstances change, listen some more.  Use the collective wisdom of all.  And then, maybe then our nation becomes a better place for all of us.

And is there written plan already?  You betcha. It is called the United States Constitution.  Which also requires a politican or stateman (like Scherer) to read that plan.  And that plan ensures us if we follow it, a more perfect union. 

Did you notice Steele did not go to the tea party people.  The Tea Party people went to Steele.  I would not have. 

I do not trust this person.  He has not heard us before.  Generally, what Steele is doing is pandering.  Listening, but not no real intent to act.  Outright pandering.  Why has the GOP not been listening and now suddenly they want to? Why? 

Because there is an election coming up.  Now there is.  And GOP Senators and Congressman are afraid they are get fired also.  Good. They should be fired for ruining our nation and failing to listen and act.

Further, to those tea party patriots: Do not let the GOP steal your thunder.  The GOP National including Steele are merely jumping on our bandwagon.  We can never trust GOP National that clearly states all they want to do is listen.  In one ear and out the other. 

Listening without a plan of action means nothing.  If the GOP will state in a written plan what they hearing and what they are going to do, maybe then we might be able to trust them.   

They are part of the problem.  They were not listening for the last eight years.  So suddenly like lemming leaches come election time, they are going to start listening now?  Get real.

They will infiltrate and try to claim they are your friends.  And post-election, the GOP lemmings will merely continue their culture of corruption some more. 

Listening.  That is the first part of my job.  I am doing the best I can to do that very thing for the last five years.  And I am getting better slowly.  And should I fail to listen, understand, and act to what you, my consensus employers tell me to do as your congressman, then you should fire me after I am elected to becoming your next United States Congressman. 


Friday, February 19, 2010

Debunking Alien Myths Being Perpetuated by Demiwants located in some unknown universe called the Twilight Zone

It is high time for the record, we debunk some myths perpetuated by the Socialist Demiwant party.

1.  Raising taxes stimulates the economy.  This myth is absurd.  If I need to explain this one, you might just be an economist at Stanford or some other liberal commie university.

2. Raising taxes creates jobs.  Ridiculus. Only a liar would state such a thing. The only thing raising taxes some more, is to  continue to feed and grow the beast. Also known by wise persons as the horrible federal, state, county and local governments; the ones that want all our money and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Just remember how many government jobs were saved by the bailouts and stimulus. The beast keeps growing, getting bigger day by day.  Until the shackles and bondage of slavery rattle your chains, too.  Then, maybe you too will be a tea party patriot.  Let us hope so before it is too late.

3.  Kevin Yoder is not that corrupt; although most of us realize he is a bribed and greased candidate for United States Congress by criminals called attorneys and their equally evil counterpart, greedy corporate CEO's.

Come on.  We have already been through this one.  All of us that have faith, know and understand God and Jesus are not voting for him. So why would anyone else go against the all-knowing God and his loving son, the savior of mankind, Jesus?

 Merely ask yourself, WWJD?  Would he vote for Yoder?  Only when hell freezes over.  What is a Yoder anyway? A person that yodels a lot?  We do not need yodelers in Congress.  We need statesmen like Scherer, the better candidate for United States Congress.  Scherer is the Daniel Webster of Kansas.

4. The voters of WYCO should approve a 3/8 cent sale tax.  What the voters of WYCO should vote for, is whether there should be a recall of Joe Reardon for suggesting such a horrible idea during a recession.

5.  There is hope for the Obama administration. This may not be a myth.  There is hope he goes lame duck for his last 3 years keeping his promise finally of some change.  Him changing to a lame duck status. 

6. Abortion is not murder. Right. And none of the justices on the Supreme Court are judicial activists either and always uphold the words of the United States Constitution in every decision; and would never resort to interpretation of what is clearly written.  If you believe that, I have a Brooklyn Bridge for sale, deeply discounted.  Give me a call. 

7. The federal government is serious about unlawful immigration. This one will make even Cesar Chavez roll on the floor laughing. 

8. The Obama administration will not raise taxes. OK, any demiwant that is a Catholic, head straight to the confessional, sinner living far too long in denial.  If you are a demiwant and you believe this, and are not a Catholic, call your psychiatrist and tell him you are feeling delusional.

9.  The Obama administration will close GITMO in 2009. Not that 2009.  In the demiwant world, also called Bizzaro, time moves backwards and we in the Obama administration have not gotten to the end of 2009 yet.

10. The Obama administratiion is going to create/save 4 million jobs. By the 23rd Century.  Did he forget to state that dealine date? Oops.  Simple omission.  We have hope that around 2300, we in the Barry administration will figure out how to let the world population grow, so we can claim, see we were right. 

And finally, the top myth of 2009, Steve Rose, my nemisis, is a fiscally conservative GOP candidate for United States Congress.  How absurd. Get real Steve.  None of ever believed that kind of nonsense.  Even the demiwants were rolf over that one.

Scariest myth I have ever heard in life (from CPAC conference in Washington, DC this week) : Dick "Satan" Cheney may run to be President of the United States. 

Note to self:  Get ready to expatriate to China. Armegeddon is close at hand. 
Or,  alternatively, beam me up Scotty. There is no intelligent life left on this planet. For certainly, I must be in the Twilight Zone.  And in the distance, I can clearly hear Cap'n Kirk telling Zulu, get us the hell out of here. Warp drive. Engage.  Later.

Get real on all the above.

Today's news worth noting: Pork bailout to five states to help keep people from losing their homes.  They want to thank you for your gift to them.  Price to you-1.5 billion.  Mere chump change.  Once again reaffirming Orwell's book, 1984 that some states and their citizens are more equal or better than those in Kansas losing their homes.  Great. 

Another affirmation of why you might seek a better congressman this term, named Scherer.  Pork from the controlling dems in the last two days of your money--a measly 3 billion. Thank God the demiwants are paying attention and becoming fiscally conservative.  Instead of giving away 780 billion in one day, they are going to give away another 780 billion one day at a time hoping you, the person whose money this is, does not notice. 

So, the new dem plan, be sneaky.  Those stupid people will not notice.  Now we have to do something about that Scherer guy in Kansas that keeps citizens informed.  Per the orders of Satan, "get out the waterboard and transfer his arse to GITMO.  ASAP. "

Further, later today, Satan Cheney was overheard saying at the CPAC conference,  "Fry that Scherer dude like a strip of bacon. He has figured out our new world order plan.  We gotta do something. I am going to be the dictator, errr. . . I mean President of the United States no matter what I have to do."   

Another stupid question: Are both God and Jesus registered to vote in the GOP primary?

Of coure.  I  cannot believe you did not know this.

However, I doubt if they belong to the Satan-like JOCO GOP. 

JOCO GOP HQ is worse than Sodom and Gommorah. 

Do not look at this place or you might turn into a pillar of salt.


If God and Jesus are not voting for Yoder, will they both vote for Scherer?

Of course.  What a stupid question.

Get some faith, you heathen sinner. 


Thursday, February 18, 2010

News Exclusive! Hot off the Blog Press.

News flash:

GOV of Kansas is going to meet with some really upset, but very courageous women of Kansas; whom love their children so much, they will do whatever it takes to ensure their rights as the parent of that child, are not deprived.

When: Early March, date unknown as of this press release.  Probably around March 5 or so. 

Good.  I will  do my best to be there also; unless my personal finances prevent otherwise. These brave ladies have every right to be treated with respect by a certain Johnson County judge: that does not.

Her last name starts with the letter S and name rhymes with Loan.  She needs to be fired. 

Why am I doing this? Well, because I like both ladies and their children.  They need a better congressman, also.

They need a congressional candidate that is not deaf to their usurpations, that listens, understands and will represent them, no matter what it takes. If I cannot stand up for individuals like this, I would not be worthy of your vote.  I must stand up for their constitutional rights related to their children.  And maybe by affect, your children, or your grandchildren. 

Time to make certain the state of Kansas does not take away children from parents of Kansans, unless there truly is an exceptional circumstance requiring the state of Kansas to do so.


What is going on with Kansas GOP Insiders Today!

I merely wonder what scheme GOP leaders are up to today.  Let us give a brief history to date.

Head dude, Sam Brokeback continues his shallow attempts to circumvent the voters by hand-picking who he wants to get elected.  Bad Sam.

Kansas GOP HQ is enduring an audit by the Federal Election Commission.  Not to mention the FBI is also watching.

Cici, probably went back to Texas.

JOCO GOP HQ continues to be strange and corrupt.  This little group continues to demonstrate bias in this federal election cycle. For example, this group gave two congressional candidates prime office space in their campaign HQ; while refusing to extend that offer to two other candidates, Gilyeat and myself.

The only rationale I can think of must be JOCO GOP likes Tom Cruise, the Church of Scientology (Ron Hubbard), Hitler and only likes genetic perfections, like themselves.  Essentially, JOCO GOP HQ staffers hate people that are dealing, or have overcome their own disabilities.

More than likely, JOCO GOP HQ, and people like Sam Brokeback also hate senior citizens. Brokeback's slogan is consistent.  Get rid of entitlements.  Why this hatred of those on fixed incomes?

Because they are not adding to the economic production of JOCO.  So, tax the crap out of our senior citiznes forcing them to move to Florida, Arizona, or anywhere, but JOCO.  So next time you drive by this corrupt place, ask them where the Nazi flag is.  Say Hiel to them.  Or salute head Nazi, Sam Brokeback.  They like that.

Congressional candidates like Gilyeat and Scherer, honorably discharged United States veterans.  Both Mr. Gilyeat and myself put our lives on the line defending our nation.  Further, Gilyeat and I are compassionate candidates for United States Congress.  We have endured a lot.  We understand the difficulties of life.  We have been there. Maybe just like you. We listen.  We have honor and integrity. 

So more than likely, the rank and file loyalsts will continue to be corrupt and be like lemmings getting ready to jump off the cliff of reality because the stuff is starting to hit the fan. 

Now in regard to the Federal Election Commission, they too are having a hard time.  In 2009, they could not get a quorum assembled to do much of anything. Bad FEC.  This federal agency is almost as fun as trying to work with the Internal Revenue Service. 

Later. Time to get back to work taking care of your business earning more of votes every day, by doing stuff now, instead of waiting to do stuff, post-election.  I merely continue to wonder what these other yahoos are doing in real terms to make your life better?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiger Grants-Rebuilding America's Transportation System with your tax dollars

I just got word on the Tiger Grants.  Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery Grants.

More pork using your federal tax dollars.  So ask the Obama administration and the United States Department of Transportation to send a thank you letter to every American that is going to have pay for this. 

Spinning this positive, at least this is a lot better than bailing out failed banks and insurance companies.

These grants are really a big gift of your tax dollars. But, at least this is related to our national  infrastructure.

Your call on whether this is how you want your money spent.  Why the rail industry cannot pay for their own stuff remains a key question and even bigger, a huge mystery. 

Why are we paying for private industry on some of this stuff, instead of them?  Probably this has to do with the United PACS of America, their lobbyists and some of these democrats that are worried about the 2010 election cycle--for a very good reason.  Fiscal insanity. 

More on this porking with your tax dollars later.  I need to do an analysis.


Wyandotte County Voters: Just say no to the 3/8 cent sales tax increase

The dem socialist mayor of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County wants your money.  Like Nancy Reagan likes to state, just say no.  This ambiguous request for more of your money is another horrible idea.  I do not support it.  Nor would I ever ask the voters of Wyandotte to do such a silly and unwise thing.  This is the worst thing to ask during a recession.

If Joe Reardon really wanted to promote and improve the economy of WYCO, he would do the exact opposite and reduce taxes in your county.  So ask him to do that.  If he  refuses, fire him.  Get a better mayor. 

Mr. Reardon, like a yellow-bellied coward refuses to meet with me; or even return my phone calls related to the same.  So that is strike two.  I would start getting a Mayor that is far wiser in economics and understands basic economic theory.  Joe clearly does not how. Since Joe Reardon will not do not do anything wise to promote the economy of WYCO, I will.  As I did in the next paragraph below.

In other stuff, yesterday was a busy day. I filed the formal brief challenging the COTA and the silly real estate comparables tax scheme employed by JOCO Government.  They too want all my money so they can do all kinds of ridiculus projects.  They are not going to get it.  I would rather move into a tent than give them one more nickel. Even bettet than just challenging the court itself, and this real estate comparbles scheme,

I also challenged the assessment of real estate in all 105 counties in Kansas being in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Why, because it is.  Broadly, across the 105 counties in Kansas, it is like Jim Crow.  Separate, but unequal.  

So, that is the kind of stuff I do to clearly demonstrate why I am the better candidate for Congress--by acting, not giving rhetoric like that Yoder dude.  What did he do yesterday to earn your vote? Ask him.  He refused to communicate to my debate challenge. 

After filing that brief, I then went to a Rotary International Meeting.  Naturally, I suggested KU should be required to join the NBA next year because they keep winning far too many national  basketball  championships. It is not fair to the University of Missouri to let the Jayhawks keep winning so often.  Especially to MU,  MU needs a little help.  Maybe they should draft John Brown as a point guard. 

Continuing, one of the Rotarians told the audience about seeing a bunch of migrant farm workers and their children standing in a rainstorm.  He asked the Rotarians to contribute to a fund to give their children tennis shoes.  So that was charitable and a good example of being a public servant.  I asked him if he would take me out to see this situation. 

He then informed me he had merely seen these unfortunate workers and their families on the way to the casino.  And really had no desire to help these individuals.  He also stated only about 20% were here unlawfully.  Naturally, I was thinking of Cesar Chavez and how he organized the migrant farm workers to keep them from being exploited. 

So maybe, this might be an opportunity for me to help many, just like Cesar Chavez did.  There are so many people out there that need some help.  It is sad that I am only one human.  And like most yahoo politiciaans, I too have to prioritize and manange my time.

After the Rotary Club event, I then went to a new VA Outpatient Clinic.  I was saddened when I saw a very young man there using a carved cane.  Clearly, he was disabled by the insane Iraq War.  And that will be for his lifetime.  It is no picnic to go to a VA Clinic or Hospital. Although I do not have sympathy.  Instead, I have empathy and thank these vets for fighting for our nation.  And maybe if more of us went to one, we would think twice about sending our young to act like policeman in a foreign nation. 

Anyway, it is a new day.  Time to get to work. Later.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Debate Challenge to Kevin Yoder, a blue dog puppy

Effective on this the 16th day of February, I hereby challenge blue dog puppy Kevin Yoder, to an official debate on Saturday, May 15, in a public forum wherever he wants.

Merely so I can clearly expose this dude and we can all witness his tail dragging and his ears hitting the dust before all the voters. So all of us can quickly determine factually based on congressional issues, why Scherer is clearly the best candidate for United States Congress.

If blue dog puppy Yoder refuses, then not only is he a corrupt blue dog as asserted; Yoder would also be a yellow dog coward, not worth voting for.

Thomas E. Scherer, posted electronically this the 16th day of February for all to view.  Why?  Because I have nothing to hide.  Does Mr. Yoder?  We will see.

Another blue dog bites the dust: Time to Expand Scherer Blue Dog Kennel to make room for Blue Dog Puppy Yoder

What can I say about the announcement yesterday regarding another blue dog biting the dust?  Other than I could use some individual contributions for a rapid and necessary expansion of capital improvents because all these blue dogs keep showing up with their tails between their legs from all their depression and realization of what they did to our nation and state' as well as dragging their floppy ears they failed to hear us, we the people, into the Scherer Blue Dog Kennel. 

Blue Dog fever is an epidemic. It also might be a disability impairing blue dogs ability to  listen, hear and understand what we want them to do. 

Come here blue dog puppy!  I cannot rest until such time as that pack of blue dogs are no longer in charge of much of anything, other than their retirement(s).  I suggest we give them shock collars for retirement.  These yahoo dogs keep whining about the wrong things; while concurrently being experts at blaming someone else for their inability listen and understand us, the voters.  Give me a break, you blue dog. Grow up and stop being, and acting like a bad puppy. 

These blue dogs should be howling like us tea party patriots because of their past history of fiscal irresponsibity, to we, the people.  So not only are they lying dogs overridden with blue dog fever, they also are great at deniability of reality including the horrible fiscal mess they caused, or failed to prevent. So do not give these infected puppies any dog biscuits.

Time to expand the Scherer Blue Dog  Kennel.  To help in expanding this compound, send your contributions (individuals only), to Scherer for Your Congressman. ASAP.  The kennel is overflowing.  And we certainly do not want you horrible PACS or evil corporations corrupting this congressional committee, ever.  Our candidate is not for sale.

Corruption, no matter how rampant is not what we, the people of this nation expect or want.  We collectively are all tired of that kind of nosense.  If you want to get some quid pro quo, give your money to Kevin Yoder.  He will do anything to get elected. Except not invest his own money in his congressional campaign.  Except for a lousy 13 dollars. 

Naturally, if you are like me, you checked Yoder's FEC report. wondering if there was corruption. There is. I am sure you are like me and did your due diligence by also noting all the CEO's and attorneys from all over the United States buying his vote. Now why would any elector actually want more corruption from their congressman? Is that kind of nonsense what we have to endure the last eight years?  "Most certainly", they all said.

  "Why vote for Yoder when we have Scherer running,." they also said.  In order to get over 200k in less than eight days highly suggests more GOP National nonsense co-ordinating this kind of corruption.  I merely ask does anyone trust NRCC?  I don't.  They are as corrupt as Kevin Yoder.  They will do anything to keep Scherer from winning the congressional race.

We know Scherer is not corrupt.  He refuses to take contributions from CEO's and attorneys.  Scherer is the man we can trust.  He is qualified on national issues by taking action.  Scherer cannot be corrupt because he only has five dollars to report. Unlike Yoder, what has he done at the national level?  Beats us.  He will not tell anyone? 

We have no confidence in Mr. Yoder. Yoder  has absolutely no experience related to federal issues.  He is ok working for the Kansas legislature.  But clearly, Yoder is merely another blue dog puppy; just like these other yahoos intent on advocating for their interests, contrary to your interests as an individual.  More than likely, he should probably stay there.  Why?

Because Scherer is a lot better candidate for United States Congress than this corrupt yahoo. Scherer will fight like a bulldog for your rights. Yoder will merely whimper and dribble saliva on your ballot.  Do not feed Kevin Yoder.  He is still a blue dog puppy regardless of his rhetoric. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Circle of Slavery by Lord Alexander Tyler

In William Federer's book, "The Interesting History of Income Taxes" was this loud and clear message regarding the downward spiral that leads to slavery, sooner or later.  I thought was worthy of posting.  Enjoy and act.

A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. 

A democracy will continue to exist until that time voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.

From that moment on, the majority always votes with the candidates that promise  the most benefits from the public treasury; with the result that every democracy will finally collaspe due to loose fiscal policy (which is) followed by a dictatorship. 

The average age of of the world's great civilizations, from the beginning of civilization is about 200 years.  During those 200 years, these nations always progressed throught the following sequence:

From bondage to spirtitual faith.
From spiritual faith to great courage.
From courage to liberty.
From liberty to abundance.
From abundance to complacency.
From apathy to dependence.
From dependence into bondage. 

Endnote: Wake up America.  Before you too hear the chains of bondage being applied.  Despite him being a Democrat, maybe we all need to remember those wise words of JFK, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Which naturally means to me, wake up America. 

Or by lyrics of Buffalo Springfield: "We better stop, listen and what's that sound?  Everyone look around.  We better stop this from going down. . . .  What a field day for the heat.

Endnote 2: I do not advocate nationalism.  I advocate for the individual.  Just like our founding fathers.  Our goal is a strong nation made by allowing and empowering the individual to succeed and take care of their business, with minimal taxes and a small and limited national government with enumerated powers.

I advocate fair economic policy; not a free market economy.  In politics, a wise stateman understands balancing is always a wise thing; never advocating for any form of extremism, whether that be nationalism or a free market economy.  Both are extreme on the black and white spectrum.  I prefer somewhere in the middle as best we can strive for, by making wise decisions, the best we can get a consensus on, that makes sense for us as a nation of individuals. 

I do not advocate insane self-interest; which as Lord Tyler suggests will merely lead to a dictatorship and a police state, following by the chains of bondage.  So please, stop asking for the bondages of slavery from a huge central government. Loosen the tenacles of the beast.  Better, get an ax and cut off the tenacles.

Quoting Harry Truman, the buck stops here (with Scherer).  No more federal earmarks for any entity lacking a federal nexus.  None.  Nada.  Hear me! Read me.  Hopefully.  Because if you do not, you will hear the chains of bondage, sooner or later. 


Satan Cheney vs. Joe "gaffer" Biden: Which bulb shined brighter?

Satan, the gaffer and why we really miss the Big Gipper. 

Ok, yesterday it was the big showdown, kind of.  Satan vs. the Gaffer. 

Neither one are exactly the sharpest pencil in the stack.  Although somehow, both have been at one time, vice-president of the United States.  Naturally, Satan still likes waterboarding.  Which makes me wonder if that should be how our troops should be treated, if they are POW's.  Since whatever our policy is, should that not also apply bilaterally?  What a stupid thing for Satan to state. 

Now Satan did actually say a few things that I agree with.  I cannot believe I agree with Satan Cheney, but some I did. Those in GITMO should be tried by a military tribunal.  A really long time ago.  We do not need to give those alleged of war crimes constitutional protections or the Miranda rights. 

Our United States Constitution is for us, we the people, that are lawful and who have the right to protection of our United States Constitution.  It would be insane to state the Nazis, Japanese war criminals, and the Viet Cong have to be given their constitutional rights; despite the simple fact they are enemies and not citizens of our country. 

Now where Satan and Bush messed up, is not giving these alleged killers and enemies of our nation a quick military tribunal so we could hang or shoot them.  Had we done so, they would be dead and we would not have needed a horrible place called GITMO at all.  So, thanks for screwing this up. And thanks Barry, for not closing this GITMO place last year.  Merely another of your promises you broke.

Further, like I stated in a prior post, if we would have done that swiftly, and hung these people that wanted to, did and acutally caused or threatened to harm Americans, we would have sent a clear and loud message to the entire world.

MESS WITH U.S., we kill you.  If we had simply done this quickly and swiftly, we could have declared this stupid war on terrrorism over.  And  even better, declare we, the people won.  Don't mess with the United States. Or we hang or shoot you, whichever is quicker. Without reservation.

So let's hang these people and then try them. Some of that old style, swift and timely Kansas-like cowboy justice.  Where is Judge Roy Bean, now?  And let us stop pandering to these enemies that want to harm us.  Only in America would we get so liberal, would any yahoo want to give these evil people Miranda rights. 

This should equally apply to our unlawful immigrants, swift justice.  (But no hanging, merely deportation). There are solutions to GITMO (military tribunals), the war on terrorism (calling hangings) and unlawful immigration (swift deportation). It is called leadership.

What we do not currently have, is leadership with a spine.  So let us get one.  Clone Ronald Reagan.  He would know what to do with these situations.  So would that progressive socialist FDR.  "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."  And if we merely remember that, we will retrurn to being a strong nation. So what exactly are we Americans afraid of?  Liberals. 

So wake up sleeping giant.  Let us all return to being proud Americans, stop being wusses, try these evil people and proclaim loudly once again to the rest of the world:  Don't mess with U.S. 

Because if you do mess with us, you know what we, the people are going to do.  Swift justice.  And we call that, national security policy. And after we hang these evil people, let us have a huge parade and declare we won the war on terror.  Again. And in regard to immigration policy, if you are not here lawfully, get out.  And we, the people need to demand that and fix it. 

One fix I advocate is expand the right to deportation clear to the local municipal level.  Since ICE cannot adequately do this job. Tax the costs to the federal government that has failed to control unlawful immigration. And then, the federal government taxes the nation from where the unlawfuls reside.

And Bush and his fence-building was so stupid.  That did not work, nor will it. He was merely putting up a strawman. Taxing the costs to the foreign nation from where they came, will bring a swift end to unlawful immigration. Let the foreign nations build fences  So let us do that.  Expand jurisdiction and tax the foreign nation from where these unlawfuls came from.  And if they come back, over and over, hang them. 

Swift justice, without  reservation.  For that, swift justice is the American way.  Have we forgotten?  I for one, have not. Remember that thing called the right to a speedy trial.  Well, let us have one.  And then hang them.  Close GITMO and have a big parade celebrating our victory over this alleged war on terror.

Hence, why I remain the best candidate for United States Congress.


Funeral Notice: A big centralized federal government died recently.

I am trying to determine exactly when did a huge bloated and fiscally irresponsible federal government die.  I am pretty certain in happened when the stock market crashed in October, again.  This time, it was October 2008.  Or was the day the public had enough, the day the feds bailed out the money-changers, AIG and the banks.  What the heck happened?

Was it the Rick Santelli chant?.  Was it our own greed and self-interest causing the death of big centralized government?  Perhaps, that is really what killed big government.  Us.  When our 401k plans and our stock portfolios crashed, is that not when we all started attending tea party events.  Or was it when Obama bailed out every whiny governor in the nation?  Or, was it when Obama met with the drug and insurance companies in Feb. 2009, in a secret meeting cutting some kind of deal with these corrupt corporations?  Was that it?

More than likely, it was all of the above.  Whatever caused the death of a big centralized federal government, I am grateful.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

For the best Kansas web site for political humor: Meet your honorable Dirt Diver

I thought I was good at political spin and satire.  I got nothing compared to Dirt Diver.  Very funny.  Good job.

Tip of the hat to this person at

And who said being the best candidate for United States Congress could not be fun.

Certainly, not I.  Having a blast. 


Just when you thought it was safe to be an American patriot. Wrong!

Just when we all thought it was good being an American patriot, we were wrong. But have no fear, like FDR, the first progressive socialst stated. Remember, "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. "  And I am no cowardly lion. 

Check out this link on fusion.

Merely another reason why we should all be demanding the DHS Secretary be fired.  Domestic spying on us.  Surely, I have to be highly ranked on that list.

We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union (Preamble of the United States Constitution) . . . it is our duty whenever any branch of the national government fails, to replace that branch of government.  (Declcaration of Independence, July 4, 1776).

Domestic spying, ad nauesum, merely is another reason we need to take back our governments.  Maybe if they keep this kind of nonsense up, we may have to demand an impeachment of that Muslim Kenyan dude.

Gather your tea.  Tea Party III time.  Be there on the National Mall come April 15.  Once again, we, the people, are in charge of our governments.  These yahoos keep forgetting that.  But not for long. They will know come the November elections when we fire a whole bunch of them.

Quoting Gandhi, "you can take my body (to jail), but you will never take my spirit." 

tdus. Aka, Thomas E. Scherer, the better candidate for the United States of America. 

Also known as American patriot.  Or, per Janet, the worst DHS Secretary ever, a domestic terrorist.  Why?  Because I am a United States veteran.  Just like many of the others. I must be a domestic terrorist. 

I like the United States Constitution and expect it to be followed explicitly, unlike some of these other yahoos in Washington.  Our founding fathers were pretty smart people.  Unlike those in the current administration.  They are merely clowns wearing disguises.

Campaign Theme Songs: Top 25 songs

Ok.  Following below, subject to edit, just for fun are the best political theme songs I can think up right now.

Naturally, running for United States Congress, it is pretty hard to merely list 25, much less give an order to. So, stand by because I am certain this list will have to be edited, depending on what I hear on the radio on any given day.

No. 25, Money for Nothing, chicks are free, I want my MTV by Huey Lewis and the rest of the liberal, extremely biased News media.  This song reminds of all these yahoo politicans whom think money for nothing is their motto.  Problem is, it is real money and it belongs to us.  Ok, correction.  This was by Dire Straights.  Not the liberal, extremely liberal CNN run by Commie Jane Fonda. My error. 

No. 24, Neil Young.  Old man, I am a lot like you were.  Because this song makes me think about my son and my own father.  Merely remember, I am in the middle of these two individuals on a chronological order based on age-something we call generation.  Naturally, family is the most important thing in life.   In the final analysis,  that is one thing that always is with us.  Our family.  Especially around X-Mas. 

No. 23,  Y-M-C-A.  Cheap pandering to the GLBT crowd for their vote.  Particularily since they should be afforded equal protection of the law.  Further, because most of us can remember the letters of this song and even further, easily dance to this tune.

No. 22, Theme music from Jaws.  Because this song warns us to be careful whenever swimming around a bunch of sharks, also known in courts of law as attorneys and judges.

No. 21, Judy Garland, Wiz of Oz movie, Somewhere, over the rainbow. Naturally, sometimes in Kansas, some of them thar other folks like our former GOV Kate, make that rainbow real close to the Twilight Zone; or way past it clear to some other unknown universe. Finally, because after all, I am a native Kansan; as well as refer to myself being the Wizard of Oz.

No. 20, Too Sexy for My Shirt, probably by Billy Idol?  Another cheap pander for the gay vote. And because this song is hilarious.

No. 19, Jimi Hendrix, Star Spangled Banner.  Why?  Well, if you don't like this great album, you must be a commie or not an American.

No. 18, Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon and Another Brick in the Wall.  Why?  Why not?

No. 17, Anything by Ozzie, he is the Ironman and the ruler of the known and unknown universe; as well as Master of Reality. Speaking of Master of Reality, maybe we could use one up there in Washington.

No. 16, Blues music by Pat Matheny, because he is cool despite living in Lee's Summit MO.  However, his fusion stuff makes me want to get off the elevator. A couple of years ago, I was at Eureka Springs for the Blues Festival.  Anyway, Glenn Seever and myself were looking for some good blues.  We go to this pizza joint. 

An afternoon jam session was going on. The musician was really quite gracious and thanked me for telling him he was a pretty good guitarist.  Later, after I returned to Kansas City, I found out this pretty good guitar player had won 17 Emmy awards and played all over the world.  So, despite this blantant honesty, others all over the world agree with Scherer, the best candidate for United States Congress.  Honest, true story!

No. 15, Carol King, Tapestry Album, especially I look like a natural woman, which meant I had to figure out what that was.

No. 14, Cat Stevens stuff, like his great album Tea and the Tillerman.  Why, because he is cool

No. 13, Music by Bo Diddley. Or any other great blues guitarist that can play like him. Like Carlos Santana or Stevie Ray Vaughn. Which reminds me, might as well crank up the amp and listen to Stevie some more. 

No. 12, Your favorite song and artist, pandering to everyone that does not like my songs.  (Cheap political trick, emulating Moore rhetoric pandering to every voter that exists in the 3rd District). 

No. 11, Lynard Skynard, Free Bird, one of the coolest songs I ever heard for the first time at Arrowhead Stadium live, 1976.

No. 10, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Four Dead at Ohio.  Because we do not want to forget this song which contributed a lot to finally getting us out of Viet Nam. Now if we can only get a song to get us out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Europe and the rest of the world, we would be a lot better off.  Why, because we would not be infringing on their right to their sovereignity.

No. 9,  The Reverend Al Green, one of the classic albums ever made.  Call me, Al.  I could use your help this election cycle.

No. 8, Retiring Congressman Dennis Moore singing Kumbayah playing his classic guitar.  Also, former AG, John Ashcroft signing Where the Eagles Soar.  Which is why we are better off now as a nation now that neither are relevant politically. Nor should we ever again allow these two to ever sing anything again.

No. 7, Roberta Flack, Last Time I Ever Saw Your Face.  I remember the first time I ever heard this song.  I was in Rota, Spain.  I was lonely. I missed my country.  I was depressed.  Not to mention I met one of the most attractive ladies I had ever met on the planet earth and she was kind to me. 

No. 6,  Rod Stewart, Hot Legs and Maggie Mae.  Despite him being from a foreign nation.  Who cares?  This guy can rock us over and over, regardless of his age.

No. 5, Ballad by Dan Leap, guitarist and personal friend of mine.  Leap and I have been campaigning for elected office since 1999.  Besides being my friend, he too has this huge dislike of all these stinking and escalating phoney-baloney taxes big governments keep trying to make us pay for all kinds of ridiculus projects.

No. 4, Ted Neugent, Cat Scratch Fever, Why?  Well, Ted is cool.  Besides, he is the former head dude of the NRA, another cheap political trick to pander to the NRA members. Further, to pander to the cat owners of America, wherever they reside. 

No. 3, God Bless America by Kate Smith

No. 2, Nick and Yoder, singing their same old tune, "Hi, I am a huge corrupt coward."  Because they are.

No. 1. Our national anthem as played and sung by we, the people.

I also like the song, Hammer Time.  Marvin Gaye, "Let's get it (election) on", the Rolling Stones (HonkeyTonk Woman), the Beatles (I am a Walrus, Yellow Submarine, too many to list), Elton John (Rocket Man and Bennie and the Jets), and many other great artists.  But sorry, not in the top 25.  At least until I change my mind. 

tdus, again.

Ok.  Most of us have made a huge list in reverse numerical order.  Like above. 
Only to regret it afterwards, because then you have to change the numbering sequence.
Now if you want to make changes to that list, this is quite difficult to do.  So instead of doing all that crap, I am just going to have an addendum below using negative numbers so I can avoid having to write this thing all over again.

-1. Robert Plant, Addicted to Love.  We know love is the solution to all that ails us, because Michael Jackson's adopted son told us so at the Emmy's.  So we probably should start a 12 step program to deal with all this love addiction we are feeling. 

-2 ZZ Top, how could I have left off ZZ Top and Sharp Dressed Man? Apply head slap to wake up brain for leaving ZZ Top off the list.

-3 Music by Queen. Slightly modified.  Like "Scherer is a champion.  And even better, "Scherer will . . . say it again, Scherer will (boom, boom) rock you" and equally other famous songs we are tired of hearing at football games.

-4 Up in Smoke by Cheech and Chong.  I have no clue what the name of the song is, in that movie, but it rules.  Basketball Jones is also one of my personal faves.  Both the record and the movie rule.

-5, The Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel.  There is a time to listen, understand, have a plan and follow that plan. That plan is called the United States Constitution and if we listen and follow it, we, the people are ensured of having a more perfect union.

-6, Simply Irrestitable by Robert Plant, slightly modified.  Replace the word she with the word Scherer.  Simply irresistable for United States Congress.  LOL. Ligthen up.  Who stated running for Congress, could not be fun.  I am having a great time.  But remember, I am simply irresistable, especially in August 2010 come election time. 

-7, Revolution, No. 9, Hey Jude, Lady Madonna, Back in the USSR, and a bunch of other old school Beatle songs

-8, Some music from the 21st Century like Christina Agulleira, Beyonce (put a ring on it making me go oh, oh, oh, better run away), and some songs by Mariah Carey like Butterfly.

-9, Christopher Walken on SNL demanding more cowbell from Blue Oyster Cult member, Will Ferrell.  It simply does not get much better than more cowbell. The only way this skit could have been funnier, was having Woody Harrelson on bass guitar.

Update on Kansas's Horrible Fusion Government: Rotten at COTA

Well, it was showtime.  Oral argument with the horrible and abominable Kansas Court of Tax Appeals yesterday.  Now, a "fusion government" is one where there is a breech, or alternatively a bridge to nowhere crossing over the the bright line test of a common tradition of having separation of the normal and typical three branches of government. 

Remember, the wisdom of keeping them separate.  Well, in Kansas, forget those simple fundamental concepts.  And who do we thank for this abomination of governance?  Our old friend, Kate Sebelius.  As well as Senator Tim Owens.

Naturally, Chief Justice Larkin was overly impressed with my brief challenging this alleged court of law as being unconstitutional.  Which it is.  Thank Senator Tim Owens for his horrible ideas creating a bridge to nowhere that breeches the seperation of powers including a simple thing called checks and balances.  Singlehandly, Owens decides to introduce a horrible piece of legislation called Substitute for H.B. 2018.  This piece of crap created in Kansas (naturally), a fusion type of government. 

Now what makes this unconstitutional and a horrible idea, is that this is not a court of law under the judicial branch.  Oh no!  That would have been too simple.

Further, had this been under the judicial branch, like it should have been, the GOV of Kansas could not be like a tyrannical despot.  This alleged court of law naturally comes under the direction of the chief executive officer of Kansas--our Governor.  So, great thinking.  Now, the GOV of Kansas has their very own court of law.  Creating a crossover bridge of that bright line called the separation of the three branches of government. 

The only rational reason for this must be the GOV of KS at the time, Sebelius wanted to attain the status of queen of Kansas and be a despicable tyrant.  By creating and having her own court, she could on a whim, control real estate property tax receipts. How convenient for her and how horrible for we, the people of Kansas.

This was also a great deal for the Kansas legislators whom do not want do what is required and actually fund state expenditures.  The legislators of Kansas are more focused on getting re-elected than they are in funding the expenditures as required of them by the Kansas Constitution.  Cowards.   

So instead of fulfilling their constitutional duties, our state legislators are dumping their responsibity to all 105 county governments.  So the county governments are forced by abandonment to scheme.  And their strategy, jack up property taxes using a real estate comparables nonsense inflating all of our real estate property taxes, way beyond any rational or irrational belief. 

This allows the state of Kansas to get your and my money.  That way, Kansas legislators can proclaim at election time, "hey, don't blame us-the counties raised your taxes, we did not.  We here in the Kansas legislature are too smart to do that."  Which reminds me of something important.  The difference between a yahoo politician as compared to being a stateman like Mr. Scherer. 

Moreover, this kind of an abomination scheme of creating a fusion government is something only an evil democrat that hates our Kansas Constitution could scheme up. Clearly, Kate hates both the United States and Kansas Constitution.

Further, to make this case even more interesting, I demanded a jury trial on facts. Like that is going to happen.  Which is the way it should be, if you like our Kansas Constitution and our corresponding Bill of Rights.  Obviously, Sebelius does not.  Good thing she got her Oz out of Kansas. Nor does Justice Larkin like juries. The havoc Kate left behind is now a fading memory of Kansas history.  And all we have to do is fix it.  So I will. 

More than likely, the only place I am going to get a fair and impartial judge on this, will be a docketing with the United States Supreme Court.  And with no insult meant, they are finally judges not on the payroll of the state of Kansas. However, out of respect we just call them justices instead. The United States Supreme Court justices are not going to care one iota about Kansas's crazy creation of a fusion government to rob the citizens of the state.  Instead, the United States Supreme Court justices should find a court of law under the executive to be a horrible idea.  Why?  Because it is.   

So, sooner or later, hopefully we will  go there soon enough.  So we can see if the United States Supreme Court justices will give us Kansans some justice by demolishing this bridge to nowhere-a fusion form of goverance-a/k/a an abomination. In closing, doing more than giving you, the voter rhetoric.  Earning your vote, one by one.

So help me God. 


Friday, February 12, 2010

Stopping bipartisan nonsense: Possible solution proposed

Most of us Americans are sick and tired of all this partisianship and gamesmanship by all these yahoos in Washington D.C.  There are two competing parties, the Demiwants vs. Party of No Way, the GOP.  Why these two competing parties cannot get along, is really upsetting we, the people.  So being an astute reader of many things, I noticed a letter in a local horrible newspaper, the Johnson County Sun.

Now this reader suggests this kind of nonsense should end. I concur.  But, she does not provide any proposed solution.  So, I will.

To end all this gaming by the yahoo politicans, for the benefit of we, the people, how about these yahoos in Washington have a list of priorites and do like what we do as children.  They take turns.  So, for example, the Dems as the majority get to go first.  Then, the GOP gets their turn.  Continue process until America is a better nation. 

See.  Solutions are possible.  Would someone tell these yahoos in Washington to apply the same rules in Congress that we were taught as children.  Be nice; take turns.  Clean your room, take a bath every once in a while, and stop whining and crying when you do not get your way, all the time.  If you break it, fix it.   And if you do not, you will not get your allowance. Finally, if you do not do what we, the people tell you, we are going to take off the belt of responsibilty and apply some real damage to your backside, shortly. Around November 2010.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Death notice: Huge Centralized Federal Government Dies (in Retrospect).

Death notice.  The huge fiscally irresponsible centralized federal government was pronounced dead.  The fiscal coroner of responsible government is still trying to determine the cause of its death.

The fiscal coroner suspects several factors caused its death.  But more than likely, the root cause started around October 2008 with the crash of the stock market.  Shortly followed by huge chest pains caused by fiscally irresponsible bailouts of horrible companies that caused many of us to also almost have heart attacks. 

Such as AIG, and the host of horrible bankers greed buying all those derivatives and other risky investments most of us have no clue what they are.  Was it the takeover of Government Motors?  Was it caused by the over-reliance on cheap foreign labor? Maybe it was the shift away a long time ago from asset-based lending to credit score based lending?  (A theory I am starting to suspect). 

Maybe another factor was the Rick Santelli rant on CNBC.  Or was it merely us and our own economic greed related to our 401k plans and our stock portfolios tanking?  Was it the tea parties sticking a knife into the heart of the federal government? Was it Glenn Beck's fault for his emotional political theatre? Whatever, Beck touched a nerve in a lot of people rousing passion and disbelief.

Or, was it the Obama administration's bailing out all the whiny state governors of every state; instead of investing in our national infrastructure.  Was it the corrupt meeting in the White House in February 2009 with the drug and insurance industries cutting deals behind closed doors?  But no reductions forthcoming? 

Was it the threat of mandating health insurance on every human being, whether they wanted it or not?  Was it the threat of taxing us with a carbon tax, also known as crap and trap?  Was it the anxiety of wondering how we were going to pay for all these bailouts and stimulus programs?  Not to mention two wars and a GITMO that never seems to get closed.

More than likely, it was all of this stuff. But in the final analysis, Americans take responsiblity for what happened.  It was really us that killed big government.  We let it happen. We got suckered by Bush and suckered again by the Fantasy Express of the Obama administration.  Now, we have to fix it. Just like we have done before.  Just like it states in the Declaration of Independence.

Whenever any branch of the federal government fails, it is the duty, duty I say of us, we the people to fix it.  And fix it we will.  By us, we the people taking control of the federal government once again. We are in charge of this dead beast.  We starved it to death in our own self-interest. 

Now we must merely remove its overreaching tenacles that tried to strangle us to every level of government, clear to the municipal level.  All governments must stop their addiction and reliance on this dead centralized federal government.  The era of growing big governments at all levels-federal, state, county and municipal, not to mention the other various levels of big government, forever is over. Good.


Some of us are actually kind of happy with the passing of this huge centralized federal government.  All we have left to do know if finish the job and get rid of a whole bunch of corrupt and really rotten politicans in Washington DC in 2010. 

Then, and only then, just like MLK, we can all shout, thank God almighty, we are free at last.  Free at last. Or, we will be as soon as we pay off all this stinking deficit we ran up.  And we will.  It is just gonna take a really long time. 

We have been here before. We shall overcome.  By merely staying focused on rebuilding our great nation including our national infrastructure. By bringing jobs back to America. Merely remember, only big government died.  Not our nation.

For it, our nation is as strong in resolve as ever. Peace.  Let us proceed as a United States of America.  All this division in the Divided States of America needs to die next.  Then, united, we can move forward with clarity, vision, and a plan we, the people all agree upon resulting in a practical and realistic hope for our future.  For we in charge--not them. Them died recently. 


The day big centralized government in America died. Thank God.

Somewhere, a big centralized federal government died. 

I am not exactly sure when.  But it had to be around the time of the stock market collapse in October, 2008.  Maybe it was the Rick Santelli incident on CNBC.  Maybe it was the federal bailout of the money changers.  AIG and all the horrible banks that caused the collapse of our economy and tanked all the 401k plans.  Maybe that was really it.  More self-interest hitting everyone in America's pocket book. .  Whatever it was, it was the death toll of big government in America. 


Wow, what a huge brief!

Bummer.  My experiment related to publishing a memorandum brief in real time is getting pretty lengthy.  Further, it is not keeping its formatting. So, I am going to have to do some deletion.  Stand by. 

Regardless, this COTA remains a horrible thing.  I guess I will go back to regular blogging.  However, the potential to publish a party's memorandum brief is very cool going forward.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Usurpation of Kansas by the evil despot, King Sam Brokeback. A horrible fable of corruption

Once upon a time long ago, about 1500 miles away, there was a wonderful little country of 3 million inhabitants in a nice country called Kansas.  It was located right next to the Twilight Zone, somewhere over the rainbow. One could easily get there by merely following a yellow brick road named Interstate 70. 

Somehow, an evil despot thought the yellow bricks had to be gold.  So, soon after this despot almost single-handedly ruined another country called the Divided States of America. So this evil despot hurried up and left because he had a hand in causing one of the worst financial crisises in decades.

So essentially, the evil despot had a big part to play in ruining this country by being silly and fiscally irresponsible. Now this insane despot had this ridiculus theory he could grow money and gold on trees in Kansas.

So, the despot hurried and left the Divided States of America because no one wanted him to be their king. So, rejected he chose to move to the fertile farm land of the country of Kansas.

His name was King Sam Brokeback. The King was a big con artist and corruptly usurped the rights of the citizen electors shortly after he arrived.  He did this by using his flawed logic to select who should govern this wonderful and bountiful country. Soon, there was a total economic collapse causing great grief in this country caused by the corruption within his administration by him and his cronies.

Cries of the people fell on deaf ears. King Brokeback really did not care about the people.  He ruined the economy of this fabled land with all his corruption. Most stated it was due to his appointing his evil and greedy hand-picked cronies to key appointments all over the state.  He was so evil.

Finally, the King Brokeback decided to appease the inhabitants to silence all their complaining about his corrupt operation and his failure to grow money or gold on any trees anywhere in this country of Kansas.

So the king gave what little money was left in the treasury to most of the churches in Kansas. His faulty irrational ideas concerning government, generally attributed by those far wiser, was due to his lack of his understanding a simple, but fundamental concept called separation of church and state.  Some knew the evil despot Brokeback was lacking the intelligence to ever understand this.  Nor was he competent enough. So . . .

When the people kept trying to tell him to use common sense and that trees in the country of Kansas could never make money or grow yellow bricks of gold, he then insanely declared himself to be God. This left the unfortunate residents of the country of Kansas no options. So they all moved to a new country called Florida.

The end. 

a short fable written by tdus