Thursday, February 11, 2010

Death notice: Huge Centralized Federal Government Dies (in Retrospect).

Death notice.  The huge fiscally irresponsible centralized federal government was pronounced dead.  The fiscal coroner of responsible government is still trying to determine the cause of its death.

The fiscal coroner suspects several factors caused its death.  But more than likely, the root cause started around October 2008 with the crash of the stock market.  Shortly followed by huge chest pains caused by fiscally irresponsible bailouts of horrible companies that caused many of us to also almost have heart attacks. 

Such as AIG, and the host of horrible bankers greed buying all those derivatives and other risky investments most of us have no clue what they are.  Was it the takeover of Government Motors?  Was it caused by the over-reliance on cheap foreign labor? Maybe it was the shift away a long time ago from asset-based lending to credit score based lending?  (A theory I am starting to suspect). 

Maybe another factor was the Rick Santelli rant on CNBC.  Or was it merely us and our own economic greed related to our 401k plans and our stock portfolios tanking?  Was it the tea parties sticking a knife into the heart of the federal government? Was it Glenn Beck's fault for his emotional political theatre? Whatever, Beck touched a nerve in a lot of people rousing passion and disbelief.

Or, was it the Obama administration's bailing out all the whiny state governors of every state; instead of investing in our national infrastructure.  Was it the corrupt meeting in the White House in February 2009 with the drug and insurance industries cutting deals behind closed doors?  But no reductions forthcoming? 

Was it the threat of mandating health insurance on every human being, whether they wanted it or not?  Was it the threat of taxing us with a carbon tax, also known as crap and trap?  Was it the anxiety of wondering how we were going to pay for all these bailouts and stimulus programs?  Not to mention two wars and a GITMO that never seems to get closed.

More than likely, it was all of this stuff. But in the final analysis, Americans take responsiblity for what happened.  It was really us that killed big government.  We let it happen. We got suckered by Bush and suckered again by the Fantasy Express of the Obama administration.  Now, we have to fix it. Just like we have done before.  Just like it states in the Declaration of Independence.

Whenever any branch of the federal government fails, it is the duty, duty I say of us, we the people to fix it.  And fix it we will.  By us, we the people taking control of the federal government once again. We are in charge of this dead beast.  We starved it to death in our own self-interest. 

Now we must merely remove its overreaching tenacles that tried to strangle us to every level of government, clear to the municipal level.  All governments must stop their addiction and reliance on this dead centralized federal government.  The era of growing big governments at all levels-federal, state, county and municipal, not to mention the other various levels of big government, forever is over. Good.


Some of us are actually kind of happy with the passing of this huge centralized federal government.  All we have left to do know if finish the job and get rid of a whole bunch of corrupt and really rotten politicans in Washington DC in 2010. 

Then, and only then, just like MLK, we can all shout, thank God almighty, we are free at last.  Free at last. Or, we will be as soon as we pay off all this stinking deficit we ran up.  And we will.  It is just gonna take a really long time. 

We have been here before. We shall overcome.  By merely staying focused on rebuilding our great nation including our national infrastructure. By bringing jobs back to America. Merely remember, only big government died.  Not our nation.

For it, our nation is as strong in resolve as ever. Peace.  Let us proceed as a United States of America.  All this division in the Divided States of America needs to die next.  Then, united, we can move forward with clarity, vision, and a plan we, the people all agree upon resulting in a practical and realistic hope for our future.  For we in charge--not them. Them died recently. 


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