Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Google this big brother: Scherer for Congress

The very idea Congress is even considering censureship of the internet reminds me of another word, called expatriation. 

Try to google the word.

Today,  good luck.

Also try to google what your duty is, whenever any branch of a national government fails. Start with the Declaration of Independence.  Highly suggest doing so, tomorrow when google is back online.  Not sure for how long. 

Also google Obama and his catch phrase, hope and change.  He was hoping we would change-we did not.  We rejected socialism and now Obama and his horrible federal agencies want to censor us.  Is censureship the hope and change he promised us-Socialism.  America does not need socialism, nor big brother censuring what you and me want to read or write.

Fight back.  If fighting fails, expatriate.

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