Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look at all the other yahoo web sites: Compare and contrast the rotten vs. Scherer

Ok.  Start with the best.

Or just for fun, just keep clicking this link where Scherer clearly explains what is happening in real time by writing essays almost daily. 

Go to:

If the link looks just like this, just keep clicking until you get to someone else that does not deserve your vote.

Go downwards in the deep spiraling anal recesses of corruption by going here: 

Horrible. This site should only be seen by Satan. 


Disgustingly corrupt.  Only go to Yodeling Yoder web site if you are a corporate CEO, the horrible NRCC or a really rotten bastard attorney. 


Nice lady, too bad she works for a huge mortgage broker.  Plus don't forget.  She thinks you should pay a lot more money for sending all your kids to school and even more to send them to college.

Why waste the time?

Dan is nice guy.  Maybe some year, he will get that year-end report filed with the FEC. 


Never heard of her.  She has less name recognition than I do.

Sorry.  This site was only up for nine whopping days.  You mean you missed all the laughs?  Bummer.

Good luck finding any Dem web site.

So does anyone notice a pattern here of all these yahoos?  Clearly, none of them have a plan.  Their web sites are static and boring saying the same old rhetoric--vote for me and give me some money.

 None of them except Scherer are doing anything now to earn your vote. So, why give your vote away?

Beats us.

Scherer is the man.

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