Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Voters Get Even: Vote for Scherer for your next Drama King Congressman

Ok, I am still suffering due to several things like still not knowing what time I should arrive for a major neurosurgery that might kill me tomorrow. How can they kill me, if I am not there. This defines irony.

Further, I have plenty of anxiety I have to deal with regarding the horrors of yet again, another sexist Valentine's Day. For example, if I am not dead, then I have to do something for my finance, like buy her a brand new Honda Accord post-op.

To make my nightmares over V-Day even worse, if I survive neurosurgery and do not die, the doctor stated I cannot drive for at least a week. So how I am supposed to buy my finance a brand new Honda Accord if I cannot drive?

Can I buy a brand new Honda Accord on the internet out there in Internet Land? More than likely. But if I did, how would they deliver a Honda over the internet to me? What kind of download would that be? Delivering a complete auto in some kind of file over the internet is still not possible, to the best of my knowledge.

Further,if I survive surgery, I get to travel to post-op land. This is the state where I get to take a lot of narcotics so I do not remember all this horrible pain I am having from a major surgery.

Plus, one of the positives of this neurosurgery that will make my finance happy, is I will be unable to talk for days. Which means she will then get mad at me for not telling her 87 times a day, how much I love her.

Being a man, naturally I like to eat food. So, being a typical planner pre-surgery, I have to figure out what to eat, post-surgery, provided I am not dead. So, I went to my local grocery and bought food I typically do not eat-lots of ice cream, pudding, jello, soup and a case of Coors beer that was on sale.

So at least if I am not dead, I have something to eat and drink post-op. Now, I have to figure out how to get home from the hospital. I wonder if I can just walk home after having this major neurosurgery that might kill me.

If I die, I will not have to worry about transportation. I am pretty certain the pre-funeral people over at the local funeral home will call and pre-register me to take care of my needs related to getting a ride.

Finally, I am pretty certain I am turning into a drama king. I am pretty certain the voters could use a drama king for their next United States Congressman to get even with all those yahoo politicians up there in DC land. I am not sure those two words, drama king has ever been defined, so I will have to leave now and go google it.

Finally, vote for Scherer for your Congressman. He is a drama king. Get even with the bureaucrats. Send a drama king to Washington.


Name five Florida Congressman that are really doing a good job

I can't think of any either.

Monday, January 30, 2012

My finance is always messing with me

A few weeks ago, my finance tried to teach me a moral lesson. She was mad at me for some justifiable reason only a woman could understand.

Regardless, she stated to me what I thought she said, "never eat with the blind". Now this line messed me up. I had to think about these words for several days. First, I asked myself what is wrong with eating with blind people?

Then, she told me that is not what she stated-being a man I did not hear her properly. Her statement was "learn to eat with the blind". Well being a man, that was no clarification. So, I had to wait for her to explain to me, what the heck does that mean.

After all, I know how to eat-I am a man. Did not matter if the person I was eating with was blind or not. Heck, I have no problem eating with people that cannot see or hear. After all, I am still a civil rights activist. I try my best despite being an American to not discriminate.

Anyway, there is more to this story.
Now, last week, I was mad at my finance for not spending enough time with me. I told her to not come down this weekend at all.

Naturally, she always does like a woman-the exact opposite of anything I want her to do. So she comes down this weekend anyway.

So, finally because I am a clueless man, she explains what this saying, "learn to eat with the blind" means to her and to me. She states basically, it means I am unable to see her love for me. I am blind to all the good things she does for me. I concur.

I have a very hard time believing any rational person would ever love me. So, when some person like my finance states and acts like she loves me, I remain skeptical based on my own life experiences.

It seems rational to me, if someone professes they love you, then you have to wonder what the heck is wrong with this person? I am the way I am, and someone still loves and wants to marry me anyway?

To my critical self, that is messed up. In conclusion, what can I say, but great. It is a good to be loved.

It also a good thing or act to love someone back.
I am not cured of my inability to believe someone really can love me. But I am pretty good at loving back.

Would someone be so kind and send me the email or phone number for the love doctor? I am tired of being blind. Further, I am also hungry. For many things. Is there a love chef out there that can cook me up some lunch for the blind and deaf, so I do not have to?

Regardless, thanks Jesus for what you taught both of us, and the rest of humanity. Love is the answer to everything that is messing with us.

Man Warning-V-Day-Only 15 days left for cheap men to spend all your money

Ok, fellow mankind. There is only 15 days left before the dreaded annual gender discrimination day of the year-for us men to agonize a lot of what to get this year-that annual mass media ritual where you get to spend all your money on that special woman that let us pig-dog men hang around with-Valentine's Day. One of the most sexist days of the year.

Naturally, I like to ask women what they expect to get on this sexist day. Most want diamonds and other expensive stuff that makes most of us rofl about; like that is going to happen.

For example, I asked my finance what she wanted-naturally she suggested I get her a brand new Honda Accord. Which would be great if I were a billionaire.

Now if she would have suggested a new Porsche that I get to keep both the car, keys and the title on; or even better a really nifty fishing boat with double 250 hp props, she could easily gotten those kind of gifts on V-Day because that would justify me going shopping again over at the local Pro Bass Store, aka, man-shopping heaven. Especially as compared to having to go with her to buy yet again, another addition to her collection of 9,000 pair of shoes.

A Honda Accord
-I actually laughed out loud when she made this suggestion and said, "baby . . . you may be the total package and the greatest thing that has ever happened to my pitiful person, but a Honda Accord"?

Now I am pretty certain there has to be something fundamentally wrong with my finance anyway. If she is actually going to marry me, what is wrong with her? Does she not understand factually I am a fiscally conservative man; or as most women refer to as, a cheap penny pinching a-hole.

Now if I am lucky and the neurosurgeon kills me Wednesday, I won't have to go shopping for V-Day and hang out with all the other men and boys in the same horrible situation.

Or, even worse again this year have to endure all those stupid commercials from the jewelry stores and Cadilliac suggested "she is worth it". Now I am not stating my finance has no value-she has plenty of value and is the total package. But a new Honda Accord?

I was thinking more along the traditional man-thinking. What is wrong with six dozen roses and some of that crappy heart shaped candy; or something where I can just call a florist?

The only problem I have this year with being traditional, is my finance will not tell me where she lives or works. So, the flower gig is out. What can a reasonable and rational man do, considering those minor trivial details, called facts.

Screw it. Baby, here is that new Honda Accord. I just cannot endure anymore shopping trying to figure out what to get you for V-Day.

OK, would anyone tell me what time I am supposed to arrive for surgery that could kill me?

Here I am wondering in my typical drama king way, wondering if my neurosurgeon is going to kill me on Wednesday. Suddenly and without warning, I get a call from some person at the local hospital wanting to pre-register me. Why should I do that? Skip the pre-registration and just register me.

So, liking to be punctual for my own surgery, I asked this person what time is my surgery. Too complicated. By analogy, this is like calling the airline for your flight departure time. And the airline rep states we do not know. Life in America.

So after this person does not what time I am supposed to be there for surgery, I ask for her supervisor. Now this is supposed to be the surgery department that is going to be whacking on my neck, making me fear for my life. It seems to me I should know as the patient, what time should I be there. After all, it is only common sense that it is pretty hard to do a neurosurgery, when the patient does not know when to be there.

To further show how ludicrous things like a major neurosurgery that might kill me can get, then this supervisor also states he does not know either. They both tell me I am going to be called by someone else, a pre-op nurse, which seems redundant.

Because I would just rather talk to the operating nurse, so why would want to talk to a pre-op person? Save time and skip pre-registration and just let me talk to a surgery nurse, instead of a pre-op surgery nurse.

To further illustrate how silly we are in America, maybe I should have talked to a pre-surgeon instead of just talking directly with my surgeon himself. Ditto for insurance people that want all my money. I should be talking to the pre-insurance folks, before I talk to the regular insurance people.

Regardless, these folks tell me the pre-op nurse will call me between 3 and 5 tomorrow. I told these folks I might not be here because I have to give oral argument before the Lee County Value Adjustment Board on a equally imcomprehesible valuation on my condo. The same condo I have to also deal with that scumbag lawyer tomorrow.

I therefore guess I will just show up for surgery like one does at a resteraunt not having a reservation. Maybe they will give me one of those infrared things that flash, letting me know my surgery table is reading for seating.

I hope I can order a glass of wine with my surgery. Because God and Jesus know I could certainly use one, before they kill me. But hey, I am grateful for the neurosurgon gave me a prescription for some narcotics. Because I am just chilling out grooving on some blues music wondering when is my neurosurgery scheduled for.

I frequently tell people here in SW Florida how I did not drink alcohol for 27 years. Then, I moved to Florida. Many say, ditto for them. Maybe today, I should call the pre-funeral arrangement people, just in case I cannot call them because I was killed having neurosurgery.

Table for one, is calling. Gotta go.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seeking the attainment of wisdom sufficient to be stupid enough to look for enlightenment

I think wisdom is far easier to attain in life, than it is getting to Nirvana. For good reason.

I tried to find Nirvana on my GPS system so I could drive there. My GPS told me the address was unknown. So having learned some things, I figured as a wise man, I should just ask a woman for directions. But back to my post which is supposed to be about seeking to obtain some wisdom.

There are several written comments on what wisdom is. Basically, the best one my demented mind recalls is that wisdom is the state of mind of a person that has made a lot of mistakes in life, sufficient to not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Based on women, I have not attained by any sense of the imagination, any wisdom.

Being an avid billiard player, I do have sufficient wisdom to know and understand like most billiard players, having a relationship with one of these women, messes up your billiard playing ability.

Now this would equally apply to whatever a man does with his free time, whether that be golf, fishing, boating, or any other activity a man does; when he is not busy doing what a man has to do to provide for himself and his loved ones, those basic necessities of life.

Further in support of my argument, I note that one of the purposes and functions of an academic pursuit is for the instructor, teacher or professor to demonstrate to you as the student, you do not know jack. The more you agree with the instructor, the better grade one gets.

Therefore, wisdom must be the admission one is really stupid on many things. When it comes to many things, therefore, I have attained wisdom because I am very good at demonstrating my stupidity. Just ask my finance. Further, if she were as smart as she claims, why does she hang around with me, then?

In ending, where the hell is Nirvana? My GPS has no clue. Matter of fact, I am going to see if my GPS knows where hell is also. I therefore am going to skip looking all over for Nirvana; and instead go ask my finance where the heck is this place because I now want to be enlightened.

I am pretty certain Nirvana it is real close to the dog house. Further, I note hell more than likely, is right next to the doghouse. I can find the doghouse and I do not even need a GPS device to find it. My finance will just point me in the right direction. Gotta go to the doghouse says my finance. I hope I find Nirvana is actually next to the doghouse, right by hell.

Later. Gotta provide for the family and tend my crops over there at Farmville.

Are cats like women, or instead, are women like cats? Beats me. Or in the alternative, what came first, women or cats

I have been pondering women most of my life, usually leaving me mystified about them in total confusion. As I get more stupid with age, instead of wiser with education, work and life experiences, I now find myself at this point in life, wondering about both cats and women.

I have noticed if one ignores a cat, they like that. If you try to be friendly and pet a cat, they do not like that. Cats do not want you touching them. And then if you ignore the cat, it will scratch the back of your head for ignoring them. Now where did cats learn to be this way?

Further, a lot of women seem to like cats. Us guys, we like dogs. For good reason. Men and dogs are very similiar. Feed us and we are usually happy and will wags our tails like a puppy dog. Pat us on the head telling us we are good dogs, and again, we will wag our tails. Men are very basic and very simple. Cats and women, not so much.

So, if men ignore cats, cats do not like being ignored and will come bug you for attention. So trying to get some kind of point in this writing, should men ignore women and take a huge risk, women will not like that?

Seems to me this is the way cats and women are. If you try to pet either one of them, they do not like this. If you ignore them, they do not like this either. And even worse, they both will scratch the back of your head with their claws if they are really uphappy. Therefore, I am not certain who taught one their behavior.

Cats or women-equally confusing to all the men on the planet earth. To which in conclusion, I am going to learn to bark like a dog.

What if . . .

What if . . . a fundamental question. That question we all have to deal with, but typically avoid. What if I have this major surgery Wednesday and the worst possible scenario happens, and I die?

BFD. We all do, sooner or later.

As a person that deals with anxiety every day, I generally can see all possible outcomes. I just tend to be more obsessed about the worst case, the negative outcomes.

I do not have to worry that much about positive outcomes. So, a wise person should always have a plan, just in case the worst happens. Like dying.

So, if I do not die Wednesday, then at some point, not certain when, I can write about surviving my surgery. Plus I can be grateful to my neurosurgeon and staff for not killing me.

Finally, I can also be grateful that if this gig works, I will not be in so much pain. Naturally, I should not be so pessimistic and such an overly sensitive drama king here. But hey, I am a writer and that is just the way most of us are-we tend to be way too sensitive and far too passionate drama kings.

First, I have been a very fortunate person. I have and can love. Even all humanity if we try hard enough; although it is hard to love those things called scumbag lawyers.

Further, there are some things I do not have to love-for example, Bank of America-this entity really sucks. I can also detest entities that rely on voice response units requiring me to figure out some magic code to get to another human being.

Second, I can and do recieve in return, love from others. Sadly, it is just hard for me to see it.

Third, God and Jesus love me because I have been doing their work for a long time.

Fourth, I have done my very best and worked hard to help many. Therefore, I am and have been a good person having provided benefit to others in my own life. I have value to others. I have good values, morals and character traits sufficient to have helped many.

Fifth, most lawyers are scumbags. Not to be redundant or pendantic. Most everyone including lawyers know this.

Sixth, I need to prepare a list for those people that are the most important to me; just in case the worst happens and I do die Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Seventh, when I leave, someone will take over. What me worry? I will be dead.

Finally, I am ready for death. Love is my most fundamental passion. I am loved by others and I have in return given my love away. I have been a very fortunate person. I have not been very good at gratitude. So thanks to those that have earned it.

Going positive, hopefully, I will write about stuff later here on this blog at some point, post-surgery provided I am not dead. Ah, screw it.

Even if I am dead, I am going to keep writing. I am going to do a lot of writing and complaining about how we can make things better even in heaven.

God, I know you are listening.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ok, another rant about our next POTUS

Ok, fans of Scherer for Congress and my other viral blog, scumbag lawyers of america.blogspot.com, this is going to be one of my last rants about the POTUS election thing. I have to have major neurosurgery on Wednesday so there be some delays in this and that other blog, due to a major loss of my ability to function.

So, having endured and survived yet again, another one of those candidate debates here in Florida, if you are like me, are you starting to think Rick Santorum actually might be a good candidate for US Congress? Now we can forget the Iowa debacle which Santorum finally actually won. I mean come on, it was Iowa.

Now most of us are either entertained or disgusted with both Mitt and Newt. Ron makes sense, but clearly understands the US Constitution too well, for the major powers in America to let him be elected. All that leaves the GOP people out there, is Santorum. All of us know if Mitt or Newt actually win the nomination, Hoover Obama will be re-elected.

Therefore, can the GOP win the Presidency with Santorum. Maybe-long shot. Here is a suggestion no egocentric, narcissistic presidential yahoo candidate will, or has ever done-do like they do in wresting and have a tag team Presidential candidacy.

Newt, team up with Santorum. Flip a coin to see who gets to be President. So, by twisted logic, a tag team might help the GOP win the election in 2012. Think about it-tag team of Newt and Santorum vs. Barry Hoover and Hilliary (shudder) Clinton. Sounds horrible with either tag team.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Question Posed: Is Estero Florida located in hell?

A youth asked me where Hell was located. She wanted to know if Estero was hell because her parents made her attend a public school here in Lee County, FL.

I had to reflect on this question because frankly, I am not sure where hell is physically located. I can state factually never been there and further, I have no plans to visit, or to spend eternal damnation in hell.

But from experience, just like black holes and a-holes exist, I know there are a lot of places referred to as a hellhole. But I am pretty certain hell is not located in Estero, FL.

Most of the locals keep telling me this myth that this is Paradise. I think this is an exaggeration. Sure, the weather here is like Paradise. So by logic, that must mean heaven has central air conditioning.

After I got acclimated to the weather after leaving a hell-hole in Kansas, I find it amusing when the weather down here in SW Florida is 70, people down here wear coats and turn on their electric heaters. In my native-born Kansas, 60 degrees is a heatwave and suntan weather.

Further, if in fact Estero was Paradise, then why are there no pearly gates on the Tamiami Highway here in Estero? Driving down this highway reminds of a straight track NASCAR event. I really fear for my life when I drive on this highway. But, back to the question.

Now I have noticed in Lee County, there are a few hellholes and a few a-holes. You can always tell when you are near Satan because there will be a bunch of attorneys hanging out.

Now Satan sends attorneys, or his dominions to places that are close to heaven to mess with all the godly folks. My take on the whole planet earth, including SW Florida is we really are more like living in Purgatory until such time we get things right; and merely love humanity like Jesus told us to do.

Jesus wants us to do good works. And here in Purgatory, we have to earn the right to go to heaven. For some of us blockheads, it takes a while.

Naturally, Satan does not like those folks that are doing God's work. So, that might explain to a rational God-loving person, why here in Paradise, there are so many heathen people that like and work for Satan. That is why there are so many lawyers in SW Florida. Satan sent them.

Naturally if you like Satan, you are moving in the wrong direction as a heathen too, down the stairs to the basement heading straight for hell.

In regard to us humans, the way to avoid hell holes (and also a-holes), is for all of us to merely do what Jesus and God wants. Jesus warned us long ago, to look out for Satan and his dominions. Especially attorneys.

Finally, this must be Purgatory. I mean there is lot of suffering and pain here in Purgatory; even if one has central air conditioning. The young student who posed the question on where in the heck is hell located, is a lot wiser than most.

So, if you are climbing up the stairway to heaven, avoid the hell-holes and a-holes, and merely keep climbing those stairs to get closer to the pearly gates by doing as much as possible, what Jesus suggested. Do good works and love each other. When you get to the top of the stairway to heaven, it is too late to change your mind and go backwards.

In conclusion by rational logic and by inspiration and prayer, hell is not located in Estero, FL. But be very careful out there-Satan is out there trying to trick you. And some of Satan's most powerful evil dominions call themselves attorneys. Avoid them. These evil people just want you to join them in hell. They are lonely and only have yahoo politicians to keep them company.

New Politically Correct Acronym-WIGO

WIGO. Think about songs by Marvin Gaye. What is going on. So, liking Marvin Gaye's music, especially that catchy tune, "Let's Get It On" (LGIO), I say let's just go ahead and have the Presidential election early. Let us get it on.

But I am digressing. WIGO. What is going on with our national and broken federal government. As a political candidate striving to be politically correct, some of the time, it is a lot better to use WIGO than some of other more appropriate acronyms I have learned. One use of the word WIGO in a sentence that would be appropriate and timely would be like this:

"WIGO" vote your incumbent arse out of office if you do not care of our business.

Like politically incorrect FUBAR (military term fouled up beyond any recognition) and WTF (legal term for what (are) the facts). These may be appropriate terms of our American culture, but I just do not feel it would be appropriate for me to use those acronyms;, so I created a new one-WIGO and then my campaign slogan is also fairly new.

WWJV4?=Who would Jesus vote for in the Presidential election, a Muslim that reminds me of Herbert Hoover, or instead, anybody else.

Gotta go. Got some crops to harvest over there in Farmville-you know-over there in the new world order-Internet Land.

Praise Jesus.

Who is the top level executive in charge of US federal agencies-the Presidential Candidate President Hoover Obama

If you are like me, and I know many of you out there in America are, do you wonder why our federal agencies are failing to do much of anything worth their cost? I am.

There are so many federal agencies out there failing to do their jobs for good reason. The top level executive in charge of them is too busy campaigning for re-election, he does not have the time to oversee and manage the federal agencies he is responsible for.

Take the US Attorney General for example. You take him. I do not want him. For that matter, take any federal agency and ask a simple question:

What federal agency has performed well since Barry became President, or excuse me, candidate for US President?

The cruise ship left port a long time ago.
However, the ship ran aground because the captain of the federal agencies decided to leave town to campaign for his re-election. The ocean liner called the United States national government sank a lot time ago.

In my own personal experiences, I have to endure dealing with the US DOJ, the federal judiciary system, the Federal Election "we like corruption" Commission, the VA, the IRS, and several other federal agencies, all concurrently.

And do not get me started on those things called SuperPacs-entities that have freedom of speech rights per SCOTUS because entities are somehow kind of like a person.

So, from my dealings with these yahoo agencies, abandon ship. The US federal agencies left port without the captain. The captain of this capsized ocean liner is too busy to take care of his passengers and the ship is sinking. A clear dereliction of duty owned, to we, the people of the United States of America-his passengers. Women and children get to board the life boats first.

Seems fair. Or at least that was the favorite word in Hoover Obama's SATA address. To which I shouted bingo real early. Now I am shouting abandon ship wondering where is the captain.

The captain of the ship was last spotted campaigning for re-election in Las Vegas. The captain needs to return to the ocean liner in Washington-not campaign for re-election.

So Barry, get back to work and stop all this campaigning nonsense. You have work to do including taking care of all these horrible federal agencies you are in charge of. If they are failing, you as the captain are responsible.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barry Hoover Obama and the US Congress appear to be on vacation until November 2012

A good President, unlike Barry Hoover Obama, would keep working since he is getting paid to be our United States President. Instead, he is out campaigning like a politican for re-election. I do not ever recall a President of the United States spending his last year in office, to campaign to keep his job.

Hence, why many consider Obama does not have the prerequisite and necessary qualifications of a great leader. I could drone on and on about this.

In conclusion, Obama get back to work being our United States President. Be a statesman and a leader-not some yahoo politican only focused on getting re-elected traveling all over the nation pandering for votes. Today, you are hanging out in Las Vegas? Get back to DC and take care of our nation.

Your last year in office is not supposed to be a vacation or a junket for your re-election paid for, by us. We are paying you to do a job. Get back to work or we are going to mark you down as being awol. As the President of the United States, you could get more votes by being and acting Presidential.

Ditto for those in our United States Congress. During the hours before the SATU address, the tv commentor noted how many senators and congressmen wasted hours of time to get the end seats, just so they could be a national TV. So, to our US Senators and Congressmen, all get your asses back to work.

Signed, your employer, we the people.

I am sure SCOTUS is regretting their decision allowing SuperPacs

Now I am certain SCOTUS is going to have to revisit their decision regarding corporate entities having the right to run a whole bunch of lies on TV. The lies and myths during the GOP primaries merely indicate why SCOTUS should be and is probably regretting their decision in Citizens United.

Now we have to endure mega-rich PACS funded by presidential candidates and their buddies. So, whomever is richer, allows the presidential candidate to easily state, hey, I did not run that ad. It was a PAC ad. Just because my rich buddies gave this PAC all this money, does not mean I did it. Right. And I have a Brooklyn Bridge for sale.

I have too much work to do, as it is. Would someone sue one of these SuperPacs. So, SCOTUS can revisit the issue and clearly establish entities are not kind of like people afforded the constitutionally protected right of free speech, like we, the people get.

I remember in Kansas, I volunteered to get a revisit of Roe v. Wade on a blog. If women have a protected liberty interest, why then does a father and a fetus not have a protected liberty interest, also to choose life before abortion. I think a father of a fetus should file an injuntion to stop a woman from killing his progeny. Then, take it all the way to SCOTUS so we can get Roe v. Wade reversed.

Fathers of children and fetuses under the equal protection clause must have the same protected liberty interest as women do. So, who gets to choose, when the father and mother disagree?

Sometimes, SCOTUS can be very human. And like humans can err. To fix errors from the past, someone merely has to give SCOTUS another opportunity to fix their prior errors. Roe v. Wade needs to be reversed. Who states so?

Entities . . . err I mean kind of like persons, entities called SuperPacs. We give no rights to fetuses or to the father of a child, yet corporations are human-like and entitled to free speech? Give me a break. Who is going to speak on behalf of a fetus, a thing as defined by most states, like Kansas.

Tea Party Angst-Too Much Government Hypocrisy

The angst of most of us Americans is all related to the hypocrisy of both the governments that govern, and those we are dumb enough to choose to represent us, yahoo politicians.

In this nation, we have too many laws and regulations, the governments pick and choose which laws and regulations they are going to act or not act upon.

Selective enforcement of the law and conversely, omissions and blind failure to uphold the laws or our nation, or even come close to following the United States Constitution.

To select and pick what laws a nation is going to care about, is called political power.
Those that win elections get the power to pick and choose what laws are going to be important and conversely, which laws are going to be ignored. This is called an amoral political agenda.

The best example of federal hypocrisy is the issue of unlawful immigration. Although even I admit, there are many other fine examples of government hypocrisy.

The battle over this issue pits the states rights against the federal government not wanting to do anything about immigration, lawful or unlawful. I call this hypocrisy and the effect on many of us is caled angst.

As a matter of fact, if you are an American patriot and want our immigration laws enforced, the Obama DOJ terrorists comes after you. Ask Sheriff Joe in Arizona, or Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, author of the Arizona Immigration Law for Arizona, and severawl other states, what happens when you believe a state has the sovereign right to concurrent regulatory duty to uphold immigrations laws in this country?

So if you, just like Governor Jan Brewer (AZ) have lost respect for those in charge of the federal government, I get it. The problem is so does the rest of America. Many are so disgusted with the hypocrisy, they truly and understandably want nothing to do with any government and merely try to make the best they can of their own lives, hoping they do not have to deal with a government, at all.

These people that distrust the governments are said to be cynics and in a state of apathy or indifference. To me, these are the smart people. To those of us involved in politics, we are the dummies. We are so dumb, we actually believe given the right circumstances, we can make this nation a better place, despite realizing in this nation, we have to endure so much government hypocrisy (after the election) and illusionary promises before the election.

For the most part, I have noticed American voters vote for whomever can spin the best fantasy before an election. Me, I am not that smart. I am too honest and refuse to spin a PollyAnna like vision of fantasy just to get a job representing you. If you want fantasy, illusion, smoke and mirrors, vote for the other person.

I am going to keep my integrity and morality intact, as I do my best to make this a better nation for all of us. This makes me pretty naive and to some, I am really stupid for believing I can do what I state-make our nation a better place.

Right now, the voters of Florida are deciding what they want for their GOP candidate for President. Are the voters going to pick fantasy and hypocrisy; or instead are the voters going to vote for someone that is going to make our nation better? And the choices before the voters are pretty slim-Mitt or Newt.

I for one do not want to see Mitt because he stands no chance in beating Obama in 2012. With Newt, I also do not see how he can beat Obama. But at least with Newt, the Presidential election will be far more interesting from an entertainment perspective.

Obama does not want to have to debate Newt. CNN does not want Newt to win which suggest to me we should vote for Newt then. Therefore, I suspect Florida will pick Newt over Romney.

But remember, this is Florida. Even God is uncertain who will win the Florida Presidential primary. Or, if God does know, he certainly is not telling me who is going to take this primary.

Have fun watching the debate tonight. Watch carefully for fireworks, smoke and mirrors and illusion. One thing you will not see, is a plan to make America a better nation.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Warren Buffett is Cool: Send him an email

Warren Buffett is awesome. Here is why he is so cool. Warren believes he should be accessible and refuses to do like Bill Gates, in creating this huge bureaucracy in communication with him.

To explain why Warren is very cool, communicate your love for this legendary icon at mentioned during the SATU at the following email:

debra.bosanek@bkha.com; as mentioned at the SATU speech. Warren and Debra, are very cool. Finally, Warren Buffett needs to quit conning the POTUS.

I reserve the right the right to amend the email, but I assure you, Warren reads everything I write to Debra. Warren Buffett is very cool-he is a lengendary icon of American capitalism. Buffett gets my respect. Warren Buffet should run for POTUS. He is too smart to do so.

Warren, what can I say-dude, you are awesome.

News Flash: US wins one day war against Somalia

Just got this news flash. The US won a one-day war in an overnight raid against Somalia. Seems we need to teach this nation a lesson. A long time ago, I suggested a couple of cruise missles on Somalian pirates would end this profession a lot sooner.

Being a pirate is never a good job with long term career prospects. Just imagine you are an employer doing an interview, and on the person's resume is listed, pirate. Now really, would you hire a pirate?

Speaking of pirates, why would anyone vote for a pirate named Mitt Romney?

Finally, still have not found my remote. If I have to watch that CNN lady Soledad drivel while drinking another cup of coffee, I am hoping the next military target will be CNN.

Join in with me. Demand the US attack CNN-a true domestic terrorist organization occupied by a bunch of sociopathetic socialists. We have found the enemy-haters of the United States Constitution, CNN, a domestic terrorist organization.

The most "trusted news network"? The only trust I have in CNN is they are going to continue their socialistic drivel contrary to, and in direct opposition to our United States Constitution.

CNN loves socialism. If you have any doubts, just listen for a while. Join Soledad for yet again, another cup of coffee.

A China Task Force? Maybe we can contract that with India

The presidential candidate, Barry Hoover Obama suggested the creation of a federal task force to monitor China. Maybe we can get people in India to do this. I am sure Bob Shamir in India needs a job; since most Americans do not need one.

China task force? You have to be kidding me.

Boycott China-skip creating another worthless bureaucratic task force that will not accomplish much of anything other than giving some cronies a worthless job.

Why we a need a good President-not another Presidential Candidate

I am having to endure CNN Comedy News Channel's reporting about the SATU rhetoric last night. Where is my remote so I can turn this socialistic drivel off. Anyway, as promised, SATU Bingo was kind of fun last night. I had four corners with the word "fair". So, I got to shout out real early, Bingo.

Today, I now have to read the highlights, because I fell asleep after getting bingo last night; and from all the boredom watching this rhetorical lame-duck nonsense.

Would it not be a good thing if here in America during the difficult times we all face, for us to have a President that acts like one? Good luck with that happening.

Instead, all we have are a bunch of yahoos campaigning to be President, including the President. What we really could use right now is a President that knows how to be one.

All our nation is getting is a bunch of yahoo politicians. A politician is a person that merely focuses on getting re-elected. A statesman focuses on what needs to be done and how to accomplish that.

Obama is no statesman-he is merely another yahoo politician that should be focused on our nation and not on his re-election campaign. I think I should run a want ad in a local newspaper that goes like this:

Wanted. President of the United States, must have leadership skills and be a statesman. Politicians need not apply.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Play Obama SATU Bingo: What do I want to hear at the SATU rhetoric

There are several things I would like Barry Hoover Obama to say tonight.

I am sorry.

I erred and now reject all this socialism I have caused.

I quit.

America is one broke-ass nation. We the federal government ran out of money.

The United States of America is taking federal bankruptcy protection so we do not have to pay China anymore.

I doubt he will say so, but I wish he would state "we the people in order to form a perfect union . . . .". If Barry even comes close to stating this, we all win Obama SATU bingo.

Mitt Romney needs to pay federal taxes on his net worth.

Newt Gingrich should have honored his wedding vows.

I like what Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are saying-family values and our United States Constitution are good things.

For fun, google Obama SATU bingo. Makes enduring his SATU rhetoric a lot more fun, as you have to endure-Obama Bingo-Truly American.

Here is Obama SATA Bingo from 2010 if you choose to drink alcohol excessively. (From those zany folks from the Huffington Post) if you cannot find one yourself.

Just click this thing if you cannot find your own Obama SATU bingo card. We suggest regardless of all the despair and change, everyone still drink responsibly. Can it get worse. Like Barry fans like to state, yes it can. Just hope not much worse.


I think the reason we love America, the nation; but not our national government and all these yahoo politicians, is that is our method of coping with a truly huge economic mess. So, tonight, do not despair. Instead, laugh a lot by playing some Obama SATU bingo.

Also consider playing that song by Bobby McFarrin, Don't worry, be happy, over and over. Sooner or later, Barry will not be our United States President.

Vulture Capitalist vs. Unethical Wife Cheater vs. Constitutionalist vs. Traditional Family Rookie

First, I want to give this disclosure. Whomever I usually think would make our best President, usually is not elected to become the President of the United States. So, for 2012 I naturally would pick a person that likes the United States Constitution, unlike CNN Comedy Channel.

I do not want a super-rich venture capitalist with former off-shore bank accounts to be my President anymore than most of America. Like Warren Buffet stated, the super-rich are not paying their fair share. These rich vulture capitalist, like most of those with high net worth, take advantage of every tax loop hole they can as rational people.

Hence, why Mitt pays less of his income on a pecentage basis than a hard-working middle class person. The effect of this net worth inequality is called middle class warfare by the super-rich, to which most of us prefer to have a major "tea party".

Mitt's tax return merely demonstrates once again, we need to start a new federal tax system based on net worth-not wages/income. Naturally, most elected yahoo politicians are rich and would never let tax equality based on net worth to happen, regardless this just makes fundamental and commmon sense to most of us; but not rich yahoo politicians.

The more net worth a person has, the fairer it would be for that person to pay more taxes for many reasons. The American taxpayer does not want a super-rich person to be the President of their national government so Mitt stands about a zero probability of beating the head of the welfare nation, Barry "Herbert Hoover" Obama.

Now in regard to this Newt dude, if he was so qualified to be elected our president, how come our nation is in the mess it is in. Was'nt the former Speaker of the House responsible?

I think he is, and all we would get is more of what we have been getting. I do think Obama and CNN are more afraid of Newt because Newt is very good debater. So expect CNN to dig up all kinds of trash because CNN, the socialist comedy channel does not like Newt. Therefore, many in America do.

Then, we have Ron Paul, a hard line constitutionalist that rejects properly progressive socialism. The way America works, if you like and want to return to the United States Constitution . . . well Socialism does not like our United States Constitution as written because it messes up the welfare state. Want proof-just watch CNN.

Therefore, I like Ron Paul. Which means he will never be elected. We the people of this nation need to prepare for things in this nation to get a lot worse after the 2012 Presidential election. The way things are shaping up politically is that Herbert Hoover has been reincarated in the form of Barry Obama. Hoover lives once again and it clearly shows as our national ecomomy and our nation continue to being flushed down the toilet some more.

In regard to Santorum, his call for a return to the historically traditional American family structure, based on religion, I have to support. Now if Santorum could just give a good speech.

Maybe in 2016, the 2nd Great Depression will see us return to being a prosperous and more moral nation; with a return to a more traditional family structure as hopefully this nation learns once again, in order to prosper, we must learn to reject things and start loving each other again in support of family values based on what Jesus taught us was important a long time ago.

Maybe in 2016, Rick Santoruum, a relative rookie to being a candidate for President can continue to gather steam as a lot of what he states, takes time for most of us to understand. If Santorium takes what Ron Paul is stating, a love of our United States Constitution as part of his next campaign, Rick states a good chance in 2016 of being able to fix what Hoover Obama cannot.

Finally, it is shame our tax system is not based on net worth-and the rich and powerful will make certain a fair tax system based on equality will never happen.

Can any candidate for President say Amen?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ok, who is really running for US Congress so far, in Florida's 14th District

Per the Federal Election Commission, the place you register to run for United States Congress, the following candidates are listed as shown below:

List 1:

Gary Aubuchon, Dan Benton, Joseph Asher Davidow, Bryon Donalds, Chauncey Porter Goss II, Tamara A. Hall, Brian Owens, James Lloyd Roach, John W. Sawyer III, and me, Thomas E. Scherer.

All are GOP except Roach is running as a democrat and Scherer is running as other. Count, eight GOP, one Dem and one other, Thomas E. Scherer.

Now, if one goes to the Florida Divison of Elections, here is who is reported on their web site as shown below:

List 2:

Gary Aubuchon, Joseph Asher Davidow, Chauncery Porter Goss III, James Lloyd Roach, Timothy John Rossano, Christopher Key Sandy, John W Sawyer III, and Lee James Titworth.

So what gives here and why can't the local media accurately report whom is filed and is not filed. Much less for the local media outlets to tell us their factual source.

Beats me. I do not trust the media to be factual or accurate. A recent story in the Ft. Myers NewsPress and other media sources state Trey Tredel is running. Really, where did he file?

Anyway, if we compare the two lists, how many people are alleging to be running either state or federal, or anywhere in the universe eliminating dupes and omitting rumored candidates.

That is 13 candidates filed with some office for United States Congress, the 14th District of Florida anywhere in the known universe. Expect more to be announcing their running and I suggest some people put up their pet dog Rover to run for US Congress.

Your dog could always vote by barking on a bill about as good as some of those yahoos in DC are doing. So I suggest considering registering your dog somewhere as a candidate. I would not register a cat or some other critter, although a lot of people think some of the people in Congress are really not people, but snakes. Regardless . . .

Compare the FEC list to the Division of Elections list. What a mess. Anyone that is running and has not filed with the FEC is a rookie and should be immediately eliminated as a serious candidate.

If you do not even know how to register and file properly for United States Congress, why would anyone vote for you. So I would eliminate from serious consideration those filed in the state and not with the FEC commission.

As soon as I get time, I am going to check financial data on some of these candidates registered with the state-if they are reporting over $5000 in money, they are violation of Title II of the United States Code. And if they already are violating federal laws of our nation, those that think being a crook make good qualifications for a US Congressman, they would have someone to vote for.

So maybe the local media will figure out who is really running some day. At least that is what the executive assistant to Mia Mia Chang told me a few minutes ago. The assistant stated they did a correction that I cannot find. I cannot find my name mentioned at all in this alleged news source on their web site I was referred to.

Go to www.newspress.com and verify by searching for anything on Thomas Scherer. Nothing.

And Jeff Lytel, at the Naples New Press refuses to return my phone calls related to the same. Naturally, the Naples News Press will only report some rich person they like in their rag. Finally, I got a news article some doctor in Punta Gorda is also running. Maybe he should file somewhere in the known universe.

Expect many more inaccurate stories in the newsprint and on TV. Guess facts no longer matter to the local media, hence why they omit their sources. Maybe if someone calls Stephen Colbert, maybe he would run for United States Congressional President of the 14th District of Florida.

Sometimes, election coverage makes great fodder on late night TV and in the local media outlets.

The word.

Thomas E. Scherer, filed candidate, United States Congress, 14th District, the other party.

Internet Land-A new world order

Finally, it is becoming clear that a new world order exists. A country without borders called Internet Land. There are no kings, no taxes and no need for much of anything, other than paying outrageous amounts of money to your ISP every month to belong to this new world order.

The good thing about Internet Land is the ability to communicate with most of humanity, no matter what region or country one lives in. Anarchy and free speech are the rules of Internet Land-and you better not try to stop the residents of Internet Land with censureship.

Entire countries have gotten rid of their government leaders via revolution for doing nonsense like censureship of one's access to Internet Land.

Internet Land is the new world order. No one is in charge. Finally, a form of organization that connects all of us to each other. No borders, no government bureaucracy, no wars to fight for and no censureship, too.

Quoting John Lennon, "imagine".

God is testing me, again

I am certain God and Jesus love me because I do their work.

So, I am pretty certain if you are a good person too, we can all hang out together in heaven for eternity. This will be very cool. For good reason-at least God sends scumbag lawyers straight to hell. On a sidenote, the only difference between hell and a courtroom is Satan does not need a court reporter.

Now God keeps testing me to assure Jesus and the rest of the crew in heaven I really should be admitted. I am pretty certain I am close to the top of that stairway to heaven. Time is short. Jesus is going to be my last judge and even I know in heaven, there are no appellate courts clear to God.

God is testing me
by having attorneys, real estate developer scum, the Federal Election Commission, the Social Security Administration, the Veteran's Administration, the local media, etcereas bug me. Even my finance is bugging me.

But hey, things are looking pretty good from where I sit.
I am going to heaven and Todd Allen, scumbag lawyer is going straight to hell. God, would you also send my real estate developer in Indiania to hell as well? I have several people and complete entities that should have to endure eternal damnation.

So today God, I have a simple and humble prayer. When I call some federal agency or some organization and they have a voice response system, please give me the power to send them straight to hell. They have earned it.

I am doing what you suggested I do. Love humanity and today, it is pretty hard to do, as often as you want me to.

I am trying God. I am just no saint out here, as you built me. You are God. You know that. So God, I hope I am passing all these tests you keep bringing me.

Finally God, I had fun at church yesterday. Thanks for the laughter when I was feeling depressed. Why I did not catch any fish yesterday, I am not sure what your message was on that one. And finally, straighten out my finance. Sne needs some divine intervention. So, give her some suggestions.

So in ending God, cut me some slack. I am doing the best I can, regardless of that heathen, Todd Allen.

Friday, January 20, 2012

If Jesus were alive, how would he be treated by the Obama Administration?

If Jesus was alive and living in Florida, how would the Obama administration treat him? First, the Obama administration would probably get DHS to classify Jesus as a domestic terrorist and a threat to the stability of our nation. CNN, the Comedy News Channel would label him an ultra-liberal hippie.

The IRS would have to audit Jesus since he has no reportable taxable income. The Department of Defense would try to get Jesus to register with the Selective Service at the age of 18, just in case the draft was re-instituted and the military might need to fight again, another war in some foreign nation.

The Department of Education would force Jesus to attend remedial classes in the local school to ensure the school Jesus would be forced to attend, would not leave Jesus behind the rest of the students. Remember, no child including Jesus is to be left behind.

The United States Department of Justice would direct the FBI to collect massive data on Jesus since he would be classified a possible domestic terrorist by Homeland Security.

Finally, Jesus would also be carefully watched because more than likely, he would contribute and want Thomas E. Scherer to be his United States Congressman; especially as compared to the outgoing incumbent, a heathen wife cheater.

Compared to the Californian incumbent, Scherer would look like a saint by comparison. Finally,most of us know Jesus would never vote for an attorney to be the next congressman for the 14th district. Wisely, both Scherer and Jesus dislike attorneys and would never want one to represent them.

And that is merely some of the things Jesus would have to deal with. Then, there is the state of Florida Jesus would have to deal with. Including having to deal with Lee County sheriff Mike Scott and all his stupid common sense "public service" commercials. Jesus wants a new new sheriff come election time in Lee County.

The bottom line what Jesus would do, if he were living here in SW Florida is call God and state it is time for Armegeddon. Send the angels, asap.

Why do humans love things and generally despise each other

Jesus wants all of us to love each other-to help each other, as much as humanly possible. Jesus never suggested that we love things and despise each other. Now this is pretty fundamental; yet, so hard to love people. Love humanity and each other, and things will generally be a lot better.

Why do we Americans love our things, but not each other? I think things typically do not hurt us; but humans certainly can as we experience that thing called life. Humans hurt other humans. Sometimes, just like Cain and Abel in the Bible, humans kill each other. So, why do we love our things; and not each other as much?

For example, if you live in Internet Land and enjoy Farmville, there is a ratonal explanation for this. Farmville does not harm you-it is a passive and addictive internet experience, lacking any communication with other human beings. Naturally, if you are doing social media things like Farmville, you do not have to interact, unless you want to with humans-a controlled environment lacking human interaction.

Ditto for small children and puppy dogs. These examples cannot harm or hurt you directly. Nor can that fancy sports car you are driving. Things satisfy our need for self-expression and our independence. We earn money and then with some of that money, we obtain things or possessions that we think define who we are.

Things do not define humans. Actions and omissions define who we are in relation to other human beings-our humanity-both our virtues and our character. Are we good people, humane and loving to others; or alternatively do you ignore Jesus and ignore humanity increasing the odds you will be sentenced to eternal damnation?

I too have a problem with lots of human beings. As I move through the passage of life, a few isolated humans have caused me grave harm. I struggle every day with past harms. I am trying my best to not dwell on past harms, stay positive as much as possible, deal with today and those few isolated humans, appropriately referred to as assholes.

We all have one-and more than likely, depending on the circumstances we all can be one to another human being.

As I age in my own life, it is difficult, but not impossible for me to learn to love humanity again. Is this wisdom with age, education and experience? Nope. It is paying attention to what Jesus taught all of us how we should live our lives. So, applying what Jesus teaches me, I have to love this scumbag collection lawyer named Todd Allen. Even though I would rather not do so.

Amen. Thank you Jesus for what you tried to teach all of us. Some of us blockheads out here are very slow learners. Therefore, putting into effect what you taught all of us long ago, somehow I have to love a collection attorney named Todd Allen. Hard, but not impossible.

Your student, Thomas E. Scherer

Another Fable about Governor Sam Brokeback

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there was this fantasy island called Kansas, about 1500 miles from Florida. In this fantasy land, the people got suckered into voting for an evil zealot named Sam Brokeback to be their governor.

After the election was over, due in part to the evil billionaire Koch brothers found in another fantasy island called Texas, this evil governor had the zany idea to institute a flat tax to benefit the rich corporations and businesses that had bribed and financed Brokeback's campaign to be governer with an evil regressive tax scheme hammering the middle class and the poor.

The people that lived in this fantasy island were not as simple as Brokeback thought. To deal with this zany governor, the people united and threw Governor Brokeback off the Gov throne with a simple trick called impeachment.

So the moral is a repeat of a classic moral-you can only fool people some of the time; and conversely some of the time the people you fooled, remember and do something in return called impeachment.

Per General Counsel, Florida Secretary of State

I just got off the telephone with General Counsel for the Florida Secretary of State, Gary Holland. Mr. Holland understands the Federal Election Commission is the proper place to file as a candidate for federal elections. Conversely, why some of the rookie congresssional candidates do not know this, is a mystery.

The local media when reporting filed candidates for federal office need to do their due diligence and know and understand a candidate for federal office is required to be filed as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission.

Will someone tell the media here in SW Florida that; and some of these rookie candidates. If a candidate for federal office does not know this, what makes one think they are qualified to be elected to be your next and better United States Congressman in the 14th District.

Wifecheating flip-floppers are indecisive people who should never represent us in Washington

I know this flip-flopper who is very indecisive and cannot make up his mind which federal office this person wants to get. Kind of reminds me of that famous song, Mack the knife. Or that sixties hit by Sonny and Cher, I got you babe.

Regardless, a person that is indecisive and changes their mind too many times, is said to be a weak and indecisive person you do not want to elect to be a United States Senator.

Hence, I am pretty certain I know who I am going to vote for in Florida come November, 2012. Even if he is a liberal that likes to vote for Obama's socialism. To me, a liberal is better pick, albeit a weak one than what the GOP are betting on-a wife cheating, flip-flopper to be our next United States Senator from Florida.

To which I hear often enough, good luck with that Florida GOP party. Enough on the Florida U.S. Senate race.

I gotta get back to uniting and making our nation a better, more moral place some more. Per direction from Jesus.

Jesus is in charge of my fate and destiny and I certainly am not voting for eternal damnation like some people are-people that like to cheat on their wife (aka, infidility)and not keep their wedding vows as professed to God, friends and family.

If you cheat on your wife, why stop cheating anywhere else? I do not want a wife-cheater to be the President of the United States; or my next Florida United States senator. Character matters in federal elections. How one has lived their life is fundamental to whom we should vote for, come November 2012.

Rhetorically, if one cheats on their wife, or wives, what makes one trust they will not cheat you. Morals are important and some of these candidates for federal office cannot be trusted. A kind suggestion-choose wisely for it matters.

The fun and joy of dealing with both the local media and the Federal Election Commission

If you are like me, dealing with the local media and the Federal Election Commission is so enjoyable, they should also consider having offices that give a congressional candidate a root canal at the same time.

Yesterday, I had to call a local newspaper located in Fort Myers, FL and inform them Edward Murrow is doing back-flips in his grave due to some local newspapers here in southwest Florida not understanding that when a person runs for federal elected office, you file your registration as a candidate first with the Federal Election Commission.

Then, later you have the option to file with the Florida Election Commission to get your name printed on the ballot prior to an election after paying a huge and astronomical amount of money to the state of FL.

So, if you thought the local newspapers here in Florida know what they doing concerning federal elections . . . well, frankly you would be wrong.

The local news media in Fort Myers in error, thought you check to see who is running for federal office, with the Supervisor of Elections in Tallahassee. You would think I was joking, but clearly I am not.

So, a wise person never trusts the local media to be accurate or factual. This explains when in comes to the trust and things called facts, we can trust the internet better than the local media.

Hence, why a recent article in The News-Press located in Fort Myers failed to list all of the filed candidates for United States Congress, including me. I am estacic with joy and fun dealing with these entities, including the President of this local newspaper who refuses to call me back.

Her name is Mia Mia Chang and her phone number is (239) 335-0277. Give her a call. I did and am still waiting for her to give me an explanation on why many filed congressional candidates as registered with the FEC were omitted and missing in their front page article dated January 18, 2012.

Also yesterday, another fun day in the life of a person filed and running for United States Congress, I had to also call the Federal Election Commission about my party affiliation being "other".

Some nutjob at the FEC changed my party registration from "other" back to calling me a democrat. Now how insulting is that? So today, I have to deal with the FEC somemore to ensure these regulators know I am not running for US Congress as a democrat again.

For the record, I am running as other. I am not a filed GOP or DEM candidate for United States Congress. Most of the voters I talk to, do not like either party. Having been in both parties at various times in my life, I do not like or trust either of these two major parties. For good reason.

Look at the state of our nation with either the dems or GOP in charge. Things just keep getting worse. And as a leader, I refuse to be a party lemming or sign any party loyalty oaths.

So, I justed wanted to let my blog readers know how much fun it is to deal with both the local media and the Federal Election Commission all on the same day. Maybe a better word, would be ironic.

Hence, why I am pretty certain the backflip Edward Murrow just did, gets a 10 on a 10 scale. So, time to get back to work. I have to call those zany people at the Federal Election Commission and ask them simply, what is going on. (WIGO).

And hopefully someday, the local newspapers in Florida figure out when you are running for federal office, you go to www.fec.gov. to get some facts on whom is filed and is actuallly running for United States Congress in the 14th District. Or hey,here is novel idea-pick up that thing called a telephone and call and verify with the person claiming to be a candidate with a small inquiry-did you register with the Federal Election Commission?

You know-people like the other candidate, that Scherer dude.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

We the people-not we the superpacs

I love our United States Constitution. Especially the beginning, we the people. Not we the superpacs, not the national government, not the superrich, not the international mega-corporations.


We, the people.

So that is what made our country revolutionary. Our nation was founded on a simple belief that people of a country were the most important concerns of a nation. We, including me remain dedicated to the simple concepts written in our United States Constitution.

We, the people in order to form a more perfect union. What is so hard to understand about that? We the people. Do not forget what our nation's founding fathers set as the most important part of our new nation. The cornerstone upon which was founded begins with the sole word-we.

Things like superpacs, governments, and megacorporations are entities-not people. Boy, did the United States Supreme Court screw this up. Now the rest of us have to figure out what superpacs are. We, the people have to demand that entities are not considered people.

We are those people.

Internet Land-A country with no border: Gee, you think censureship failed yesterday

Most wise politicians know, or should know not to mess around with those of us that like free speech in America. Those of us that like free speech also dislike Gestapo-like ideas involving censuring anyone that big brother does not like.

So, the forces that exist in Internet Land dealt a fatal blow to censuring writers and limiting what we, the people decide we want to read.

Thanks to all that cared enough about their free speech and dislike of censureship yesterday. We won that battle, but we all know big brother will come up with yet again, another zany scheme.

We must always remain vigilant and do whatever is necessary to protect our nation from foreign and domestic enemies-even when that domestic enemy is called the government of the United States.

God blessed our nation-God gave we the people certain inalienable rights. Including free speech. Many of us merely wish those who allegedly represent us, we would return to following the United States Constitution as written.

The United States Constitution was a good thing when it was written and throughout our nation's history, provided we can get the federal government and our elected officials to read and remember those words.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My take on the race for Florida's US Senator

Tough call on the Senate race in Florida.  Who is going to cause the least damage to our nation?

A liberal free spending, pro-democratic incumbent, or even worse, an incumbent congressman (silver-spooned worthless incumbent) that cannot make up his mind which election he wants to run in. 

I suggest the voters pick neither of these two.  These two together have caused our nation to have to deal with the worst economic collapse most of us have ever endured.

Why would a rational person vote for either?  Hopefully, vote for anyone else.  If no else runs against both of these two yahoos, I prefer the incumbent liberal to a rookie Senator, the  Californian, Connie Mack. 

First campaign pledges and promises if elected to the US Congress-14th District FL

Most of us including myself do not trust yahoo politicans including candidates like myself for US Congress.  The lack of trust, I get.  I do not trust politicians either.  So, as a stateman running for US Congress for the 14th District of Florida as a non-traditional non-lemming-like, unaffiliated candidate, including being as honest as humanly possible here is what I can promise I can do upon being duly elected to represent you. Basically, not much of anything.

Pledges and promises as stated below:

1.  I will do my very best to vote no as often as possible when in comes to spending your federal dollars on any project having no relation to the operation of the federal government.  In simple terms, no.  We as a nation are broke.

2.  Significant legislation I would introduce as a newly elected congressman:

     a) The Federal Government and Corporate Accountability Act, making it a felony for any federal agency or any large corporation in America to refuse to be accountable to you, the person that is funding these entities. See my prior blog post on this bill I would try to introduce upon duly being elected. Doubt if any of the other bought congressmen will sponsor or sign on to the legislation, but maybe a few of the tea party congressman elects might.

3. Self-imposed term limit of two years or less.  Heck, I don't even want this job considering the state of our nation.  Staying in Washington DC for two years is bad enough.   I like the weather and fishing in Florida better than fishing in the typically cold and polluted Potomac River any day.

4.  I promise not to spend most of my time in California like the incumbent, senator wanna-be. 

5. I promise to assemble the best staff I can, using the best technology I can afford to be the best congressman the 14th Congressional district of Florida has needed for far too long.

6.  I will try to get on the technology committee using my expertise in computers and automation hoping but probably failing due to bureaucracy and corporate powers to save the federal taxpayers billions of dollars.

7. I promise both my staff and myself will bitch a lot to worthless bureaucratic federal agencies that have failed us as a nation so much, I expect to be banned from direct contact with many of them. 

8.  If Obama is re-elected as President, I would join in with many people in asking Eric Holder Jr. resign at the United States Attorney General.  Ditto for elitist Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of HHS, one of my nemesesis from my Kansas past as being allowed to continue Obamacare, as we know it.

9. Just because you are a  citizen of the 14th District, and maybe you vote some of the time, does not mean I am going to patronize you for your vote.  I am a fighter-not an ass-kisser.  I am going to do my very best to return our nation the best I can to complying and respecting the United States Constitution.  You want someone that is going to pander to you, vote for someone else.  If you want someone that is a statesman,  and does what is best for our nation including Florida, you will not find a more qualified candidate than Scherer in the 14th Congressional race. 

10. I am pro-life and pro-family.  So at least Christians and Catholics will vote for me, like they did in Kansas. The heathen voters in Kansas regretfully chose the pro-choice, for unlawful immigration, abortion loving candidate in the 2010 primary election.

So sadly, I came in second place.  But hey, the campaign was a success in Kansas due to some of my efforts. Kansans' finally got rid of a worthless incumbent congressman.  Just like this campaign has done here in FL-aided in getting rid of Californian incumbent, the honorable silver spoon,wife cheater, Congressman Connie Mack.  If this yahoo is somehow elected, I will be all over this dude like flies flock to a pile of crap.

That is enough promises for today.  I can see this is going to be a huge list, considering the state we find our nation in.


Understatement of the Year-This huge rock in the side of our ship is merely "a small technical failure"

Here is the quote of the cruise ship captain: "a small technical failure", also known as a huge rock in the side of a huge cruise liner.

 I gotta get me a  poster of that cruise ship stating below in big letters,


Reminds of me of federal yahoo politicans.  Sorry, our national economy is in a huge mess: merely ignore it due to a "small technical failure". 


First one to find a poster with a photo of either the cruise ship, or the United States Capitol, contact me at tscherer4@kc.rr.com.  I will be very grateful.  I suck at graphics art. 

Google this big brother: Scherer for Congress

The very idea Congress is even considering censureship of the internet reminds me of another word, called expatriation. 

Try to google the word.

Today,  good luck.

Also try to google what your duty is, whenever any branch of a national government fails. Start with the Declaration of Independence.  Highly suggest doing so, tomorrow when google is back online.  Not sure for how long. 

Also google Obama and his catch phrase, hope and change.  He was hoping we would change-we did not.  We rejected socialism and now Obama and his horrible federal agencies want to censor us.  Is censureship the hope and change he promised us-Socialism.  America does not need socialism, nor big brother censuring what you and me want to read or write.

Fight back.  If fighting fails, expatriate.

The rich and powerful hate free speech and your rights to it

From Wikapedia's Day of Protest:

"Call your elected officials.
Tell them you are their constituent, and you oppose SOPA and PIPA. Why?
SOPA and PIPA put the burden on website owners to police user-contributed material and call for the unnecessary blocking of entire sites. Small sites won't have sufficient resources to defend themselves. Big media companies may seek to cut off funding sources for their foreign competitors, even if copyright isn't being infringed. Foreign sites will be blacklisted, which means they won't show up in major search engines. SOPA and PIPA build a framework for future restrictions and suppression.
In a world in which politicians regulate the Internet based on the influence of big money, Wikipedia — and sites like it — cannot survive.

Congress says it's trying to protect the rights of copyright owners, but the "cure" that SOPA and PIPA represent is worse than the disease. SOPA and PIPA are not the answer: they will fatally damage the free and open Internet."

Thank you for your day of protest, Wikapedia.  They suggest to connect your elected Senator or Congressman, or candidate for United States Congress.

I hear you.  We as a nation must stop those in power that want to censure and limit free speech on the internet.  Their argument by these free speech haters is a fallacy based on alleged protection of copyrighted material.

This is a fundamental issue-your freedom of speech and right to it is being attacked and therefore is at risk.  The federal government wants to create a police-state and limit you and your family to choose for yourselves, what you are allowed to read, or not read.

Do  something, before it is too late.  By analogy, think about Germany and the Nazis.  The German people were indifferent to what happened.  Think about S. Africa and apartheid.  The people were apathetic.  And see how that turned out historically.  Do not allow government controlled censureship to happen in America.  Remember that thing we call the United States Constitution. 

If you get fooled on this one . . . well, reflect on history.  I am pretty certain we do not want a police-state in America that has a federal government trying to limit our constitutional rights to choose again and again, free speech as a fundamental right-a fundamental right to read and also to write whatever one chooses to, using the internet for publication, or for research and information.  Most Americans like free speech.  The rich and powerful hate it.  They know want to control information.  Highly suggested, avoid and fight big brother.  Read 1984 and other selected writings, before Congress ensures you can no longer read or write what you choose. 

Do you want to do a search on the internet and see a message stating, web page not found.  I do not.  I like freedom of speech and the very idea the United States Congress is even considering wanting to limit our rights to free speech scares the hell out of me.

Knock it off big brother-or else, stand by for a revolution.

MLK Day-My Annual Civil Rights Post

As a civil rights activist, I try to post my annual piece on my goal to unite our nation.  So here goes. 2011 was a very hectic year for me.  Many good things happened so I must reflect carefully and give proper perspective retro. 

The most important event in 2011 was my relation with the international Olympian celebrity, Queen Kyomo, a fine person that has traveled all over the world.  Her global perspective continues to help aid my own rather limited perspective on civil rights, to now incorporate what she knows the best I can, civil rights perspective, clear to the international level. Queen is teaching me what she has learned.

In regard to the United States, Queen finds America to be a strange place.  In her our native country of Tanzania, and in her travels throughout Europe, Queen states in terms of civil rights, the United States has some very fundamental problems

Sadly, I concur. Queen likes to remind me that in many parts of the world, racism and discrimination are not as prevalent as they are here domestically as in the United States. 

Another topic Queen and I discuss is how far off the United States has gotten in terms of being far removed in terms of marital relations.  In many of the countries she has traveled to, the concepts of traditional marriage has not changed, like it has here in the United States.  Queen sees this as a big challenge to our relation. 

She considers my views as an American are not traditional and in accordance with the history of humanity.  Why she tolerates me, only God knows.

In many countries in the world, the Biblical take on marriage is intact.  Not so, here in the United States with our astronomical divorce rate now being in excess of 60%.  Which to me is a sad thing.  Many in our nation are rejecting the concepts of centuries of reliance on the traditional terms of marriage. 

In turn, here in America, we have a economic cycle that shows patterns of prosperity in turn which leads to an uptick in divorce rates as Americans no longer need to rely on a traditional form of marriage in their own self-reliance and lack of need for a life partner.  Only to return to tradition when the economic cycle gets pitiful, like we are facing now.

To get quickly to the point, the loss of a traditional family concept is not a good thing from a civil rights perspective.  Globally, or domestic.  The concept of marriage being between a man and a woman remains a very fundamental building block of our nation. 

May I kindly suggest that we as a civilized nation wanting to remain in that status, and may want to consider restoring and advocating for a return once again to a traditional family structure.  Not so much on moral grounds, but rather on terms of civil rights.

Moving on, Queen finds this division in our nation to also be problematic.  As a nation, we continue insanely to divide ourselves based on skin color, religion, political affiliation, economic status, sexual preference and many other divisons seperating us as one people; instead of being one people, united in purpose.  Huge probems are facing our nation. 

It is very hard to be positive and not cynical about our current national situation.  We are in huge mess as a nation economically.  Our national government is broke, having wasted so much of our federal tax dollars on programs that have clearly failed. 

I kindly suggest and advocate that as a nation, we better unite and reach a consensus of what we believe is most important in our nation.

Is there a fundamental document to guide us-Absolutely.  The United States Constitution=we the people in order to form a more perfect union . . . gives all of us a theme to unite behind.  Notice, we the people-that does not the national government, the wealthy, or huge corporations. 

We, the people need to stop this insane classification and division of ourselves; as we as a divided nation have to endure and witness the attempts by the rich and powerful to engage in the genocide of the middle class.  We are very much in class warfare.  We are in deep trouble in America economically and morally.  May God help and bless us as a nation.

In my own efforts, I continue to do as much as possible, but sadly, even with Queen I have my own weaknesses as a human being.  I am continuing to campaign for United States Congress, have court cases docketed, or attempting to docket.

This includes a pending application to the United States Supreme Court, two cases in the Florida Supreme Court, one in the Kansas Supreme Court, and many other cases and administrative issues, both federal and at the state level. 

My health remains problematic.  I am on the short stick of what most of us call life.  My health continues to degrade and I hope Queen and I can work together to advance civil rights, no longer limited to merely the United States.

Peace.  May we unite globally.  The one thing that unites us globally from a civil rights perspective is the one thing we all have in common-our humanity. Hopefully, we a nation can return to being more civil and stop our insane aspirations to be the global police force infringing on many nations own rights to manage their own affairs-just as our founding fathers suggested. 

We need to stop the insanity of our war industry.  We need to stop bombing other nations and focus internally on what we need to do, instead of what these other nations need to do; while concurrently we ignore what we need to do domestically in some kind of zany and insane concept of power globally. 

Peace.  In closing, we have one thing that unites us globally-our humanity.  I will do my best in 2012 to advocate for that.  So help me God.

Thomas Scherer, writer and civil rights activist.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Connie Mack:"I am only a technical failure."

Californian Connie Mack can't make his mind up about retiring from being a career politician. When it comes to the failures of Mack, sometimes, I like to call him using his real name, Cornelius McGillicuddy IV.

McDaddy cannot explain many things including factually how he cheated on his wife, why he is too embarressed to use his real name, or how he introduced 12 bills, none of which were passed.  You know-simple things called facts. I can explain Connie Mack's failures to the people of this country including Florida and the 14th Congressional district.  Here is one definition of a "technical failure" like Mackdaddy spending most of his time in California:

Failure in general refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. It may be viewed as the opposite of success.

Mack or McGillicuddy is a huge "technical failure". Mack abandoned the ship a long time ago-a cruise liner called the state of Florida.  Just like the captain reports after he abandoned his duties to his passengers on that collapsed Italian cruise liner. 

The Italian captain and Connie Mack are just alike.  Both abandoned their responsibilities to their "passengers"-a clear dereliction of their official duties owned.  Just like Connie Mack abandoned the 14th Congressional district of Florida.

Heck, the Italian ship captain reports, "got this huge rock stuck in the side of my ship causing the ship to turn over with all these passengers I left behind.   But hey, it is not my fault-this is merely a technical failure?

Excuse me-this captain just like Mackgillicudy wanting to be a Florida senator, tells us things like this, then on this earth things are getting to be a tad bit crazy. When you live in CA most of the time, what would Connie Mack call that? Ah, that is merely a technical failure.

Get Mack off the government payroll. He has failed the people of Florida in the 14th, as well the voters of this nation. If we send a career politician that has failed so miserably to take care of his nation, his former state, or his alleged congressional district, then if the voters send a yahoo like him to the United States Senate, aptly, that would be called an insane technical failure.

Get ready to abandon the political cruise liner called the state of Florida because the captain Connie Mack left the ship and can be found on a new cruise liner called the state of California.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Name a worse governor in America than Barbour-Govenor Sam Brokeback Kansas

Who deserves the title for being the worst governor in America. The current opinion is the worst governer in America is MS outgoing governor, Haley Barbour.  With due lack of respect, I disagree.  I think the worst governor other than Mitt Romney might be the Governor of Kansas, nutjob Sam Brownback, religious zealot and former candidate for President of the United States.  I refer to Brownback as Brokeback for good reason-I know this yahoo politician.

Brokeback is trying to con the voters of Kansas into agreeing with him and his cronies to shift from the current state income tax in Kansas into a flat or fair tax-a regressive tax that benefits the rich-crony friends of former Senator Brokeback-the same senator that brought about the worst economic collapse of our nation since the Great Depression.

I have written about this political yahoo several times.  I fear for my fellow native Kansans and anyone else that resides in Kansas.  This guy is so far past reality, he makes the Twilight Zone seem normal.  Egomanical narcissist, the self-righteous GOV Brokeback recently made national news for trying to censor a local Kansas high school student.

Brokeback is an embarressment to our nation and to the state of Kansas.  He is an egomanical naricisstic that should be impeached by the electors of Kansas.  In plain terms, this governor of Kansas is a nutjob and by comparison makes Haley Barbour look like he is not as crazy as he seems. 

A new blog titled Scumbag lawyers of America

As a widely followed writer, I started a new blog for those people that dislike attorneys. Just like I do.

Go to this website: www.scumbaglawyersinamerica.blogspot.com.  This is a new blog and my latest inspiration.  The source of my inspiration is a collection attorney here in Florida that clearly explains why most Americans consider attorneys to be a lower and amoral life form comparable, but worse in morals than prostitutes. 

Here is the definition of a scumbag from Wikapedia:

Scumbag can be:
If you know what a dyspehmism is, apply for Mensa-surely you are qualified.

WWJV4?-Official Campaign Slogan: Scherer for Congress

Howdy.  I have been testing my 2012 campaign slogan with people here in SW FL.  So far the response has been favorable, praise Jesus. So, our campaign slogan is short and concise-WWJV4?  Say what?  What kind of slogan is that?

Who would Jesus vote for in Florida's 14th congressional district race? Or any other federal election. 

We think the answer to that question is obvious for several reasons.  One, Scherer is not a Muslim, or heathen.  He regularly attends services at an international church here in Fort Myers, FL.  Second, when it comes to making political decision or casting votes on legislation, Scherer has an analytical framework simply asking how would Jesus vote if he was a United States Congressman. 

Our nation including our founding fathers and Scherer believe our nation was founded based on Judeo-Christian philosophies including the golden rule-do one's best to treat others as you want to be treated. 

I admit I have not mastered this fundamental philosophy, yet.  Nor, have I attained enlightenment. I am human just like the rest of you and sometimes have to ask for forgiveness.  I am doing my very best to follow the wisdom and guidance of Jesus.  I believe love remains the key to our happiness; just like Jesus stated long ago as the most fundamental element of our own passions

For the last 17 years, I have been fighting and clawing for our nation in many forums usually as a writer trying to get our nation;to return to the fundamental concepts as laid out with long and lenghty deliberation, as laid before our us by our founding fathers.  Most of our foundings fathers including George Washington were very religious in their private and public affairs. 

Today, far too many of our congressional and senate leaders are more akin to Satan than they are to Judeo-Christian beliefs.  We continue to see a fundamental loss in our nation of our heritage, our lack of national morality, high rates of divorce, homosexuality and destruction of the nuclear family we once knew.  Not to mention the destruction caused by global outsourcing of jobs to the lowest paying countries in the world.  No wonder our nation is headed down the path of self-destruction.

As a nation, we are too war-like infringing on the sovereign rights of many nations concurrently. Our nation has wasted our federal tax dollars fighting too many wars concurrently; while ignoring our own nation including a narrow and purposeful worthy focus on own building and improving our own infrastructure, for far too long in some zealous insanity of global power. 

Many in our nation are cynical, apathetic and in despair as we see our national elected officials refuse to acknowledge by their actions, any strong belief in a higher power-much less adherring to our United States Constitution as written. The will of the American people is ignored by elected in Washington, for far too long resulting in our current pathetic national state of affairs.

We are going in the wrong direction in this nation and if we do not return from being an amoral nation, surely then our nation shall not prosper, nor endure.  Merely look to past civilizations and to their self-destruction in thne past to get to the root cause of the failure of their nations. 

Take the Roman empire for example.  The Romans got lazy, relied on immigrant labor and then to top it off, crucified Jesus and look what happened to their empire. Or alternatively, look at the problems facing European nations as they collapse due to their dependency on a central government and undue reliance for the national goverment to provide whatever that nation can afford-socialism. Or finally, reflect on what happened to the USSR in more recent times.

If you have any doubts, ask Jesus.  While you are praying, ask Jesus who he would vote for in Florida's 14th congressional district race.  We are pretty certain for many reasons Jesus would vote for Thomas E. Scherer to be your next congressman. Ask him. I did. 

Jesus wants me to be your congressman; although I am not so certain I even want the job. But if you are like me, I am not going to ignore the destiny laid before me, by Jesus.  And if you ignore Jesus, stand by for eternal damnation.

Scherer is a filed congressional candidate with what party?

If one gets to the Federal Election website, one will see I am listed as "other" for party affiliation.  Or even worse, if one calls the Federal Election Commission like I have to do, their software does not allow a congressional candidate to file for United States Congress as unaffiliated.

Scherer is not a party lemming like some of these other candidates.  For good reason.  Bipartisianship and the horrible mess our nation is in with the two major parties not taking care of our nation; or of you and your beloved families. 

Instead, we have both parties depending on whom is President of the United States, the other party engaging in obstructing the other party.  Many of our federal agencies are merely places of employment in bureaucracy at a very steep cost to the taxpayer providing no real benefit to the citizens of our nation. The state of our nation including our two-party system leaves us with dismal, but costly federal agencies that in turn is a major embarressment to all of us here in America; and to our allies abroad. 

This is the horrible reality we face as a nation.  Politicians playing party politics and having a callous disregard for what is best for our nation, the will of the people, our national interest and no concern for you, as the voter, elector and non-voter-other than re-electiong these political yahoos over and over again. Party affiliaton and having a divided nation will only have one predictable result-a failed nation. 

The super-rich including corporate America keep buying politicans whose self-interest is power over the national agenda that includes a greedy desire to take your property away from you in the elimination of the middle class.  Class warfare. 

Electors are connned repeatedly into voting for lying politicans who do things contrary to the demands of the voters. As far as I am concerned as the "other" candidate, we the people of the United States of America in order to form a more perfect union, need to unite and do what is best for our nation and tell the two warring political parties, the DEMS and the GOP, that we as electors and their employers are are not going to take their crap anymore. 

Name an incumbent in the Senate or the House of Representatives that deserves to be re-elected?  Maybe we should just fire them all and start over. We want our elected officials to return to being statesmen and stop being party lemmings in a horrible two- party system we all have to endure in this nation.  As far as I concerned, my job is to return to a very fundamental concept as espoused by our United States Constitution-to me, that is my job.

Finally, the reason I am not listed as an Independent is because that is another political entity called the Independent Party. As a stateman, I will vote as an independent, absent any such lemming-like party affiliation.  So, per the FEC, my only option was to run for US Congress as "other". I can live with that. 

When people ask who you are voting for come November 2012, just tell and suggest to other people, "I am tired of the political games in DC-I am going to vote for the other candidate, what's his face."

STATEMAN THOMAS E. SCHERER, your better choice for United States Congress.