Sunday, February 28, 2010

Huge Demiwant Tsusami Wave Named Reconcilation to hit Dem Socialists around November

Huge tsusami wave predicted to roll over Dem Socialists shortly after a another feeble social engineering wave called reconcilation is attempted to be shoved down our throats next week.

Most are predicting the vaccine will be available on, or before November 2010.  Provided the Obama administration does not declare martial law to stop all the rioting.

So, do not worry about horrible and corrupt dem socialists that are ensuring that evil corporations like the health care, insurance and drug lobbyists keep invading your pockets. 

The evil and rotten to the corrupt core dem socialists are however, twisted and dark realists.  They know for a very short time, they can scare the crap out of us.  And they really want to lose the elections come November.  So they can merely get a pay raise when they become even more corrupt and evil lobbyists for their pals in health care.

Furthermore, these evil dem socialists clearly know they are going to be thrown out as the majority party due to all their corrupt scheming.  So what do they care?  For certainly, they have no credibility left. 

The era of big government, big brother dem socialism is about to die. But first, it is their turn to pass anything they want manically and in desparation no matter how evil and corrupt it is.  Despite, we the people. 

Finally, Obama also knows someone like Scherer will introduce and sponsor legislation after the election to ensure a Muslim from Kenya does not run for United States President in 2012, ever again. 

Call it the "Scherer Makes Obama retirement plan." One of the first bills I will gladly sponsor. If the United States Supreme Court hates the United States Constitution, then I will fix that. What could be more important than our United States Constitution, other than God, Jesus and my family?

So, expect those damn dem socialists to force the newly elected to waste a lot of time fixing what the dem socialists ruin. Shortly after the first congressional session convenes in January 2011. 

Even if the dem socialists try to force Obamacare down our throats like some kind of Pelosi HR1 virus, there is a cure to this horrible disease.

You  have to admit the crazy, but even worse zany waste a lot of our time,  Pelosi HR1 Virus actually makes logical, but irrational sense.  Make the GOP party spend most of their new post-election majority victory-- fixing the viral damage caused by the demiwant socialists to America.  Sad, but true. 

Now I thought a lot of the GOP leaders like the leader of Bush hegemony and Dick Satan Cheney were pure evil.  Cheney has nothing compared to evil and crazy Nancy.  And do not forget there is another virus as a viral backup,

The backup virus is called HR2, also known as Harry Reid.  He ails us also. So there is solution going forward.

It is called the November 2010 vaccine.  It cures what ails us.  Nancy Pelosi and the rest of those damn evil socialist leaders.

Scherer is part of that cure.

Endnote: Later today, I am meeting with a person that is going to explain to me why the federal prisons and the Internal Revenue Service allow prisoners to file fraudulent tax returns in quite a bit of detail.  The federal government uses the proceeds from these false federal tax returns to grease and finance the prison system through the prison commissary system.  How horrible.  Makes sense.  The corruption is broad and vast.  No wonder Bush wanted to privatize the federal prison system. 

It was simply about the corrupt money.  Later.


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