Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Voters Get Even: Vote for Scherer for your next Drama King Congressman

Ok, I am still suffering due to several things like still not knowing what time I should arrive for a major neurosurgery that might kill me tomorrow. How can they kill me, if I am not there. This defines irony.

Further, I have plenty of anxiety I have to deal with regarding the horrors of yet again, another sexist Valentine's Day. For example, if I am not dead, then I have to do something for my finance, like buy her a brand new Honda Accord post-op.

To make my nightmares over V-Day even worse, if I survive neurosurgery and do not die, the doctor stated I cannot drive for at least a week. So how I am supposed to buy my finance a brand new Honda Accord if I cannot drive?

Can I buy a brand new Honda Accord on the internet out there in Internet Land? More than likely. But if I did, how would they deliver a Honda over the internet to me? What kind of download would that be? Delivering a complete auto in some kind of file over the internet is still not possible, to the best of my knowledge.

Further,if I survive surgery, I get to travel to post-op land. This is the state where I get to take a lot of narcotics so I do not remember all this horrible pain I am having from a major surgery.

Plus, one of the positives of this neurosurgery that will make my finance happy, is I will be unable to talk for days. Which means she will then get mad at me for not telling her 87 times a day, how much I love her.

Being a man, naturally I like to eat food. So, being a typical planner pre-surgery, I have to figure out what to eat, post-surgery, provided I am not dead. So, I went to my local grocery and bought food I typically do not eat-lots of ice cream, pudding, jello, soup and a case of Coors beer that was on sale.

So at least if I am not dead, I have something to eat and drink post-op. Now, I have to figure out how to get home from the hospital. I wonder if I can just walk home after having this major neurosurgery that might kill me.

If I die, I will not have to worry about transportation. I am pretty certain the pre-funeral people over at the local funeral home will call and pre-register me to take care of my needs related to getting a ride.

Finally, I am pretty certain I am turning into a drama king. I am pretty certain the voters could use a drama king for their next United States Congressman to get even with all those yahoo politicians up there in DC land. I am not sure those two words, drama king has ever been defined, so I will have to leave now and go google it.

Finally, vote for Scherer for your Congressman. He is a drama king. Get even with the bureaucrats. Send a drama king to Washington.


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